The Dom Protects His Puma (MFM)

Unchained Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,045
29 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, spanking, whipping, figging, sex toys, HEA]

Omar Brown, a Dom and a panther, knows Ramona Davis, a puma, is his. But she refuses to accept him unless he includes Javier Miller as well. Omar is worried sick about the danger from the rogue panthers, and Javier is only a human, so he finally agrees to them being a ménage, but just for sex.

Against a background of self-defense from the rogue panther attacks, and Omar becoming the pack Alpha because Sam seems unable to focus on anything except protecting his pure-blood panther daughter Leticia, Omar introduces Ramona to BDSM, the lifestyle Javier also follows, and which they all find fulfilling.

Omar wants Ramona as his and his alone, preferably wearing his collar. Javier wants Ramona and is prepared to share her with Omar, as long as he gets her, too. Ramona wants them both, and her job at the movie studio. And the rogue panthers want pure-blood cat shifters—like Ramona, for instance.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Dom Protects His Puma (MFM)
29 Ratings (4.7)

The Dom Protects His Puma (MFM)

Unchained Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,045
29 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Where is she? I must find her! She’s mine, goddammit, mine!

Omar’s feet were pounding up the staircase while his brain was still trying to work out where to search for her first. The problem was she was so very friendly she could be visiting with almost anyone at all in the community. Omar rounded the bend in the staircase and decided to keep going up to check her room first, only to be almost shoved off the stairs by several human men running down them. “Go to the gate!” yelled one as he pushed past.

But Omar couldn’t. Ramona was his top priority. Only Ramona. Other people could fight off the attackers. He had to protect Ramona. He flung the door to Ramona’s room open. The room was empty. Why wasn’t she hiding in here? He crouched to look under the bed, pulled the closet door open, but it was plain to see there was no one here. He managed to knock on the room next door before wrenching that door open. But Leticia was gone, too.

Finally, Omar stopped and took a breath. Of course. Leticia’s father would have taken them both down to safety, along with the other unmarried women. He should have thought of that first. He’d wasted valuable time!

Omar headed down the staircase, leaping three and four steps in every bound, this time all the way to the basement, the dungeon where the community played their BDSM scenes. Knowing many people might be inside, he opened the door a bit more carefully, but the huge room was empty. What the fuck? Where is she? Where’s Ramona? He needed to protect her. Gods, surely she hadn’t been captured already! No, she couldn’t have been, he’d come the moment the bell rang. Yeah, but what if the alarm was rung only after they were missing? You were playing cards, not guarding your woman as you should’ve been, his conscience sneered at him.

I want to mate with her. I’ve asked her over and over, but she won’t agree. All I want is to keep her safe.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go cry a river. You’ve lost her for good now, sneered the other half of his mind.

No! She’s mine! the Dom part of his mind insisted.

So where could she be?

Reluctantly, his brain told him what his heart refused to believe. She’d be out where the trouble was. In the midst of the action. Doing her part to fight off the attackers.

No! They’ll take her! The rogue panthers want full-blood cat-shifters, and there are so few women around. And only one Ramona. One Ramona, and she’s mine!

Omar exploded out of the dungeon, up the stairs, and into the parking lot. He’d never run so fast in his life, and he had to fight to stop himself shifting into his panther form. As a panther he was a better fighter, but he needed to be human to hold Ramona in his arms, against his heart, pressed hard to his body, where she belonged. Where he could protect her. And he’d never let her go ever again, no matter what she said.

In a distant corner of his brain Omar thought it seemed awfully light out there for nighttime, but he was running so fast, his heart so full of fear for his woman, that his brain wasn’t functioning at peak performance. When he reached the main driveway he saw all the enormous lights that illuminated the front of the building and the main entry to the community, making everything as bright as if it were the middle of a summer’s day, not the night.

Several people were standing on the roof of a truck, filming. He recognized Nicholas and Curtis, the movie people Ramona and her friend Gaynor worked with. What the fuck? Omar skidded to a stop, looking everywhere for Ramona, but he was so confused he wondered if he’d been transferred into a different dimension or something. Omar shook his head hard, blinked his eyes, and stared at the crowd. On the road outside the main gates of Carnal Connections were several groups of people. Some of them were the people from the basketball match where the rogue panther group had first tried to capture Ramona. He noticed one man with long dirty-blond hair holding a very large knife against the leg of his jeans. Okay, so it was the rogue panthers, and they were planning to attack.

Omar moved through the crowd of people from Carnal Connections. They were wary but didn’t seem worried or upset. Suddenly, he saw Ramona’s long black ponytail. Omar used his bulk to push past people until he was behind her, then he grabbed her around the waist and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. A boot slammed into his shin, making him wince. Ramona twisted in his arms and her knee got him right in the balls. All the breath left his lungs and he wanted to scream like a girl with the sudden pain. “Ramona?” he gasped.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Omar? I had no idea who’d just grabbed me. Get your hands off me, right now.”

Obediently, he let go. What he really wanted to do was massage his aching balls, but he managed to stand up straight and say, “Ramona, thank the gods you’re not hurt. I was so worried about you.”

“Whatever for? I’m fine, Omar. I’ve told you a million times I can look after myself.” She stared at his nuts as if she could see the bruises forming there right through his jeans.

“I love you. I was worried about you.” He forced his arms to stay by his sides when all he wanted to do was hold her. Or his balls. Or maybe both Ramona and his balls.




“Come over here, JB. Lie on your back in the center of the bed. Sit up, Ramona, and pay attention.”

“What?” JB was shocked. Why was he to lie on the bed? Surely Ramona wasn’t going to suck him? Now?

Ramona dragged herself upright, evidently still not quite awake, but when she looked down at Javier’s suddenly raging hard-on, she smiled.

“It’s only ever like that for you,” he said huskily.

Ramona shoved her hair off her face and flipped her head to send the hair in a dark waterfall down her back. Then she jumped off the bed, rummaged through her clothes for her hair tie, and with a deft flick of her wrist bundled her hair up neatly and wrapped the tie around it close to her head, making a ponytail.

“How do you do that? You make it look so simple.”

Ramona just grinned. Omar cleared his throat, and JB flashed a glance at him from the corners of his eyes.

“Yeah, okay, I want to learn how to give good head,” she said, clambering back up on the bed again.

JB lay down as he’d been told, but his cock was standing up like a flagpole. The moment her mouth surrounded him he’d come like a fountain if he wasn’t careful.

“A Master often prefers his slave to keep her eyes down at all times. When she kneels to suck him this is frequently the case, too. But when she sucks a man in bed, the slave making eye contact with the man can be extremely erotic,” said Omar.

Ramona nodded, as if she was memorizing what Omar had said. JB found himself nodding, too. Looking into Ramona’s eyes as she gave him head would be erotic indeed.

“Now, make your tongue as flat as possible and lick his dick from base to tip. Be thorough. Don’t miss any part of him,” ordered Omar.

Ramona bent her head over his cock, took it gently in her hand, and began licking. JB almost swallowed his tongue. Never had anything ever felt this good before, apart from when his cock had been deep in her cunt less than an hour ago. Just as he’d had to work hard not to come the moment he’d entered her, now he had to breathe deeply and bite his tongue not to come in her face. Oh hell, she felt wonderful. Her strokes were absolutely perfect, long and slow, touching him everywhere with just exactly the right amount of pressure—not rough but not too gentle, either.

“Make a circle with your hand around his dick, and move your lips and hand together,” said Omar.

It took Ramona a few moments to figure out what he meant, but soon her mouth and hand were moving up his shaft, licking and stroking him in one movement. “Oh. Unbelievably good,” he said, his throat dry and husky.

“Is his shaft very wet, Ramona?”


“You should say, ‘Yes, Sir,’ or ‘Yes, Master,’ in the future. Remember, I’m in control of your pleasure and of JB’s pleasure. Right now, seeing as JB’s dick is wet, his satisfaction will be greatly increased if you blow on it. Look him in the eye and blow gently.”

JB had just microseconds to grab hold of his control so he didn’t come as she blew gently on his shaft, even though her sparkling dark eyes gazed into his with such love in them he thought his heart might burst with joy.

“Suction is created by putting the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth then sliding it backward to create a vacuum. Practice that first, Ramona, then do it on JB. We call this cock sucking, and now you shall suck him. You should easily fit his cockhead in your mouth and at least another inch of him as well. Eventually, I’ll teach you how to deep throat a man, but we’ll just do the basics today.”

Hell, the basics were killing him. If she ever deep throated him, likely he’d die on the spot. Although undoubtedly he’d be dying as the happiest man on earth.

“Roll his balls. Are they hard and tight against his body? How close is he to coming?”

Ramona did as Omar told her. Just as well she’d stopped sucking his cockhead. That’d about destroyed his control completely.

“Well, Ramona?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t really got anything to compare him with.”

Omar gave a slight cough. JB wondered if he was trying not to laugh, so he said, “I’m close but holding on.”

“The frenulum is one of the most sensitive places on a man’s equipment. It’s that area in the center of the underside of the ridge. To learn about it and get used to licking it, rest your chin on the underside of JB’s shaft then put the underside of your tongue there and swipe it from side to side.”

“Aggh.” Javier’s control was almost gone. That felt amazing.

“Now lick his balls. Start at the top left-hand corner and lick down that side, then up the middle seam and down the other side, and back up the middle. As soon as you finish, suck him again,” ordered Omar.

JB knew that would be the finish of him. Her sweet face pressing to his body, her wet tongue trailing over his cock and balls followed by one hard suck, and he’d be done. He glanced over at Omar, who nodded slightly. JB wasn’t really under Omar’s control as such. He hadn’t—yet—promised to be Omar’s sub, but all three of them knew the Dom/sub arrangement would be happening sooner rather than later. It seemed Omar could already tell how very close he was, how difficult it was getting for him to hang on until Ramona’s lesson was accomplished, and Omar was happy for him to come. Well thank God for that. He didn’t think he could hold on any longer anyway. She was so beautiful, so caring, and so damn devastating in what she did.


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