[Siren LoveXtreme Forever Manlove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Menage Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifters, M/M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Tate moved to New Vista in the hopes of finding an alpha to father his child. Owning a tavern seemed like a good idea. It would draw the males in. When five hot men walked in together, he couldn’t believe his luck. The chances of finding a baby daddy were getting better.
But he was prey as a white rabbit shifter, and they were all large predators. When he discovered the five men were lovers, but not mates, he believed the only part they would have in his life would be eye candy.
Ivan, Maxwell, Jonesy, Winston, and Blake were all attracted to the hot little bunny shifter. He was cute, fascinating, and provided the potential of carrying a child for them. But they hoped it would be Blake, a unicorn shifter. They were extremely rare and an object coveted by the hunters vile enough to hunt other shifters.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


A Bunny's Baby Daddies (MMMMMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Two bears, a hyena, and a tiger walked into a bar.

It should have been the opening line to a corny joke, but it was actually happening. Tate identified each of the shifters as they filed through the door, the draft bringing their scents to his sensitive nose. His gaze was fixed to them as he finished washing the glasses and began drying them.

It was Saturday night and the walls of the Hunter’s Moon Tavern all but vibrated as people, mostly shifters and vampires, decided to let loose after a long work week. Just like humans, they needed to blow off a little steam. It was definitely safer for everyone.

As long as they did so peacefully, and it wasn’t illegal, Tate didn’t have a problem with most things that took place in his bar. He watched as the four men found a table and sat down. A tip of his head sent a server in their direction. As he did so, he hoped the strangers didn’t cause any trouble. Garth Danvers, the sheriff and a wolf shifter, had already warned him after three fights had broken out the previous weekend. What did the guy expect? Tate wondered. It was a bar that served mostly shifters. Shifter males were more aggressive than human males. Their typical behavior often included pushing, shoving, a lot of growling, and chest bumping. Sometimes there was so much testosterone in the air that Tate’s bunny was constantly horny.

The troublemakers, also some of his best customers, were banned from the bar for a month. It sucked, but he had to go along with what Garth and Ian, the leader of the white horse clan, decided. There was also the fact that Ian had helped Tate get the bar. Because they were new to the area, Ian had spoken with the bank on behalf of Tate and his sisters. While Tate dealt with customers and the bar, Kim kept the kitchen in order and was rarely seen by the patrons, which was the way she preferred it. Tina worked days and kept the books, mindful of every penny. She was amazing with numbers, and he appreciated that fact.

The server brought the drink order. Tate filled it quickly and sent the female coyote shifter off with a tray filled with drinks and bowls of complimentary snacks. It didn’t take long to know that the men weren’t there to cause trouble. They listened to the band on the small stage and even got up to find partners to dance with. The fact that they chose male dance partners caught Tate’s attention.

With everything running smoothly in the bar, thanks to a great staff, he stood back out of the way and watched the men from the shadows. He was searching for something, which wasn’t the only reason why he had bought the bar, but it might help. The alcohol, the music, the games, and the food were all bait. Tate had believed it was a good way to get the maximum number of males in one place, because he wasn’t spending a lifetime trying to find the right male to father his baby.

Tate specifically needed an alpha male because an alpha was the only one capable of impregnating another male. It was Tate’s greatest desire to become a father. He loved children and wanted his own. Despite his many siblings giving him a few dozen nieces and nephews, he wanted his own child to love and nurture.

As Tate looked the newcomers over, he wondered what kind of baby he would prefer, if he really had any preference at all. He didn’t think he did. Babies were babies. They all needed to be cared for and loved. That was definitely something he could do. A smile curved Tate’s mouth as he leaned back against the wall in the shadowed corner, and let his imagination take over. Two of the shifters he was admiring were brown bear shifters. Raising a predator could prove to be problematic, he thought, his smile widening.

It would be like…Sweetheart, you can’t chew on Daddy. Sweetheart, Daddy doesn’t like it when you carry him around in your mouth. Sweetheart, your feet are big and Daddy is small. You shouldn’t squish Daddy like that. Sweetheart…

Laughing, Tate straightened when the bartender told him they needed another keg of beer. He nodded and headed to the storeroom at the rear of the building. Locating the brand of beer he needed, he loaded it on a hand cart and pushed it out. Carrying it wasn’t an option. Most of the men in his family were not large or muscular. They were like him small and wimpy, which was probably why he shouldn’t raise a baby grizzly bear that would be several times larger than he was as a rabbit, within weeks of birth.

Returning to the bar, Tate delivered the keg to the very tall, very muscular bartender. The guy was hot as sin, but straight. Still, he smiled at Tate and winked, knowing Tate was attracted to him.

“Jerk,” Tate told him before returning to the corner.




Ivan nearly swallowed his tongue as he walked into Tate’s bedroom to find the man on all fours, with Maxwell’s dick in his mouth and Blake pushing a dildo into his ass. Winston and Jonesy were sprawled in overstuffed chairs beside the bed, watching what was happening on the bed while stroking their own dicks.

The scents of sex and excited males were thick in the air. Ivan’s own dick filled quickly with blood, pressing against the front of his slacks. He hated that he was late to the party, but he’d had to go take measurements of a kitchen, so they could prepare a final estimate for a remodel for a client.

What was important, however, was that he was here now. They spent so many nights with Tate that they were rarely at the farm. They wouldn’t be presumptuous and think they had moved in. They hadn’t been invited to do so. Still, more and more of their stuff seemed to be left behind each time and Tate never reminded them to take it home with them. Ivan saw that as a positive thing.

Closing the door, Ivan began to peel off his clothes. As he did so he heard Tate whimper around Maxwell’s dick. Blake was pushing the curved dildo into the man’s silky dark channel, inch after inch disappearing. Ivan swallowed hard and drew in a deep breath. By the time he reached the bed he was naked and shaking.

As he got on the bed, Ivan gave the situation some thought. Then he was grinning and getting on his back on the bed. He scooted up the mattress until he could slide his head under Tate’s belly. Turning his head, he took the angry red head of the man’s dick into his mouth and heard Tate’s loud groan of pleasure.

Within seconds he was fucking Ivan’s mouth. Ivan reached up and grabbed hold of Tate’s small body, his fingers curving around the firm mound of his ass, while his other hand searched for and found Tate’s pebbled nipple. It didn’t take much to turn Tate into a firecracker with a quickly burning fuse. Ivan plucked Tate’s nipple, sucked the head of his cock, and squeezed the rounded mound filling his hand, until Tate’s moans turned into a high-pitched squeal and he was desperately fucking Ivan’s mouth.

Ivan wanted to chuckle, but it was impossible at the moment. His body jerked when someone’s hand wrapped around his cock and another cupped his balls. Positioned as he was, and with his eyes closed, he didn’t know which of his lovers was touching what. Warm breath caressed his aching flesh just before it was taken into a hot mouth. That mouth slid slowly down the length until he began to tremble as pleasure rushed through him.

Pulling up his knees and spreading his legs, he gave the two men more access. His hole ached and he needed it to be stretched and his ass filled. He had thought of little else the past few hours. The closer it came to quitting time, his mind shifted from work to playtime. Being fucked by his lovers was always high on his list of things he loved. They had yet to discover if Tate ever topped. If he did so, Ivan thought it would add even more excitement to the mix.

One of the men pushed a long finger into his ass, instantly changing his line of thought. Ivan moaned around Tate’s dick, savoring the flavor as things got busy below his waist. Winston’s and Jonesy’s mouths and hands skillfully tormented him. Tate began to fuck his mouth harder and faster as the two men pleasuring him obviously intensified their efforts. Ivan imagined Blake pumping the dildo in and out of Tate’s ass as Tate sucked on Maxwell’s hard dick. That would definitely be the cause of the muffled sounds coming from Tate.

Cum shot from Ivan’s dick. His balls slammed tight to his body and he groaned around Tate’s dick as it pulsed against his lips. A moment later streams of hot cum were filling his mouth. He swallowed every drop, moaning as the flavor of Tate’s liquid essence flowed across his tongue. The small man collapsed above Ivan’s head on the bed. He could hear Tate, Maxwell, and Blake panting.

When a large body covered his, Ivan opened his eyes to see Jonesy above him. They smiled at each other. Ivan wrapped his legs around the other man as Jonesy pushed his dick into Ivan’s clinging channel. The pleasure was immediate as Jonesy’s dick slid in, the head striking Ivan’s sensitive gland. He jerked and groaned as tiny shockwaves shot out through his body. They spread through him, reaching as far as his fingers and toes.

Ivan grinned when he saw Winston behind Jonesy. What he planned was obvious. Jonesy grunted and Ivan guessed that Winston had pushed his fingers into the hyena shifter’s tight ass. Maxwell and Blake were stretched out beside them, Blake mounting Maxwell from behind and shoving his dick between the meaty mounds of the man’s gorgeous ass. Both Maxwell and Winston were built like football players, each weighing in at over two hundred and fifty pounds. They were bulky without being fat. Their muscles were thick bands around arms, torsos, and legs. But it was their asses that were particularly tempting. They were round and, well, meaty, Ivan thought as he wished he had one of those beautiful asses to shove his dick into. Winston’s and Maxwell’s asses were great to grip and spread apart as his dick slid in and out.

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