In Betrayal, when Alpha Micah Angel finds his mate in the beautiful human with the voice and face of an angel, he will do everything in his power to claim him. Including saving Jesse from his inner demons and finding the person who is trying to kill his mate. Can Micah save Jesse in time?

In Secrets, secrets from Gabriel’s past haunt him and hold him back from claiming his mate. The pain Taylor feels at his mate’s rejection causes him to run from Gabriel, but the secrets Taylor holds may just kill him. Will Gabriel face his demons in time to save Taylor or will he be too late?

In Truth, Sebastian Angel and Storm Winthrope find their third mate, a blue-haired fae named Noah. Noah is being held captive by an evil master. Once they rescue their mate, can the two convince Noah that their love is pure and nothing like he experienced in captivity? Can Noah trust these men with his heart, body, and soul?

In Trust, Raith Angel, beta for the Angel Pack, finds his mate, an ocelot shifter named Dr. Aaron Collins. From the start the two clash but find that they have one thing in common. They go to a BDSM club to explore this interest when they stumble upon their third mate. A human submissive named Rory Franklin.


A Siren Erotic Romance

The Angel Pack Collection, Volume 1 (MM, MMM)
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“Protect me?” Jesse said with disdain in his voice and a cold look in his eyes. “Protect me?” he repeated. “That’s why you sat there and allowed your friend there to talk to me like that?”

“Thomas didn’t mean anything. He was just asking if there may be someone who is angry with you.”

“Yeah. Riiiight,” Taylor said with his hands fisted on his hips, glaring at Thomas. “He pretty much just called us whores and you’re sticking up for him? Nice, Micah, real nice,” Taylor finished coldly.

“We’re just trying to get to the bottom of this. To look at all the angles,” Micah said in frustration.

“Yeah well maybe Thomas did it! Maybe he has some sick reason. Maybe he’s just a total fucktard!” Jesse sneered at Thomas. A flash of something Jesse couldn’t make out crossed Thomas’s eyes, but he covered it up quickly and narrowed his eyes at Jesse.

“What reason would I have to do something like that to our own club?” Thomas asked calmly.

“How the hell should I know, we don’t know you. Just like you don’t know us. Maybe you’re just a psycho asshole.” Taylor smiled at that last part.

“Enough!” Micah yelled. “We’re not getting anywhere throwing names at each other. Let’s just sit down and calmly talk about this.”

Jesse grabbed Taylor’s hand and turned to leave. “Let’s go, Tay. We have better things to do than sit here with these assholes. There are at least twenty to thirty hot guys still down there that we haven’t fucked yet. If we start now we can get to all of them by sunrise.” Jesse and Taylor headed across the V.I.P. lounge toward the stairs.

Micah ran after them and grabbed Jesse’s arm and turned him around. He grabbed onto both of Jesse’s arms and held him tight. “You’re mine, Jesse! I better never find another man touching you! You belong to me!” Micah pulled Jesse into him and smashed their lips together hard. Jesse tried to pull away. He fought to get out of Micah’s hold, but he couldn’t. He kept his lips tightly closed. The passion and anger in Micah’s eyes and lips were playing with Jesse’s resolve.

Micah’s tongue came out and swiped across the seam of Jesse’s lips, demanding entry. Jesse lost the battle as his head started to swim. He opened his lips slightly, and it was just enough for Micah to take advantage and he slipped his tongue into Jesse’s mouth.

Their tongues battled for dominance. A growl escaped Micah as his arms wrapped around Jesse. The growl sent a thrill through Jesse and he melted against Micah, submitting to him, as he held onto Micah’s shirt. Micah’s wolf was overjoyed at Jesse’s submission.  He wanted to claim their mate right now. Micah kept one arm wrapped around Jesse’s waist and moved the other to grab the back of his head, holding him tight. His heart and head were soaring with the knowledge that his mate was finally in his arms. Jesse tasted better than anything on this planet. He tasted of chocolate, cinnamon, and a hint of lavender. Jesse’s lips were so soft and his body fit Micah’s perfectly. A small moan escaped Jesse and Micah smiled against Jesse’s lips with a small chuckle.

That was enough to bring Jesse to his senses. His eyes popped open and he flattened both palms against Micah’s chest. Jesse pushed with all his strength as he pulled his head back. Breathing hard, Micah and Jesse just stared at each other. Micah’s hands were still on Jesse’s hips when he started to speak. “Jesse…” He was cut off when Jesse smacked him across the face as hard as he could. Then Jesse cursed from the pain as he pulled his hand into his chest, holding it with his other hand. Holy shit! What is this guy made of...concrete? Jesse thought to himself. Micah stepped back from Jesse, his face emotionless. He just stared blankly at Jesse.

“How dare you! Don’t you ever fucking touch me again! I don’t care who you say I am to you. I belong to no one! You can all go fuck yourselves!” Jesse yelled. He turned and ran down the stairs. Taylor stopped at the top of the stairs and turned toward Micah. He looked right into Micah’s eyes and sighed as his face softened. “Idiot.” He rolled his eyes. “You just blew it. I told you to go slow, to take it easy with him. You say you’re his mate, yet you didn’t even stand up for him just now with that asswipe, piece of slug trail.” Taylor pointed to Thomas, who was standing with Raith by the office door, watching everything. “I told you to never hurt him, and it’s the first thing you do. Don’t ask me to help you now. You don’t deserve him, and you don’t realise how big you just fucked up. Huge.” Taylor turned around and started heading down the stairs. “Maybe we’ll see you around sometime, bitches. Have a nice life.” Taylor disappeared down the stairs.

Micah was just standing there, frozen, mouth hanging open, tears started to burn the backs of his eyes. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think, as Taylor’s words all sank in. “I just lost my mate. Before I even had a chance to have him, I lost him. What the hell just happened? What the fuck have I done?”

Micah started to hyperventilate as he started to get angry. The pain in his chest was crushing him. His stomach twisted and his wolf was howling, raging mad at him for letting their mate get away. He was fighting to get to the surface to go after their mate and claim him. Micah was fighting to control his wolf, but he couldn’t. His teeth ripped through his gums, and his eyes went feral.  He couldn’t control it. His wolf was taking over.




Jesse couldn’t take his eyes off the show in front of him. His pulse quickened and his lips parted as he started to pant. Micah released the button and unzipped his pants. His hands slid into his waistband and he pushed his pants down his smooth hips, over his muscled thighs. Jesse licked his lips at the sight of Micah’s long, thick, hard cock. His mouth started to water with the need to taste Micah, to take his beautiful length into his mouth and swallow it whole.

Micah stepped out of his jeans and pushed them aside. He put a knee up onto the bed. “Move back, baby, get comfortable,” Micah said as he started to crawl toward Jesse.

Jesse slid up the bed till he reached the headboard and he rested on the pillow, one hand slowly stroking his now leaking shaft. He couldn’t believe he was hard again so fast, but the sight of his man undressing, then the sight of Micah’s monster cock had him standing at attention.

Micah crawled in between Jesse’s legs and kissed up his stomach to his nipples. He took the ringed peak into this mouth and sucked. He flicked his tongue across the nub, bringing a soft moan from Jesse. Micah put the ring between his teeth and gently tugged on it, causing Jesse to arch his back, pushing his chest against Micah’s mouth. “That feels so fucking good, Micah,” Jesse cried through clenched teeth.

Micah continued to play with Jesse’s nipple ring, licking, sucking, biting, until Jesse thought he would go out of his mind. “Please!” he begged.

Micah released Jesse’s nipple and kissed his way up his collarbone, up the front of his neck. Micah nipped the underside of Jesse’s chin, then licked the sting away. Micah claimed Jesse’s lips in an all-consuming kiss. Jesse’s hands grabbed onto Micah’s shoulders, pulling him down harder against him. The feeling of Micah’s strong bare chest against his was intoxicating. His body started to heat up as Micah’s tongue was exploring his mouth.

Micah pulled back, the both of them breathing heavily. Micah ran his lips across to Jesse’s neck and started to suck and bite. Jesse cried out, “I want to taste you, Micah.”

Micah pulled back and eased off Jesse and rolled to his back, watching Jesse’s every move. Jesse sat up and crawled between Micah’s legs. Jesse encircled Micah’s cock with his long fingers, but they still didn’t make it all the way around Micah’s girth. Jesse stuck his tongue out and licked the tip of Micah’s leaking cock.

“Hmmmmm,” Jesse moaned at the taste of his man. His tongue flicked out again and he speared into the slit at the tip, drawing all the juice he could out of it. He moved his lips around the thick spongy head and lightly sucked as his tongue played with the ball piercing. Micah moaned deeply, Jesse moved his head down Micah’s shaft, taking more of his thick cock into his mouth. His lips started to hurt from the stretch of Micah’s cock. Jesse’s tongue ran along the thick vein on the underside. He loved the weight of Micah’s cock on his tongue. He slowly slid back off to nibble and tease. Micah’s hands shot out to Jesse’s head and his fingers tangled into the soft strands of his mate’s hair. Micah added a little pressure to the back of Jesse’s head, pulling him closer to his groin.

Jesse took in more of Micah’s shaft, licking and sucking his way down. With each stroke he took in more of the delicious shaft into his mouth. With each up stroke he hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder. Being careful of Micah’s piercing, Jesse bottomed out as his nose reached the coarse bed of hair at Micah’s groin. Swallowing him down whole, he continued sucking Micah’s shaft as it hit the back of his throat, then slid down further. After a few minutes Jesse pulled back enough to take a breath and then swallowed Micah down again, bringing him back to the back of his throat. His eyes were closed in bliss, and he was thankful that he didn’t have a gag reflex.

Micah’s hands tightened in Jesse’s hair. The pleasure was too intense. “Baby, stop. As indescribable as that feels, I don’t want to come until I’m buried balls deep in your sweet ass.”

Jesse pulled slowly off Micah’s shaft with a pop and looked up at Micah licking his lips. “Damn, baby, don’t you have a gag reflex?” Micah said breathlessly, as he lifted Jesse up onto his chest.

Jesse smiled shyly at his big mate. “No, I don’t.” Quicker than the eye could see, Micah flipped them over until Jesse was once again under him. “We’ll have to explore that further some other time. Right now I need to be inside you.”





The kitchen was very busy, as the whole house was in there grabbing lunch. They were all sitting around the breakfast nook or at the center island, eating and chatting away. Jesse sat next to Micah as they ate their lunch and stole glances and knowing smiles at each other.

“Oh gods, you two must have mated and claimed each other, because if you get any sweeter over there I’ll have to pull my teeth out from all the cavities,” Lexi drawled as he sat down on one of the bar stools at the island.

“Don’t do that, sweet cheeks, or it will take away from that beautiful smile. But no teeth may make for a very interesting blow job, don’t you think?” Taylor said as he walked into the kitchen. Everyone’s eyes went to him, mouths dropped open, eyes widened, and utensils dropped. Lexi whistled. “You look hot there, little buddy. Where you going dressed like that?”

“I was just going to do some laundry, then if it’s okay with Micah,” He looked over at the Alpha. “I was wondering if it was okay to use your computer or if there was another one I could use. Then I was thinking about going for a jog.” He walked over and grabbed an apple off the counter. His back was to the room full of staring eyes.

“Um...Tay? Why are you dressed like that?” Jesse asked cautiously.

Taylor swung around to face Jesse. “Like what? I always dress like this, Jess.” He looked down at himself. Taylor was dressed in electric blue boy shorts that were a size too small. His butt was hanging out the back and you could make out his package in the front. He had on a hot pink skin-tight T-shirt that said, “I Eat Boys for Breakfast” printed on the front. He cut the shirt so it was a half shirt and his stomach was showing. He also had anklet socks and sneakers on. His spiked blond hair now had purple tips and he had black kohl liner around his eyes.

Gabriel slid up next to him and gave a low growl. Taylor slowly turned his head to look at Gabriel. Taylor smiled the sweetest smile at Gabriel then handed him his apple. “Here, sugar, for your little condition. They do say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe it’ll work for your STD-riddled throat, too.” Then Taylor turned his attention back to Jesse, as Lexi rolled with laughter.

“Tay, I know you dressed like that at home…”

Taylor cut Jesse off. “Is this not home now?”

“Yes, of course it’s our home now, but it’s not just us anymore, sweetie. I think you’re making everyone uncomfortable,” Jesse said carefully.

“Am I making anyone uncomfortable?” Taylor asked, his eyebrow raised as he looked around the room at all the guys. A whole lot of no’s were called out, with one yes from Gabriel and one “Hell no” from Lexi. “See, everyone’s fine with it, Jess.”

“Well I’m not fine with it, Tay, and I don’t think Micah is fine with it either.” Jesse huffed.

“You don’t care, Micah, do you?” Taylor asked, looking at Micah, who had his head bowed down looking at his plate and slowly eating his lunch since Taylor walked into the room.

“Gods, please don’t put me in the middle of this,” Micah whispered.

“Micah?” Jesse asked.

Without looking up, he said, “I have to agree with Jesse on this one, Taylor. It may not be appropriate around all these guys.”

“Well duh, of course you agree with Jesse. You claimed him, now you two share a brain.” Taylor huffed, then bent down to fix his shoelace, giving Gabriel a front row view of his ass. Gabriel groaned. Taylor stood back up and looked at Gabriel over his shoulder. “How about you, big guy?”

“I...I like it. I just don’t think it’s right for public viewing.”

“Then it’s a good thing I’m not in public.” Taylor patted Gabriel on the chest as he walked past him and went to the fridge. He opened it and bent down and grabbed something from inside. He heard Gabriel whimper. Taylor covered up his smile before he stood back up and turned around, closing the fridge. He had a yogurt in his hand. He walked over and grabbed a spoon from the drawer then walked around the center island and sat on one of the stools. He dipped the spoon into the yogurt and brought it up to his lips. He wrapped his lips around the spoon and slowly pulled it out as he closed his eyes and hummed. “Hmmmmm, this is so good.”

Taylor knew Gabriel was watching him. He scooped more yogurt onto his spoon and brought it to his lips again, He flicked his tongue out and licked a small amount of yogurt onto the tip of his tongue, then slowly pulled his tongue back into his mouth. Taylor kept up this slow seductive eating display until the yogurt was gone. Taylor was fully aware of Gabriel’s eyes on him the whole time. “Yum that was good.”

“Yes, yes it was,” Lexi said. “You know, little buddy, if you keep eating like that, some people may get the wrong idea.” Lexi leaned in whispering into Taylor’s ear, low enough so all the wolves in the room didn’t hear him.

Taylor turned his head and leaned into Lexi and just as softly whispered to him, “I know.” Taylor pulled back and gave Lexi a look and a very small nod in Gabriel’s direction. Lexi understood and pulled away with a smile on his face and chuckled, shaking his head.

Jesse cleared his throat. Taylor smirked at Lexi and winked, then turned to look at Jesse. “Is it contagious? Because I know for a fact that you, my sweet Jesse, don’t do pussy.” Lexi barked out laughing as he slapped his hand over his mouth.




Gabriel ran his hands up the creamy skin of Taylor’s toned abs and chest, running a thumb over one of Taylor’s nipples, drawing another moan from Taylor. “Roll onto your side, sweet baby,” Gabriel commanded gently, and Taylor complied.

Gabriel moved to lay behind Taylor and reached over and opened the nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube. He rolled over so he was behind Taylor, his front to Taylor’s back. He opened the lube and generously coated his cock. Then he poured more onto his fingers and closed the bottle, tossing it aside. Gabriel moved closer so his chest met Taylor’s back and they both moaned at the skin-to-skin contact. Gabriel kissed Taylor’s shoulder, then moved his lips to Taylor’s neck, kissing, licking and sucking up the side to Taylor’s ear. He nibbled on Taylor’s ear as he placed a wet finger to Taylor’s crease. Taylor gave a slight flinch at the contact but then he pushed his hips back into Gabriel’s hand. Gabriel slid a slick finger between his cheeks and started to circle Taylor’s entrance. Taylor moaned, lifting a hand up he reached back and gently grabbed Gabriel’s head, holding Gabriel’s head to his neck as Gabriel continued to kiss and suck along his nape. Gabriel slipped a finger inside Taylor and started to wiggle it around in slow circles. Taylor moaned and started to push back against the finger.

“More, Gabriel. That feels so good. Give me another one,” Taylor begged. Gabriel slid a second finger in and Taylor bucked against him as a long moan escaped his lips. Taylor continued to push his hips back against Gabriel’s fingers, as Gabriel sawed his fingers in and out. Gabriel ran his tongue down the side of Taylor’s neck to his shoulder and then back up. “Another one Gabriel, please. Fuck me. I’m ready,” Taylor cried out. Gabriel pulled his fingers out and slid three slick fingers in. Taylor hissed at the sting and Gabriel pulled his fingers out. “Don’t you dare. Put them back where they belong right now. They miss their new home.” Taylor huffed. Gabriel chuckled, sliding his fingers back into his mate. “Yes, perfect, just where they belong, now fuck me with them so they feel loved, too.” Gabriel smiled against Taylor’s neck. He loved that Taylor liked to talk dirty during sex, and he had never smiled so much during sex before. Gabriel continued stretching Taylor until he felt his mate was ready. He gently removed his fingers and of course Taylor protested. “No, babe, don’t stop, they like it in there, and my hole really likes them there.”

“I have something I think your hole will like even more, sweet baby,” Gabriel said then placed the head of his cock at Taylor’s opening.

“Oh yeah, that’s good, that’s definitely better,” Taylor said and pushed his hips back, impaling himself on Gabriel’s shaft. Gabriel quickly grabbed his hip and stopped him from pushing deeper.

“Slow down, sweet baby, I want to savor this moment. The moment I first enter my mate, my Taylor.” Gabriel slowly pushed forward, inch by inch. Going in a few inches, then pulling back, then going in a few more inches and pulling back. Taylor was moaning and writhing against him, the cutest little squeaking moan escaped Taylor and Gabriel thought he would blow just from that. He grabbed onto Taylor’s hip and pushed all the way in, closing his eyes at the incredible feeling of Taylor’s body gripping him tightly. He held his breath to stop from coming too soon, but Taylor had other plans. He pushed back against Gabriel and then moved away, fucking himself on Gabriel’s cock. Gabriel ran his hand down Taylor’s thigh and slid it between his legs. Grabbing onto Taylor’s leg, Gabriel lifted it up and started slamming into his mate. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Slam that kielbasa you call a cock into me. Oh god yeah…Oh Gabriel…Oh yeah…fuck me like it’s your job, babe.” Taylor’s dirty talk was turning Gabriel and his wolf on, and Gabriel could feel his control slipping. He wanted to send Taylor through the headboard. He threw Taylor’s leg up over his elbow and reached for his mate’s cock. He wrapped his fingers around Taylor’s long, hard cock and started to jerk him in rhythm with his thrusts. Taylor threw his head back against Gabriel’s shoulder, as he cried out, “Holy shit! Yes! That’s it, Gabriel! Don’t stop.” Taylor moved his neck to the side exposing his throat and Gabriel’s wolf started to howl. Gabriel latched his lips onto Taylor’s neck and started sucking.

He couldn’t take it, Gabriel was playing his body like an instrument. Gabriel’s long thick cock was hitting his sweet spot with each thrust in. He was dizzy, he could hardly catch his breath and he wanted it to go on forever. The pleasure was so intense that if he were to die right now, he would die an incredibly happy man. “Oh God no, not yet,” Taylor could feel his orgasm coming. It was racing to explode out of him. He pushed back thrust for thrust with Gabriel trying to get him deeper. Then Gabriel ran a fingernail into the slit of his cock and Taylor couldn’t hold back anymore. “Do it, Gabriel. Do it. Claim me. Make me yours,” Taylor cried out.





“Danger,” Noah said. Both his mate’s looked back at him.

“What danger, Noah?” his raven-haired mate asked.

Noah looked at him. “Name?” Noah asked with a questioning look on his face.

“My name?” his mate asked. Noah nodded his head. “Sebastian, but everyone calls me Bass, except for Storm. He calls me Beauty,” Sebastian said as he blushed. He was so cute. This big man blushing was adorable. Noah liked it. He could see why Storm called him Beauty.

“Like,” Noah said with a smile. Then looked at Storm. “Like, too.”

“Why do you talk like that, little one?” Storm asked gently. Noah took in a quick breath, then looked down, hanging his head.

“Oh no, Noah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Storm said quickly as he reached a hand forward and it went right through the bars. He pulled his hand back in surprise and looked at Noah in question.

“Astral projection,” Sebastian answered.

“Astral projection?” Storm repeated in confusion.

“Yes,” Noah said.

“That means our incredibly sexy mate is fae. As far as I know, only fae can do it,” Sebastian explained. He smiled at Noah with such tenderness, that it made Noah want to melt into his arms.

“Fae? Well I’ll be. So if you are our mate and you have astral projected yourself to us, where are you?” Storm asked.

Noah’s eyes got very sad and he looked down and wiped a tear from his eye. He shrugged his shoulders. “Captured.”

“What!” both his mates yelled, which caused Noah to jump and look up at them.

“You’re captured? By who? Where are you? We’ll come for you right now.” Storm jumped to his feet.

Noah’s eyes went wide and he grabbed onto the bars tight and started to shake his head frantically. “Danger.”

“We’re in danger?” Sebastian asked calmly, gently.

Noah nodded his head. “Don’t,” he said with pleading eyes.

“Don’t come for you?” Sebastian asked.

Noah nodded again. “Danger,” Noah whispered softly.

“You came here to warn us that we were in danger, didn’t you?” Sebastian asked.

Noah nodded again. “Safe.”

“You want us to stay safe, because if we come after you, to rescue you, we’ll be in danger,” Sebastian said as a statement, not a question.

“Yes,” Noah said softly as he reached out a hand to touch Sebastian’s face, but his hand went through him. He dropped his hand and his eyes got sad again.

“You’re our mate, Noah, of course we have to come find you. We have to rescue you. Even if you weren’t our mate, we couldn’t just ignore that you were in need of help,” Sebastian said.

“Of course not,” Storm said as he knelt back down beside Sebastian. “We can’t just leave you there. Do you have any idea where you are?”

“Dungeon,” Noah answered.

“Dungeon? You’re being kept in a dungeon?” Storm asked.

Noah nodded. “Others.”

“There are other’s held captive, too? How many? Who is holding you?” Sebastian was starting to get upset. He voice began to rise as he spoke.

Noah looked at him tenderly. “Six.”

“There are six of you or six others?” Storm asked.

“Others,” Noah answered.

Storm looked at Sebastian. Then looked back to Noah. “So there are six others. Who is holding you?”

“Vampires,” Noah said and shook at the thought.

“Vampires?” Storm asked.

“Wrong,” Noah said.

“Not vampires?” Storm asked in confusion. Noah sighed in frustration. He hated that he couldn’t talk right in their language. He spoke perfectly in his own language, but he had a lot of trouble with this earthly speech. He spent the first four years of his captivity trying to understand his Master and the guards. He slowly started to understand and learn their speech, but there were still a lot of words he didn’t know.

“I think he means the vampires are wrong. Is there something wrong with the vamps?” Sebastian asked. Noah nodded his head. “Are they rogues?” Again, Noah nodded his head. “Do you know anything else about your location?” Sebastian asked.

“Grapes,” Noah said proudly. He liked grapes. They were so sweet and perfectly packaged in their little skins.

“Grapes?” Storm said in confusion. “Are you near a vineyard?”

Noah tilted his head and looked at his snow-haired mate in confusion.

“You don’t know what that word means, right?” Sebastian asked gently. Noah shook his head.

“It’s a farm where lots of grapes are grown. Are you around a lot of grapes?”

“Yes,” Noah said and then jumped, looking over his shoulder, as his face turned pale. He looked back at them with terror in his eyes. “Back,” Noah said scared.

 “The rogue vamps are back?” Storm asked in a panic, as he reached out to grab Noah, but his hands went through him.

Noah’s eyes got even wider and the fear in his eyes worse. “Master,” he whispered and then disappeared.




Bastian pulled off of Noah’s cock, but continued to saw three fingers into Storm and pushed a fourth into Noah. He didn’t want either of his mates to feel any pain, so he took great care of preparing them. “You’re both so tight. I can’t wait to slide inside both of you,” Bastian’s voice was husky with lust.

“I’m ready, Beauty. Take me, claim me,” Storm said through gritted teeth. Bastian removed his fingers from Storm’s hole, but continued to saw his other hand into Noah. Noah was writhing against Storm, and making the cutest noises.

“Lift our baby up, Storm,” Bastian instructed. Storm grabbed onto Noah’s hips and lifted him off his lap. Bastian wrapped his fingers around Storm’s hard cock and slid his lubed hand up and down his silk wrapped steel. Storm moaned at the sensation. Bastian released his shaft and then grabbed onto Noah’s cheeks, spreading them. “Look at me, Noah,” he said tenderly. Noah opened his eyes and looked at Bastian. “Are you sure, sweetheart?” he asked and Noah gave him a smile that lit up the room. He nodded at Bastian. He smiled back at his little mate and then helped guide Storm’s shaft to Noah’s hole.


* * * *


Storm slowly helped Noah lower onto his cock. He could feel Bastian’s fingers graze his shaft as the outer rings of Noah’s hole relaxed and allowed the head of his cock to slide in. “Oh hell, baby, you’re so tight. You feel so good,” Storm said through gritted teeth.


* * * *


Noah moaned as Storm’s thick cock entered him, stretching his hole. There was a slight sting, but it was quickly replaced by pleasure as Noah slid down onto Storm’s cock, taking him fully into him. Storm wrapped his arms around Noah’s chest and held him tight. Bastian leaned forward and kissed Noah passionately. Bastian pulled back from the kiss and then leaned over Noah’s shoulder and capturing Storm’s lips in a quick kiss. He pulled back and looked into Noah’s pleasure-filled eyes. “Relax and enjoy, baby. Just feel,” Bastian said and then sat back on his heels. Storm started to thrust up into him and Noah moaned in pleasure. His arm went up and back to wrap around Storm’s neck. Noah writhed against Storm as he started to meet Storm thrust for thrust. His eyes went wide and his lust increased as he watched Bastian slick up his own big cock. Noah stated to get nervous. “No baby, this cock is for our other mate. Maybe someday we can explore that thought, but not today,” Bastian said and released his own shaft.

Bastian could see the fear in Noah’s eyes as he thought about having to take both Storm and his large cocks into him at the same time. He also saw that beyond the fear was a want. Noah wanted to feel both his mates inside him at the same time. So did Bastian, some other time. Bastian released his shaft and moved between his mate’s legs. He pressed the tip to Storm’s waiting hole and gave a small forceful push. The tip of his cock entered Storm and Bastian saw stars. He had waited so long to feel Storm wrapped around him and now that he was here, he thought he was going to blow before he even got started. He grabbed onto Storm’s bent knees and thrust forward. Storm’s velvet cave opened for him and gripped his cock. When Bastian was fully inside his mate he stopped moving and relished in the feel of his mate.


* * * *


Storm had died and gone to heaven. He had Noah’s warm wet cavern wrapped around his cock, strangling him. Then Bastian’s hot, hard, thick cock entered him and all sense of self left him. He was right where he was supposed to be, with both his mates as they each gave and received pleasure. Bastian leaned forward and captured Noah’s lips with his and the two of them started to kiss with a fire that seemed to increase. Bastian snapped his hips into him and Storm’s head spun. The feel of Bastian fully inside him was like no other he had ever experienced.


* * * *


Noah couldn’t get close enough to his mates. They were making him feel things he had never felt before. Storm’s cock was giving him unbelievable pleasure. He needed more of his mate inside him. He started to thrust harder onto Storm’s shaft, trying to get more of him. Then Bastian captured his lips and his whole body lit on fire. Bastian’s tongue was devouring him, claiming him. He felt like one with his mates. He knew at this moment he would never be able to live without either of them. They fully owned him and the thought made him very happy. This is what he came to this plane for. Bastian’s hard muscled abs were pressing against the underside of his cock as he drove into Storm. The friction that it caused was delicious. He could feel every curve and ripple as Bastian moved against him. Bastian pulled back from the kiss and Noah whimpered from the loss, but Storm drove harder into him causing him to cry out. “Yes...please…” He wasn’t sure what he was begging for, but he needed it.

“Our baby is about to blow, Storm. Claim him,” Bastian said through gritted teeth. Storm looked into his eyes and nodded. “Together, Beauty. Let’s claim him together.”

Bastian nodded at him and they both moved their lips to Noah’s neck. They each licked a side of his neck and then at the same time they bit into Noah’s tender flesh, claiming what was theirs.





Rory shook his head. “But I owe him. I have to stay with him and do what he says until I pay him back,”

“What do you owe him, baby?” Raith asked.

“I don’t know the exact amount, but it was over a hundred thousand dollars. That was four years ago,” Rory admitted with shame.

“A hundred thousand dollars? If you don’t mind me asking, why did you need so much money?” Aaron asked in shock.

“Tom helped to pay for Roman to go to college. Roman only got a partial scholarship and Tom was helping him pay off the rest. When Roman quit because of me, Tom was out a lot of money. When we got our own place, there were some months that we were a little short on our bills, so Tom lent us money. Then when Roman died, I couldn’t afford the funeral, so Tom paid for it. I couldn’t afford the apartment on my own and I was going to move back with my parents, but then they died too. A month after I lost Roman. So Tom said I could move in with him. He paid for both my parents’ funerals too. He said I could live there and pay off my debts. But that I also had to be his sub now that Roman was gone. He said that Roman always told him that if anything were to happen to him that Tom should take over as my Dom because I would need someone to fulfill my needs and he only trusted Tom. So I became his sub and took over all the chores around the house to pay him back,” Rory spoke in a defeated voice.

“Who was Roman?” Raith asked.

Rory smiled. “He was my boyfriend. We became friends in junior high when Roman and Tom moved to town. Their parents died and Tom was old enough to take care of Roman, so they moved to our town. Then when we were sixteen Roman kissed me and asked me to be his boyfriend. He loved me and I loved him. We went away to college together, but when I had to leave, Roman stayed. Then one day a few weeks later he showed up at my door. He dropped out of college to be with me. We got jobs and an apartment. We were twenty at the time. We lived together for two years until Roman died in a car accident. That was four years ago,” Rory explained.

“So Tom is Roman’s brother? And you’ve been living with him and paying off this debt for four years?” Aaron asked. Rory nodded. Aaron looked at Raith in concern. Raith’s eyes showed his disbelief in this story.


* * * *


It wasn’t that Raith didn’t believe his beautiful doe-eyed mate, it was that he couldn’t believe what his mate had gone through. He couldn’t believe that this sick fuck Tom had done this to him. The only debt Rory may have had was his parents’ funerals, but maybe not even that. If they had life insurance, surely that would have paid for their burials. And now he was holding Rory pretty much against his will, making him his slave in all things, under the fabrication of a debt that wasn’t even Rory’s to pay. This man was a police officer, yet he was keeping someone as a slave and forcing him to pay off a debt. Something was very wrong here. Raith could feel it. They needed to get their mate away from this piece of shit. He looked at Aaron. We need to tell him.

But what if he freaks out and bolts? Then what? Aaron asked back.

It’s a chance we may have to take, sweetheart. We need to get him out of there. We need to protect him, Raith pleaded.

I know, but what if he doesn’t believe us? What if we scare him away. You heard him, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go but that asshole. I couldn’t live with myself if he went back there.

But if we take him back to the pack house how will we explain all the men changing into wolves and a fae Kind and a dragon Lord? We have to explain it to him. Plus your heat has started. You need your mate.

No, you can take care of my heat until he trusts us enough. I can’t ask him to do that.

Okay, sweetheart. But I think we still need to tell him. Raith said.

“Are you two using a mating link? Because you look like you’re having one hell of a discussion,” Rory asked. They both snapped their heads in his direction, their eyes full of fear and confusion. “You said mates. I know your shifters. I just don’t know which kind though.”

“How…?” Aaron asked.

“My mother was a witch. I grew up hearing stories about all the paranormal species. The one that really intrigues me is the vampires. But then again, shifters are pretty cool too. You guys can change into another creature. So which type are you?”

“You are full of surprises. I am a wolf, and Aaron is an ocelot.” Raith chuckled.

Rory’s eyes grew wide. “So cool, a wolf and an ocelot. Wait, if you’re a cat shifter that means you get two mates right?”

Now Aaron was in shock. “That is a secret highly guarded. How did you know that?”

“My mom told me,” he said simply as he shrugged his shoulders.

“So if you know all of this, do you understand then why we are here?” Raith questioned.

Rory looked at him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“What my mate means is that, yes, I have two mates. Raith is one...and you...are the other,” Aaron explained cautiously.

Rory’s eyes went wide and he swung his head back and forth between the two of them. His mouth dropped open, but nothing came out.




“Okay, baby. I think you’re ready. Aaron, why don’t you lay down and let Rory ride you, sweetheart,” Raith said.

“Great idea,” Aaron said and rolled over to lay flat on the bed. “Come on, cutie, climb up.”

Rory squealed in delight as he sat up and threw a leg over Aaron’s waist, straddling him. He felt the tip of Aaron’s cock against his butt cheek. Raith placed a hand in the center of his back and gently pushed him forward. “Let me slick you up, Aaron. We don’t want to hurt our mate or make him wait any longer,” Raith said from behind him.

“No. I can’t wait another minute to be inside our baby boy.” Aaron moaned as Raith’s slick hand wrapped around his cock, getting him ready to slide inside Rory’s cute body. Raith held Aaron’s shaft with one hand as he grabbed Rory’s hip with the other and guided him back to Aaron’s slick cock. Rory pressed back as he felt the tip of Aaron’s blunt head kiss his hole. He sat back more and Aaron’s tip popped into him past the tight outer ring of muscles. They both moaned as Rory continued to sit back until Aaron was fully seated inside him and Rory was sitting flush against Aaron’s groin. “Yes!” Rory cried out as he threw his head back. Aaron put his hands up under Rory’s arms and grabbed his back, pulling Rory’s chest down to meet his. He grabbed Rory’s head with one hand and brought their lips together in a heated kiss.

Raith loved the sight of his two mates joined together. He ran a hand up Rory’s back soothingly as he lined up his cock with Rory’s already filled hole. Please don’t let me hurt him, Raith thought as he pressed forward. The tip of his shaft slipped inside Rory’s tight hole and the underside of his cock slid against Aaron’s cock. The sensation was delicious. Rory moaned against Aaron’s lips. “Everyone okay?” Raith asked tightly as he tried to control himself from rushing forward and impaling Rory on his cock.

Two moans of ecstasy answered him. He smiled at how his mates were so lost in their pleasure that all thoughts except what was happening to their bodies seemed to have left them. Raith pressed forward slowly. His body shook and a sweat broke out across his brow at the control he was trying to hold. The sensation was too much. His mate’s hole was so tight and Aaron’s slicked up cock sliding against his was sending him to the edge too soon. He clenched his jaw so hard he thought he would break a tooth. Rory released a hiss and Raith thought he would die right there if he had to pull out. He stilled. “Are you okay, baby boy?”

Rory was breathless. The feel of both his mates inside him was too much, too good. Then there was a moment of pain as Raith slid deeper. He hissed at the intrusion and Raith stilled. He heard him ask if he was okay. He couldn’t find his voice. He took a deep breath. “Yes...please...don’t stop,” he said in a strained voice.

Aaron wrapped his arms around Rory and held him tight as Raith pressed forward. All three moaned when Raith hit bottom and slid against Rory’s prostate. Raith stilled at the sensation. He held his breath trying to hold off the orgasm that was threatening to explode too soon. Then he saw stars as Rory squeezed his muscles around the two cocks stretching him.

“Damn, baby boy! If you keep that up I’ll be coming sooner than any of us want,” Raith said through gritted teeth. Raith took in a deep breath and then slide back until just the tip remained inside his mate. Aaron and Rory both moaned at the move. Raith felt like a god. He was pleasing both his mates at the same time. He slowly slid back in and met Aaron’s gaze over Rory’s shoulder. Aaron raised a brow in question and Raith nodded his approval. They both started to pump their hips. As Raith pulled out, Aaron pushed in. Rory held still as they continued their in and out strokes. But the cutest moans, groans, and whimpers came from him. He started to pant faster as their tempo picked up. “,” he panted out.

Raith slid his hands under Rory’s arms and grabbed onto his shoulders as he continued to pump into his mate. He pulled down on Rory’s shoulder, causing Rory’s body to slam back on his shaft as he snapped his hips forward. The sensation causing them all to yell out. “Now, Aaron!” Raith said as he leaned his body against Rory’s back. “Now, sweetheart. Let’s claim our mate.” Aaron licked the right side of Rory’s neck as Raith licked the left. Both their teeth extended and they struck simultaneously.

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