A Gilded Cage (MM)

Masquerade 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,350
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Romance, M/M, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys, HFN]

Perry Sinclair is blissfully happy living in Italy with his lover, Jack Fitzwarren. He finds as much happiness in the peace of Jack’s vineyard as he does in the decadent delights of Venice in full Carnevale, where everyone is masked and nothing is forbidden.

Jack is a fugitive from English justice, wanted for a crime he did not commit. When Perry’s ex-lover, Gilbert, arrives in Venice, Perry realizes that the safety they thought Jack had found in Venice is nothing more than an illusion.

Perry attempts to assuage Gilbert’s desire to experience Venice and Carnevale, as well as his seemingly endless curiosity about just why Perry has remained in Venice. He must do all of this without giving rise to any suspicion of Jack’s presence, because if Jack is discovered, he will face the noose. Meanwhile, Gilbert has an agenda of his own, and Perry is faced with an agonizing choice.

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Gilded Cage (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

A Gilded Cage (MM)

Masquerade 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,350
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

5 SWEET PEAS: "The first thing I must warn you about Joy Lynn Fielding’s Masquerade series is that it is totally addicting and you must read the books in order. The first one, Carnevale introduced us to Peregrin Sinclair who is on a grand tour of Europe at some unidentified time in the 19th century. He is separated from his companions and meets Jack, an Englishman well acquainted with Venice’s gay nightlife and clubs. In the second book, A Gilded Cage, Perry and Jack are still in Venice but a man from Perry’s past endangers both of their lives. The story moves along at a quick pace. When things suddenly turn dangerous and even deadly I not only couldn’t put the book down, I couldn’t read fast enough! What a thriller. Besides the exhilaration of the chase, the sex is unrestrained and the use of toys is quite inventive for the period. I’m not going to give away any spoilers here but by the end of the book things are looking up but not resolved. I am a dedicated fan of Ms Fielding after reading these two books, and can hardly wait for the next one in this series. Join me in the enjoyment of Joy Lynn Fielding’s Masquerade series. You will not be disappointed."-- Becky, Mrs. Condit Reads Books

5 STARS: "A GILDED CAGE is the second book in the Masquerade series, the first book being Carnavale. And this is a worthy successor to its prequel. Although this book doesn't have as much raunchiness as the first when young, inexperienced but very willing Percy Sinclair is being introduced to the delights of Venice, this book captures the growing relationship between Percy and his lover, Jack Fitzwarren. Forced to leave England because of a crime that was committed and of which Jack swears he's innocent, the two men live their lives in Jack's vineyard in the Italian hills. I just love Perry, or 'little bird' as Jack affectionately calls him. He's sweet, tougher than he looks, loyal and very eager to participate in the delights of the flesh and in love itself. He's an innocent who has found his carnal streak with Jack. His growing sensuality and the desire to possess Jack and have him possess Percy has become a welcome facet to his life and that he enjoys each minute. But as always, Paradise has its serpent in the form of an ex-lover of Percy's, Gilbert, who arrives in Venice with the ill-conceived notion that he can simply take Percy back. When Percy challenges this imperious outlook, Gilbert becomes vengeful and threatens to destroy everything Percy holds dear in his desire to re-conquer his lost lover. There was a time when I thought Percy was going to make the wrong decision for himself and Jack, and I was so pleased when the decision he did make turned out to be the one I wanted. I won't say more than this as you can find out for yourself what this decision was when you read the book. Suffice it to say, the drama and tension leading up to the two men's ultimate choice was masterful, the characters' motivations well plotted and thought out and the emotional turmoil they all faced enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Joy Lynn Fielding writes a tender and sensual tale of two men whose only desire is to be together, safe and loved, and to live out the rest of their days together. The heady and atmospheric descriptions of both the lovely city of Venice and the Italian hills make you want to buy a plane ticket and rush over there, to stroll the streets of the city on the canal and walk the rolling and scented hills of the Italian mainland. I definitely recommend this book, and strongly suggest reading Carnavale first, so you can get to know Percy and Jack as I have, and love these two men equally as much as I did. " -- Susan MacNicol, The Romance Reviews

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They arose late the following morning. For once, this was not due to enjoying one another’s bodies but rather the need for sleep and rest and the desire to hold one another and simply lie together, relaxed and quiet.

They had not long breakfasted and were still in their dressing gowns when Jack’s man announced the Marchese D’Agostino. Marco seemed a little startled to find them so arrayed, blinking slightly at the splendour of Jack’s green and gold brocade frogged gown. It really was a work of art, and the best thing about it, so far as Perry was concerned, was the way the green reflected the colour of Jack’s eyes. That and the way it slid off him so easily whenever Perry required access to Jack’s body. He wrenched his thoughts back to greeting Marco.

“How did you know we were back?” Perry asked in surprise, as Jack and Marco exchanged a long hug.

Marco smiled at him, and despite Perry’s love for Jack, the dark beauty of his face lit by such a dazzling smile set Perry’s heart beating just a little faster. “Carnevale has begun,” he said simply. “Where else would you be?” He drew Perry into a hug, and his lips were close against Perry’s ear as he added, “I am glad of it. We have missed you both.”

Perry held Marco a moment longer before releasing him. He had been surprised to learn from Jack that Marco stayed in Venice each summer, for his family had an extensive estate on the mainland and he remembered what Jack had said about the smell from the canals in the height of the summer. Jack had pointed out to him that although Marco might easily have left the city at any time, there was not much need for a gondolier on dry land. “And while Marco’s family might be willing to overlook his liaison with a mere gondolier as an arrangement of convenience until he takes a wife, they would not be able to disregard it so easily if Marco were to travel everywhere with Gabriele when they had no excuse,” Jack had said. Perry’s heart had filled with sudden, overwhelming pity, and he had understood fully for the first time why, whenever he saw Marco and Gabriele together, they were always touching one another as though they could not bear to be parted.

“While it is always a delight to see you, Marco, you do not usually bestir yourself this early in the day,” Jack said. There was a slight crease between his eyes as he gazed at Marco. “What’s wrong?”

Marco shrugged slightly. “It is probably nothing,” he said. “It is merely that there has been an Englishman in the city the last week or so who has been most insistent upon finding Perry. Several people have mentioned it to me, for he has importuned many with his impertinent questioning. I wished to warn you so you are not taken unawares, as I know your arrangement would not be tolerated in England.”

“For me?” Perry stared at Marco, surprised. “But who could—”

“Perhaps you will find your answer by looking at the post that was awaiting our return,” Jack said, and there was the suspicion of a snap in his voice.

“Of course.” Heat rose in Perry’s cheeks at being so foolish, and Jack came over to him, sliding his arms around his waist and kissing Perry’s ear in apology as Perry looked through the small bundle of papers that the doorman had passed to them yesterday as he had welcomed them on their return.  Jack had instantly set them to one side in his hurry to ready themselves for the palazzo. He saw another letter from his mother, which he instantly wished to read, but knew he could not in front of Jack. And then all of the letters and invitations dropped to the floor unheeded from his hand as he found the visiting card that had been left.

“Viscount Bullingdon?” Jack asked, reading the flowing black script over his shoulder. “Who is that?”

“It’s Gilbert.” Perry’s lips were suddenly numb as he stumbled over the words. “Gilbert is in Venice.”




On being admitted to the large, elegant room, Perry’s breath caught. Arousal twisted low in his stomach. Everywhere he looked there were naked and semi-naked bodies entwined, and the sounds of gasping breaths and soft moans filled the warmth of the room. He knew the colour was high in his cheeks as he glanced around, taking in more details—the gentleman on his knees so rapturously engaged in sucking another’s cock, and the footman who was attempting to serve drinks while the gentleman to whom he offered the tray seemed more intent upon stroking his arse. The furnishings had changed little from when he had last been here. It was still arranged to give the impression of a drawing room, although there was more furniture scattered around than might be expected, together with a number of thick Persian rugs. The one addition that caught his eye was a bed at the end of the room, on which three naked men were moving against one another.

“A most useful innovation,” Jack commented softly against Perry’s ear. “It seems to me every drawing room should have one, so that when the conversation becomes too dull, I might lay you down and slowly open you with my fingers, my tongue, and finally my cock.”

Perry’s heart beat faster, his cock grew hard in his breeches and there was heat in his cheeks. He could not tell whether it was from Jack’s words, Jack’s soft breath against his ear, or the air of command that always seemed to descend upon Jack as he entered this room.

Jack drew back from him, and walked around Perry, considering him. “How is it you manage, even here, to look so proper, little bird? It is quite extraordinary and must be remedied.” As he spoke, his long fingers unknotted Perry’s cravat and cast it aside, before he slipped the buttons of Perry’s waistcoat through the buttonholes and slid the garment off his shoulders, tossing it carelessly onto the floor. “That is a slight improvement, yet there is still something lacking.” He stood back, a finger to his lips as he considered. “Yes, you are still wearing too many clothes. We must see to that immediately.”

He unfastened Perry’s shirt, tugged it out of his breeches, and lifted it over his head. Perry stood in only his breeches and stockings and shoes, and would have felt embarrassed at the fact if it were not for the approval in Jack’s eyes as they ran over his body so displayed for him. “Oh yes,” he said. “Much better. Though it seems to me there are still one or two finishing touches, for you look far too self-possessed for a gentleman so improperly dressed.”

“Jack,” Perry said, and it was half pleading, half complaint at the incessant talking when what he wanted was Jack to touch him. Jack’s hands had ghosted over Perry’s skin as he had removed his shirt, but no more than that.

Jack stepped in close, winding his hand in Perry’s hair as he took Perry’s mouth in a sudden, bruising kiss. His tongue pushed into Perry’s mouth, fucking into it in no uncertain way, a promise of what was to come later, and the feel of Jack’s strong body pressed against his had Perry writhing against him.

Jack relinquished his mouth too soon. Far too soon. “Please,” Perry said, but Jack paid no attention. Instead he bent his head to where Perry’s nipples had tightened into hard points during the kiss, and his hot mouth closed on one of them, his tongue flicking wetly at it, over and over, until his teeth closed around it. Perry arched his chest into Jack’s mouth, wound his hands in his hair, and groaned. “God, Jack…”

And then Jack was giving the same attention to the other one, and moving between the two until finally he raised his head, and looked down at Perry’s chest with every appearance of satisfaction. Perry followed his gaze to find his nipples were red and wet and hard. Just like his cock that was pushing against his breeches, needing Jack’s attention. And Jack seemed to know, for he moved in close and pressed his hand to the firm length through the silk of Perry’s breeches.

“Oh, that’s good,” he said, as Perry moaned and hitched against his hand, rubbing himself against Jack’s hand. “You have a most gorgeous cock, and I cannot wait to have it in my mouth later. Or my hand, so hard and hot and full, so I may play with it until you know nothing except my name and how much you need me. Do you want that, little bird?”

Perry’s answer was a whimper, but Jack seemed to understand him.

“Good,” he said. “Then I shall wait for you here, and you will make your circuit of the room as is only polite and proper, and which you have signally failed to do so far. And upon your return, so long as you have greeted every gentleman in the room—in Venetian, mind you—then perhaps I shall give you what it is you wish.”

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