Beneath Their Uniforms (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,395
11 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Sierra Matthews has sworn off men, especially ones who wear a uniform. Then she has a brush with death and finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with a super-sexy paramedic. But her self-destruction doesn’t end there. Two days later, a devastatingly handsome firefighter makes it his mission to end her self-imposed celibacy. There’s no doubt about it, her hormones are definitely out of whack and, when the men team up, her no-men-in-uniform vow is burned to ashes.
It’s been years since paramedic Neil Ingram has wanted a woman bad enough to pursue and he’s determined not to let Sierra get away. Firefighter Davon Reed knows a hot one when he sees it and Sierra is on fire. When the two discover they’ve fallen for the same woman, things get hotter. But it’s going to take more than their firefighter and paramedic skills to make Sierra see the men beneath their uniforms.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
Beneath Their Uniforms (MFM)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Beneath Their Uniforms (MFM)

Uniformed and Blazing Hot 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,395
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
Loved, loved, loved this.




“So you kissed the paramedic…What did you say his name was again? Neil? You kissed Neil to make Kent jealous?”

“No, I kissed him because…Oh, hell, I don’t know why I did it. It was stupid and spontaneous and I made a fool out of myself and Gabrielle Stevens saw it so now it’s all over the Internet and everyone at school will be talking about it tomorrow.”

“Was he hot?” Cassidy made a raspberry sound with her lips and rushed on before Sierra could answer. “Listen at me asking stupid questions. Of course he was hot. I couldn’t tell much by the picture I saw on Facebook, but…”

Sierra groaned louder. “That little girl better hope I don’t fail her for spite.”

Cassidy giggled. “You can’t do that and you know it. The picture didn’t show much, only the side profile and your lips glued together.”

“Isn’t that enough?”

“He looked hot. I’m not much for redheads, but he seemed to have a good body on him.”

“A body clad in a paramedic uniform,” Sierra reminded her.

Cassidy made a sound of sheer female appreciation. “Honey, that man isn’t wearing any kind of uniform and, if that vow you made prevents you from looking at a fine male specimen like him, we are going to have your head examined.”

Sierra wanted to ignore her friend, but she couldn’t help herself. She opened both eyes, shielding them with a hand to her forehead as she lifted her head off the lounge chair. She didn’t know what direction Cassidy was looking or what man had caught her friend’s eye, but she couldn’t believe it was any other man than the one she spotted stepping out of the pool.

All thoughts and most of her brain function vanished as every cell of her being focused like a laser on the man’s body. Sleek muscles, from the top of his sexy head to his well-shaped feet, bunched and flexed beneath tanned flesh glistening from his recent dip in the pool. Long, powerful-looking legs carried him to a lounge chair a few feet away, where he scooped up a towel, dried his face, and dragged it over his black hair.

“I wonder what kind of date a man like that would take a woman on.”

Sierra knew exactly what kind of date she’d want him to take her on. If she were to start dating again, that was. Which, of course, she was absolutely, positively not going to do. Still, for the second time in as many days, she felt all her girly parts come online and scream for attention as the man turned and started toward them. His head turned, his gaze slowly scanning the crowd surrounding the pool as his long strides brought him closer and closer. He wasn’t headed directly toward them, but was more than likely going for the bar at the pool side. Still, his direction afforded her with a full-on view of one supremely gorgeously toned body.

Her heart actually skipped a beat when his gaze sliced over hers, paused on Cassidy, and returned to hers. She swore she saw his step falter slightly and knew she didn’t imagine the way his next strides altered off his previous course, carrying him straight to the foot of their chairs. He stopped between them, a man obviously comfortable in his skin, and treated her to a direct gaze through his milk chocolate eyes.

“Ladies.” His voice was as smooth and sugary sweet as his eyes. “Are you enjoying your time in the sun?”

“We are,” Cassidy answered. “Thanks. You seemed to be enjoying the pool.”

His lips, as absolutely perfect as the rest of him, stretched in a grin. “I was. I needed a quick dip to cool off.”

“You still look hot.”

Oh, God. Please, tell me I didn’t say that out loud.

But she had. She knew it the instant she saw Cassidy’s head whip her direction in her peripheral vision. The intrigued glint in Mr. Hottie’s eyes as he met her gaze again gave her another great big affirmative. Being looked at by him was like being bathed in a deliciously sensual, warm, luxurious, and bone-meltingly wonderful bath of chocolate.

Sierra swore she felt her world shift and struggled to find something to say before she tilted out of her chair. “My friend was wondering what you would think of as the perfect first date.” Still holding his gaze, she saw Cassidy’s eyes narrow as her friend all but gaped at her. “Would it be dinner and dancing or a movie and a walk in the park beneath the stars?”

The intrigued glint in his eyes sharpened as his gaze slid down her front from her face all the way to her toes before doing a slow climb up again.

Sierra fought not to squirm as that leisurely assessment of her body heated every inch of flesh it passed over. “I don’t date,” she rushed to add. “But my friend thinks it would be dinner and dancing.”

His gaze held hers for a meaningful moment before sliding to briefly meet Cassidy’s. “You do, huh?”

“You remind me a lot of my boyfriend.”

It was Sierra’s turn to all but gape at her friend. Cassidy didn’t have a boyfriend. She’d been relieved when Sierra had called her away from her date Friday night. Not because Sierra had been involved in an accident, but because it had given her an excuse to make a quick escape.

“He’s the dinner and dancing type of guy, so I figured you would be, too.” Cassidy hooked a thumb Sierra’s direction. “She’s more the movie and park type.”

His attention locked on her again and one ebony brow winged up. “I thought you didn’t date.”

“I don’t,” Sierra answered a bit too quickly. “She meant when I used to date.”




“Looking for me?”

Sierra might have laughed at the absurdity of Davon’s question if she hadn’t been so close to losing her mind.

“Our woman definitely is,” Neil told him as he used his continued hold on her to ease her away from the wall of the pool.

Our woman? Their woman? They were making it so tonight, she realized as she felt the hard wall of Davon’s body move in behind her. His hands closed on her sides and dragged up, slowly moving between her body and Neil’s to flatten just below her breasts.

The warmth of his breath seeped into the flesh on the side of her neck when he dipped his head and fiery embers rained through her body to join the inferno Neil had created in her pussy. “He’s been teasing you, hasn’t he?”

Sierra narrowed her gaze on Neil. “He’s devious. He wasn’t like this last night.”

A wicked grin tilted Neil’s lips. “I didn’t have the room or the time to be like this last night. I also didn’t want to scare you away. I was still trying to convince you that you wanted to be with me, remember?”

She angled her head and lifted a brow. “And you aren’t trying to convince me anymore? You’re not worried you’ll scare me away now?”

“Oh, I’m still convincing you, baby.” He eased his cock back and worked it slowly back inside her, forcing her to feel every glorious, enormous inch. “I figured you needed to know the man you’ll be dealing with. I’m not always as gentle as Davon is most of the time.”

The devilish promise in his tone awakened a part of her she’d hadn’t known truly existed. It was a part that wanted it rough, harder than she’d ever had it, and solely at his mercy. She’d be at Davon’s mercy, too, she remembered as one of his hands inched that final distance from her abdomen to close over her breast. If she was going to be their woman, then they were going to be her men. As she allowed Davon’s solid body to support part of her weight, she realized being sandwiched between them had made her feel more whole than she’d ever felt in her life.

That knowledge should’ve scared her into demanding both men release her. It should have sent her running for her car, still parked in their driveway. She’d known with both of them individually that she was setting herself up for destruction. Being with them together was setting herself up for an obliteration from which she’d never recover.

Resigning herself to that fact, she let her head fall back to rest on Davon’s chest, turned it to look up at him, and then locked her gaze with Neil’s again. The emotions and heat she saw in both men’s eyes told her this wasn’t just a fly-by-night thing for them. She knew damn well it wasn’t for her. She’d started falling for both of them nearly the instant she’d met them and she’d blown any chances she might have had at turning back at nearly the same time.

She reached a hand behind her to lace her fingers in the back of Davon’s hair, keeping her other hand on Neil’s broad shoulder. “The two of you together are the best of both worlds. I think I’m going to enjoy this sharing thing immensely.”

Davon chuckled and nipped her earlobe. “Damn, no wonder I’m so fucking crazy about you.”

Neil pulled his hips back, stopping when only the head of his cock remained inside her pussy. “She makes it impossible not to be.”

Davon’s free hand moved from her abdomen, sliding down and turning when it reached her ass. A single, long finger slipped between her spread ass cheeks and she sucked in a startled breath. “For us to really give you the best of both worlds, one of us will need to be inside this tight ass of yours, sweetheart.”

Sierra’s vision blurred as the implication of his words hit home as the pending orgasm Neil had created inside her grew claws. Those claws raked a heated path from her pussy to her ass as fear slammed into an anticipation in her system that had her head lolling on his shoulder.

“Have you ever let anyone make love to your sexy ass, Sierra?” Neil asked as the pad of Davon’s finger flattened over her forbidden entrance.

“No.” The word sounded weak and frightened, even to her own ears. It sounded needy, too, as if her body knew exactly what it wanted even if her mind hadn’t yet figured it out.

Neil thrust his cock inside her to the hilt, slamming their groins together, and drawing a pleasured cry from her lips even as her thoughts scattered. “Then we’ll be showing you another first tonight.”

Tonight? Her eyes sprang open at that, her mind racing. She had the evidence of Neil’s enormous cock inside her pussy right now and she felt Davon’s, long and thick, resting against her spine. Either one of their cocks would stretch her ass to a point she couldn’t even dare to imagine.

The pad of Davon’s finger rotated on her anus, pressing and working the hole until she felt it start to relax. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m the gentle one, remember.”

“But won’t it hurt?”

Neil’s gaze flicked to Davon’s over her shoulder. “You got the waterproof lube while you were inside, didn’t you?”

“It’s on my hand and dick now.”

Neil’s attention settled back on her. “It will, but only for a minute. Let Davon do the work. All you have to do is relax.”

Relax. Yeah, that’s going to be a piece of cake.

Sierra took a deep breath as Davon’s other hand moved to her ass.

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