Bound by Deception (MM)

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Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,017
13 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]

Jack Corbet has been chosen, just not in the traditional way. When the Eoeans demand another sacrifice, the human government doesn't want to give up one of their upstanding citizens. Though completely innocent, convicted felon Jack is pretty indifferent to being chosen as the aliens' latest sacrifice. Arming himself with the hypothesis that Eoeans can't be that bad, he steps willingly into the unknown.

Kelr, an Eoean diplomat, doesn't really want a human. Being half Renka, he is disturbed by the touch of others and doesn't want to risk becoming enamored with one. What he doesn't count on is a human determined to have him, or the unexpected pleasure Jack's touch brings him.

However, criminals are considered inferior goods to the alien government, and Jack might find himself in hot water well before he and Kelr are comfortable in their newfound relationship.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jana Downs is a Siren-exclusive author.

Bound by Deception (MM)
13 Ratings (4.3)

Bound by Deception (MM)

Owned 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,017
13 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another good story in this series. This one starts out a bit different with Jack having been a prisoner and Keir being of mixed alien race and not coping with being touched.
Professional Reviews

"In what feels like the final volume of this series, at least for now, the two main characters go into their new relationship with very different expectations. Neither of them ends up being right, and the confusion that follows takes them quite a while to untangle. I enjoyed their struggle for understanding what was going on, and, while the solution seemed obvious to me in many ways, I could also see why it would take them a lot longer to figure it out. Let me explain. Jack is a human who ended up in prison despite his innocence. As if this weren't bad enough, he is then selected by an extra round of the Eoean lottery. Since he figures life as a slave cannot be much worse than being locked up in prison, he goes willingly, promising to tell nobody he is a convicted criminal. Jack expects to be a sex slave, but nothing could be further from the truth. It derails him for a while, since the sexy alien he ends up with inspires all kinds of fantasies in him, but as soon as he gets his bearings, he goes after Kelr with all he has. Kelr is a half-Eoean and half Renka. The Renka are new to the series, and quite an interesting alien species. They can influence the universe on a quantum level, resulting in their ability to reshape matter, influence people's emotions, and all kinds of interesting stuff. However, as a consequence, they do not deal well with touch. Kelr grew up believing he could never become physical with a lover, and the few times he tried were painful enough to want him to never try again. As he gets to know Jack, though, things change and Kelr understands that he may have to reconsider. The process of both men figuring out what they want, in Jack's case, and what they think they cannot have and still want it, in Kelr's case, was absolutely fascinating. Jack is desperate to seduce him, yet understands about the pain and backs off. Kelr is too afraid to try touching Jack, but does want to be his friend. So, long before they solve their issues, each already acts in the other's best interest. And if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! Beautifully done! If you like science fiction stories with men from two different cultures who each think they cannot have what they need most but want to make sure the other has what he needs, if you want to find out more about the background to the Eoean's history and the lottery, and if you're looking for a hot read full of smoldering heat and a relatively slow-building romance, then you will probably like this novella." Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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From a side door out stepped more of what he’d been bracing himself for. Jack’s eyes widened as he looked up and up and up at the huge monster now in the hallway. He wasn’t blue like the other Eoean. Instead he was a beautiful burnished red that the same shade of the garnet he’d had on his class ring back in high school. He wasn’t just red though. The darker blue scales that were on some places on the blue guy were on the newcomer’s skin as well in patches, but they looked a slick black from here. His hair was also solid black and shiny, longer than the other guy’s as well, falling a few inches past his shoulders. But it was braided, so there was no real way of knowing how long it really was. He was also seven feet tall, so inconspicuous he was not, and built like every wet dream he’d ever dared to have. Muscular, broad, and thick, he made Jack’s mouth go dry in ten seconds flat. Forget Mr. Blue, I want Mr. Yum.

“Hi,” Jack breathed. “How’s it going?”

The alien tilted his head to the side. “Is my English all right? It’s been some time since I spoke it. I worked in American Human Diplomacy before.”

“Your English is good.” Slightly accented and sexy. Yum. He hadn’t been aware he had a big alien fetish until that moment. 

The alien nodded, the human trait odd for some reason. “I am Kelr Nimativ, second spawn of Xulian Nimativ.”

“Jack Corbet,” Jack said. “Though I suppose you already knew that. So, the deal is that you own me now, huh?”

“That is correct. In the morning I will allow the tutor to teach you about your purpose here and the expectations I have of you.” Kelr shifted from foot to foot. “You have a concubine’s shift on.”

He gave a mental fist pump.Hell yes! I’m a concubine to Tall, Red, and Sexy. Best. Decision. Ever. Karma must’ve finally circled back around and given him a reward for sacrificing his life for his brother’s.

“I will provide you other clothing tomorrow as well. I will not expect you to…” Kelr trailed over and waved to his lower body.

Jack’s heart fell. Aw, damn. He cleared his throat. “Okay.”

“Do you hunger?” Kelr asked, considering him.

Jack shrugged. “I could eat.” He was a little leery of alien food, but he figured they’d dealt with enough humans not to accidently poison one.

Kelr spoke in the weird bell-like language to the blue guy who gave a courtly little bow before stepping around Kelr and dashing down the hallway. Kelr smiled at him, revealing straight white teeth and a wicked set of canines. “I do apologize about the room. It has only been myself and my manservant for years. If it suits you, I could look into a bigger space.”

Jack blinked. That was awfully considerate of a slave owner. This was somehow not what he’d expected when he imagined Eoean slavery. “Um, this is fine. It’s bigger than where I used to live by several multiples.” All true. His cell could’ve fit in here eight times over.

“I would have you know that I would return you to your home immediately if the government would allow me to,” Kelr said, his gorgeous black eyes boring into Jack. The guy just seemed really intense, almost elemental. And wow am I being fanciful. He’d been in prison too long if he was ready to hump the alien’s leg just because he was a powerful, considerate being. “I do not usually support the ownership of sentient life. So I apologize.”

Jack did the only thing he could think of, he shrugged. “Hey, man, shit happens. This is the Ritz as far as I’m concerned.”

“You think this is a step up in circumstance?” Kelr asked, an expression of confusion on his pretty features.

Jack shifted, uncomfortable.Shit. He needed to be careful. If he wasn’t, he was going to admit to being in prison. Man his social skills were lacking. “You have a lovely home.” His mom would’ve said something like that.

Kelr smiled again. “Thank you. I appreciate that thought.” He motioned to the door he’d just popped out of. “Why don’t we go into the eating room and sit while we wait for our meal?”

“Sure thing, big guy.” He paused. “Do I need to address you a certain way?” I’m really bad at this whole “slave” thing.

“Kelr is fine,” his alien master said. “I’m not an Arak or particularly traditional, so I allow my underlings the privilege of my name.”

“What’s an Arak?” Jack asked.

“It’s a title given to a dominant male who follows traditional law and has a harem to increase his size and stature. I am not full-blooded Eoean, so I needed no help growing.” No, you certainly didn’t. “And as I said, I’m nontraditional.” He turned, presenting his back. The guy was only wearing some kind of black robe thing that did little to hide the muscles of his gorgeous back or the thick swell of his ass. Yummy. “Follow me.”

Anywhere. Jack had a definite skip in his step as he followed after the alien. Kelr might not demand sex, but Jack was certainly angling for it.




“Oh god,” Jack gasped as the first note filled the air. It was like the air around him vibrated with need. Whatever Kelr was doing went beyond sound. He felt every note shimmer in the air around him, and he was pleased to hear Kelr groan as Jack arched up into an invisible caress.

“You can feel it?”

Jack brought his hand down to wrap around his already-weeping erection. “Fuck yes.”

“Good.” Kelr’s eyes shut, and Jack followed suit. The instant his eyes closed, he wasn’t in the bed anymore.

He was on the beach, a place he’d never been before, straddling Kelr’s lap while Kelr kissed him. Their tongues tangled, and the alien ran his hands possessively up and down his aroused body.

“Ride me,” Kelr rumbled, squeezing his hips. “Ride me well, Jack.”

Jack didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Kelr’s prick was already slicked, and in this other reality, lube was a nonissue. He took Kelr’s cock in hand and slowly lowered his hips. The thick head of Kelr’s primary cock stretched his passage, spreading him wider and better than any other before him.

Kelr’s fist wrapped around him, pumping his arousal as he rode. “Feels good,” Jack murmured, gripping his lover’s shoulders. “You feel so fucking good.” He’d needed this for so long.

“You do as well.”

Jack concentrated on squeezing Kelr’s cock with his body, needing him to be as pleased as Jack was. His own body was already perched on the edge of relief, and it wouldn’t take much to make him careen headlong into orgasm. The sensation of Kelr filling him was almost painfully intense, and the emotions reverberating through him weren’t all his. He could feel Kelr’s pleasure but also his frustration.

His eyes popped open, and the bedroom came back into focus. “Kelr?”

“Yes?” Kelr’s voice had a thread of breathlessness lacing it.

“You can’t get off, can you?”

The alien made a noise of annoyance and opened his eyes. “I can feel you, but it’s distant, like a dream.”

Jack’s erection wept at that. He wouldn’t keep this up if Kelr wasn’t there with him. “It’s okay. You don’t have to finish.”

“I can self-pleasure while I complete you,” Kelr said, his deep gaze sinking into Jack. “It is not ideal but”—he paused, shuddered—“I want to watch you find release, Jack. You’re beautiful.”

The compliment sank into his marrow and made his entire body flush with the pleasure of it. Jack ached to reach out and touch him, to show him how much it meant to be valued, desired. He curled his hands into fists on his knees to keep from doing it.

Instead, his lids fell down and he was back into the fantasy world Kelr had made in his head. The humming resumed, and everything sharpened to a realistic place that felt as real to Jack as the bed he sat on. If Kelr had used his power in the least aggressive manner, it would’ve been frightening. However, there was nothing but good feelings here.

He clung to Kelr’s shoulders as he drove upward into Jack’s tight passage, commanding him into ever higher planes. When Kelr set his teeth to Jack’s shoulder and bit down, it was all over. Jack cried out, bucking up as his cock shot the sticky proof of his pleasure against Kelr’s ropey abdomen. The alien growled, slamming up inside him, carrying Jack further than he thought possible.

Abruptly, he was pitched back into reality, the back of his eyelids the only vision he was seeing. He opened his eyes and stared as Kelr jerked himself one final time before both of his cocks erupted in a flood of orgasm. The vision must’ve cut out when Kelr couldn’t sing anymore. He glanced down at his own lap and saw the aftermath of his own release painting his abdomen. His hole ached like he’d really ridden Kelr hard and he regretted the loss of him inside. He raised his eyes, and their gazes clashed. Hunger still swam in the depths of Kelr’s pitch black orbs.

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