Training Cole (MM)

Hard Hits 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,796
5 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

As an American Sign Language interpreter and certified expert in nonverbal communication, Cole Vanstone’s job is to facilitate communication for a SWAT instructor. Life suddenly changes when he’s thrown into a SWAT standoff as lead negotiator. Forced to make a call in the field he’s unprepared for, Cole knows he’s in over his head.

Master K-9 Officer and tactical instructor Bane Duncan’s job is to train Cole for future SWAT interactions. Bane quickly discovers that there is nothing ordinary about Cole. He’s smart, sexy, cocky, and completely alone. Bane is a Dom, and he wants Cole as his sub.

Cole can’t hide how he feels about Bane when they are together, but he’s not about to make the first move. One fiery kiss leads to an affair that spins both of their lives out of control. Cole has fallen for Bane, but knows they can never be together. Will Cole tell Bane how he feels before it’s too late?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Training Cole (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Training Cole (MM)

Hard Hits 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,796
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Dirty, kinky, sweaty, sexy GOOD!!!!! I love Cole .... I love this series.... cant wait for more
donna b buccella




Cole Vanstone was in over his head.

Rain hammered down over everything. Cole was soaking wet and shaking inside. The spring storm pushing through Cincinnati was punishing. Police cruisers blocked off both sides of the Roebling Suspension Bridge. The car in the middle of the bridge was stopped but still running.

Cole raised his hands as he approached the car, showing the driver that he was unarmed. It wasn’t the driver Cole was worried about. His gaze darted to the kid in the passenger seat. Cole stood on the middle of the bridge. SWAT blocked both sides. The guy’s car was blocked in on the bridge. He stepped out, dragging his son with him.

They were going to try to run, but there was nowhere to go.

Little Simon’s eyes were wide with fear. His non-custodial father kidnapped him from St. Ann’s School for the Deaf. This situation was a big fucking deal as the kid’s mother was once an ambassador for England. As a trained expert in lip reading, linguistics, and American Sign Language, Cole was the only person who was qualified to deal with this situation.

The bullet-proof vest covering Cole’s chest was tight. A two-way radio was lodged into his ear. SWAT negotiator TJ Raines was at the end of the bridge, guiding him through the situation.

“Reason with him to let the kid go,” TJ said.

TJ’s voice was cool and calm from years of experience that Cole would never have. Cole lifted his hands, shocked to find them calm and steady. “You need to let Simon go.

Confusion swam in the kid’s face. He was old enough to understand that his day was going very wrong. He tried to pull away from his father, but was jerked back by the collar of his shirt.


The man shook his head and signed, “No.”

Cole eased slowly closer. He knew if he got close enough, the kid would come to him. The man pulled a gun from the back of his pants. A silver flash swung in front of Cole’s face. Cole froze, feeling his heart sink. Cold fear tightened down hard in his gut. It wasn’t fear for himself, but for the child. The kid’s world was never going to be the same. Best case scenario, the father did a little time in jail. End of story. Cole knew that things were never that simple.

“Easy now. No one needs to get hurt. Put the gun down,” Cole signed.

The man shook his head “no” as he started to back away, pulling his kid along by the arm. They were heading for the bridge walkway. The gun was steady on Cole’s face.

A cry of fear tore from the kid. They started backing away toward the bridge walkway. Cole knew they wouldn’t make it across without SWAT taking action.

“You don’t want to do this. Trust me. Let your son go. We can work this out,” Cole signed.

Rainwater dripped from the guy’s face. The gun shook within his hand. He shook his head no again.

“I’m the only one who can help you out of this. Let me help you.”

The guy looked at the SWAT team blocking both ends of the bridge. Cole could see the desperation play out through his eyes. He glanced over his shoulder as though he considered jumping from the bridge. Everything around Cole seemed to slow down. He became very aware of everything, TJ’s calm voice, SWAT’s movement, and the rapid fire of his heartbeat. Cole’s eyes locked with Simon’s. Understanding and fear raced through his young eyes. The father’s hand shook as Cole crept closer. Cole knew he had to change tactics. He knew the resolution of this situation was through the kid.

“How old are you?” Cole asked.

Simon’s eyes brightened, but quickly dimmed. “Ten. My birthday is in two weeks.”

The father startled as though he’d forgotten the love he felt for his son.

Cole smiled. “Do you play sports?”

“Soccer and volleyball.”

“I wasn’t ever good at sports,” Cole signed.

“Our team is playing in the championships next weekend.”

“Oh, wow.” Cole looked at the father. “You must be so proud.”

The guy’s hand tightened on his son’s shoulder. He slowly lowered the gun. Anguish crushed through the father’s face. It was clear to Cole that this abduction had been a complete act of desperation. Tears fell down the father’s face, as Cole crept closer.

“I bet you can’t wait to play next weekend,” Cole signed. “You’ll see all your friends. Run around with them.”

The kid bit his lip as their eyes met. Cole sensed SWAT getting into position to take action. The father backed away toward the edge of the bridge. There wasn’t much time. Cole knew he was the only one who could help this kid. It started to rain harder. Raindrops hit the puddles of standing water on the bridge with powerful force. The bridge was slick beneath Cole’s feet.

“I bet you can’t wait to see all your friends. Run around.”

Cole nodded his head once. Simon’s eyes went wide as understanding moved through them. The kid broke away, running from his father. The man screamed for his son. Cole lunged forward, stopping the guy from pursuing Simon. Cole felt his life spin out before his eyes. His gaze dropped to the barrel of the gun pointed at his head.

He never expected things to end this way. There was so much he wanted to do, so much he hadn’t yet accomplished in his life. He’d always wanted to go sky diving, and join the mile high club. He’d never gone skinny dipping or took the chance on love. He fought the man as SWAT rushed from both sides of the bridge. They wouldn’t make it in time.

Cole knew his time was over, but at least he saved the kid.




A strangled sound of pleasure tore from Cole’s parted lips. Bane swallowed the sound as he worked his hand over Cole’s hardening prick. It didn’t take long before Cole’s prick was rock hard beneath his hand. Bane wanted to work his fly down to palm his cock, but he knew he had to stop before he took it any further. He had plans for Cole and none of those involved the car. He pulled away fast, leaving Cole off balance. They had fogged the windows.

“Why did you stop?” Cole asked.

“We’re taking this inside. Now.”

Bane opened up the car door, but noticed how Cole wasn’t getting out. He walked around opening up the door for his soon-to-be lover. Bane offered his hand to Cole who was quick to accept it. He had long tapered fingers that were rough from something he did in his spare time. The sound of the car door shutting echoed into the night. Cole leaned against the car.

“That was so fucking cruel,” Cole said.

“Why? I think you liked what we did.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Aw, fuck. We need to talk before we go any further. Inside. Now.”

Bane followed Cole up the walkway to his house. An old weathered wraparound porch stretched like a lazy cat around the front of the house. Cole appeared to be sobering up from his one and a half drinks which was good.

Dogs barked off in the distance. Street noises carried on the night. Bane was certain he’d remember this moment for the rest of his life. Everything felt like it was falling into place. The tips of Bane’s fingers brushed through Cole’s hair and down his cheek as Cole unlocked the front door.

Bane wanted him thinking clearly before they went any further. Cole unlocked the front door and held it open for Bane.

Cole’s place was clean and tidy. There were shoes kicked off by the front door. House plants were on every windowsill in the living room. Earth tones were throughout the living room and dining area. Old oak wide planked hardwood floors reached throughout the farm house. Bane heard the quiet click of the front door shutting behind him.

“You’ve been through a lot this last week,” Bane said.

“I’m not broken.”

“No, but to be my sub, you need to be broken in.”

“I’d do anything and everything to have you.”

Bane came in close, putting his hands on Cole’s hips. He threaded his fingers through his belt loops, pulling him in close. Bane had Cole right where he wanted. “Eager.”

“For you, I am.”

They kissed, coming in close and moving away fast as they talked between kisses. “I can tell you are.”

“What involves breaking me in?”

“Teaching you to be my submissive.”

“God, I want you.”

Bane chuckled. “You just want my ass and cock.”

“Oh, fuck. I want all of you.”

Their lips fell together. Bane walked Cole backward into the living room. They bumped into the back of couch. Bane pulled away.

He ran his hands up under Cole’s shirt. “Rule one. Obedience. I give you a command, you follow.”

“I like taking orders.”

“I don’t think we should do this. You haven’t sobered up enough. You won’t remember my rules in the morning.”

“I’ll remember everything or you can punish me next time.”

Bane glanced up at the exposed wood beam above them. “Hands on the beam above your head. Don’t move.”

Bane worked Cole’s shoes and pants off, purposely leaving on his tight, black boxer briefs and shirt. Bane moved around to stand behind Cole and kissed his way over the back of Cole’s neck. He worked his hands lower, ripping the cotton boxers to expose Cole’s ass. White blond hair covered his ass. It was so silky beneath Bane’s palms. Bane licked his thumb, rubbing it down between Cole’s ass cheeks to thumb his rim.


Cole moaned, arching his ass out for more. Dark blond hair wrapped around Cole’s balls. Bane got down on his right knee and closed his eyes, licking his tongue out to taste Cole’s ass. Bane groaned as his tongue lapped over his rim. His hand reached between Cole’s legs, stroking Cole’s cock. Bane was shaking as he pulled away, standing up. He didn’t want Cole to know how much he was affected by their foreplay. He smoothed his hands over Cole’s ass, spanking his ass hard. Cole’s balls bounced, making his dick jump. Bane slipped his fingers over Cole’s rim again. He wanted to suck Cole off, but now was not the time. This was about introducing Cole to the sweet erotic torture of what being a submissive meant.


Cole was quick to obey. Bane walked around, standing in front of Cole. Bane wrapped his hand around Cole’s head, threading his fingers into his hair. Cole laid his head along Bane’s throbbing prick. Cole inhaled deeply, edging his chin around Bane’s cock.

“I want to suck you.”

The heat of Cole’s tongue flicked over the tip of Bane’s cock. Bane felt his prick squeeze hard, causing a bead of pre-cum to drip from his tip. Cole was begging. Bane loved the sound of it on his voice. “Not yet. Stand.”

When Cole was standing, Bane reached for his shirt, ripping it down the front. Blond chest hair tapered down over his smooth, hard abs. Bane’s fingers counted an eight pack. Cole was so beautiful. So perfect. Bane loved his narrow waist and the tight curve of his ass cheeks. He led Cole to the couch where he bent him over the back. With Cole naked, his ass was so open and exposed to him. Bane loved how Cole’s cock pressed against the leather, pointing south toward the floor. Bane edged Cole’s legs out until he was spread wide. Bane came in close, rubbing his hands over his ass cheeks.

“I’m going to spank you. babe.”

“Oh, god.”

Bane pulled back his hand, slapping Cole’s ass.

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