[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Poor and forced to sell his body, Andy Lapin is still settling into his new life as the mate of a multi-millionaire alpha—an alpha who seems to love and adore everything Andy does, and who also regrets getting Andy pregnant.
When Vaughn first met his red-headed mate, he just wanted to pay the man so Andy could carry his young. Only humans can carry shifter children, but the risk to their lives is great. When it turned out that Andy was Vaughn's true mate, Vaughn has spent every day since dreading the coming birth of his own children.
Sometimes, Andy has no time to think about the coming birth. He quickly learns that being mated to a millionaire comes with its own challenges, including nasty relatives and jealous people out to ruin his happiness.
The stress of such a strange new life might bring Andy's pups into the world before either he or Vaughn is ready for them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


A Kept Mate (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Andy felt his orgasm coming, the swell of pleasure within his cock and balls and just beneath his belly, at that point where it all just wanted to let go.

Andy didn’t want to stop it. He wanted to get off, and he wanted to feel his mate claiming him, coming inside him in their bath together.

They could have long, luxurious lovemaking some other time. Right now, Andy wanted to get off. “I’m close,” he rasped out.

Vaughn nodded. “Me, too.”

Andy smiled. This was his favorite part. He leaned in and kissed his mate again because, how could he not when Vaughn was looking at him like that? When his mate was staring at Andy with pleasure, as if Andy was by far the greatest thing he’d ever seen, tasted and touched?

Andy moaned as he slipped his tongue into Vaughn’s mouth, and he was so close to the edge of his own orgasm that all it took was Vaughn teasing at Andy’s tongue with his own before every nerve in his body tensed. The pleasure rushed him, gripped him tight, and didn’t leg go as Andy clenched his eyes shut, shouted, and came in the water.

Vaughn pushed himself up with a growl, his arms coming around Andy’s back, holding him tightly, and he pumped his hips hard and fast inside Andy’s body. Andy felt the rush of heat inside him, the water and Vaughn’s cum, and Andy stopped caring about the pain because the heights of the pleasure were too great for him to ignore.

Andy kissed and sucked on Vaughn’s neck and shoulder. He’d never given his mate a hickey as far as he could remember, and in that moment, he really wanted to mark his mate with one.

Vaughn started to laugh when Andy bit him.

Yeah, Andy really wanted to put a love bruise on his mate. He couldn’t help himself.

If he succeeded in sucking and biting hard enough, then Andy knew for a fact that the mark he left on Vaughn wouldn’t be all that strong or noticeable, but suddenly, and for seemingly no reason, he was totally out of energy, slumping against his mate’s chest and breathing heavily as he felt the tension of his orgasm finally release him from its hold.

Andy could do nothing but breathe. He tried to catch his breath, but damn, that orgasm had taken a lot more out of him than he’d originally thought because he was completely wiped out, and the way Vaughn was gently stroking his fingers over Andy’s back was really starting to put him to sleep.

“Sorry I bit you,” Andy said. Fuck, the clenching in his stomach and the pain in his ass was getting a little more noticeable now that the rush of pleasure was simmering down.

“Don’t worry about it. I liked it.”

Andy grinned at that. It was always good to hear when his mate enjoyed something Andy did. He lifted his arms out of the tub, curling them loosely around Vaughn’s shoulders as he continued to let his cheek rest on Vaughn’s shoulder.

Vaughn’s shoulders were so broad that it was easy enough to let himself get caught up in how warm and comfortable his spot was.

“I could fall asleep right here.”

Vaughn chuckled. “Well, do me a favor and don’t fall asleep just yet. We’ve ruined the bath and need to get into the shower.”

Vaughn sounded as if there was more to say, but he cut himself off for some reason.

Andy shook his head. He honestly didn’t care if he was sitting in a tub of his own fluids. He definitely wanted a nap.

He was so loose and dozy that he almost didn’t notice the way Vaughn’s entire body tensed up. He only took note of it when Vaughn pulled him out of the water.

The alpha’s movements were clumsy at best, which was something Andy had never expected out of the other man, especially when Vaughn nearly slipped on the tile when Andy was in his arms.

“What are you doing?” Andy asked, waking himself up for this. “You’re going to kill us. Where are we going?”

Andy was cold now that he was out of the water, but instead of bringing him toward the shower where they could finish cleaning off, Vaughn brought Andy back to their bed, setting him down onto the sheets, wet and oily.

“Vaughn!” Andy was annoyed now. Annoyed and tired, but he was still awake and aware enough to realize that his mate was definitely acting weird.

Vaughn was pale, his eyes panicked, which was something Andy didn’t think he’d ever seen on him before.

He’d thought he’d seen a version of panic that day Andy had been thrown into the pool by Ervin, and Andy had definitely seen rage on his face, but this new expression where Vaughn refused to look into his eyes at all was something Andy didn’t understand.

He didn’t like it either.

“Vaughn? What’s wrong? Will you look at me?”

Vaughn grabbed his cell phone off the nightstand, bringing it to his ear. “I need you here right now,” he said. “It’s happening. It happened in the tub. Get here as fast as possible. … Yeah. … Yes. … What should I do until then?”

Andy didn’t understand at first, but everything Vaughn was saying on the phone was starting to give him an idea, and he weakly pushed himself to his elbows, hardly able to believe the sudden dizziness that made his head spin when he glanced between his legs.

There was blood there, a lot of it, and now Andy understood what the pain had been.

It was happening. Two months early. His pups were coming.




“So you were setting a trap for me.”

Andy’s blush returned. He was so easy to embarrass. “Maybe. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to stop having sex, though, right?”

Vaughn took a quick look down at his mate’s cock. Even if he couldn’t see how hard it was, how much it must make Andy ache, he still wouldn’t be able to deny him.

“We’re definitely still doing this,” he promised. “I’m so sorry I made you wait so long.”

Andy pressed his lips together, appearing more as if he was struggling to hold back the rush of emotions swelling inside him.

And not for the first time, Vaughn felt the intensity of his guilt for making Andy wait so long for something that should have been his by right.

“It’s…okay,” Andy said finally, clearly struggling with his words.

“I’ll make it up to you,” Vaughn promised. He leaned in, kissing his mate again, softly, sweetly, before he pushed himself up behind the other man, lube in hand, ready to give Andy, and himself, everything they’d been craving for the past several months.

Vaughn pushed himself out of the rest of his clothes. He was going to do this naked, by God. The animal side of his brain demanded it, wanted nothing between him and his mate.

Skin to skin. The pure way of doing it. Vaughn didn’t even leave his socks on, and then he was pressing up behind Andy’s back, his hands stroking the swell of his belly, and it was a pleasure in and of itself to know his children were there.

Only Andy was worthy to carry them. Vaughn’s pups would be brought into the world by a true mate. That was the way it should be.

Vaughn was quick, and a little sloppy, as he prepared his mate. His fingers trembled as he pushed them against Andy’s pucker. Even with the lubricant to slick the way, Andy was tight.

Vaughn’s first instinct was to believe Andy was fighting him, some instinctual side of himself brought on by the fact that Vaughn had been ignoring the needs of their bodies for so long.

No. That wasn’t it at all. Andy was tight because Vaughn hadn’t penetrated him in so long. That was the only reason, and he could have hit himself for not seeing it sooner.

“Feels good,” Andy moaned, gently thrusting back against Vaughn’s fingers, his eyes sliding shut, his pink lips swollen from their kissing, parting just enough so that Vaughn could be teased by the sight of his mate’s tongue.

God, he was so gorgeous. The only thing that bothered Vaughn was how he had to take so much time stretching his mate open for him when all Vaughn wanted to do was push his cock inside that tight ass and fuck his mate as hard and fast as possible.

Right, that was going to have to wait a little, but good things only came to those who waited.

“My cock is going to feel so nice inside you,” Vaughn whispered hoarsely into Andy’s ear, knowing just how much his mate liked it. “You feel just as tight as you did that first night we had sex.”

Andy moaned, his eyes screwing shut. “G-good.”

Vaughn wanted to laugh at that, but he didn’t. It was time to stay serious, after all. Sex with his mate was no laughing matter.

Vaughn pulled his fingers back, added more lube to them, and then pushed them forward again, finding Andy’s sweet spot, letting his blunt fingertips press and linger against his prostate.

Andy bucked and cried out, becoming a live wire, as if Vaughn was literally playing with his trigger.

So Vaughn kept playing with it until Andy begged him not to.

“Want you in me. No more of that. Come on, please.”

It was a good point. Vaughn had teased them both enough, and he’d stretched Andy’s hole sufficiently. He would have liked to do better, but now that he was here, and this was clearly about to happen, Vaughn could really feel the ache and pain in his own cock and balls.

He poured more of the lube in his hand, slathering the heavy length of his cock with it. He used more than he needed to. Using more than was needed was always a good idea, but at the same time, it might have even been a little too much.

Andy laughed. “God, I’m so wet back there now. It’s weird.”

Vaughn smiled at that, leaning in, pressing his mouth to Andy’s shoulder.

God, he loved this man so much it hurt. He wanted to keep Andy safe and with him at all times.

The most terrifying thing for an alpha was everything he could not control. Whether his mate lived or died because Vaughn had impregnated him was by far the most terrifying thing he’d ever felt in his whole life.

He had to get over that fear. It was that fear bringing about everything else that was wrong in their relationship. It was causing Vaughn to hurt his mate, and that was almost as bad as getting him pregnant in the first place.

Andy, unaware of where Vaughn’s dark thoughts had wandered, giggled as Vaughn’s hands moved across his skin, touching him everywhere that could be touched.

Andy wasn’t giggling when Vaughn curled his slippery fingers around Andy’s dick. He started with the base, stroking slowly toward the head, letting his thumb tease the underside of the helmet before sliding back down. When he reached the root, he gripped just tight enough to prevent his mate from coming too soon right before he thrust inside.

Andy moaned. So did Vaughn. He couldn’t hold back the noise when that tight heat finally surrounded his cock. It was too good, too sweet, and fuck him, he’d missed it.

Not only had he missed it but he’d also become overly sensitive to it. Vaughn groaned through clenched teeth, coming harder and faster than he’d ever done.

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