[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Matt Samuels grew up with an abusive father, which landed him in the clutches of foster care. With the love and strength of his mate, Matt grew beyond the nightmares of his past and accepted the unconventional parts of himself. His Master and mate, Ingor Nordburg, gives him almost everything he wants and needs. Everything but a child. After two failed attempts, it is a tough battle to persuade Ingor to try again, however, the clan has changed and a successful dragon egg has hatched from a human mate.
Only nothing ever goes as planned. When Matt is injured and his memories lost, it leaves him wide open for his past and the hunters to come after him. The one thing Matt knows for sure is that he will do anything to protect his mate. Will Matt and Ingor survive the battle ahead and come out in one piece?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lost (MM)
11 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Magnificently written. The love seen were powerfully and not cheesy especially when it cones to bsdm scenes. You can feel the power of the love, the hurt the pain. I can't wait for more
Professional Reviews

"In this third volume of the ‘Dragon’s Egg’ series the focus is firmly on Matt and Ingor. While the other dragon and lion shifters are definitely around, especially Matt’s best friend Sebastian and his mate Alpha Gavin. I finally got to find out more about Matt. Turns out Matt is a masochist, and Ingor had to learn to adapt to Matt’s needs, but is really comfortable with their relationship now. Most of the others feel a little uncomfortable about the 24/7 sub/Dom relationship the two of them have, but they are tolerant enough to accept that it is exactly what these two need. This novel is full of twists and turns, good and nasty surprises, and had me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out how it would all end. Matt has had a hard past, including abuse, rejection, and living on the street, but meeting Ingor changed all that. It took a while to work out that what he needed was to serve Ingor, and for Ingor to take care of him, make rules for him, and figure out how to keep him in line. All they’re missing Is a child, but their first two attempts ended badly. The third one goes better to begin with – but then all hell breaks loose. Between Matt’s injury, the hunters, and all kinds of misconceptions as Matt struggles to regain his memories, there isn’t a quiet moment for a long time. Ingor would do anything to make Matt happy, but with everything that’s going on, this is not an easy task. Matt not remembering him is a heavy blow, and Ingor ends up making more than one mistake in his pain and desperation. He may be able to take care of the hunters (in a satisfyingly permanent way), but “fixing” Matt is far more of a challenge. Luckily Ingor is one determined dragon, and with Matt’s help, he begins to gain back the ground they lost. Their struggle to get back to how they were as a couple while adjusting to the fact that they will have a baby soon is a lot to deal with! If you like stories that take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, if you want to read about two men who lost their way and are trying to find back to each other, and if you’re looking for a read that is full of action, suspense, and emotional upheaval and drama, then you will probably like this novel. I loved it!" -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Matt woke slowly, the morning sun barely peeking past the thick curtains of their room. This was it, finally. It had been two years since the last time they tried for a child, and now that Sebastian had successfully delivered his egg, Matt’s Master, Ingor, felt comfortable with them trying again.

Sebastian, their dragon lord’s new mate, had suffered as grievously as Matt had, and watching the happy couple made Matt equally happy and sad. He wanted what they had. He wanted a child. Since the moment Master had explained about dragons and that he could carry their egg he had wanted it. That was five years and two failed attempts ago.

He pulled gently at his chains to see if he was still put to bed, which he was. Both his arms and legs were secured to the bed by soft leather cuffs. The cuffs attached to a moderate amount of chain, allowing him to move around at night but not get up from the bed. That meant Master was in bed with him! Because Ingor was so hot when he slept, Matt tended to turn away from him in the night to cool off.

Turning his head slowly he took in Master’s sleeping form. Master always wore his hair, as well as his beard, closely shaven. It was as if all the hair on his head needed to be the exact same length. And oh how Matt loved that prickly beard when Master ran his face up and down the inside of Matt’s thighs. His eyes were still closed, and his lips smashed into a fish face, though Matt would never tell him that.

Matt knew better than to wake Master, but that never stopped him from wanting to. He practically vibrated with excitement. Late the night before Master had sat Matt down and explained that he was ready and that it would happen today.

He pulled at the chains, feeling the leather cuffs tighten around his wrist. They were padded to the point that he doubted he would feel a bite of pain no matter how hard he pulled. Right now he needed that. He needed the focus it provided. He was a masochist and not ashamed about it. Master had worked hard at controlling that side of him or turning it from destructive to something positive. Well, as positive as it could be. After the life he lived at the hands of his father and then the foster system, he couldn’t be blamed for wanting to feel a bite of pain. He hadn’t slipped since meeting Master, no matter how much losing his last two eggs had hurt him. He hadn’t slipped and hurt himself on purpose.

“You’re thinking too hard.”

Matt watched Master’s eyes open slightly and a small smirk spread across his face.

“Must be hungry. Time for you to make breakfast, my darling.”

What? Matt wanted to protest, wanted to scream. He wanted his egg right now. However, he trusted Master knew what he was doing. “Yes, Master. Breakfast sounds wonderful.”

“Brilliant, my darling.” Master leaned over and unhooked Matt’s hands before kissing his forehead, tender and sweet. “You can unhook your legs. Oh, prepare the bathroom for me before making breakfast.”

Matt bent at the waist and unfastened his ankles from the bed, leaving the cuffs on. Now free, he stretched for only a second before moving to the bathroom. He loved this, the way Master took him in hand and laid out what to do. In the beginning he had needed it, had needed the control to keep from cracking under the immense pressure he had felt. Now, he simply really enjoyed it. Master seemed to know when he needed the strict protocol and when he could be let loose. Today he would bet anything that Master would keep him in high protocol all day.

He set to his first task, setting up the bathroom. He turned on the light and flipped the switch to turn the heated floors on. Gavin had spared no expense when building the clan mansion, and Matt loved the warm floors in the middle of winter. Once that was done, he set out a warm washcloth and towel. He made sure the electric razor was charged and set on top of the washcloth. A quick glance in the shower to make sure there was still shampoo in the bottle and a decent sized bar of soap and he was done. It was a simple task, but the pleasure of caring for Master warmed him.

He made his way back into the bedroom before kneeling on Master’s side of the bed.


“If it pleases you, may I wear shorts while I cook?” Cooking for Master was a new thing they had added to their routine ever since Sebastian had started teaching him to cook. He didn’t do it every day, only on rare occasions Master asked him too. The best part about it was that he was free to cook whatever he felt like, to show off the skills Sebastian had recently been teaching him.

“Agreed. The blue ones I just got you.”

Matt quickly pulled them from his drawer and slid them on. They were short but revealed nothing. Master had said they made him think of Matt’s eyes and couldn’t resist buying them. Matt smiled at the thought as he made his way to the kitchen.




A soft kiss landed on Matt’s skin each time Master bound him to one of the attached restraints. His early bindings had been removed to make way for the new ones. Soon Matt was breathing easy, his mind going to a familiar place of comfort as endorphins buzzed beneath his skin. He knew Master would take care of him. He just needed to relax and give himself to Master’s will. As if to reassure himself, he pulled against the restraints, testing their hold on him as cold air brushed against his exposed pucker.

He lost himself in pleasure as a slick, thick finger pushed into him swiftly. He jumped as much as was allowed at the initial burn, stars flashing behind his eyes and his toes curling. The pinch of pain left in a flash, giving way to toe-curling pleasure. Soon Master had three fingers pushing roughly into him, grazing his prostrate and stretching him wider on every stroke. Fireworks burst behind his eyes, and he was so hard from being bound all day that he barely held his orgasm back.

Matt babbled incoherently, so mindless with pleasure he almost missed it when Master left from behind him. His pulsing hole begged for something to stimulate it further, something to pleasure it more. Soon a hard glass plug was pushed in, filling him to his limit. It was one they rarely used, one meant to open him to his limits and loosen his protesting muscles.

Matt couldn’t think past the pleasure, his breathing evened and his mind calmed. He relaxed at his Master’s touch. All felt right with the world.


* * * *


Ingor knew the moment Matt entered his subspace. His breath evened and a small pool of droll collected where his face met the bench. Ingor had one more trick up his sleeve to push his mate further before implanting him. He knew the egg would be large, about the size of an orange, and he wanted this experience to be as pleasurable as possible.

From a small dresser on the side of the room he pulled a special candle. The wax burned at a lower temperature than regular candles, guaranteeing he wouldn’t hurt his mate but would provide flashes of painful pleasure. When they were finished the wax would peel off leaving a lovely smattering of dots as a reminder. He lit it before walking back to his mate. The green wax would look lovely against Matt’s pale skin. Ingor couldn’t deny he chose the color because it matched his dragon form. He liked thinking of the little drops as green scales, as if they were he and Matt same. Although he was perfectly happy with Matt as he was, it was a nice thought.

“Time for your favorite, my darling,” Ingor said as he let the first drop fall.

As the drop splatted just above Matt’s crack, his back bowed, and he let out the most beautiful sound. Ingor made a slow line up Matt’s spine, glorying in each moan his mate granted him, each wiggle and tease as Matt tried to run from the flashes of burning-hot wax. Soon Matt’s back was covered in swirls and designs going from his neck down to the curve of his butt and back. Ingor could tell his mate was close to coming just from this, something they had done several times before.

Now felt like the perfect time. His mate was on edge, just as much as Ingor was. He opened his belt and allowed the cargo pants to fall open only enough to free his cock. Matt would love the scratch of the zipper’s tines against his behind. His cock ached and pulsed with need. Gently he pulled the glass plug from Matt. His mate moaned and begged the entire time.

Ingor pushed in swiftly to the hilt, rough and needy. Warmth squeezed him in a vise, and tingles shot to his toes. He pushed in three times before he felt his first climax coming, felt the egg pushing forward and his knot latching on.

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