[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves,  HEA]
Soren Chase can't seem to get his student loans paid off, and the threatening letters from the government have him turning to the last possible solution: selling his body to a shifter who wants to impregnate him with pups.

Bruin has been fighting the instinct to have pups for a while now. He never thought he was ready, but he can no longer ignore the urge. He can't believe it when he finds his natural mate sitting on a table trying to get bids, or when some prick alpha is trying to scam him into a cheap fuck.

Bruin needs to step in and take his mate away with him. The problem is that the mating heat got the better of them both, and when Bruin impregnates his mate, the consequences might be too much for him to handle.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


In Need of an Alpha (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Soren was shocked to realize he was actually more worried for the beta who had come to stand in front of them, the one challenging the alpha.

A beta could defeat an alpha, but not without hard work, and risk of injury.

Soren didn’t want that to happen. He wasn’t even sure why he cared so much, but he did.

There was something about the possessive glare in those red eyes that made Soren want to protect the other man.

Which was ridiculous, because he was a human in this situation. If anyone needed protection, it was probably him at the moment.

And yet the way this beta looked at the alpha, as if he wanted to fight for Soren, to fight to have him, made Soren more than just a little intrigued about the whole thing.

Who was this guy who was so interested in kicking this alpha’s ass?

“I said, let him go, or I will beat the hell out of you, I swear to Christ I will.”

Soren shivered again at those words, and for a split second, he felt the grip of the alpha tighten around his arm. “You want this one that bad? Why? You probably can’t pay for him anyway.”

The beta showed his teeth, growling a little at the alpha before he tilted his head to the side, giving Soren his full attention.

He had gray eyes. That was the first thing Soren noted when they were no longer that shade of blood red.

And they were beautiful. It was a wonder to look at, and Soren found himself getting sucked into them. “How much do you want?”

Soren looked up at the alpha holding him, who had a single brow raised, and then he turned back to the beta.

Betas didn’t tend to run the packs, so they didn’t have the money the alphas did.

At the same time, Soren was pretty sure he didn’t want to be around this alpha. Ten thousand dollars was a lot of money, but it might not be worth the sexual aggression an alpha would take out on him.

“Whatever you have is fine. I’ll take it.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” scoffed the alpha, a disgusted snort escaping him. “You think he can give you anything?”

“He’s picking me. Let him go, now.”

The alpha snapped his suddenly sharp teeth at the command, his eyes turning the same blood red that the beta’s eyes had become, and when he finally released Soren’s arm, Soren gasped from the pain caused by a sudden rush of blood down to the rest of his arm.

“Fine, take him. He’s not worth much anyway.” The alpha pushed Soren forward, towards the beta with a disgusted snort, and he walked off, away to find someone better to carry his children, who would probably be more grateful for what he was offering.

Soren watched him go, and it was fucked up, but he couldn’t but see the ten grand he was going to get sail out of his hands.

It wasn’t worth the bruises. Alphas weren’t known for being gentle when they were angry about something, and Soren had pissed that guy off by suggestion he was having some problems downstairs.

“Are you all right?”

Soren tensed. He looked back at the alpha who’s spoken to him.

Beta. He was a beta. Soren needed to remember that, even if all the vibes this guy was giving off shouted alpha from the rooftops.

“I guess, thanks. For getting rid of him.”

Soren didn’t know what else to do or say. Now that the alpha was gone, Soren did kind of feel better, but that didn’t change his financial situation.

God, this guy had probably just sensed the tension and interpreted it as meaning something was wrong. He might even work here. He was wearing the standard black suit that the other employees wore, but there was no name tag.

Maybe he didn’t work here.

“Let me see your arm.”

“I…okay,” Soren said, his arm already in the hands of the beta.

Despite how tall he was, and bow big his arms were and how broad his shoulders stretched, his touch was gentle, and warm in a way that left Soren feeling good as the beta inspected him.

“It will bruise,” he said with a growl, looking back up in the direction the alpha had walked off in. Soren turned, and spotted him making polite conversation with a woman who was offering herself up for sale. At least she seemed to be into him.

“I should kill him.”

That stunned Soren. “What? No you shouldn’t. Are you nuts?”

“He bruised you.”

Soren’s heart pumped hot and heavy in his chest. It was making him light headed. The stress of this entire thing was starting to get to him. “Okay, look, thank you for saving me, but please don’t start a fight with anyone. I need to get back on the table and I don’t want to get thrown out.”

The beta frowned at that. “On the table? No. I just told you I was going to buy you.”

“You…” Soren blinked at that. “You were serious.”

“Of course I was serious.”

The blood red look in his eyes returned, though this time they looked somewhat less dangerous than before. He looked more possessive than angry. In fact, he looked entirely possessive.

That both unnerved and excited Soren at the same time. He almost didn’t know what to do with himself with how amazing it felt to be looked at like that.

Soren didn’t understand it at all, but something within him was being ignited by it. He felt hot all over, and whereas just a few minutes ago, he’d felt overly exposed and kind of stupid for wearing the clothes he had on now, in front of this man, Soren kind of felt as if he should take off more layers, fully expose himself to this man, and that somehow that would make everything that had just happened worth it.

“I’m taking you home with me. Do you understand?”

Soren nodded, feeling as though he was under some sort of hazy spell, and he was perfectly all right with letting himself be swept away by it.

“Good. We’ll go to the front, file the paperwork, and then maybe get a room upstairs real quick.”

Soren knew what it was for, but he had one of those moments where he asked a stupid question. “Why are we going upstairs?”

Those gray eyes flashed at him as the beta took him by the hand, lacing their fingers together. “Because I won’t be able to keep my hands off you on the way home otherwise.”





The label on the lube bottle hadn’t lied to him. It really was extra slippery. “I can’t wait to put my cock inside you, to feel your heat squeezing around my prick.”

Soren moaned.

“You like the sound of that, don’t you?”

He nodded, wishing he could say something to that, but of course he couldn’t because he was being so swept away by what was happening.

It felt good. Not just every time Bruin reached forward to let his blunt fingertips slide against Soren’s prostate, but even the forward and back motion of it was making him hot and bothered. It was making the blood run hot and fast through his veins, as if it had been boiling in a tea kettle. It was that good, and Soren needed so much more. He needed this and more.

“More,” he begged, finally getting that single word out. His tongue was tied up otherwise. “More.”

“It’s coming,” Bruin promised, and then the heat and pressure became that much stronger as Soren felt a third finger pushing inside him, really stretching him open.

Bruin cursed. “You have no idea how much I want to just push my cock inside you and fuck you hard and raw. My damned wolf is clamoring for it. It wants out, wants to take you just like this.” Bruin actually growled. “But you’re too tight. Fuck, it almost feels like this might be your first time.”

“Not first time,” Soren moaned, puffing for breath because just saying that took a lot of concentration. He looked up at Bruin, their eyes meeting, and Soren had to summon a lot of strength for what he was about to say next. “Don’t get around much, though.”

Something sparked in Bruin’s eyes, it was that same possessive thing that Soren had seen downstairs. It made his heartbeat jump, and he liked it. He liked it so much that Soren tried to reach for Bruin again, to bring him down so Soren could put his mouth to good use and kiss him.

Bruin shook his head, that same, amused smirk coming back to his mouth. “I don’t think you’re ready for me to bend you in half just yet.”

“I can handle it.”

“We’ll wait a bit,” Bruin promised. “But trust me, there’s nothing I want to do to you more than kiss you right now, and we will. We’ll do it for hours if it’s what you want, I promise.”

“Then hurry,” Soren begged. “It hurts.”

That pain was coming back to him. It didn’t matter that Bruin’s fingers were inside him in that moment. What mattered was that nothing was being done yet. The stretching had been fine for a while, but it was no longer enough. He needed more than this, and if he didn’t get it, Soren would end up losing his damned mind.

Maybe Bruin saw that in him in that moment, because something changed in his eyes, and he nodded.

“Whatever you need, sweetheart. I’ll give it to you,” he promised, and just like that, Soren felt the man remove his fingers from Soren’s hole.

He gasped at the sudden loss of that pressure and heat, but then he shivered as he watched Bruin work, knowing what the man was doing when he reached for the bottle again, popping it open with his thumb and pouring some of the lube into his hand.

Soren shivered. This was happening. This was finally happening. He watched at the other man stroked his hand over his cock, making it shiny, and it was big. He hadn’t been able to get a proper look at it before, but not that he could see it, he could definitely understand why Bruin had wanted to take his time preparing Soren with his fingers.

Soren was definitely going to need it. He could see that now.

Bruin wrapped his fingers around the root of his cock, inching forward, pressing the thick head against Soren’s stretched hole.

Soren gasped when he felt it. “God, that’s…that’s really big.”

He wasn’t saying it to stroke Bruin’s ego either. It was big, and he was getting kind of worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Bruin said nothing. He stared down between Soren’s legs, watching as he put more and more pressure on Soren’s asshole.

When the head finally popped through the ring of muscle, Soren’s mouth opened wide. He wanted to gasp, but nothing came out. He couldn’t say or do anything, this was it. This was all he was able to do and say. His body was frozen, pleasure and pain warring with each other inside him.

And Bruin’s eyes were intense in their stare, the thick shaft of his dick sliding deeper and deeper inside him, inch by inch, filling him up and touching everywhere that could be touched.

It burned, but it felt good. Soren had never felt so full before. No one else he’d been with had come close to giving him the feeling he was experiencing now, and he wasn’t sure why, but his heart wanted to burst with the sensation of it.

It was as if there was something deeper, more meaningful happening here than just fucking for money, and Soren was comforted by that.

Bruin growled, a low noise that made his chest rumble, and the air in the room seem much more intense.

Especially when he looked down at Soren and growled again.

“After this, you belong to me.”

Soren nodded, swallowing hard. “You sure you’re not an alpha?”

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