Yours to Crave (MM)

Boys of Sinn Island 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,406
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, bondage, spanking, HEA]
Alex Stark’s been dumped by his boyfriend of a year and a half. What’s worse? The woman his ex bedded up with broke the news. When he arrives on Sinn Island for his four-day work weekend, the last thing he’s thinking about is finding a replacement. That is, until he wakes up in an employee room belonging to his island eye candy after drinking too much at Breakers with only a fleeting memory of having kissed the man.
Zachary Atkins has been employed on Sinn for months, and he’s always had a keen eye for Alex. Little did he know his crush is also his boss. Zach can’t ignore his pent-up feelings for Alex, especially when Alex returns the affection. 
Alex can’t believe how quickly he’s falling for Zach, but reality sets in when they part ways. Zach won’t abandon his family in Georgia, and Alex must continue to run his family’s business in California. Can their hunger for each other overcome the distance between them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leah Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.
Yours to Crave (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Yours to Crave (MM)

Boys of Sinn Island 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,406
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Holy hotness....dayum Alex and zach were smoking hot!!!
I love the boys of Sinn and I can not wait for more
donna b buccella




“Nothing happened.” Zach pulled his gaze up from Alex’s mouth for the third time in the handful of seconds since he’d come this close. “I–I…”

“I kissed you.” Alex tilted his head, those penetrating eyes narrowing further. “And you kissed right back.” His nostrils flared. Zach’s heart raced. “Should I apologize for kissing you, Zach?”

Zach couldn’t squeeze out an answer. In his mind, he was shouting no, but his lips couldn’t form the single, simple sound. A wave of dizziness swept over him. Alex’s scent, his nearness, the strength and power pulsing off him wrapped Zach in a warm, sensual blanket that urged him to take everything he’d dreamed of for months.

A knock on the door bludgeoned the density thickening by the moment. A flash of frustration touched Alex’s eyes before he straightened up and resumed his laid-back position against his desk.

“Enter,” Alex said. Zach drew in a long, low breath, realizing that his fingers trembled. He gripped them in a tight fold as the door opened. “Jules, what can I do for you?”

Jules? Zach twisted in the chair to get a look at Alex’s girl, and was stunned to find a man where he had expected to find some voluptuous woman. A man with similar deep blue eyes and a perfected mussed look about him. Everything about “Jules” was similar to Alex. Julian. His brother.

Zach turned away, his back stiff. He stared past the enticing swell in Alex’s pants to the windows and bit down on the insides of his cheeks. Thoughts ran ramped in his mind, dulling whatever it was the man in the doorway said. All revolved around who these men were. Who Alex was.

The suit. The office. His brother in similar attire with similar authority radiating off him. The guard. The secret passageway.

Zach swallowed hard. His fantasies were quickly churning up a very nightmarish scene that tempted him more than the danger this man could impose.

“I’ll be in. Give me a few moments,” Alex said.

“I’ll be waiting,” Jules said. A moment later, the door closed with a quiet click, leaving Zach alone with Alex once more.

“Um, listen,” Zach started, pushing to his feet. He stumbled around the edge of the chair. Never in his wildest dreams would he want distance between him and this man. Right now, he needed it just to breathe. He was on a very narrow precipice, falling toward indulging in a man so far off limits he couldn’t even muster a laugh. “I don’t speak about things that happen here, sir. Leon is a great security guard. He’s straight and by the book. He didn’t mention anythin’ about you to me, not even your name—”

“Zach, calm down.”

“I–I need to get back to work.” Zach hitched a thumb toward the door, shuffling closer to his escape. I don’t want to escape. God, help me, I never want to escape this man. His body resented each step. His mind bellowed in protest. “I’m sorry about last night. I won’t mention a word to a soul.”


Zach stopped where he stood, his eyes finally daring to meet Alex’s calm and amused gaze. He quickly pulled himself together. This was no way to make a good impression, crush or boss.

Alex eased off the desk and approached Zach, each step filled with a confidence that lapped along Zach’s body. When the man’s eyes lowered to Zach’s waist, he nearly burst. There was no hiding how fucking hard he was in his leather uniform, and the dull ache that flowed along his cock suddenly intensified to unbearable.

“Am I making you nervous, Zach?” Alex asked. That sexy curl of his lip at one corner whispered of his tease, but Zach was busy trying to hold himself with some sense of pride after falling apart. Alex came to pause a mere foot or two from Zach, raising his eyes in a slow, sexual perusal from dick to face. “Why?”

“Um, sir—”


“Alex, sir. I really should get back to work. There’s plenty that needs to be done and we open in a couple hours.” He made a random motion of his hand. “But you know that already.”

“Very well.” Alex nodded once, spreading his hand toward the door. “You’re free to leave.”

Zach scampered out of the office, his heart thundering at a dizzying pace and his breaths desperate gasps. What the hell just happened? So little ever got him worked up, and certainly not this worked up. He knew how to keep his cool. He had enviable control.

“Why did I run?” he whispered. With a low groan, he knocked the heel of his palm against his forehead. He ran, a coward, from what could very well be his one and only opportunity to taste that fantasy once more.

He managed to settle his unsteady breathing and his rapid heart enough to keep his arms and legs from shaking. Straightening his shoulder, tipping his chin up, he pivoted back to the door and knocked. If Alex wanted to know whether or not he should apologize for kissing him…

The door opened. Alex’s smile lit that erotic fire deep in his belly, the one that spread through his heavy sac and teased its way down his shaft.

“Don’t apologize,” Zach said, a burst of confidence behind his words. “For kissing me.”




Zach lowered himself to his knees, grabbed Alex’s hips, and pulled him close. The earthy musk of Alex’s seeping cream filtered into his lungs, tightening his airway until he could barely breathe. God, he couldn’t wait to indulge. He’d waited so long, too long, and refused to let anything ruin this precious afternoon.

If this was a one-weekend stand, he’d make every minute count.

Zach took a deep breath, imprinting Alex’s scent in his mind. The man’s cock twitched, the prominent ridges along his shaft strained against the soft, hot flesh. His mushroom tip glistened with juice, wide and swollen. The very thought of Alex claiming his ass sent a shiver of delight spearing down to his balls, awakening his soft dick.

“Are you going to stare at my cock all afternoon, Georgia boy? Or do you plan on using that delicious mouth and showing me what you can do?” Alex asked, weaving his fingers into Zach’s hair. He gave a sharp tug, forcing Zach’s head back. “Look at me. I want to see your enjoyment.”

Using the pad of his thumb, Zach traced Alex’s slit, smearing his warm cream around his cockhead. A fine tremor teased Zach’s palm as he slipped his hand over the hard globe of Alex’s ass. Alex’s cheeks flushed, his chest rising and falling with each short, shallow breath. His fingers tightened against Zach’s scalp, the tingles of pain soothing into a new kind of pleasure. Zach brought his moist thumb to his lips. He licked Alex’s salty sweetness with one long, slow stroke of his tongue while drowning in his feral stare.

A deep growl reverberated through Alex’s chest, his upper lip pulling back slightly. Zach circled the base of Alex’s cock with his thumb and forefinger, adding pressure to his thick erection and tipping his length up. He dipped his head and flicked out his tongue, tracing the throbbing underside of Alex’s cock from his fingers to his tip.

“Damn, Zach.”

Alex’s gravelly accolade pet Zach’s ego, soothing any lingering uncertainties of matching up to this man’s pricey expectations. He licked Alex’s cock again, a leisurely stroke that made Alex’s powerful thighs twitch and his washboard abs tighten. A soft moan fled his throat as he crested the man’s tip, drinking in the head of his cock between his lips. He suckled, entranced by Alex’s reaction. His hips bucked. His teeth clenched. Both hands grappled in Zach’s hair for grounding.

Zach drew circles along the smooth cockhead with the tip of his tongue. The thrill of excitement that cocooned his body and his mind surged deep into his blood, firing him up. The low growls and pumping of Alex’s hips made for an erotic show, one he drank in with his eyes and sipped with his mouth.

Hot and hard, salty and sweet. A decadent toxin that Zach lost himself in.

“Take me in, Zach. Swallow my cock.”

How could he resist?

Zach inched his lips down the length of male hardness, drawing his cheeks in as he applied more suction the deeper he took Alex. His cock filled his mouth, coating his tongue with the pleasurable flavor of his lover.

Alex threw his head back, a long moan leaving his lips. Zach reached up to the bed and grabbed the tube of lubrication he’d left on the edge of the mattress, keeping his slow and steady suckles even. He released his hold around the base of Alex’s cock, flipped open the lid on the lube, and squeezed a nice dollop on the tips of his fingers.

“Damn it, Zach. You’re taking me deeper than I expected, and it feels fucking amazing.”

Zach chuckled, pulling back to his tip and swallowing him back down. He forewent breath for the pressure of Alex’s head lodged deep in his throat, lifting one hand to cup the man’s sac and toy with his balls.

“Ahh, yes, baby. Nice.” Alex crooned, thrusting his hips forward. “Very nice.”

Zach lifted his lubed fingers between Alex’s legs. The moment he connected with the man’s crease, Alex hissed and fisted his hands hard in Zach’s hair.

“Holy fuck,” Alex breathed. Zach spread the cool lube along Alex’s crease until he reached his desired spot. Slowly, he pressed the tip of his finger against Alex’s anus, teasing his taut muscles until the man relaxed and allowed him entrance. The groans and growls came faster, but Zach maintained his slow and steady pace. He gently twisted the tip of his finger just inside Alex’s anus, exploring the tight canal, stroking the nerves to life. He played, learning the man’s body as he eased knuckle-deep.

Alex’s cock thickened over his tongue. Zach came off the delightful treat, ignoring the demanding grip in his hair. He climbed to his feet, leveling his gaze with Alex’s glowing stare. He dropped his shoulder enough to add a second finger to his first. He gave Alex’s tight ass a rough thrust, holding his darkening gaze, watching the man’s pleasure unravel.

“I want this, Alex. I’ve wanted it for months,” Zach said, his voice filled to the brink with hunger. Alex’s hands fell from his hair to his shoulders.

“I want you to ride me hard while I fuck your ass, Georgia boy.” Alex’s ass squeezed around Zach’s fingers, drawing out a moan from Zach’s lips. Alex grabbed his chin and brought his mouth against his. “Then I plan on riding you until you blow.”

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