A Perfect Dom (MF)

Club Perfect 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,476
6 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, public exhibition, spanking, paddling, whipping, sex toys, HEA]
Vincent Dupuis has a problem. He’s just been dumped for not being dominant enough in the bedroom. After a late night drunken confession to his friend James, Vincent learns that James is a Dom and may just have the perfect solution to his problem. First he hooks Vincent up with membership to a BDSM club, and then he introduces him to Mia Stoyanovsky, the club’s resident Dom trainer!
Mia has problems of her own. She’s still recovering from a traumatic experience with her ex. It made her question if she even has a future in the BDSM world. By agreeing to train Vincent, she hopes that he can help her remember why she was drawn to being a submissive in the first place.
Suddenly Vincent’s ex is missing and Mia’s ex starts creeping around. They are forced to trade lessons for protection, and both find that they have much bigger problems to face.
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Perfect Dom (MF)
6 Ratings (4.8)

A Perfect Dom (MF)

Club Perfect 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 93,476
6 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
WOW! Jade Belfry has hit a homerun at her first time at bat!!! A Perfect Dom is one of the most emotional BDSM romances that I've ever read. It's not the normal "Dom" book. I'm honestly at a loss for words on how to describe it. It has what you "expect" in a BDSM romance, but it has so much of the "unexpected". And it's the "unexpected" that just touches your soul! My recommendation? BUY THIS BOOK NOW and every book that Jade Belfry writes in the future! LOVED IT!

T. Faris
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Two troubled souls trying to help each other heal. That’s Vin, whose ex told him he wasn’t good enough in the sack and who feels like less of a man for it, signs up for Dom training at a BDSM club. Mia is back at the club for the first time in a couple of years, as a submissive who trains Doms. Their mutual friend James thinks they would be good for each other. Mia’s suffering of murderous abuse at the hands of an out of control Dom has made her fearful, unable to commit, and sometimes even to function in everyday life. Vin is slow to learn under Mia’s tutelage, and really doesn’t think of himself as a Dom, shying away from most Dom like activities. He and Mia have a long hero/heroine journey ahead of them, trying to figure out what they each want from life and love, as well as figure out what the other wants. A Perfect Dom is well-written and developed, with some suspense and danger thrown in. The characters interact well and all rally to take care of Mia, while trying not to overwhelm her. This is a good ‘how to’ for Doms and subs, although the BDSM's pretty tame here compared to the journeys and personalities, plus lots of life and love lessons at the same time. I liked these two, despite their problems. I think you will, too." -- Alberta, Manic Reviews

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Vincent expected the door, heavy wrought iron and antique, to groan and slowly swing open to reveal a medieval castle. Instead it opened silently. James stepped through the doorway, gesturing for him to follow. Vincent took a deep breath and walked into the room.

“Welcome to the dungeon.”For a dungeon, it was pretty damn bright. It was much brighter than the rest of the club. It took a full minute for Vincent’s eyes to adjust to the glare. Vincent shielded his eyes with one hand and tried to make out the shapes in the room. It was a large room. He’d had to duck his head for his six-four frame to get through the doorway, but here the high ceilings gave him lots of room to stand tall.

Where to look first? Vincent’s eyes were drawn from one foreign object to another as James shut and locked the door behind them. It was almost silent in this room and was a little cold. The stone that covered the walls and floors helped the dungeon live up to its name. Other than that, it was more of a storage room then a training room. Built into the stone walls were hooks and shelves that held a variety of different instruments and devices. At various points around the room, equipment stations were set up. At one end of the room was another weird fallen-over cross.

While Vincent was still trying to get his bearings, James strode across the room like he owned it. He wrapped his arms around a petite female. His hug must have been a tight one. She squealed, catching Vincent’s attention.

She was a little thing, maybe five foot or a bit more. She was a little too lean, but her body was toned.  And she looked really nervous, maybe even more nervous than Vincent was. She was young. Mid-twenties, maybe? He hadn’t expected that. That made him at least a half dozen years older than her. Would it be strange getting lessons from someone younger than him? He hoped that she would still be as knowledgeable and committed to the lessons as he needed her to be. His stomach took another nosedive with fresh worries.

Wait, James said that he had specifically picked her for Vincent. He trusted his friend. Maybe a young woman was what he needed to teach an old guy like him new tricks.

Man, she had a ton of hair. Her thick raven-black waves were pinned back from her face but the back flowed freely to her waist. That hair would look great spread out on a pillow or grasped in his fist as he…

Whoa, slow down there. At least speak to the girl before you start imagining her in bed! Wow, well the whole hope he had earlier of not being attracted to his teacher went completely out the window. This should be a very interesting semester.

James still held Mia. James wasn’t usually an affectionate person, so seeing him holding a woman he was obviously fond of was…not normal. He held her and whispered in her ear. She smiled. After one last small hug, he released her. Then they both looked over at Vincent expectantly.

 “Come on, Baby Dom, time to meet your teacher.”

Vincent snarled at his friend, and that stupid nickname. When he turned to Mia, he saw that she was taken aback by his aggression. She actually took a step away as he approached, a flash of fear in her big brown eyes.

Shit. So much for not starting off on the wrong foot. He needed to check his attitude. His big size would have probably been enough to frighten her already. He didn’t want her to think he was some macho asshole too…even if maybe that was the way he was acting to cover up his feelings of inadequacy.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Maybe even smile. “I’m Vincent.” He extended his hand to her to shake, but instead she just nodded to him. Her fear was still tangible in the air and she regarded him very carefully.

Awkward silence.

James sighed. “Oh God, you two can just relax. Mia, this is Vincent. He’s a gentle giant who can act like a prick occasionally, but is completely harmless.” Vincent fought to rein in any reaction and stay calm. “Vincent, this is Mia. She will be your Sub to train on. Be nice to her. She’s perfect for you.”




“Like this.” Her voice was throaty and deep. She took the clamp back from him and showed him how to place it over her nipple, being mindful of her piercing, and then let it go. It squeezed her nipple tightly. It looked like it might hurt but the moan that escape’s Mia’s lips proved that it gave her far more pleasure than pain. Carefully he took the other clamp and slid it the way she had shown him over her other hungry nipple. The short chain pulled her breasts together slightly and brought blood to the surface of her nipples. The jewelry looked amazing on her. Gingerly Vincent touched his tongue to each distended nipple. Yes, the clamps he liked. His cock was at full attention as he licked and sucked her pinched peaks.

His hand touched the taut tight skin of her stomach. He slid it down her body inch by inch. She hissed at the feel of his skin moving over hers. Her hand found his and pushed it down the length of her torso. She let go of him as his fingers found her mound. And an inch later, they probed inside her folds and found her clit. His mouth never left her breasts as his finger teased her clit and then slid easily inside of her. She was incredibly wet, and again he felt powerful. It was amazing to see such proof of her arousal.

He was aroused too. He wanted more.

His greedy mouth left her nipples and followed the same path that previously their hands had taken down her body. He was hungry and there was nothing else he wanted to do more than taste her.

Kneeling, he used his wet fingers to pull her hips towards his face and further open her legs for him. He wanted to see what his meal looked like before he ate it—her lips were nice and rosy like her nipples but already wet and glistening with her cream. God, she looked good. He had to admit that Mia didn’t look like any teacher he had ever had. The woman’s body was built for pleasure. He smiled at the thought, and saw that she was smiling too. This time he didn’t care if he had spoken out loud, it was the truth.

She nodded for him to continue. With a deep breath, he moved her forward. She was inches away from his tongue and he couldn’t wait to have a taste. His lips kissed her mound—so nicely bare—and his tongue found her plump clit as easily as his fingers had minutes before. The swollen sensitive flesh rolled easily beneath his tongue. He licked her entire slit and then his fingers found their place inside her again. They plunged in and out of her matching the pace he set with his tongue. He couldn’t wait to get her off. He licked and sucked at a frantic pace. He wanted her to come fast just for him.

Mia’s hips threatened to buckle under the attention. The chain between her nipples swaying as her body shook. She couldn’t disguise the ragged edge to her breath. Already she was close.

Vincent added another finger inside of her and increased the pace of his stroke. He kept working her, licking and sucking and fucking her with his fingers. He pulled her clit between his lips and suckled hard on the tiny button.

“Oh God,” she moaned. Her head was thrown back, and her eyes squeezed tightly closed. Her face was flushed with excitement. Her lips parted as if her moans forced them to remain open wide. Yeah there was no doubt that his attention was having a big effect on her.

It was having a big effect on him too. He could feel the blood rushing through his body. It pooled at the base of his cock where it caused his shaft to thicken and grow. He would have loved to take her hands and place them inside of his pants, making her jerk him off until he came in the palm of her hand. The only reason he stopped himself was because this lesson was about the Sub. He was here to pleasure her. He could look after himself later at home, fisting his dick while thinking of how her creamy juice had filled his mouth.

He always enjoyed tasting a woman. It was one thing he had been told he was good at. Catherine had certainly never complained. He prided himself of technique, skill and the ability to bring a woman to orgasm with his tongue.

Except, even as overheated as she seemed to be, Mia wasn’t coming. Any other woman he had been with would be moaning and gripping his hair by now, as they tumbled into ecstasy. Mia had all the signs of an impending orgasm, but was holding back for some reason. His cock wilted and he tried to figure out what he was doing wrong. He increased the intensity of his tongue on her sensitive nub and scissored his fingers inside of her.

Finally she put a hand to his head, to get his attention. “May I Sir?” She panted. “May I come?”

“Yes!” He yelled against her clit.

Then he felt it bubble on his fingers and then on his tongue. Her muscles contacted, and her body folded into orgasm. He kept licking as she came hard. He almost laughed because it felt like she had been waiting for him to give her permission to come. Fuck, that’s exactly what happened! She had been waiting, suffering, and he hadn’t known that she had waited for him to tell her to orgasm. He couldn’t imagine someone having the power over him to choose when he came. But as much as he was sorry that he had made her wait so long, he really liked that Mia had given him that control.

God he felt powerful. He licked her wetness off of his lips. He felt high, he felt strong. So was this what being a Dom was like? If so, sign him up for full membership!

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