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Their Virgin Neighbor (MFM)

Twisted E-Publishing

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 29,360
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When Anna Reynolds moves into the small cottage on their land, best friends Lee Cole and Jack Sheldon are instantly smitten. Not only is Anna both beautiful and painfully cute, but there is something about her that both men are drawn to. They invite her over to dinner in the hopes of getting to know her better, and what they learn that night is enough to make both men ache.

Anna has spent most of her life in the hustle and bustle of the city looking after her late grandmother. She has moved to the country for the winter not only to heal her bruised heart, but to decide what to do with the rest of her life.

Lee and Jack are willing to not only heal Anna, but to help her move on. But is she too innocent for what they have in mind, or will their virgin neighbor surprise them both?

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A good easy read

- Jlg29


Anna smoothed down her dress as she waited for either Lee or Jack to open the door to their farmhouse. It was a knitted number, one she’d made herself in fact. A deep ruby red, it went well with her blonde locks. At least that was what Grand had told her. Anna had knitted it in the last months of Grand’s illness. It gave her something to do as she sat next to Grand, something to keep her fingers busy. Maybe she would make another over the next few weeks, she mused. The blanket that she’d been working on was almost finished and ready to ship to its new owner. She didn’t have any other orders, mainly because she hadn’t wanted to take any. For Anna the next few months were not about work. She hadn’t wanted to put any pressure on herself beyond the day-to-day things. She could knit just for the pleasure of it. And Anna craved that pleasure.
The simple things in life…
She smiled slightly at that thought. Everything was simple now. Just the way she wanted it. She shifted as a light came on in the hallway. A moment later and she could see the outline of a man.
Which one was it, she wondered. Lee or Jack?
She was half fascinated by both of them. Anna could admit that to herself. After they’d left, and she’d promised to arrive for dinner by seven, she’d sat on her couch, still warm from where they’d been sitting, and tried to analyze her reactions to them. They were attractive. That much was a given. They were also fun to talk to, and they made her heart beat a little faster than she would have liked.
Anna understood her own emotional state enough right now to know that if she hadn’t been aching with grief and pain she would have had real trouble keeping her reactions to them to herself.
That troubled her.
What troubled her even more was the fact that Anna liked them both. She’d looked from one to the other and tried to work out who was causing the spark to fire. At first she’d thought it was Lee. His green eyes were so expressive, his dark hair falling over his forehead regularly enough that he’d had to keep pushing it back. He was painfully gorgeous. So it had to be him, right?
Only Anna looked across at Jack and her body reacted in exactly the same way to him that it did to Lee. His eyes were dark brown, like hers, and his hair was a little shorter, but his angular face and full lips combined to make him just as deadly as Lee.
Both men appealed to her. Anna couldn’t say either one appealed more than the other. How was she going to deal with that? Oh, Anna didn’t expect either male to try anything with her. They were her landlords. Apparently reclusive. She suspected this dinner was simply a way to introduce themselves properly before she didn’t see them again for another two weeks, maybe even more. But she didn’t want them to realize the way her thoughts were heading. That would be embarrassing.
The door opened. It was Lee. He’d change clothes and was now dressed in a pair of jeans and a thin sweater. The sweater was almost the same green as his eyes.
“Anna,” he said, a smile creasing his face. “You’re right on time.”

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