[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, HEA]
Since learning about vampires, Louis "Lou" Farner has desired one of his own. A true fated by blood mate is his deepest, darkest wish. Especially considering he lives with a coven of vampires who have mated pairings. The only problem is that he is gay. He doubts he will find even one gay vampire who could be his mate. How very wrong he was.
Pierce Reilly came home from a business trip to discover strangers in his home. Nobody had told him they were expecting company, else he would have cut the dreaded trip short. It would have been the lesser of two evils. That is until he smells the most amazing scent on the way up his driveway, mixed in with those strangers'. He can't quite put a label on it, but it makes his cock hard. When he finally finds that scent, his blood runs cold. Fate has paired him with another male. But Pierce was as straight as a ruler.
Lou persists in his bid to win his mate's love. Can Lou succeed though? Especially when problems arise and Lou is kidnapped. Will he even get the chance to love his mate? It is Lou's job to make sure his mate has some fun in his life and nothing will stop him from accomplishing his goals.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lou-Pi (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
The storyline for the series is very good and a different look on Vampires and their traits. I gave the book 3 stars because of the use of the phrase "The Man" in every sentence. It is overkill and removes me from the story due to the over usage.
This is my first time reading a series by this author. I am enjoying reading how the characters develop and watching the family grow.
I would just suggest finding a different way to express action and who the speaker is.




Pierce didn’t come out of his study until it had gone dark. He realized his dad would probably chew him a new ass for bailing on their guests, but seeing the small man sitting there, looking so demure, and that erotic scent coming off of him in waves had him running far away Well, at least to his study where he could lock the door from the inside. He had felt it necessary to have a drink and calm down before he knew he would have to go back out there and introduce himself. Knowing he would come back in contact with the man he had yet to know the name of kept him rooted to his overstuffed office chair.

But now he felt the need for food and blood. He hadn’t eaten all day and was suddenly craving both. As he made his way into the kitchen, he noticed nobody was there. In fact, all sounds came from the dining room, which made sense considering they now had guests. It was seven in the evening, which was bang-on dinnertime in their house, and he was thankful that the food had just been loaded onto the table in a variety of dishes. It smelled wonderful, and the table was expertly placed as usual.

The dishes lined the center of the table, each component spread into multiple areas so everyone could easily access everything they needed. Each setting held a glass of wine and one of water for the humans and one of blood for the vampires. Pierce took the final seat that had a glass of blood by it and had his first sip of the delicious nectar since waking. He coughed lightly but forced the blood down. It tasted funny to him. Thinking it had gone off or something, he looked around at his fellow vampires to see half of them happily drinking their blood down. He guessed that maybe his taste buds were off or something and continued to drink, even if the taste displeased him.

As Pierce looked around once again, he noticed the man he was running from wasn’t there yet. He thought he might catch a break and be able to scarf his food down and leave before the man came down. And, boy, did the food smell tantalizing. It was Asian night, his favorite. There was beef stir fry with noodles, Japanese dumplings that were perfectly spicy for his taste buds, a chicken curry dish that also had rice, and an array of vegetables in batter that one could have with sweet and sour sauce, sweet chilli sauce, or a tangy lemon sauce. There were also multiple large bowls of prawn crackers that could be helped to, as well.

Pierce piled his plate as high as he could before sauce ran onto the table beneath. Smith would kill him if he let the food go to waste on the table. The last time he had done that, Smith had made him lick it up. The man had declared he spent so long in the kitchen cooking for him that the least he could do was make sure there was none left. He could always go back for seconds anyway.

Just as Pierce went to shovel a huge dumpling into his mouth, his  jaw just about hit the ground. Standing in the archway to the dining room was the man he had run from. The small Asian man with impossibly black, silky hair and wearing the tightest short shorts he had ever seen. The crop top he wore showed off his slender stomach, complete with a naval piercing that shone in the light above the table. It was a black ring with a lone gem in the center of the ball. The gem looked twice as bright against the man’s darker skin.

Pierce tore his eyes off the man, refusing to believe what he smelled and saw as truth. There was no way that man could be his mate. He was straight, for crying out loud. He had nothing against being gay, but it just wasn’t his style. He preferred a luscious pair of breasts and a pussy to eat all night long. That was what he wanted in a lover, and that was what he was sure his real mate’s body would be like. Maybe being gay was contagious after all, considering his four brothers who were gay and then his father having a male mate. Yes, that was the reason behind all this.

Suddenly he felt a thigh brush his, a much smaller thigh. As he looked in that direction, he saw the man had come to sit next to him. Damn. How had he not noticed the only two places left were next to each other? Nevertheless, Pierce began to eat his dinner once again, but he didn’t taste it as his thoughts became muddled and confused in ways he couldn’t even begin to contemplate.

When the food was all gone, he made his excuses, planning on going straight to bed, but found himself in his study instead, at the drinks cabinet no less. He supposed it gathered that a drink wouldn’t be a bad idea given the circumstances. All he could smell since that young man had entered the room was sex—sex and cum had clung to him. So yes, that drink was definitely on the agenda. And maybe to get some work done, too.




When a cue was stuffed into his hand, Pierce took one last sip of his drink before placing it down on the side.

“You’re breaking us in, Pi,” Lou stated. The voice, so low and full of lust, had Pierce choking on his drink. The insinuation wasn’t lost on him. But what was confusing was the nickname Lou had decided to give him. Pi? Nobody had ever caled him that before.

Once he had recovered, Pierce went around the top of the table and broke the balls. He didn’t see which landed where, but Lou came around to his side of the table and purposefully squatted down in front of him, using the leverage of the table to pot two colors. Guess he was stripes. They had recently traded in the old pool table for this new one. It was larger, a full-sized table they could play both pool and snooker on. Although none of them liked snooker very much, the table was cool, especially with its low hanging light like in the tournaments.

About halfway through the game, Lou disappeared around the bar and came back with another cocktail for Pierce. If he didn’t know any better, Pierce would say the man was trying to get him drunk so he could take advantage of him. Although the idea wasn’t completely lost on him, Pierce thought he might actually want to fuck the man.

The second cocktail went down a treat, but when it hit him he knew about it. Suddenly he was seeing things in a red haze. His cock was hard and throbbing, but as he tried to focus on the game and Lou came around once to put from in front of him Pierce had had enough.

He saw the little tyke of a man hitch one leg up onto the table so he could reach further over the table. It was a pose designed to taunt him, to make him do something about the sexy man in the tightest jeans possible. Pierce just wanted.

“Out!” he growled menacingly, only having eyes for the sexy vixen in front of him. He heard the door open and close and knew everybody had left. This man, Lou, his mate, had taunted him and was now going to get what he had been asking for.

Pierce downed his drink, leaving the glass on the side as he stalked his mate, who lay frozen in place, surrounded by pool balls and the cue he had now dropped to his side. Pierce ripped the jeans down the center, exposing that glorious ass crack to his viewing pleasure. He remembered the feel of those tight ass cheeks in his palms and did the same again. But when he pulled them apart his mouth went dry. A blood-red butt plug lay nestled in the man’s cheeks. Pierce distantly thought the man had prepared himself for his little game of seduction this evening. It also meant the man was open and ready to be fucked as soon as Pierce tugged the hard plastic free. And that was what he did.

He had no time for foreplay and would worry about that later as he pulled the toy from his mate’s ass and shoved his now-freed cock all the way in. Lou screamed in pleasure as Pierce took him hard and fast. There was no respite for the wicked this evening, no. Tonight was for the hard, demanding claiming it seemed they both needed. Pierce needed to fuck his mate with the power he felt he needed to take Lou with. To make sure that what he was feeling was truth and not some pre-fabricated notion due to the blood he had taken.

It didn’t take long for Pierce to feel his oncoming orgasm. He wanted to come badly, but he was not too far gone as to not think about his new mate’s pleasure first. He pulled the man’s back up to his chest, ripping the material down the center of his chest and revealing all that creamy flesh. Damn, his mate was so sexy.

He pulled the man’s cock free with one hand as he tortured a nipple with the other and started jacking his mate off in a way Pierce himself loved. It was up and down, twist, a thumb rub, and started all over again. But something was missing. He had the strongest urge to bite a human’s willing flesh for the first time in his life. He could feel the beat skipping and jumping as Lou climbed toward his own climax. But he needed permission first.

“Can I bite you, little Lou?” he asked, loving the nickname he had just come up with. The man was so small he could fit right into the groove of Pierce’s body, and Pierce loved that.

“Take what you need, Pi, my mate.” Then Pierce struck.

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