[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]
Rane can no longer stand by and watch her clan be mercilessly hunted to ground. After demanding approval from the Claw Leader to seek an alliance with the wolves, she sets off alone to gain their aid. The bad blood between the clans makes it a dangerous journey, but the strong possibility of all clans being wiped out by the Scientists makes it worth the risk. Even Ja'gar the sexy wolf determined to make her life hell couldn't distract her from her goal...or could he?
Ja'gar, next in line as the Alpha, knows an alliance is the only thing that will save them all. However, the Arktoli have repeatedly wronged his people. At first he was determined to make Rane pay for the sins of her father to gain an alliance. But then the revenge turned quickly into desire, and loving her could fatally fracture an already weakened pack.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Arktoli (MF)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It took Rane a moment to realize that it could have been her, dangling in the air by her ankles. “The ropes have sharp metal teeth so you don’t struggle. That red light is a beacon, alerting the Scientists that the trap went off. We need to go.”

Rane watched the light a few more seconds. “Thank you,” she said, getting up. He grunted and stood there for a second. Rane knew he was talking to the pack on their mental path. “Pardon the intrusion of Arktoli on Lupine land. I have need to speak with Danior, Alpha of the Lupine Clan.”

He turned to her, then his eyes perused her quickly. “What need does a member of the Greater Clan have with the Lesser Clan?” He didn’t bother to hide the bite in his voice.

“We’re fighting the same enemy.”

“You are at a disadvantage.” He gave her a toothy smile.

“And so shall you be, when your numbers dwindle as well.”

“So you seek the help of the Lesser Clan when you have no other choice? Is that it?”

“The Pantheraum and Tigerian have both become allies.”

“Ah.” He began to slowly walk around her. “So now we are to be honored by the other Greater Clans as well.” He paused a moment and Rane knew he was relaying the conversation. “I am sure Danior will hear you out. You will find the Lesser Clans to be less…haughty than the Greater Clans.”

Rane let the comment go. In truth the Lesser Clans had not been treated fairly by the Greater Clans in the past. The Greater Clans had claimed all the prime lands and left the rest for the other shifters to fight it out. “No weapons are allowed on our lands.” His eyes flicked to the bow.

“You expect me to walk in Lupine lands, a lone Arktoli, without weapons?”

“A predator has natural weapons.” He gave her another toothy grin.

Rane supposed his charm must work on the female wolves, but she was having none of it. He was handsome enough and his body was…in prime condition. Rane licked her lips as she tried not to notice his other endowments. “Fine. Where can I leave them?” He pointed her toward a bush and Rane rolled her eyes. She took the bow and quiver and hid them in the bushes and waited.

He quirked up an eyebrow and she raised one in return. The shifter wolf walked right up to her and stuck his hand down her shirt and pulled out the Tomcat. “I can smell the metal. Plus, it’s been recently fired.” He tossed it into the bush with her other weapons. “If you’d like me to personally search you for more weapons, I can.”

He looked down her cleavage, and Rane ignored the small trill of excitement that went through her. Shit! She was acting as if she were newly Transitioned. “How about we go on the honor system?”

He said nothing as he pulled her close and encircled her waist. His hand slid down the small of her back and pulled out the small knife nestled there. “We can do this all night until the Scientists get here.” Rane looked up at him and quickly looked away. He was too close. His mouth was too close. She pushed him roughly as she bent down to retrieve the small throwing knife from her boot. She tossed it in the bush with her other weapons. “Are you sure?” he chided her.

“Let’s go.”

“One more thing, Arktoli. We travel in our animal form.”


“So you think you can keep up in that human form?”

He was getting on her nerves. She knew what he was waiting for. Though she wasn’t ashamed of her voluptuous body, she wasn’t comfortable with it either. Growing up with a sister as beautiful as Fiera made her all too aware of what men found beautiful. They never really looked at her twice. And the wolf stood there, waiting for her to strip down. Rane decided in the end she needed to do whatever was necessary to get the Lupine as allies. She took a deep breath and began to take her shirt off.


* * * *


“If you think you’re going to deter me, think again,” the Arktoli snapped as she lifted the shirt over her head. Her large breasts swayed with the movement, and Ja’gar, for all his willpower, couldn’t stop staring. They were beautiful, and well worth the lie. His fellow pack mates were thanking him for the visual gift as well.

She bent over to remove her ankle boots, showing a rather nice, plump ass. As she shimmied out of her pants, her scent caught on the breeze, and his body hardened in response. She looked at him as his erection began to grow, and her body flushed pink.

While mostly what others would deem as on the plain side, her face did hold a rather alluring feature. Her sensuous lips looked carved by the gods themselves. Her lips were as perfectly shaped as the bow she carried. Green eyes looked at him with distrust. She was wise to do so, because at every opportunity he would make her life miserable, just as the Greater Clans did to the Lesser Clans. And while she may not have been personally responsible, she certainly would do as a substitute.

“Right now, I’m thinking of doing many things to you. Deterring is not one of them...”




Ja’gar had meant to kiss her softly. But the moment his lips touched her perfectly shaped bow lips he was lost. Everything spilled into the kiss. His fear that something had happened to her, the anger that she made him feel so vulnerable, and then the desire, possessed him. Pure, undiluted desire, which only grew since the first day he’d seen her.

She was timid in the kiss. Her inexperience was evident, and yet that made him desire her even more. She was not used to another’s kiss, but she would get used to his kisses. Her tongue wrapped with his, sparring in a game of sensuality. His breath caught in his throat as the kiss deepened. He pushed her back upon the bedding, letting his body cover hers.

The sensation of her soft and firm body under his made him harden until it was almost painful. Her body moved under his, lush curves tempting his body beyond reason. He had to have her, possess her, make her his.

Ja’gar tasted her skin, inhaling her scent to imprint in his brain forever. He would find her no matter where she was. Her scent arrested him and he bit softly into her neck. She mewled almost like a kitten. Her back arched, allowing him to slide his hand under her and squeeze her firm ass. She was all woman.

But he had to have more of her. All of her. His mouth trailed down her neck, stopping at the base to lick the pulse that beat frantically.

“You like my touch, Arktoli?” he whispered against her chest as he went lower down her body. “You like the way I taste you?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered softly in response.

“Then perhaps you will love the way I suckle you.” He smiled as she stiffened against him. He pulled down the small scrap of cloth covering her breast and quickly sucked her stiff nipple into his mouth. She gasped as her back arched again, pushing her ample breast further into his mouth.

Ja’gar swirled his tongue around the small peak and then gently bit into the flesh next to it. He soothed the small sting with his tongue. Her hand was now at the back of his head, urging him on. He needed no urging. He gave her ass another squeeze before he pulled the cloth away from her other breast. Ja’gar buried his face in the most delicious cleavage he’d ever known in his life.

He kissed her breasts softly, alternating between suckling and nipping them. Her body squirmed under his as his hands traveled the length of her body. Ample soft hips swelled under his hand. He decided he wanted to follow his hands. He moved down her body and paused at her belly that rapidly rose and fell. She was panting. Panting for him. Ja’gar kissed her navel and then swirled his tongue around it. “Open your legs for me, bear,” he gently commanded her.

With his teeth he ripped the cloth away from her hips, exposing a mound he wanted to thoroughly explore in many ways. “Wider,” he told her. She hesitated and then spread her legs wider. “That’s my girl.” He rewarded her with a nether kiss. His tongue sucked at the nub there. Rane almost sat up on the bed.

“Oh, my sweet Ursa,” she breathed before flopping back down onto the bedding.

Ja’gar chuckled to himself as he continued to taste and explore her. He gave her one long, slow lick that encompassed the entire area of her womanhood. Her body trembled. He licked her again, and Rane used her hands to keep his head in place. He smiled as his tongue slid inside her. “Shit!” she yelled as he plunged his tongue in and out of her, loving the taste of her cream as it pooled for him at her entrance. He spread the folds, licking, tasting, and loving the way she responded to him. She was so slick, so wet, he could barely contain himself at the thought of sliding into her.

“Do you want to come?” he teased as his tongue undulated against her clit. He heard a muffled response. That wasn’t good enough. “I didn’t get that, my little bear. You have to tell me. Do you want to come?”

“I-I…” She could barely talk, and he was loving every minute of it.

“Do you want to feel your body explode? Because I want you to come as I’m licking you. I want to taste my reward. But like any negotiation, I need you to tell me what it is you want.”

He was being cruel and he knew it. He knew she was loving it. Her body squirmed as he continued to lick her. Then he sucked the whole clit into his mouth, drawing hard on it as he slid two fingers inside of her. He timed them together. Every time he sucked on her his fingers slid inside of her. Rane’s hips began to move in time to his pace.

“Yes!” she screamed at him. “Make me come. Please…” The last part was said in a pleading voice. He released the nub and moved his body, so now he was directly over her as he looked down into her face. Her beautiful face, flushed from the heat of her desire for him.

He continued to look into her eyes as he tore away his own cloth and wrapped his hand around his erection. He was sensitive and aching for her. Ja’gar let the head of his cock bathe in her cream. He was large and she seemed a bit inexperienced. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. “Are you sure you want this, Daughter of the Claw?”

She looked up at him. Her hand brushed hair away from his face. “I’ve never been so sure.” He bent down to kiss the most beautiful lips he’d even seen in his life, and then he slid into her, seated himself into her as far as he could go.

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