Taken by Wolves (MFMM)

Call of the Wolf 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,799
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Wolf-dog shape-shifter triplets Sully, Nate, and Ben Anderson came to Harmony to investigate hate crimes against shifters and plan to check out their sister’s new Mates while they are in town. They are not looking for a Mate, but it’s love at first sight when they meet their sister’s best friend, Ginger West. 
Real estate agent Ginger had long since given up on finding the wolves of her dreams and stuck to dating humans until meeting the hunky Anderson brothers.
Their courtship is interrupted by the hunt for the arsonist who just may be based in Harmony, possibly even someone Ginger knows. She wants to assist with the investigation, but her when her wolves turn down her help, she strikes out on her own, turning to an ex-boyfriend who works in the police department. But things aren’t like they seem, and when Ginger is kidnapped it’s up to her wolves to rescue her. Or is it?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Diane Leyne is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taken by Wolves (MFMM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Taken by Wolves (MFMM)

Call of the Wolf 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,799
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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I love this series and this book did not disappointment me.
Enjoyable read, that Ginger is a lucky girl.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "The author spiced up this erotic Call of the Wolf book with a few surprises that I didn't see coming. In Harmony to investigate hate crimes against shifters, brothers Sully, Nate and Ben weren't looking for a mate but it's love at first sight when they meet Ginger. But their courtship is interrupted by the arsonist, and when Ginger is kidnapped, it'll be up to them to rescue her. Or is it? The plot of this erotic wolf-dog shifter romance is fast paced and smooth flowing with descriptions of the scenes and events that inspire vivid images. The fascinating characters in this town continue to bewitch the readers and keep them well entertained from beginning to end. The attraction between Ginger and the three brothers radiates lots of heat from every page and the sex scenes including anal sex and m/f/mm scenes and some spanking explodes from the pages in a fiery inferno of passion. The relationship however is far from certain as Ginger's not sure that she wants to complete the mating ceremony, and the Anderson brothers sends sparks flying unintentionally by putting their foot in their mouths and underestimating their mate. This shifter world has a few unique elements and now the author's added a couple of surprises that lends an interesting twist to the already riveting series. The danger from the unknown enemy also adds spine tingling tension and anticipation to the story. There were a couple of small inconsistencies within the story that could easily be overlooked and the surprises more than made up for it. Overall, I found TAKEN BY WOLVES to be an enjoyable read. I was caught up in the story from beginning to end and I certainly hope that the series continues." -- Evampire, The Romance Reviews

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Just then, a movement caught her eye. Coming around the side of the house was a wolf. No, make that two wolves. No, three.

And they were strangers to her. To non-shifters, all wolves pretty much looked alike, but to her shifter eye, there were differences and she knew she had never seen them before, and in her job, she met a lot of people.

She sniffed. Her senses weren’t wolf-dog keen, but there were better than a human’s. There was something vaguely familiar about their scent.

She stood still as they circled her, sniffing her, their eyes wary. The leader let out a slight growl, but she didn’t feel threatened by it. No, she rather thought he was giving orders to the others.

She was right. One of them bounded off around the back of the house. A moment later, a tall, shirtless bearded man appeared walking toward where they stood. He was fastening his jeans and carrying two more pairs over his arms. He tossed them to the two remaining wolves. Quickly, Ginger turned her back.

A moment later, she heard a laugh. It was warm and rich and just ever so slightly mocking.

“You can turn around now. We’re all decent!”

She could see that the three of them were clearly related, triplets, likely. They had the same dark hair and eyes, but the leader who had just spoken had a neatly trimmed beard. Another had hair long enough to tie back, and the third was clean shaven with hair almost militarily short.

“Speak for yourself, Sully. I prefer to be indecent. In fact, I can be positively wicked!” It was the long-haired one, Nate, flashing a grin that matched his words.  Wicked, indeed.

“Nate! We’ve just met. Can you not wait until we’ve all been introduced before you hit on her?” The third brother, the short-haired one, sounded embarrassed. But the long-haired one, Nate, just grinned at Ginger and growled enticingly, wiggling his eyebrows as he smiled while Sully just rolled his eyes.

Ginger laughed. Nate responded by making an exaggerated sexy face at her and waggling his tongue suggestively but with such good humor that she wasn’t at all offended. She also noted his quick glance at his brother. He was definitely trying to push his buttons.

It seemed to have worked. One moment the short-haired brother was glaring and then next he was a wolf and tackling his brother from behind. Nate went down hard, and then he, too, was a wolf and they were wrestling. If she hadn’t grown up around wolves, she’d have been terrified by the growling and biting, but she had. Her cousins played like this all the time growing up.

She laughed harder when Sully glared at his brothers and then rolled his eyes before wading into between them trying to break up the fight. Suddenly, he, too, was wolf and they were all going at it. Ginger chuckled. She had a feeling that they did this a lot.

Going around to the side of the house, she returned quickly to find they were still at it. A couple of turns of the nozzle and the hose was spraying ice-cold water on the battling wolves. It only took a few seconds to stop the fight, and because she was enjoying herself immensely, a few more seconds to soak them completely.

Now there were three dripping-wet, hot, naked men standing in front of her. She realized now, with their hair wet down and slicked back, that they were definitely triplets, identical triplets, hair and beard differences notwithstanding. Not that multiple births were unusual in the wolf-shifter world. And they were all wickedly handsome, if one liked tall, dark, and handsome and lupine. She placed their ages in their early thirties, just a good age for her, if she was looking, which she wasn’t. And if she was, she was definitely not in the market for wolves, although a little voice inside her head whispered that there was nothing wrong with a little fling.

Shut up, voice. These men are strangers, naked strangers.

Naked, well-hung strangers, and they are looking at you like they could eat you up! What would be the harm in giving them a little taste? Think of the fun you could have with three randy wolves.

No. I’m alone with them at Sam’s house that can’t be seen from the road, and my cell phone is back at the office. I’m not getting naked with them. I’m not, no matter how damp they make my panties.

The more she looked at them, the more familiar they seemed, but she knew she hadn’t met them before. She sniffed again. They were definitely familiar.

And then it came to her. Nate. She she’d heard that name before. He had to be Nathan Anderson.

“You’re Samantha’s brothers. I’ve heard about the three of you. Sullivan, Benjamin, and Nathan, right?”

“Sully, Ben, and Nate. Only Sam and our mother, when she’s mad at us, use our full names.” The bearded one stepped forward with his hand extended. “You must be Ginger West. We’ve heard about you, too. I’m Sully Anderson.”

Ginger stepped back and looked down to his naked groin area. Sully had the grace to blush. He seemed angry that he was blushing, which just seemed to make him blush harder. Ginger smothered a smile as she turned her back.

“Why don’t we save the introductions until you three have your pants on again,” she suggested, turning her back again.




Sully felt his cock jerk at Ginger’s order. Holy hell. She almost made him come in his pants. He looked over at her, magnificent and strong, staring at him, waiting for him to obey her command.

As an Alpha, Sully rarely took orders from anyone. It wasn’t in his nature to obey, but this time he wanted to. Almost without thinking, he found himself stripping off his T-shirt and then toeing off his shoes before he started on this zipper.

He could see her eyes were glued to his hands as he unfastened his pants and slowly lowered them to the floor. He watched her eyes flare as she realized he was going commando and his hard cock sprang free.

He could almost read her mind as she took in his cock. He knew it was large. Hell, wolf-shifters all had cocks that would be considered large by humans, but he was long and thick, and he felt himself swell even larger as he watched her lick her lips at the sight of him.

He kicked his legs free from his pants and walked over to where she stood.

“Like what you see?”  He looked over at Ginger and when he saw her smile, he continued, “It’s yours, baby. All yours. For the rest of our lives, I’ll get this way only for you. Now get down on your knees and worship it.”

His cock jerked painfully, a drop of pre-cum decorating the tip, and Ginger fell to her knees and reached for him. He moved closer, one hand cupping her head, the other guiding his cock past her lips.

From the second her lips closed on him, he knew that his words hadn’t been exaggerated, sexy talk to win over a woman. They were the absolute truth. He wanted nothing more than to fill all of her holes and make her admit that she was his, theirs, and that they would Mate this coming full moon.

But then he stopped thinking as her tongue bathed the head of his cock before she moved her mouth, taking him deep. He could feel her tongue swirling on his length as her hand came up to cup his balls, gently squeezing and tugging on them. He could feel his eyes start to roll back in his head from the sheer pleasure as she suckled strongly, taking him to the back of her throat.

With a growl, he gripped her head with both hands and took control. He looked down and saw her face contorted with pleasure, almost as if she was receiving and not just giving it.

Suddenly he had an overwhelming need to bury himself in her pussy, but not before he finished claiming her mouth.

“Look at me!” he commanded.

When she met his eyes, he gripped her head with both hands, tightly entwining his fingers in her hair.

“Relax your jaw and throat. When I push deep, swallow on my cock. I’m going to come down your throat, and then I’m going to fuck your pussy all night long so that you walk bowlegged tomorrow.”

He smiled as her eyes widened, but then he felt her struggle to comply with his order. He groaned as his cock twitched. He wasn’t going to last long. Luckily wolves had remarkable recuperative powers, especially with their Mates, even if it wasn’t a done deal yet.

Moving faster now, he set up a rhythm, pushing in and out, in and out of her mouth, going deeper each time. He could see her struggle to control her gag reflex as he pushed against the back of her throat, but he didn’t give her any quarter, pushing deeper with each stroke until he was buried so deep inside that her nose was buried in his pubic hair with each stroke.

All too soon, it was time. He held himself deep and let go, pulse after pulse of warm cum shooting directly down her throat so she had to choice but to swallow his seed. He wanted to howl in triumph.

Pulling back slightly, he pulled his still-hard cock from her mouth. Then he reached down and pulled her to her feet. She was still dressed. He grinned.

“I hope you don’t have any kind of emotional attachment to these clothes.”

At her puzzled expression, he reached out and ripped her T-shirt off her body, tearing it in two to expose her lacy bra that barely kept her breasts contained. It had a front closure, so he didn’t have to rip it, but he wanted to. He wanted to show her he was her Alpha and he controlled all things, but it was pretty and lacy and looked expensive, so he simply undid the clasp and let it fall to the ground.

Then he reached for the fastening of her jeans. As good as her ass looked in them, he was seriously considering ordering her to wear only skirts so he could always have easy access to her pussy. Pushing down her jeans, he hooked his thumbs under the lacy edge of her panties, stripping both off her at the same time. He could feel her hand on his shoulder as she braced herself as she raised one and then the other leg so he could remove her shoes and then her remaining clothes.

Once she was naked, he stood back to drink her all in. He was pleased to see that the carpet did, in fact, match the drapes as he reached a big finger out to touch her fiery pubic hair.

“Very nice. It has to go, of course, but not until after my brothers get a chance to see it. Then we’ll do rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets the privilege of shaving your pussy bare.”

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