Pantheraum (MF)

The Greater Clans 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,414
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters]

She interfered and it cost him greatly. Karr, the embodiment of law for the Pantheraum shifters, was determined to make the rogue female pay. But in a cruel twist of fate, the female he swore vengeance on becomes his only ally. For the predators have now become the prey. Those who would wipe out the Greater Clans to learn and harness their secrets hunt them. With an enemy at his heels and a beautiful one by his side, Karr can’t decide who is more dangerous…

Alida, a born warrior, was raised on the outskirts of the Pantheraum shifter clan. Known as the legendary Liberator, she fights to protect those she loves. But one fateful encounter makes her a direct enemy of Karr, the cold enforcer of Pantheraum laws. The second encounter makes them reluctant allies. One desperate act of survival could tie them together forever…

A Siren Erotic Romance

Pantheraum (MF)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Pantheraum (MF)

The Greater Clans 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,414
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Outstanding story. The characters are vivid and well rounded. The story is unique and intriguing. If you like intricate plots, as well as shape-shifting romance, you'll love this book. I'm very much looking forward to the next installment. Congratulations, Mis. Meilleur, you have a winner!
Missy Martine
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Pantheraum is a compelling shifter romance. I highly recommend this because the lead couple has great chemistry and the shifter world is fascinating. Karr is a pantheraum, a panther shifter, in The Greater Clans. He captures unmated female pantheraum and brings them to his leader for forced matings. Alida is "The Liberator" who tries to rescue the unmated females to keep them free. While Karr is chasing Alida, they're captured by human scientists who have recently discovered The Greater Clans' existence and want to study them. Now these two enemies must join forces for their own freedom but do they want to be free of each other is the larger question. Wow, was this a great novella! The world of the shifter clans is so well executed that I can't wait for future installments. The shifter lore isn't all that different from others but that they're being hunted nearly to extinction by humans is different. I like that readers come into this world at a time of great change for the clans when they must end their isolationist philosophy and join forces to fight the humans. This novella introduces all of this in a well-crafted manner that doesn't overwhelm readers. Very well done. Alida and Karr are an amazing couple! Both have such polarizing views on the opposite gender but they agree that mating is the worst idea possible--which means they're going to be a great couple, and they are. I was prepared to hate Karr for his callous regard of the female pantheraum he captures but he has some real character growth that is compelling. Additionally, readers learn the motivations and histories of Alida and Karr when they learn about each other and this lends a sense of character mystery that really kept my attention. I loved that the author made Alida and Karr both emotionally vulnerable to each other and readers get to see their feelings engage. This book is marketed as erotic romance and their sexual unions are scorching hot but sex isn't the focus of the plot or their relationship and I loved that. The sex is a spice to their relationship; it isn't solely their relationship. I was worried that the capture plot may drag on but that wasn't the case. The plot is well written and fast paced so I kept turning the pages. The villains are suitably evil but dealt with so I felt they got their comeuppance. Of course, the over-arcing plot of humans trying to destroy The Greater Clans isn't wrapped up here but that's great because it means I'm coming back to this world in future novellas. Pantheraum is an excellent shifter novella with a sexy but emotional romance that any fan will love. I can't wait to read future installments in this series and I'll look for the author's other books as well." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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Alida was so engrossed in guessing how old Sasha’s scent was she barely registered the new pungent scent that assaulted her nostrils. She looked up in time to see a large panther in midair, pouncing on her.

Almost too late, she moved, allowing the panther to sweep her hind legs from under her. She rolled, quickly getting to her feet, but not before the male was on her. She felt his hot breath above her Control point and felt his hesitation. The bastard! He learned quickly. She took advantage of his hesitation and threw her head sideways to sink her teeth into his neck.

He growled in anger as he jumped off her, making her teeth snap in the empty space. They stared at one another, and Alida knew she couldn’t stay there and fight him. She was too close to the camp. Reinforcements could arrive at any moment and surround her. She chose instead to do the one thing she hated. She ran.

She could feel him close behind her. Every leap she took he was mere seconds behind her. She jumped into the river and swam. Still she couldn’t shake him. However, there was a part of her that enjoyed the chase. Enjoyed the way the adrenaline pumped through her body and made it faster, stronger. He would never catch her. He just didn’t know it yet.

Alida ran, taking turns without taking note as to where she was. It didn’t matter. She could find her way back home from any point in Eagle’s Nest. She only needed to shake this relentless male.

A few times he nipped at her tail and attempted to swat her legs again, but always Alida was faster. She was more determined to be free than he was determined to capture her. She would bet that any day.

An unfamiliar nest of leaves rose before her. When had this happened? She didn’t have time to circumvent it or leap over it. She would just have to run through it. When she realized her error, it was too late. The ground fell out beneath her, and she plummeted fast into the dark, cool earth below.

She landed hard, knocking the breath from her. Moments later the large male that had been chasing her almost landed directly on her. She was too out of breath to move, too confused to take note of her injuries. She tried to rise, only to find one of her front paws was badly injured. She cursed in her mind, frantically trying to figure out a way to leave the prison hole and get away from the large male that rose up in anger.

He growled menacingly upward. If she’d been the one responsible for this trap, she would be very afraid right now. He took in the perimeter of the trap and then sat on his haunches staring at her accusingly as if this were her fault.


It was the one word he sent to her telepathically as if she didn’t know it. They had fallen in a hole at least ten feet deep. The earth was too soft this time of year to climb out. So, no shit. They were trapped.

Alida felt the tingling signals course through her as her paw began to heal. She needed to stay off it until it was at full strength. Easier said than done when she was facing one of the very males she wanted to kill. Only now she was trapped with him.

Bastard. She sent the message his way. This was his fault. If he hadn’t been chasing her, none of this would have happened. Now all she had to do was think of a way to get out of this before the one who made this trap came back to see what it yielded.

He grunted at her message, and his tail flickered in a way that told her he was very agitated. Like she gave a crap. She’d promised Paege she would return, and she would keep her word no matter what.

Just then sound reverberated above their heads. She sniffed the air and knew the male was scenting the air as well. It was familiar. Her heart pounded as she realized who had snared her in their trap. It was the reason she needed to leave Eagle’s Nest in the first place. They had come back. The Scientists.

Something pierced her hide, and she yelped in surprise. The male roared in anger as he, too, was hit with something. They’d just been tranquilized. Alida realized the Scientists that had hunted and killed her kind now had two live specimens, and then she fell into darkness.




He smelled her desire again. She smelled wonderful.

Karr dipped his head and captured one nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it like it gave him life. Her back arched right off the ground, and she cried out. He sucked on that nipple for a little longer before licking her entire breast. He lapped up the water on her breasts and then sucked the other nipple into his mouth. Again, her back arched, and this time she gave him permission.

“Yes, that feels so good.” Her response was breathy and sexy.

He let go of her wrists and let his mouth travel farther down her body. He would stop himself when it got dangerous. Down farther he went, and then he paused. He spread her legs slowly, anticipating his first complete view of her. She didn’t disappoint. The fragrance of her desire was strong, and he immediately locked his mouth onto her clitoris. Her breath hitched, and her hands went to his head, pushing him farther between her legs. He didn’t need the help. He was going to get as much from her as possible.

He sucked on her and then began to lap at the cream she’d made just for him. She was potent. With every lick, his body hardened more, wanted her more. His cock demanded to bathe in the hot slickness he was devouring. His desire bordered on pain.

He spread her legs wider and slid his tongue in and out of her, his cock protesting in envy. But he couldn’t fuck her. He’d just get as close as he could, and then he’d stop. He’d stop drinking in the essence of her.

Karr didn’t know how he’d stop. She was the best thing he’d ever tasted in his life, and he wanted more.


She commanded him, and he complied. Her body twisted under his ministrations. Her skin was heated and damp, but not from the water. His tongue went as far into her as he could get it, and her body shook from the force of it.

“More,” she commanded him again.

He turned his head and bit her inner thigh, marking her, and she shivered. His hands traveled up to her breast, caressing and manipulating the nipples into fine points as his tongue slid back inside of her. His cock felt heavy and needy. He would have to stop soon.

“Fuck me, Karr.”

The words came out low at first, but then she repeated them, over and over, louder and louder. A buzzing went on at the back his head, trying to tell him something. He needed to remember something, but everything was fuzzy. Everything save one. Alida. He had to have her. Had to be inside her.

His tongue swirled around her clitoris, sucking and licking alternately. She squirmed madly beneath him as she grew slicker and slicker for him. She wanted him to fuck her. She needed him to do it.

“I’m coming!” she screamed, and her body bucked wildly as her nails dug into his shoulders. He didn’t let up, gave her no respite. He’d earned this prize. He lifted his head as her breasts heaved from the force of her breathing. She lay there, beautiful, warm, and very wet.

The buzzing continued, and he ignored it. Whatever it was could wait. Nothing was more important than getting his cock inside of her. He gripped his erection and settled between her legs. The head of his cock was already covered in her juices.

“Fuck me,” she moaned again, and Karr pushed himself deep inside of her.

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