Plenty of Chances (MFM)

Plenty, FL 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,216
8 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM elements, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Everyone has regrets and Samantha James is no exception. Mostly, she regrets leaving Plenty and the two men she loved. Returning to her home town to care for her injured Grandmother is bittersweet. She’s thrilled to be back, but she can’t stay for long. She only hopes she can avoid seeing the men she’s never stopped loving during her visit.
Gabe Holt and Jason Carrington have never stopped loving Samantha. Things were a mess when she left, but they’re two determined men who want to put things right. They can’t go back to the way things were, but they can all fall in love... all over again.
Before Samantha can commit to a new happily ever after with the men of her dreams, she’s going to have to stand up to her nightmare of a past. She’ll show her men she can stand on her own two feet while grabbing at this second chance for love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lara Valentine is a Siren-exclusive author.
Plenty of Chances (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Plenty of Chances (MFM)

Plenty, FL 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,216
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Fantastic as always! !! I love this series loved Sami gabe and jason together.,, second chances, cant get any better,
donna b buccella




Sami twisted the strap to her handbag between her fingers. She wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t sure she ever would be.

“I guess I should be going. I’ll come again in the morning to visit you, Gran.”

Her grandmother put her fork down and frowned. “You just got here. We haven’t had a chance to catch up. I want you to tell me what you’ve been doing lately.”

She felt three sets of eyes on her. “Working. Just working. You know how it is.”

Jason smiled kindly, aware of her discomfort. He probably hadn’t expected to see her either. She wondered if he had a girlfriend now. Her gaze went to his left hand and it was gold band free.

“I know how that is. Ryan’s made some good hires though so hopefully I can work some more reasonable hours.”

“How is Ryan?” she asked, trying to sound normal.

Jason grinned and her heart skipped a beat. “Same old Ryan. He and Jack got married not long ago. Nice girl, Jillian, originally from Chicago.”

“That’s nice. Good.”

They seemed to have run out of conversation since no one had the guts to talk about the eight hundred pound elephant in the room. She turned back to her grandmother.

“I really should go. I’ll leave you to eat but I’ll come back in the morning and we can have a nice long chat.”

“Where were you planning to stay?”

Heat rushed into her cheeks. She didn’t really know. She’d planned to call Lacey and had hoped for an offer of her couch. Sam couldn’t afford one of the cabins by the lake. She’d barely had enough money for gas to get her here. She’d even worked the lunch shift today before she’d traveled so she would have some cash tips in her pocket.

“Can I crash at the house?”

Her grandmother had owned the only bed-and-breakfast in Plenty until about eighteen months ago when she’d been forced to close it. Gran simply wasn’t energetic or strong enough to take care of it by herself. Sam had wanted to come back and help but her own life had been in too much turmoil.

“I’m afraid the house is being tented for termites. Maybe Gabe and Jason have room for you.”

Gabe stepped forward. “You can stay with us. We have an extra room.”

It was the very last place she wanted to be. Too many memories she didn’t have the luxury of remembering.

“I’ll just call Lacey—” she began, but Jason cut her off.

“Lacey is living back at home with my parents. We have lots of room. You can stay with us.” His expression softened. “No strings attached. You can come and go as you please.”

“There you go, Sami. You can stay with the boys. I’ll know you’re safe there.”

Sam would have laughed if she wasn’t on the verge of crying. Gabe and Jason were so far from boys it wasn’t funny. As for safe? She hadn’t felt safe in a very long time. Too long to even remember how it felt. She finally nodded, too exhausted to argue. She was bone tired and wanted to sleep for a week.

“Okay. Thank you,” she added belatedly. “Um, where do you live?”

Jason’s eyes widened in surprise. “Samantha, things don’t change that much in a small town.” He leaned closer, the warmth emanating from his body. “Things are the same.”

Her chest tightened painfully at his intimate tone. He couldn’t mean he still felt the same. He’d had a little more than two years to find someone else. Jason, or Gabe for that matter, had never lacked for female admiration. She stepped back to clear her head.

“I think I still remember where that is.” She tried to keep her words light as Jason removed a key from his keychain before handing it to her, their fingers brushing. She could practically feel the searing heat shoot up her arm and straight to regions more southerly. She was in a bad state.

“I have to go back to work and Gabe has to head to the club. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen and make yourself at home. You know, shower or whatever. You can have the blue-and-brown bedroom at the end of the hall.”

Sami resisted the urge to smell her armpits. She’d showered in the morning but had worked a four hour shift before heading here so her aroma could be iffy. Jason was either trying to give her a big hint or just being a good host. Maybe both.

“Thanks, I’ll head out then.” She kissed Gran and gave her a big smile. “I’ll be here in the morning, first thing. Sleep well, Gran.”

Gran hugged her and patted her back like she did when Sami was a little girl and kids at school had teased and bullied her for not having parents.

“I’m glad you’re back, child. It’s time you were home.”

Sami blinked back the tears she felt welling up. She didn’t have the heart to tell her grandmother the truth.

She couldn’t stay. She wouldn’t bring trouble to Plenty and the people she loved.

As soon as Gran was better, she would be on the road again. A new town, a new job, maybe even a new name. What she needed was a new start and some luck.




Gabe reached out and squeezed the back closing of her bra before she could reach it and it flicked open with a satisfying pop. Samantha’s eyes got big and he grinned.

“Just trying to help.”

“I didn’t know you could do that.”

“It’s only two hooks, babe. A child could do that.”

She held the bra up in front of her like a shield. “You did it so fast.”

“Samantha Jane.” Jason shook his head and chuckled. “Drop the brassiere.”

Color flew into her cheeks and she drop the bra onto the ground, then tugged her panties down her legs. She stood in front of them bare to their gazes. She’d never had the courage to do that in the past and Gabe admired her bravado now.

“Beautiful, isn’t she, Jason? So damn gorgeous I don’t know what I want to kiss first.”

She did look beautiful with her long golden hair and her big blue eyes. She was slowly getting her curves back and he savored each line and plane of her body in the low light. Her waist was impossibly tiny and her hips and bottom perfect for a spanking. If she wanted one, he’d be more than happy to give it to her. Just the thought had his cock hard and aching inside his jeans.

“You stay high, I’ll go low,” Jason said before he fell to his knees and pushed her thighs apart. He had Samantha mewling with pleasure in seconds, his tongue working on her pussy and clit. Gabe positioned behind her, cupping her full breasts and kissing and nipping at her neck and shoulders. He could feel her getting heavy in his arms and knew her knees were turning to jelly. He nodded to the floor and they laid her out like a feast, their mouths devouring her flesh. Her skin was soft and fragrant and he breathed in her sweet scent mixed with the musk of her arousal. It made his cock pulse against his zipper and his balls draw up.

Gabe licked at a taut nipple watching it crinkle even tighter before drawing it into his mouth. He scraped his teeth across one then the other and listened to her keening with pleasure. He kissed his way down her belly and over a hip bone before nudging Jason.


Jason grinned and Gabe kissed a wet trail to the inside of her thighs then up to her already drenched cunt. His tongue trailed through the folds of her pussy and flicked at her clit. She shuddered in response and more cream landed on his tongue. She tasted like honeyed cream and he pressed two fingers inside of her and felt her cunt flutter in response.

He hooked the two fingers and found her sweet spot while he licked at her clit with the flat of his tongue. It was like he’d hit her with a bolt of electricity. Her body stiffened and then she shook and moaned as her orgasm ran through her. He stayed with her until her body went slack before pulling back to look into her eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you and spank you now. Is that what you want, Samantha?”

Her eyes were glazed over from her climax but she nodded. “Yes, I want it.”

“We will always give you what you need. Let’s get her turned over, Jason.”

They easily turned her onto her belly and Gabe pulled her back so she was on her hands and knees. Jason ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her jaw.

“Give us a minute to get rid of our clothes and we’ll give you what you’ve been needing.”

They shucked their clothes in record time and Gabe caressed the creamy skin of her ass. It was going to be bright red by the time he was done with it.

“This spanking is for all the spankings we didn’t give you before because we thought you were too young or wouldn’t enjoy it.”

He smacked a round ass cheek leaving a red hand print behind. Damn, it looked hot. He smacked her bottom again and she wriggled in response.

His woman liked it.


* * * *


Sami sucked in her breath as the heat from the spanking spread from her bottom directly to her pussy and clit. She hadn’t known how much she’d like being spanked but after only Gabe’s palm landing twice on her backside, she was going to be begging for it all the time. It was hot and raunchy and she wriggled her bottom to entice him to keep spanking her.

He didn’t make her wait, his hand coming down over and over until honey was dripping down her thighs and her entire body was on fire with the conflicting sensations of pleasure and pain.

“She’s got a little bit of masochist in her.” Gabe rubbed a sore ass cheek and she arched back in to his hand to spur him on. She didn’t want him to stop. It felt like her body had woken up and she needed more and more of what he had to offer.

Jason chuckled, a warm sound in the dim light of the tent. “You’ve got a little sadist in you so it’s a match made in heaven.”

Gabe’s fingers delved into her cunt and she pressed back on his fingers, trying to impale herself deeper. He responded by pulling them out and smacking her bottom again making her moan with pleasure.

“You want your turn? She seems to want more.”

Jason bent down to whisper in her ear. “Do you want more, sunshine? Do you want me to take a turn spanking your cute little rear end?”


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