Bringing Carmen Back (MM)

Mircea Clan 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,545
21 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Elder Zuriel Compton has watched over his group of shifters since the beginning of the Paranormal Leadership Society while hiding his true nature. He is a mythological shifter thought to be nothing more than a story. He has hunted for his mate longer than he can remember only to find that his mate, Carmen Mircea, has been kidnapped before they could meet. Now the search is on, and he will stop at nothing to get the Jaguar shifter back.
Carmen Mircea, adopted son of Ian Mircea, had been hurt in the past, but nothing could prepare him for his newest trial. Kidnapped and drugged, he no longer remembers who he is. With his identity and past lost to him, he seeks to survive each new day with no hope of it ever ending, until one day it does. It takes time for him to trust, but with the help of his mate he will learn to live again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bringing Carmen Back (MM)
21 Ratings (4.6)

Bringing Carmen Back (MM)

Mircea Clan 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,545
21 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Carmen awoke to a buzzing sound. He didn’t bother trying to move, the last time he woke up, he fought and clawed to get free only to have his hands secured to the bed. The room he was in looked familiar and everyone kept telling him it was his room. Every time he woke, they repeatedly told him facts about his life. They felt like lies because he didn’t remember any of them.

The worst was when they tried to make him eat. He didn’t trust what they would put into his food. His Master’s loved adding extra items to his food to keep him under their control. If he was free like these men said he was, then he could choose not to eat their food. That worked when he was awake, but when he wasn’t, they gave him some sort of IV food.

Scratch that, he thought, the worst had to be when his family gave him vampire blood to speed his healing. He didn’t want to take it and then have to go in the sun. Every time he opened his eyes, he would begin to shake in fear.  He knew they wouldn’t let him keep the strength the blood would give him.

The buzzing continued, and he finally cracked an eye open when he felt pressure against the cast on his leg. The twins were holding his hands, though he didn’t feel it. The doctor held a saw and worked on removing the leg cast.

“The vampire blood worked well. Hopefully, the other drugs will wear off soon,” the doctor said. “We should let it work its way out of his system and take it from there. I haven’t been able to tell what the long-term effects of them will be.”

He couldn’t help but cringe at the idea of working the vampire blood out of his system. At least he kept the whimper in. He couldn’t believe these men or their words of freedom. They kept making decisions for him thus far. He hadn’t been able to move, but he knew he was healed enough for the beatings to start soon. No one could be trusted.

“He’s awake,” one of the twins said. “Do you remember anything?” The vampire ran his hand over Carmen’s cheek. The small gesture should have comforted him, but it only brought memories of the one Master, who liked to tease him with kind touches before beating him. He had been trained enough not to move away from the touch, but it frightened him all the same.

He quickly shook his head. When the cast was off, he held in the urge to wiggle his toes. He still couldn’t remember how he survived the last beating his Master gave him. He begged for death, and his Master promised it. The weakness he showed in giving up sickened him. He wanted to die. He was prepared to die. Now, he found himself in some sort of new hell.

“You should try using your voice, they had to do some minor repairs to your vocal cords,” the other twin said.

He quickly shook his head again. No talking. No making noise. Those were the rules.

“Say your name,” someone said from the doorway. He didn’t see the other man enter. It turned out to be the vampire with long black hair. This man radiated authority and slave knew this was his new Master.

“Sl-sla,” he stuttered, his voice harsh and painful. “Slave.” He heard the gasp from the twins but ignored it for the more powerful presence in the room.

“No, say your name,” the vampire repeated. “We’ve told you what it is.”

“Slave Carmen.” He really didn’t know what else to say. He was a slave, nothing more. Even with a name, he was still a slave.

“No, just Carmen. Do you remember my name?”

“Master,” he said quietly, looking away.

The vampire roared out in frustration. “No. I am Ian, your father. That is Rio and Ant, your brothers. Say it.” Ian walked closer to Carmen and laid a hand on his shoulder. When he flinched at the simple touch, the hand was removed. Ian turned toward the doctor. “Should we give him some more of my blood?”

In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought. They hadn’t hit him for talking yet. “No, please. I don’t want to go in the sun.”

All the heads in the room turned to him with different looks of astonishment and disgust. Questions flew out and all Carmen could do was turn away from them and their hateful glares. He curled to his side, thankful the doctor had finished removing the casts.

“Guys. Let’s leave him alone for a bit, yeah?” the doctor said. The doctor turned to him with a sad smile. “I know it’s hard believing us after all the drugs they gave you and all the pain you went through, but that truly is over. You are free now. Perhaps with the casts off you will explore the house a little, hmm? Breakfast was just served. You could come down if you’re hungry.”

Carmen thought about it for a second before deciding it might be safe to play along with them. He nodded and then closed his eyes, pulling his blanket over him. Maybe they would go away if they thought he wanted to sleep.




Zuri held his breath as he waited for Carmen’s permission to touch him. All that pale, silky skin teased him, and he wanted to run his tongue across all of it. He wanted to mark his mate so everyone who came near him would know Carmen belonged to him. Knowing that his mate hadn’t been hurt sexually eased some of the heaviness in his heart.

Zuri thought his mate would need years before being comfortable while touched, yet he sat on Zuri’s lap and teased him by rubbing his bubble butt across Zuri’s cock. It seemed, more than anything else, his mate simply needed a little direction. He had no issue giving his beautiful little gatinho direction.

The thing he needed to stay focused on was that his mate said being with him felt right and made him feel safe. He would be his mate’s safe harbor, and he would bring Carmen back out of his shell.

Zuri had professed his love, and though Carmen didn’t say anything back, Zuri knew how he felt. But after all that emotional dumping, he wanted to take his mate’s mind off the heavy subjects. He wanted to make his mate stop thinking all together for a few short moments.

When Zuri pulled the blanket back to reveal Carmen’s generous cock, a little longer than his own and pointing straight at his belly button, Zuri thought he might drool. The angry red mushroom head wept, leaving a trail along Carmen’s stomach. Zuri imagined if his mate hadn’t waxed, there would be a small thatch of golden curls presenting Carmen’s cock to him, though the hairless look did have its advantages. Zuri wanted to see how sensitive the pale skin was.

“O-Oh,” Carmen gasped.

Zuri turned his mate so he was sitting perpendicular to himself, leaning against the other side of the couch. This position was exactly why he purchased the L-shaped couch. Carmen’s ass moved to Zuri’s right leg and allowed Zuri’s achingly hard cock to tent his sweats between his mate’s thighs. He wished he were as naked as Carmen was so he could feel the skin on skin contact.

Carmen threw his head back, extending his neck but hid his eyes from Zuri. He watched his mate’s neck flex as Carmen swallowed. Zuri reached forward and slowly ran his fingertips over his mate’s long neck, caressing the most sensitive spots. He traced around Carmen’s collarbone and slowly made his way to the small, pebbled nipples adorning Carmen’s chest. They looked like drops of chocolate against Carmen’s pale skin, and Zuri bet they tasted as sweet.

Not wasting a moment more, he leaned forward and sucked one nipple into his mouth as he rolled the other between his fingers. He pinched and sucked, loving every second of it. His mate moaned but held still, and Zuri could see the strain it took him not to move. The concentration he used held him aloof from the moment. That would not do.

“Touch me,” Zuri said. He pulled Carmen’s arm up and around his shoulders. Zuri needed Carmen as involved in their lovemaking as he was.

Carmen snaked his fingers into Zuri’s hair as he continued torturing Carmen’s nipples, loving each mewl and moan his mate gifted him. He used his free hand to trace down Carmen’s bare abdomen before trailing his fingers gently around Carmen’s cock. Zuri’s cock ached to be buried deep inside of his mate and he couldn’t help but flex his steel shaft a few times so he could feel it press against Carmen.

Carmen’s balls were drawn tight against his body, forewarning his impending bliss. Zuri gripped them lightly, giving them a small roll before moving his hand away. He ran his fingers lower and gently pressed against the hole that he desperately wanted to sink into. A fiery heat met his finger as he traced the puckered skin. Carmen clenched repeatedly against Zuri’s light invasion.

A noise drew Zuri’s attention, but he kept up his sensual onslaught. The skin around Carmen’s nipples looked tender and well-loved when he released them.

Zuri rubbed his cheek over Carmen’s chest, listing to the sound. “You’re purring, gatinho.”

Carmen sat up so fast he smashed Zuri’s cock, reining in his need and sending fiery pain up his spine. “I am!” Carmen’s smile highlighted his dimples and made Zuri’s chest grow tight. God, his mate looked beautiful!

“So sexy, my mate.” Zuri gradually led Carmen back to his relaxed position while gently adjusting his throbbing cock. He wanted Carmen to enjoy the release and not think about anything stressful so he didn’t mention the torture he endured when Carmen moved.

Zuri stuck his index finger in Carmen’s mouth. “Get it nice and wet.” He waited as Carmen swept his tongue around the digit, leaving a wet trail of warm saliva across the surface. Once satisfied, he pulled his finger out and placed it back at Carmen’s hole. He felt Carmen clench against the pressure. “Relax, nothing you don’t want. I am only rubbing.”

Zuri leaned forward to lick Carmen’s nipple while he waited for his mate to relax his trembling muscles. When Carmen finally unclenched, Zuri rubbed against his hole slowly with barely there pressure. The small purring noise rumbled through Carmen’s chest, making Zuri smile around the budded nipple in his mouth.

When Zuri couldn’t stand it any longer, he stood, carrying Carmen’s thin frame easily. He settled Carmen at the end of the couch with his head against the throw pillows. He was about to ask his mate to put his leg over the back of the couch to make room for Zuri when Carmen started shifting around. Before Zuri knew it, Carmen’s legs were behind his head, leaving his swollen cock and hole on display.

“Cats are really flexible,” Carmen said, his head turned so Zuri couldn’t see him. Was his mate embarrassed about this sexy display?

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