Trusting Rio (MM)

Mircea Clan 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,639
16 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, consensual BDSM, HEA]
Rio Mircea feels like he has done nothing but search for missing people. While searching for his brother Carmen, a see-through blue man named Castillo delivers a clue to his location along with the bombshell that they are mates before disappearing. Through stolen moments with Castillo, Rio learns his mate is a dream walker stuck in soul form after his body was moved. While following up on a lead, Rio finds his mate’s missing body. Now he prays the blue man will appear again so they can begin their life together.
Castillo Innje is a dream walker cursed to have two mates. He must choose wisely because one will be pure of heart and one will not. Unfortunately, so blinded by finding one of his mates, he puts his trust in the wrong hands. Now he prays his other mate, Rio, will save him before he is stuck this way for eternity.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trusting Rio (MM)
16 Ratings (4.6)

Trusting Rio (MM)

Mircea Clan 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,639
16 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I really liked this.....until the ending. I wasn't particularly thrilled with the way the author had Cass end up. I adored Cass and really felt like he got a cruddy deal. Rio was good, but Cass stole the show for me.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This second book in the ‘Mircea Clan’ series focuses on Rio, a vampire, and the blue dream walker from book one who is a fey and turns out to be called Castillo but prefers Cass. As these two men deal with finding and mating each other, the search for the kidnapped jaguar shifter Carmen continues, the evil slave traders are being tracked, and Kat finally gives birth. The suspense runs high, more secondary characters of various paranormal species are introduced, and parts of the Paranormal Leadership Society (or PLS) continue to be up to no good. And yes, if you haven’t read book one, I would recommend you do so before giving this second volume a go since you’ll miss a lot of details if you don’t. Also please note that, from this point onward, this review contains spoilers for book one. Rio is a powerful vampire, son of Ian from book one, and has been looking for his mate for 500 years. When the blue dream walker revealed he was his mate at the end of that book, Rio was ecstatic. But, as Rio learns while they work together to find Carmen, there is a significant obstacle to their mating. Cass has not just been separated from his body, but someone has also hidden that body from him so that he cannot return to being corporeal. Rio is desperate to fix this, and once he succeeds, he will do everything in his power to show Cass that he can be trusted. Cass is a dream walker, a fey who is distantly related to Kat but from a different race with different abilities and issues. He is cursed with two mates, and has to choose the good one – or his magic will be tainted with the darkness of the evil one. He thinks he has already met the bad mate, but he can’t be sure that Rio isn’t worse. This leads to a few initial misunderstandings, and Cass hesitating to let Rio know about his “shameful” desire to be dominated doesn’t help either. Trusting Rio should be easy, after all he saved Cass, but it isn’t as straightforward as it looks – especially with what Cass knows will happen if they truly mate. If you like paranormal series with an ongoing story arc that promises conspiracies and underhanded manipulation on a grand scale, if a mating between a vampire and a fey sounds interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is as suspenseful as it is entertaining and hot, then you will probably like this novel." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“Can‘t I have one fucking day with nothing going on?” Ian groaned, scrubbing his hand down his face. “Who are you, dream walker?

Shit! Rio mentally cursed as he burnt his tongue on the coffee he had just made. He had been alive long enough to have met most species out there, but a dream walker was rare and special. They were not like their name made them to be, but more a fey who could astral project while they slumbered rather than invade your dream like their name would have you think. It had once been described by a dream walker as removing their soul from their body so they were no longer bound by the laws of mass and time. It gave the dream walker the ability to be indivisible, travel instantly, and apparently appear in Rio’s dining room.

Rio looked up and he felt his heart skip a beat at the shimmering blue man across the room. He appeared to be wearing sleep pants, but defined but trim chest was revealed, along with long flowing hair behind him. Rio imagined his body must be stunning if the soul form looked this beautiful. His hands itched to reach out and touch, but would he be able to feel anything if he did?

Conversation went on around him with everyone asking questions of the dream walker, but Rio ignored them all to look his fill of the beautiful man for Rio knew he would surly leave as quickly as he appeared. However, one thing caught Rio’s ears and pulled him from his daze. The dream walker knew who Asher’s mates were before anyone else.

“How did you know who his mates were?” Rio asked. It would completely change the game for paranormals if there were a mare finder out there. Maybe the man could lead Rio to his own mate.

“I am a dream walker,” the blue man said. “And he is my family.” The man shrugged as if to say duh.

“Family? I don‘t remember you. I‘m sorry, but I don‘t,” Kat babbled.

“Simply answered, our parents were cousins and thus we are family. I knew Asher was your mate because I had a vision of a dire wolf mating you after rescuing you, so I went searching for the right wolf,” the blue man explained.

“Where is your body?” Ian asked. That was a good question and Rio wished he had thought to ask it himself.

“I was severed from my body and I do not know where it is, which made the search much more difficult. We will have to discuss this in the future. There are more pressing things to talk about. Roderick is coming for Kat and I promised Asher‘s mother that I would send Asher to visit her now that he‘s found.” The man just continued to wiggle in space, shimmering. His voice held so little emotion that one would think he didn‘t just give earth-shattering news.

“Asher‘s parents are dead,” Ian said. Asher‘s face paled to almost white, which was amazing given the man‘s tan.

“No, they aren‘t, but it is not my story to tell. Find them for the answers you seek. My time is running out. They will help you keep Kat safe from Roderick.”

“Wait, what‘s your name?” Kat asked.

“I don‘t remember.” It was the first bit of emotion he felt from the blue man.

“I‘ve been lost for so long and here I‘ve found my own mate and cannot be with him.”

“Who?” Ant asked. Rio knew his brother longed to find his mate. He seemed almost hopeful that it would be him.

The blue man shimmered out of sight and appeared next to Rio, his iridescent hand turning solid at Rio‘s touch. He felt so thankful that he could feel his mate, even I soul form. “I fear fate has not decided if we shall be a tragedy or not.” Before Rio could reply, the man was gone, taking Rio’s heart with him.

Rio had a mate! His mate! He would accept the man as he was, even I soul form, but he knew that his mate wanted his body back and Rio couldn’t blame him. Rio would accept the unspoken challenge, he would find his mate’s body.  




Gently Rio began to undress his mate. Slowly he ran his hands under Cass’s shirt, touching every bit of skin he could reach. Along the way, he pinched Cass’s nipples before pulling the material over his mate’s head.

Cass’s moans and silent pleas for more drove Rio’s lust higher. He reached down and began to undo the top button of Cass’s jeans before slowly dragging the zipper down. Rio drew it out as long as he could. All the while Cass began to lean into Rio, pressing himself closer.

“Stop,” Cass said, his shaking hands reaching for Rio. “I need to explain about mating me. You need to know the risks.”

“Love, there is no risk to mating you. Together we can deal with anything.”

Cass drew in a deep breath and blinked away their clothing. Rio would have questioned his mate’s change of attitude, but Cass pushed him back against the bed before he could ask. His knees hit the edge of the mattress and Rio gladly let himself bounce a few times before settling.

Cass stood in front of Rio, looking like the most delicious treat on earth. Rio’s fangs popped free of his gums, aching for just one taste of his mate.

Cass visibly shuddered. “God, I love it when you look at me like that.” Cass pounced on Rio, straddling him and leaning in for a kiss. Rio took a more submissive role and let Cass take control. Just because he liked control didn’t mean he needed it all the time. He could bend for his mate.

Cass swirled his tongue around Rio’s mouth before gently running it over his fangs. Rio felt like coming on the spot. “I love it more when you bite me.”

Rio’s cock pressed against the seam of Cass’s ass and begged to be wrapped in Cass’s warm heat. “I need you,” Cass whispered, before reaching behind him to grip Rio’s cock. Without any preamble, Cass began to lower, impaling himself on Rio.

“Once of these days I’ll prepare you like a normal lover would rather than let your magic do the job for me,” Rio moaned. He wouldn’t deny the instant gratification was enjoyable but there was something to be said about foreplay.

Cass sank down, taking all of Rio into him greedily. Once connected Cass leaned over Rio, turning his head to the side on Rio’s chest. Rio wrapped his arms around Cass, drawing lazy circles across his silky skin. When Cass didn’t move Rio began to make small swivels with his hips to keep his lover on edge and enjoying the tenderness of being connected.

“Before you tell me,” Rio started. “Just know that I love you and if you are not ready for this, then we can wait. I know a little about the dream walker’s curse or a good and bad mate.”

Cass moaned and began to pepper kisses along Rio’s neck. “We have a good mate and a bad mate. I don’t know the details of why this curse happened.”  Cass seemed to be trying to crawl into Rio’s skin as he continued to cuddle closer. “I’m so scared, Rio. But not about the curse. I know you’re the right mate.”

Rio ran his hands through Cass’s hair in a soothing motion. He realized Cass needed to feel connected to Rio. That was why he decided to tell this story while impaled on Rio’s cock. “It’s okay, love.”

“When we mate, you become the source of my magic, my energy. I can’t be away from you for long periods of time.” Rio had no problem with being glued to his mate. If anything, it made him feel better, knowing his mate wouldn’t go off on crazy missions without him. “You can tap into my power once we’re mated. If I were to pick the wrong mate then their energy would taint my magic, their darkness would twist and turn it and then they would have access to it. Do you know how bad that could be? My magic in someone with bad intentions could cause unstoppable havoc.”

“We don’t have to mate, though. We could just live a long and happy life together without the final bond,” Rio offered. The words cut him like a knife, but he would do it for Cass.

“That’s why I know you’re the right choice. You don’t abuse what you can do and you are always trying to help people. I know you’re the right choice. I want to mate with you.” Cass stilled and Rio could feel the hesitation before he said the next part. The words came out barely a whisper, “Someone always dies, too.”

Rio dug his heels into the sheets, bringing his knees up, and began to rock in and out of Cass. This time it was about making love, not fucking. He continued to hold Cass close, as Cass squirmed and arched his back.

Rio felt immense pleasure roll through him as Cass squeezed down. He had a few lovers in his five hundred years, but they had never felt like this. This overwhelming need to cherish and protect his mate, to see to his every need, both trilled and frightened Rio.

“Bite me,” Cass said into Rio’s shoulder, bringing Rio back into the moment.

He knew his mate’s orgasm drew close. It was usually the only time Cass begged to be bitten. Rio rocked into his mate with deep strokes as he teased his fangs over Cass’s neck.

Only once Rio knew his own orgasm was close, his balls drawn tight to his body and tingles running down his spine, did he bite Cass. He struck quickly and deeply. Marks of his ownership were already branded into Cass’s skin and this added to them.

Rio drank greedily as Cass screamed out his release. His mate’s hot seed splashed against his stomach.

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