[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, flogging, paddling, HEA]
The changes that brought Craven back home made him a little angry, but he's settling in even as he accepts his responsibilities to finish raising his teen sister. However, his pride’s rigid stance on gay men has left him lonely, until business brings him face-to-face with one of his mates.
Ellis knows something is missing from his life, and he knows it's his second mate. When he meets Craven, it's clear he’s found the missing puzzle piece. However, he knows things won’t be as simple as introducing his panther mate to his wildcat mate, but a seemingly innocuous yet near fatal prank forces Craven and Kin to connect instantly.
As their bond strengthens, the danger stalking Craven and his younger sister creates a bond between Ellis and his mates that is titanium strong. This ensures Ellis will do anything to protect his new family and defeat the darkness threatening to separate them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Strength of a Wildcat's Love (MMM)
3 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




His office door opened as he packed up his things to head out. Looking up Ellis smiled. “Hello, darlin’,” he said. “Ready to head home?”

“I am,” Kin agreed. “I tried to get Craven, but he didn’t answer. Did he lose the phone you gave him?”

“I don’t think so,” Ellis said with a frown. “He probably just turned it off. The guards said he was fine when I checked in with them an hour ago.”

Kin leaned against the desk facing the window and turned his head to look at Ellis. “Maybe he changed his mind about us meeting his sister,” he murmured.

“Let’s hope not,” Ellis answered. “I want to start getting to know her as soon as possible. I don’t expect an instant family, but I want her to know we’re here for her too.”

Kin nodded in agreement. “The problem will be getting her to accept us I guess.”

Ellis grabbed his cell from his desk and tapped out the number of the temporary phone he’d given Craven before he left last night. It was a pay-as-you-go he’d been using as a music player. All he’d had to do was activate it.


“Hey, sweetheart,” Ellis said and noticed the subtle shift of Kin’s body as he leaned closer to him. Not that he needed to. Panthers had excellent hearing as did wildcats. He caressed his jaw and Kin caught his hand and laced his fingers through Ellis’s. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing much,” Craven said softly. “I’m just heading home. Your guards said they’d be at the gates in the morning to follow me to work. Thanks for the rental. You really didn’t have to do that.”

“Well, I knew your pride might not allow me and Kin to drive you into the community,” Ellis answered. “Are we still on for tonight?”

“Actually, I need to discuss a few things with my sister.”

He frowned at the sounds of strain. “What’s happened between the last time I saw you and now?”

“We’ll talk in a few days okay? Friday my sister doesn’t have school. I’m getting off early to take her to see the healer. I’ll call you after.”

“I can’t wait to see you, baby,” Kin called although he was frowning and Ellis didn’t blame him. “I’ve been missing you all day.”

Ellis smiled. He saw truth in Kin’s eyes that echoed inside him. He’d missed his mate too as much as he’d worried about him, but he’d give Craven his two days. “Did you hear him?”

“I miss you too, Kin. See you both Friday.”

“Sweetheart if you need either of us, call, okay?” Ellis asked. “Day or night.”

“I will. I just need to think a few things over,” he said.

Ellis frowned when the phone went dead. “His pride’s elders probably went over there to kick his ass over what’s going on.”

“Yeah.” Kin agreed grimly as he absently stroked the back of Ellis’s hand before releasing it to allow him to finish packing up. “You were on TV hugging this morning.”

“Shit. I didn’t think,” he muttered and then cursed again. “I was just so happy he was okay.”

“No. I know,” Kin said. “You shouldn’t have to think about touching your own mate. We’ve got to get them out of there.”

Ellis gave Kin a smile. “I asked him to move in with us already, and I’ve got things underway to add on a room for her. She’s pregnant so—”

“We’re going to need a nursery too, gorgeous,” Kin said with a frown. “How’d this girl get pregnant if these cats are so stringent?”

“I don’t know,” Ellis said. “Let’s go grab something to eat.” Ellis closed the flat on his bag.


“What is it?” His hand fell away from the bag and he turned to face his mate.

“I was thinking we could go away this weekend. It would be a good way for us to spend some quality time with our sister and her brother.” He grinned.

“Where were you thinking?” He thought that would be a great idea for some alone time for their new family. It would take time for them all to build a working relationship, and an even longer time for Craven’s sister to accept them given her upbringing.

“Your cabin? It’s plenty big enough for all of us, and we can have a little fun with our mate without disturbing his sister.” Kin faced him and wiggled his brows and Ellis laughed.

“I’ll have someone go out and open it up first thing in the morning,” he said and pulled Kin against him. “Great idea, cutie.” He claimed a slow kiss. “You always taste so good.”

Kin’s eyes smoldered with heat. “You could have me as an appetizer.”

The cat picked up the soft perfume of Ken’s arousal and Ellis stroked a finger down Kin’s cheek. “Not hungry enough yet?” he murmured.

Kin gave him a shrug as he lowered his lashes. The dark hairs feathered his cheeks momentarily before he lifted his eyes again. “I could be hungrier.”

“Do you have any ideas about how we could achieve this elevation in your appetite?” Ellis asked with a teasing smile.




Craven’s tongue glided down his shaft and back up to play over the crown. He blew over the head before flicking his tongue over the slit of Kin’s dick. Then, he took the head into his mouth.

“Fuck yes!” Kin growled, and fisted his hands in Craven’s hair. “Suck my dick, pretty baby. Suck just the head.”

The scent of Kin’s lust whipped around the room, a potent cologne. Craven’s head bobbed up and down as he sucked greedily at Kin’s cock. He licked down the shaft and to his balls. He sucked one and then the other before flicking beneath the sac.

Kin purred and he teased the spot again before taking the head into his mouth again.

 “Come here,” Kin commanded.

Craven crawled up to him and Kin flipped Craven onto his back. He quickly moved over him. He claimed Craven greedily as his tongue pushed inside the depths of his mouth.

Craven moaned into the kiss as he stroked Kin’s calf with his foot.

Kin trailed kisses from Craven’s jaw to the rosy tips of his nipples. He swirled his tongue around one taut bud and hummed.

Craven groaned as he pushed his fingers into Kin’s hair and held his head tight as he sent bliss bursting through him with every flick of his tongue. He strained closer, panting hard as need rode him roughly. Damn he was on fire.

Kin slapped one nipple and then pinched it hard. The pain went right to his cock making it pulse and throb. His cum leaked from him, dampening the sheets. “Fuck, Kin! Baby.”

He sucked at one nipple and then the other before tracing a path to Craven’s stomach. He closed his fingers around his thick shaft and lowered his head. He licked the tip before closing his lips over it.

Craven’s hips lifted sending his cock deeper into his mate’s hot mouth. “Yes.” He purred and panted roughly. He fucked Kin’s mouth slow and easy before Kin lifted his head and gave Craven’s cock tip a slap. He pinched it and slapped it again sending waves of pleasure laced pain through him.

“You like that, sweetheart?” Kin asked.

“I could get used to it,” he said huskily.

“Grab the lube,” Kin ordered.

Craven grabbed the tube from the nightstand, and handed it over. Kin squeezed some onto his fingers and pushed one into Craven’s ass as he sucked his cock.

Craven moaned as the questing finger stroked him, teased the nerves to life before Kin withdrew his finger to add more lube and a second finger. He sucked Craven’s cock deeper into his mouth as he fucked him with his fingers.

Craven mewled, writhing on the mattress as Kin’s fingers claimed his ass, hitting his sweet spots over and over. The pleasure became an intense wave that crashed against him hard and fast, taking his breath away. Sweat beaded on his brow, was a sheen over his body.

“Kin, please! Fuck me.” He begged. “Oh my god!”

Kin took Craven’s cock to the back of his throat and swallowed, and Craven jerked in release.

“You two look like you’re having a good time.”

Kin’s gaze went to the doorway where Ellis stood just inside stroking his cock through his jeans. “Come join us.” He withdrew his fingers from Craven’s ass and rolled them over so Craven was on top.

Ellis tugged his T-shirt over his head. “I can’t believe you two started without me.” He kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants down his powerful thighs.

“Ellis,” Craven said lazily. “You’re so gorgeous.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe he has a body like that when he sits behind a desk most of the day,” Kin said with a grin.

Ellis put his knee on the bed next to Craven, and Craven leaned toward him. He closed his lips around Ellis’s cock. Ellis hissed and Craven sucked the head while Kin sat up to kiss Ellis’s shoulder.

“Baby, I’m glad you joined us,” he said stroking the back of Ellis’s head and claimed his mouth for a slow kiss before laying back on the bed.

Ellis fucked his mouth with shallow strokes as Kin thrust slowly up into Craven’s ass. Craven groaned and lifted his head to look into Ellis’s eyes.

“I need you.”

Ellis moved behind him on the bed and gave his ass a hard swat. “Don’t move Kin,” he ordered before dropping his hand on Craven’s ass again.

Craven moaned. The sting was a painful pleasure.

Ellis tapped his ass again before trailing kisses over his shoulder. He reached down to grasp his cock and slid it down the crease of Craven’s ass before slipping it slowly into Craven’s tight channel.

Kin moaned and stroked Craven’s waist. “Baby, your dick feels good on mine.”

“A pleasure we’ll be repeating often,” Ellis murmured and then drove into Craven’s ass, filling him in a single thrust.

 Craven moaned. It was as much the feel of both men inside him as it was the look on Kin’s face. He could tell the feel of Ellis’s cock against Kin’s had aroused Kin even more. He wasn’t jealous. In fact, he was damn glad to have both his mates taking him together.

Ellis drew back and thrust into him slow and easy and then mimicked the action causing Craven’s eyes to cross from the pleasure of the slow glides into his ass and the erotic retreat. They kept that pace up filling him slow and withdrawing with equal slowness.

“Of fuck,” Craven groaned. He scratched at Kin’s shoulder with one hand and reached back to caress the back of Ellis’s head. “You both feel so good.” He shuddered as Ellis thrust into him.

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