Happy Valenkink's Day: A Reunion Story (MM, MMM, MF, MFM)

Suncoast Society 44

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,640
25 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, M/M/M, M/F, M/F/M, bondage, heavy use of sex toys, spanking, suspension play, HEA]
The Suncoast Society is having a BDSM Valentine’s Day party, and “Aunt" Tilly’s watching the kids while everyone else attends the “adult” festivities. She’s planned arts, crafts…and combat practice.
What could possibly go wrong?
Let’s just say it’s a good thing some of the Doms have well-stocked first aid kits in their toybags.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


Happy Valenkink's Day: A Reunion Story (MM, MMM, MF, MFM)
25 Ratings (4.7)

Happy Valenkink's Day: A Reunion Story (MM, MMM, MF, MFM)

Suncoast Society 44

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,640
25 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It was fun catching up with the members of the Society. Nice and calm. It was fast reading, it surprised me when I realized that I had finished the book. But it was a good one.
This book 44 in the "Suncoast Society" series and the gang is having a party this time at Nick, Lucas and Leigh's house. Tilly is also babysitting the kids at her house with arts and crafts. One of my favorite couples was in attendances for the party Mevi and Doyle with a sexy scenes in the pool or hot tub that I liked. I also liked that Leah tested a new rigger with Seth being tied up. Leigh is worried because she keeps forgetting to take her pill and she is not sure if she is ready to have another baby with them being busy and not being able to be in public with Nick and she is not sure how they feel. Abbey and Gilo are also there with him wearing a cupids outfit including a diaper which everyone laughed at. Mevi who has been giving guitar lessons to Laurel who is Leo and Eva's daughter along with Darryl's son Kyle who is 14. With all that these kinky friends got there kink on. This was a good read I love reading this series. This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.


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Loren stared at Tilly from her side of the booth. “You sure you really want to do this? You can still back out. You have a week.”

Tilly smiled. “I’m looking forward to it, are you kidding me? No, I’m not backing out. And you’re going to have fun, too.”


“Yeah, you. You’re one of Aunt Tilly’s elves.”

“Wait, hold on. How did I get drafted?”

Tilly arched an eyebrow at her and leaned in. “Do you really want to go to the Valentine’s Day party?”

“Um, yeah.”

“Do you not remember what Ross did to you at the Christmas party? I saw the dang pics. You had a freaking Christmas tree shoved up your cooch. Seriously? You want to go and see what he can do to out-do himself for the rigging contest?”

Loren thought about it. “What time do you need me there?”

Tilly grinned. “Atta girl. And I already talked to Ross this morning and he cleared it.” She leaned in. “Besides, you will get a very special concert that the others won’t get.”


Tilly’s smile widened. “This is super-secret stuff, baby. I have a certain someone who promised to give Laurel private guitar lessons in exchange for me doing them a very large favor, and they’re going to come by my house first for a while before they go to the main party. That’s something you won’t get to see at the main party.”

Tilly took a bite of her breadstick. “Everyone’s going to be sooo jelly when they find that out, because I asked the person to tell everyone when they go to the main party after they’re done at ours with the kids.”

“Huh?” Then Loren’s eyes widened and she clapped a hand over her mouth. “Holy fucking shi-smokeballs,” she muttered. “You’re kidding?”

“Language, Auntie Loren.” She grinned. “And do I look like I’m kidding?” She reached over and adjusted the blanket tucked around a sleeping KC in her carrier on the seat next to her in the booth. “It’s going to be amazing. Besides, unless you want to be responsible for me converting them all into little terrors by showing the original Batman to them—”

Tilly! We already discussed that. I swear, I’m going to take that DVD away from you. Most of them are way too young to see that! You never should have shown it to Laurel!”

“Not like I showed her Suicide Squad.”

“I swear, you need a responsible adult to watch you sometimes. An adultier adult than you.”

Tilly poked her in the shoulder. “And that’s you, bestie. Lucky bit-uh, lucky boo.”

Loren rolled her eyes. “If KC’s first full sentence doesn’t contain the words s-h-i-t or b-i-t-c-h, I’ll be shocked.”

“You forgot f-u-c-k.”

Loren pointed at her. “Or that.”


* * * *


With lunch over, they took Tilly’s minivan to a big-box discount store and started working on Tilly’s shopping list.

“So, who’s RSVP’d to Aunt Tilly’s Junior Terrorist in Training Camp Valentine’s Day Massacre Party so far?”

Tilly flipped her a bird. “We’ll be fine.” She started listing kids and adult helpers.

So far, including KC, they would have thirteen kids at the house for the party, ranging in age from the oldest at fourteen years, jumping down to Laurel, who was nearly nine, several toddlers and babies, and a few scattered mixed ages.

While the ratios of kids to adults looked pretty good, Tilly wasn’t fooled. They could outnumber the kids four to one and still be outnumbered.

They were kids.

In the adult category, besides herself, Loren, Landry, and Cris, they’d also have Susan. She was pregnant and not feeling up to playing, and the fourteen-year-old boy was her step-son, Darryl’s son Kyle. Darryl and Grant would be playing at the adult party. Plus, for a little while, they’d have Mevi and Doyle, while Mevi gave Laurel her first guitar lesson. That would also probably impress Kyle, or so Tilly hoped, since Susan said Mevi was his favorite musician. And Kyle could help wrangle the littler kids.

June had also volunteered to help out. An experienced mom of two grown girls, and a former kids’ gymnastics teacher, she shouldn’t have any troubles. Her husband, Scrye, had pulled his back and she’d forbidden him from rigging. But she’d given him her blessings to go to the party and help advise others on their rigging or act as a spotter.

Kel’s wife, Mal, was pregnant, but she’d be watching the phones at the adult party. And Noel, one of the moms, had said after she played with her two guys that she would come over and help out so her men could play with each other.

Eliza was their ace in the hole. She’d volunteered herself and husband Rusty to help at the start of the evening, playing with the kids outside and showing them some SCA battle stuff—with kid-safe weaponry. That would allow the kids to wear themselves out and burn off excess energy. As the mother of an adult woman who’d also participated in those kinds of events as a kid, Eliza knew a few things. Rusty would also help as needed, although they were hoping for some adult playtime later at the other party, if possible.

“Right now, you just have a couple of overnights, right?” Loren asked. They were both pushing carts, with KC asleep in her carrier in Tilly’s.

“Laurel and Kenny. But they’ve stayed over lots of times. And Lily, but she’s two. Sully, Mac, and Clarisse are going to spend the night at Leigh’s, so their four will spend the night with us. They offered to go to a hotel, but Leigh insisted they take the pool house so they can have adult fun of their own without the drive. And that puts them two minutes away, too. They’re all going to do brunch together at Leigh’s after they get the kids.”

“Weren’t you invited?”

“Uh, yeah, but I’m going to want to sleep in. I’m thinking of sending KC home with them for the morning so we can have some adult time during the day. Leigh already offered to take her.”

“I’m surprised Ross didn’t mind losing me for the evening,” Loren said as they stopped in the arts and crafts aisle to get some items from Tilly’s list.

“I might have guilt-tripped him a little,” Tilly admitted with a sneaky smile. “I told him that any woman willing to put up with what you’ve put up from him over the years deserves a little bestie and kidlet time.”

Loren smiled. “I do have fun with the kids.”

Tilly didn’t miss how she blinked a little faster than usual before turning and wiping at her eyes.

“I reminded him of that, too,” Tilly quietly said.

Loren hugged her. “Thanks.” She sniffled, showing a forced smile that didn’t fool Tilly in the least.

“And, hey, once they all conk out for the evening, if you wanted to go over there and play, have at it. We’ll have plenty of coverage.”


“I would hide the Christmas tree from him, though.”

Loren snickered. “I should hide his whole dang toybag from him.”

“Or at least his markers.” Tilly held up a multi-colored pack of them.

Loren scowled. “Nope. Red. Hard limit. You know that.”

“Aww.” Tilly stared at them. “Maybe I could talk Landry into letting me use them on Cris.”

“Just remember that when he’s in Top mode next time.”

“Eh, true.” Tilly put them back. “Never mind. Rule one of being a switch, don’t do it if you don’t like it or can’t tolerate it.”


“You betcha. How else do you think we keep from killing each other?”




Once the baby was soundly asleep, Landry and Tilly put her to bed and retreated to their bedroom, not disturbing Cris in the office. They had a baby monitor so if KC awakened they could hear her.

Meanwhile, Landry had ideas, and it didn’t take Tilly long to see that.

Before she could climb into the bed, he bent her over the edge of it, one hand firmly planted between her shoulders, the other between her legs and fingering her.

And he played dirty—he switched to speaking French.

“Love, get ready for me.”

Tilly squirmed on the bed, helpless to fight him. Oh, she knew he’d stop if she demanded it, or safeworded…but she didn’t want to.

His fingers slowly explored and teased, sliding into her pussy and dipping into her slick juices, sliding along her clit, circling, back around again. She ground her hips against his hand, wanting more and knowing the hotter he got her, the less likely he was to let her come until he was ready to.

He leaned in and bit the back of her shoulders, across, again, hard bites she knew would leave teeth marks tomorrow morning when she looked in the mirror. As he spun her down into subspace, she closed her eyes and let go, enjoying this freedom. In a few weeks, she’d have to go back to LA for nearly a month. The men would join her out there periodically, but it would mean none of this for a while.

At some point, she was vaguely aware of their bedroom door opening and Cris entering. As soon as Landry spoke to him in French, bringing him in to co-Top her, not as Cris’ slave, she realized she was about to be doubly screwed. Literally.

Landry pulled her up and completely onto the bed with him, sinking his cock into her pussy and making her moan.

“Such a good girl for us,” he softly whispered before pulling her in for a kiss, holding her still.


Damn this French Dom.

She’d been with them so long it wasn’t even the words anymore so much as it was the damn language. One night in LA, they’d gone to a French restaurant and the men spoke nothing but French, refusing to speak to Tilly unless she did, too, and knowing damn well she was squirming and horny by the time they finished dessert and Landry called for the check.

Then they’d taken her home and, once KC was put to bed, fucked Tilly’s brains out all night.

Early on, the triggers alone, in French, were what did it.

The sneaky bastards had taken great pleasure in increasing the conditioning, broadening its reach.

And Landry was scheduled to travel with her to Paris in June for a movie premier.

Plus the men were speaking to KC in French as well as English, wanting her to be fluent in the language as she grew up.

I’m fucked.

When the mattress dipped behind her, she knew what was going to happen and arched her back to hike her hips for it.

“Good girl,” Cris said. She felt his fingers start to lube her ass and she moaned into Landry’s mouth while Cris quickly worked up to two fingers scissoring inside her.

Landry’s fist in her hair forced her head up, breaking the kiss.

“Don’t come yet, love,” he ordered. “Let Cris get his cock in there first.”

When his fingers disappeared, they were quickly replaced by Cris’ condom-sheathed cock, easily sliding in.

She let out a loud, needy moan and forced herself to hold still as the deliciously sweet burn of men’s cocks filling and stretching her quickly turned to pleasure, firing her need.

If she squirmed, Landry would only tease her harder, make her wait longer.

Cris stroked her back, his hands settling on her waist as he took a long, slow stroke inside her before burying his cock to the balls in her ass, pausing, and then taking another one.

She couldn’t hold back her moan.

Landry’s intense green gaze stared up at her. “I feel his cock fucking you, love. That nice, big cock of his in your ass. I can feel how good it is. Tell us what you want.”

“Please let me come, Sir.”

In the beginning, he’d agreed not to “Dom” her unless she asked. Now, she didn’t need to ask. He had a spookily accurate sense about her and her needs. In the rare instances he misjudged, she simply said not now, and he backed off.

Those times were rare, indeed. He had completely earned her trust in all ways, and Cris had re-earned hers.

These two men were the only ones who ever got to see her truly stripped of all mental and emotional armor. Landry even more than Cris.

“Beg us for it, love. I am not convinced you really want it.”

“Sir, please let me come! I need to come on your cocks!”

He loosened his grip on her a little so she could start moving, start rocking, start fucking back against Cris. It meant she could finally get traction against her aching, swollen clit.

“If you do not come before I do, love,” Landry warned, “then you shall have to wait until morning.”

Tilly frantically started moving, grinding, Cris’ grip tightening on her waist as he plowed her ass and she fucked herself onto Landry’s cock.

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