Gary watches the man next door from his bedroom window. The man is gorgeous, sexy, and he is a fireman. The thoughts that Gary has about the man are wild, erotic, and hot. If he ever has the man to himself, if only for one night, Gary knows that it will take an entire squad of firemen to fan the flames of desire.

Fire Storm
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Gary could see the sweat covering the man’s smooth pecs as he mowed. The muscles in his back flexed as he pushed the mower across his lawn. Gary lay back and undid his pants, pulled them down to his waist, thankful that there was no one at home to interrupt him.


Gary opened the door to find his sexy fireman neighbor, Theodore was his name, standing there in all his sweaty glory. Gary had never been this close to him. Was he dreaming? Even though Gary had moved in three years ago, he and Theodore, Tad for short, had never really spoken. Gary’s eyes traveled all the way down his neighbor’s sweat covered body, from his dazzling blue eyes down to the treasure trails that took him down to the man’s bulge. “Hi there, I’m Theodore, Tad for short,” he said. Gary knew his name already, but it sounded better coming from Tad’s mouth. The sound of his voice stirred something deep inside Gary and he found himself leaning closer to him.

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