His Little Impala (MM)

Willow Point 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,488
17 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

Maynard Dario never thought he would have to uproot his life. He is a new deputy in Willow Point and doesn’t trust anyone. He’s been there two months and still refers to his boss and coworkers by their formal names. When he responds to a call at an isolated house, he realizes the occupant is his mate.

Luke Teufel doesn’t want anything to do with the outside world. He’s nursing an old injury that leaves him limping, and everyone can just leave him alone. Until he meets Maynard. They slowly become friends, enjoying each other’s company, but when Maynard tells Luke they are mates, Luke rejects the idea.

Maynard has no clue what to do except walk away, but even though Luke is confused, he refuses to let Maynard put distance between them. Maynard’s past comes back with a vengeance, and although Luke is human, he puts his life on the line to save his little impala shifter.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

His Little Impala (MM)
17 Ratings (4.8)

His Little Impala (MM)

Willow Point 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,488
17 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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Maynard was a bundle of nerves by the time he arrived. One, he wasn’t sure how his mate would act toward him since it would be just them. No other people would be there. Two, he didn’t want Diablo to attack him. Maynard probably smelled like straight-up prey to the dog.

He pulled down the dirt driveway and parked. Before getting out, Maynard took a few deep breaths. He’d been waiting all week for a reason to visit his mate, and now that he was there, Maynard hesitated.

The front door opened, and Diablo bounded out, heading straight for Maynard’s car. The dog barked, and even though Maynard was tucked inside, he cringed back.

“Diablo, give the man some room.” Luke was on the porch, looking so good that Maynard prayed he wasn’t drooling. He whistled, and the dog came back to him, but Diablo kept eyeing Maynard like Maynard was his next meal.

Luke walked toward the car, and Maynard noticed a slight limp. “Sorry if my dog scared you. He’s not too keen on strangers.”

It hadn’t been like that the night Maynard was there with the other deputies. The dog hadn’t looked happy that everyone was there, but he hadn’t growled, either. Now he sat on the porch licking his chops.

Maynard slowly opened the door. “Are you sure he isn’t going to attack me?”

“Not unless I tell him to.” Luke gripped the top of the car door then opened it fully. “I swear you’re fine.”

Maynard had a service weapon on him, but he felt sick to his stomach thinking about using it on a poor dog. He would, though, if it came down to him or Diablo. Finally, Maynard got out but eyed Diablo before turning to Luke. “What seems to be the problem?”

Now that they stood so close Maynard noticed their size difference. Luke was a good six inches taller than him. “Someone has been in my shed. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you.”

Maynard eyed Diablo before he followed Luke. He couldn’t keep his gaze away from Luke’s ass and was dying to ask why his mate was limping, but that seemed too personal. Since they didn’t know each other yet, Maynard felt it best not to ask.

“The lock.” Luke pointed at the padlock that was hanging open. “I know for sure I locked it the last time I was in there. I normally don’t call the cops about something like this, but this is the third time I’ve found it that way.”

“Is anything missing?” Maynard asked.

“That’s the crazy thing. Someone keeps breaking in, but they don’t take anything. I can’t figure that out.”

The shed was set back aways from the house, butted up against the woods. Far enough away that Luke wouldn’t have been able to hear someone tinkering with the padlock.

“May I?” Maynard waved toward the shed.

“Go right ahead.” Luke crossed his beefy arms. “Be careful. Sometimes racoons get in there through some worn wood at the top. I don’t want any of them attacking you because you startled them.”

With a nod, Maynard opened the shed door. It wasn’t a very big space, enough for a workbench to house tools and Luke’s riding mower but nothing bigger than that. The walls were unfinished, exposing the beams used to construct the small space. There was an overheard light fixture, and Maynard turned it on. The light gave just enough for him to see. Although there were two windows at the back, the woods kept sunshine from seeping inside.

He looked around, thankful he didn’t spot any wild animals, but he did scent something else. He took a deep whiff and swore it was a scent that didn’t belong to Luke.

He would know Luke’s scent. Pine and leather. A heady combination.

The tools on the workbench were neatly placed, and the floor was spotless. It seemed Luke liked order and cleanliness.

Maynard came back out. “I’m sorry, but I don’t see any evidence anyone was in there. I can write up a report, but I’m afraid there’s not really anything I can do since nothing was taken.”

Since Luke had said this wasn’t the first time, and he was Maynard’s mate, Maynard decided he would come back later tonight in his impala form. He already had the stranger’s scent. He just wanted to follow it to see where it led or if it lead anywhere at all.

“I knew it was a longshot.” Luke rubbed his nape. “Sorry to have you come all the way out here for nothing.”

“It was no bother.” Maynard closed the shed door. He stopped in his tracks when he saw that Diablo had joined them. They stared at each other, and then Diablo cocked his head to the side. Maynard moved closer to Luke out of fear.

“Are you really afraid of him?” Luke scratched his chin. “He really is a good boy. He was abused before I found him, but he’s the sweetest dog.”

Not from where Maynard was standing. “I’m not big on dogs. He looks like he wants me for a snack.”

Luke chuckled, and Maynard became quickly addicted to the sound. “I promise not to let him snack on you.”

Maynard wasn’t sure if Luke was flirting with him or not. His eyes had grown slightly darker, and he looked Maynard over, but that didn’t mean his mate was flirting. Maynard had a bad habit of misreading people and making a fool of himself. He wasn’t going to embarrass himself with Luke.

“Um, thanks.” With nothing else to say, Maynard headed back to his patrol car. He gave one last look to his mate, who was standing on the side of his house, his arms crossed, before he got back into the cruiser and reversed down the driveway.




Luke reached across the cushions and plucked the coffee cup from Maynard, setting it on the coffee table. When he turned back around, Maynard’s eyes had widened and his breathing had picked up.

“Stop looking like you’re caught in the headlights.” Luke dragged his knuckles down Maynard’s cheek.

“I’m just…surprised is all.” Maynard leaned into Luke’s touch. His eyelids fluttered closed for a brief second before opening again. “I thought you didn’t believe in fate.”

“I’m jaded.” Luke kept moving until Maynard leaned back, his head pressing into the armrest. “Life kicked me in the nuts, Maynard. It tried to tear me down.”

“And now?” Maynard slipped his hands up Luke’s chest.

It was hard to think when all Luke could concentrate on was Maynard’s lips. He wanted to devour them, to taste the coffee Maynard had been drinking, to suck the guy’s tongue into his mouth.

He skimmed his hand down Maynard’s exposed belly and played with the waistband of his boxers. “And now all I can think about is sinking balls-deep inside of you.”

Maynard visibly swallowed. “I won’t be able to stop myself from biting you.”

Luke paused as he looked down at him. “Bite me?”

“I guess I forgot to mention that part.” Maynard skimmed his finger over Luke’s shoulder, making him shiver at the touch. “I would bite you here, and then our souls will bind.”

Doubt started to creep into Luke until Maynard’s arms came around him in a tight hug then eased, his hands trailing up and down Luke’s back.

Heat radiated from Maynard’s body, and Luke bit back a moan when Maynard’s fingers trailed along the waistline of his underwear. No doubt the man felt the tent poking him in the gut.

Luke ground his teeth when Maynard’s fingers made their way down his underwear, curling around his cock. Luke hissed, thrusting into Maynard’s hand as he tilted Maynard’s head back and stole a deep, sensual kiss that sent electricity through him.

Luke shuddered when Maynard broke the kiss and his lips found their way to his hardened nipples. He ghosted his lips across the left one, laving it, sucking the hard peak into his mouth, using his teeth to add light pressure.

Luke was seconds away from taking over. The exploratory way Maynard licked across his chest, using his tongue to map out Luke’s pecs before moving onto the right nipple, was torture.

Maynard moaned as he sucked and licked, testing Luke’s control. Luke wanted to reciprocate, but he didn’t want Maynard to stop. As Maynard dined on Luke, the hand that was curled around Luke’s cock moved slowly, teasingly, giving just enough pressure to keep Luke on the edge.

God how Luke had missed this. Touching, kissing, simply being with someone else. He’d kept himself isolated for too long, and Maynard’s presence only reminded Luke that he was still young, still full of life.

Luke placed his hands on either side of Maynard’s head, looking down at what the guy was doing, getting turned on as he watched pure pleasure cross Maynard’s face. But in Maynard’s hand wasn’t where Luke wanted his cock. As much as he was enjoying this and didn’t want his little impala to stop, Luke pulled back and helped Maynard out of his boxers.

Maynard curled a leg around Luke’s hip, and Luke spun to sit, helping Maynard straddle him. He drove his cock back and forth along Maynard’s crease as Maynard clung to him, eating at Luke’s mouth.

As they kissed, Luke reached over and opened the side table drawer, reaching for the new bottle of lube he’d yet to open. Luke might have protested about being mates and the whole fate thing, but when he’d gone to town to take the shell casing to the sheriff, he’d gone to the pharmacy first and purchased the new bottle.

Since they never went into Luke’s bedroom, he’d stashed it in the living room where they spent most of their time, and Luke was glad he’d thought ahead.

Maynard pulled back and smiled. “You keep lube in your living room?”

“Always be prepared.” Luke tossed the top aside, peeling back the tiny aluminum seal. Luke lubed his fingers and set the bottle aside. Maynard bit his lower lip, his eyes shining, as he lifted his ass. “I really can’t believe this is happening. I thought I’d grow old and gray before you came to your senses.”

Luke chuckled. “Put an almost-naked guy next to me and I’m putty in his hands.”

Luke cupped Maynard’s ass, parted his cheeks, and probed at his hole before sliding a finger inside. Maynard gasped, groaned, and inched his way down, impaling himself. Luke’s cock now rested between them from all the movement, gliding alongside Maynard’s as he took the man’s mouth in a searing kiss.

Then Luke added a second finger while he kept Maynard pinned against his chest. Maynard’s fingernails dug into Luke’s shoulders, scoring him, branding him, and Luke welcomed the added fiery sensations.

“I need…” Maynard gasped between breaths. “I need you inside me.”

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