Forged in Fire (MM)

Willow Point 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,877
13 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, Vampires, MM, HEA]

Three hundred years ago Brodie’s family was killed, and he’s been enslaved to a crazed vampire ever since. For centuries Brodie has helplessly watched men and women die at Arjun’s hands. There is no hope or escape for Brodie. Not when Arjun has bound them together by blood. Until Brodie runs into Sheriff Tate Weston outside of Joe’s Diner. When Arjun discovers that Brodie has inadvertently led the cops to their house, Arjun wounds Brodie, leaving him to die.

The moment the human ran into Tate, he knew Brodie was his mate. He follows Brodie to discover that he’s working for the vampire causing so much destruction in Willow Point. When Brodie stumbles out the back door, his arm shredded, Tate must get Brodie help before his mate dies, while praying his newfound mate isn’t evil. How could he think otherwise when he knows Brodie is with Arjun? Now it’s up to Tate to keep Brodie safe while trying to take down the most powerful vampire he’s ever met.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Forged in Fire (MM)
13 Ratings (4.9)

Forged in Fire (MM)

Willow Point 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,877
13 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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“You’re a fool for caring. No one cares about you. No one has saved you from Mr. Psycho. Why should you care about anyone else?” But Brodie did. The problem was he cared too much. It might have been Arjun who committed those heinous acts, but it was Brodie who wept at night for the man’s monstrous ways.

When he reached the heart of town, Brodie tried to keep his head low and blend into the background. He prayed no one noticed him. It was early morning and he felt the sun’s warmth on his skin. Arjun was at the squat house sleeping.

Of course Brodie wanted to run and never look back, but he knew that was futile. Arjun would only find him and punish him. Brodie ground his teeth as he walked past the diner and peered inside. What he wouldn’t give to be one of the people sitting there enjoying their breakfast, to laugh and not have a care in the world.

But that wasn’t his fate. For him, happiness was as elusive as a unicorn. He would never know how that felt.

He was so busy thinking about living someone else’s life that he hadn’t noticed the guy walking out of the diner until he ran right into the man.

Brodie came up short, staring at the guy in a cop’s uniform who looked down at him. God, the man was so freaking tall and built like a brick house. Brodie wasn’t sure if he’d ever come across anyone this huge. He had gorgeous brown eyes and a full beard and mustache that was trimmed in a way that said the guy took pride in how he looked.

Instant lust clenched his gut, and Brodie had to force himself to stop openly staring at the behemoth. Then it registered that this was the same guy he’d seen at the fire last night. The one who had watched the flames so closely by his truck. The guy who had completely fascinated Brodie, and now he knew what the man looked like up close.

“I’m sorry,” Brodie said as he still gazed into those penetrating eyes. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

The stranger’s smile was what wet dreams were made of. “Totally my fault. I’m the one who didn’t look before I opened the door and walked out.”

Even his voice was hypnotizing. It was as smooth as honey, as deep as a river, and Brodie shivered at the sound of it. Now that was one fine specimen of a man. Total babe. He just bet the guy rocked someone’s world when he slept with them.

As hard as it was, Brodie ripped his gaze away and continued down the street. It was no use imagining what the bodacious man would look like naked. Brodie would never get that chance.

For one, the stranger was way out of his league. Two, if Brodie stayed gone too long, Arjun would track him down, and the last thing Brodie wanted was a stranger to get hurt because of him. Three, Brodie had never slept with anyone before, and the thought of getting naked with that guy terrified him.


Brodie turned at the sound of the guy’s whiskey voice. “Yes, Officer?”

He hadn’t done anything wrong. Why on earth would the cop want his attention?

“I’m Sheriff Tate Weston,” the man said. “And you are?”

Nobody. Absolutely nobody. “Brodie.”

God, why had he given his real name? Was he insane? Anytime Brodie had to give it, his name was always a false one. But there was something about this guy that drew Brodie’s attention, that made him feel comfortable enough to tell the truth.

That was why he needed to put as much distance between them as he could.

“No last name?”

Brodie shrugged. If the cop ran his name, nothing would come up. They didn’t keep electronic records back then. There was no trace of his past anywhere. Brodie was over three hundred years old thanks to Arjun. His unnaturally long life was filled with nothing but pain and misery. Why share that with anyone else?

Tate walked to him and handed Brodie his business card. Brodie curled his fingers around it, unsure why Tate was giving it to him.

“If you ever need anything, give me a call.”

Brodie had to crane his neck to look at the guy. “Okay, sure.” Not that he ever planned on calling Tate. Arjun would beat Brodie if he even knew Brodie was talking to a sheriff.

Even so, he tucked the card into his front pocket. “Thanks.”

Tate inclined his head. The guy kept staring intently at Brodie, as if he could see right through him. Tate tilted his head to the side and inhaled deeply.

It was time for Brodie to get out of there. He had a mission, and should he fail, Arjun wouldn’t be pleased.

“Well, take care.” Brodie spun on his heel and headed down the street. The address Arjun had given him was out the outskirts of town, down some back road. It was already going to take Brodie the entire morning to walk there.

If Arjun wanted this information so badly, he could have at least supplied Brodie with transportation. Not that Brodie knew how to drive.

As he turned the corner, Brodie looked back and saw Tate watching him. With a resigned sigh, Brodie moved on, putting the cop out of his mind.




“Now this would be cuddling.” Brodie laid himself over Tate. The slight weight made Tate happy, especially since Brodie was no longer afraid of his bear. His mate seemed delighted, and that pleased Tate to no end.

“Thank you for doing this for me.” Brodie brushed his cheek against Tate’s fur.

Tate shifted, and Brodie collapsed on top of him. “You’re welcome.”

Brodie tried to sit up, but Tate cupped the back of his head. “Don’t. I told you that we have time. You can pet me in this form, too. I swear I don’t bite.”

It was the craziest feeling when Brodie bit his bottom lip. He didn’t look at Tate as he ran his fingers over Tate’s chest. “You’re so hard, yet so soft.”

The guy had no idea.

“I’ve never seen a man as well built as you.” Brodie ran his fingers over Tate’s pecs then his biceps before trailing those tempting fingers down Tate’s stomach. Tate’s cock jerked of its own accord. A reaction to his mate touching him that Tate had no control over.

Brodie smiled. “Did me touching you make you do that?”

Tate nodded.

Brodie slid his hand over Tate’s hip. “You’re so beautiful.”

Tate’s thighs tensed when Brodie touched him there. He noticed how his mate avoided his erection, but Tate didn’t move, allowing Brodie to explore him.

If Tate had given his mate his first kiss, he knew that Brodie was a virgin. It was killing him to his core not to take the human right here and now, but Tate remained still.

“You’re so tanned all over.”

“My Greek heritage.”

“You’re Greek?”

“Half,” Tate said. “Greek and Russian.”

Brodie chuckled. “A Russian bear. Why does that amuse me?”

Tate could hardly think with Brodie’s hands all over him, mapping him out. He sucked his breath in when Brodie kissed one of his nipples. “You are seriously killing me, Peaches.”

“What?” Brodie tried to give him an innocent look, but Tate saw the mischievousness sparkling in his eyes. “I want to see what you taste like.”

Images of Brodie wrapping his soft lips around Tate’s cock haunted him. “You really don’t play fair.”

“Me?” Brodie smiled. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m just curious. If you want me to stop—”

“No,” Tate growled.

Brodie moved across Tate’s chest and licked at his other nipple. Tate balled his hands into fists as he ground his teeth. Now he knew what actual hell felt like.

“Did you get your fill?” he asked between gritted teeth.

Brodie shook his head. “I want to explore more, but…”

“What?” Tate felt himself unravelling. He wanted his mate to taste every inch of him.

“I guess I’m kind of shy.”

A thought occurred to Tate. “Want me to show you what to do?”

“How?” Brodie looked perplexed.

Tate waved at Brodie. “First, get rid of the clothes.”

Brodie looked away. “My body holds many scars, Tate.”

“So does mine, but you don’t seem to mind. I don’t either.” He tucked his finger under Brodie’s chin and made his mate look at him. “It shows we’re survivors, Peaches. It shows our will to live. You’re perfect, scars and all.”

Brodie nodded. “Okay.”

Tate held his breath as Brodie stood and shed his clothes. The guy hadn’t been kidding. Seeing the images of bones that hadn’t healed properly was nothing compared to seeing the jagged lines all over Brodie’s back, the backs of his thighs, his chest, and the front of his legs.

Tate had to hold back the deep, angry growl that wanted to burst free. If it wouldn’t kill his mate, Tate would spill Arjun’s entrails.

His mate stood there hesitantly.

“You’re the one who is beautiful.” Tate coaxed Brodie down to him. “Flawless in my eyes.”

He could tell by Brodie’s expression that those words meant the world to him. Tate meant them. All he saw was a silent warrior before him. Brodie had survived through what would have killed most men. That made Brodie the most gorgeous man to Tate.

Instead of staying on the floor, Tate picked Brodie up and laid him on his back on the bed. As he stared down into Brodie’s trusting eyes, he lowered himself and took his mate’s cock into his mouth.

Brodie cried out, his fingers strangling Tate’s hair. He would take the pain for his mate’s pleasure. He licked Brodie’s length, laving the tip, drawing out the honey that was beading there.

He was shocked when Brodie came so hard he jerked like he was being electrocuted. It was the sexiest fucking thing Tate had ever witnessed. He kept sucking and licking until he drained every last drop out of Brodie’s body.

His mate lay there blinking up at the ceiling, shuddering with tiny aftershocks. Tate stretched out beside his mate. He dwarfed Brodie. At six-five, he was damn near a foot taller than the human.

Brodie rolled over and cuddled into Tate. “That was… I can’t even find the right word.” He looked up at Tate. “Can I…try that on you?”

Tate turned over to his back so fast that he should have gotten whiplash. “Only if that’s what you want.”

He wasn’t going to lie. That was the only thing on his mind, and he prayed Brodie didn’t back down. His mate crawled between Tate’s legs and stared at his cock. Tate never had anyone examine him so closely, and he could feel puffs of Brodie’s breath skittering across his aching cock.

His mate curled his fingers around the girth and frowned. Tate clenched his jaw. “What’s wrong?”

Brodie looked up at him. “I’m not sure I can fit this into my mouth.”

Tate actually laughed. His mate looked so damn confused. “All you can do is try.” Talk about stroking his ego.

Brodie looked doubtful as he levered the head of Tate’s cock toward his mouth. Tate held his breath as he watched. Brodie gave a tentative lick. Tate groaned. Brodie opened his mouth and suckled the head. Tate was fucking dying. Brodie moaned. Tate nearly lost his load.

“Try stroking me while you suck me.” Tate couldn’t take his eyes off what Brodie was doing.

Brodie started moving his hand up and down in slow motion as he licked and sucked the head, lapping at the pre-cum and looking as if he wasn’t sure if he liked the taste or not.

Then his mate dined on him. He lapped harder, trying to take more into his mouth as his hand kept moving. He choked and pulled back.

“You have to learn to relax your throat.” Tate damn near whimpered at being out of Brodie’s mouth.

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