A Rescue for Thomas (MM)

Blue Rock Clan 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,136
7 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Gavin is new to the Blue Rock Clan, a warrior with a tragic past, he wants to start fresh, even if he hates one of the warriors he'll be working with.

During a flight, he comes across something strange. A human running through the woods, as though running for his life. As he lands to give aid to the battered man, as any proper warrior would, a strange and wonderful scent hits him.

The scent of his mate. His mate, who belongs to another.

Tom wants nothing to do with his old mate. He was given nothing but heartache and abuse from the man meant to care for him. Running is punishable by lashings or death, but he can't stay any longer. Running into another dragon, even a handsome one who makes his blood sing, was a nightmare, but this dragon doesn't take him back to Raulf, but claims Tom as his own.


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

A Rescue for Thomas (MM)
7 Ratings (4.1)

A Rescue for Thomas (MM)

Blue Rock Clan 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,136
7 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Where was it? Where was that smell coming from? He was close. He knew he was getting close.


He could finally see it. It.


Gavin narrowed his eyes, honing in on the top of the human's head, short hair, long enough that Gavin would be able to grab a fist full of it, pulling back hard and exposing that long throat for his mouth and teeth to bite and taste.

Blonde, sort of. It could also be the color of sand. Not true blond, which was a shame. Gavin happened to like that golden color he often saw the humans covet, but this was also a color he knew he could get to enjoy very quickly.

It was difficult to gauge much more than that from this height. He was clearly in shape, but the man's looks and height were something he would have to be on the ground to determine.

Except then, when the human glanced up at him, and continued to pump his arms, harder, faster, as though his very life depended on it, Gavin knew something was very wrong here.

He swooped down for a landing, coming a little too close to the human's from as the man gasped, cried out, and fell back onto his ass when Gavin stretched himself out, his body, his wings, and let himself shift back into his normal shape.

His clothes changed with him, so it was no issue for him, but the smile he'd been planning on greeting the human with vanished as he took one look at the man's face.

Young. Couldn't be much older than twenty.

There was an enlarged bruise on the side of his head, a lump of a dragon egg that appeared painful. Especially with the red split down the stretched flesh.

The man gasped at the sight of Gavin, his eyes bulging, heart racing.

Now that Gavin stood in front of him, he was better to take in what this wonderful scent really was.

Something that should have made him happy. So wonderfully happy he could have jumped into the sky once more for another flight.

A mate. This man was his mate, the man he was meant to spend his life with, who would bear his dragon chicks.

But he also had the scent of another dragon on him, a dragon that already claimed him, and Gavin's heart sank.

He stepped forward, reaching out for the man, though he was unsure of what he wanted to do when he touched him.


Gavin stopped.


The man shook his head. "Don't take me back. P-please."

Gavin blinked at that.

Perhaps this other dragon wouldn't be such a problem after all.

Gavin stepped forward, ignoring the flinch on his mate when he lowered himself to his knees to look into those beautiful brown eyes.

"I won't take you back. I'll take you with me."

A shout sounded from the distance. The human looked back, Gavin did as well. He couldn't see who called for him, which meant they could not see him either.

"Thomas! Hey Thomas! Come on back!"

"That you?"

Thomas looked at him, that same terror in his eyes, and he nodded.

Gavin pressed his lips together.


There were a few of them back there. One sounded particularly angry.

"They haven't seen us yet." He offered his hand. "Come with me or stay here. They'll catch you soon enough no matter how fast you are."

He felt badly for pointing it out, even if it was the truth, but it was the best way for him to get Thomas's hand into his.

Thomas gripped his palm tightly, and Gavin could not ignore his relief as he yanked his mate to his feet.

"I'll have to stay small to get us out of here unseen. Can you hold onto my back?"

Thomas nodded. "Yeah. Yeah, I can do anything."

What had these people done to him?"

Gavin focused hard. He didn't often bring out his wings when he was still in his human shape, but he needed to keep his focus now, when it mattered the most.

Every second felt like an eternity, but when his wings were revealed, and Thomas was holding onto the back of his neck, he glanced back once.

"Hold on tight. I've got nothing to tie you to me with right now."

Thomas pressed his face to the back of Gavin's neck.

"Please, just take me with you. Don't leave me here."

His heart ached to hear those words. The lust he felt at having his mate touch him, at being as close as he was now, was squashed by his need to fuck up whoever had done this to him.

And if Thomas had a mate, to break every single one of his fingers.

Gavin jumped into the sky, and it was a good thing his wings were strong, because that was a difficult jump to make even on his own, but Thomas managed to hold on, and Gavin stayed just barely above the trees as he flew them out of here.

He hoped Adon was in a generous mood, because Gavin was bringing someone home for dinner.




It melted away quickly, as though there had never been an issue to begin with.

If Gavin noticed something was off, he didn't mention it, or he might have thought Tom's shout was more to do with his pleasure than his paranoid fear of any pain.

Then he started to move, and it was beyond anything Tom had ever experienced in his entire life. He groaned. The pleasure was immediate and toe-curling as Gavin thrust deep inside him, and he was pleased to realize it was even deeper than even Raulf had ever been able to go.

Better than all that, was the sheer pleasure.

Tom sighed, throwing his head back, his cock jumping between his and Gavin's belly so soon after his previous orgasm. He wanted to come again, he knew it was just around the corner, only now he could hold out a little longer because Gavin had already taken care of him.

"J-just like that. So good," he groaned. His body felt slippery under the water. He tried to hang onto Gavin as well as possible, but even with a lack of soap, the water seemed to slick everything.

"You like that?" Gavin accented his words by thrusting forward again, his movements precise, sharp, and Tom couldn't articulate how much he did.

"Yeah," he moaned. "K-keep doing that. Love it inside me. I need it."

His back slid against the tiled wall behind him as Gavin fucked him. He was good at this. He seemed to touch everywhere inside of Tom that needed to be touched, stretching him out in all the right ways as he circled his hips, then punched forward and back.


Gavin's mouth came down onto Tom's collarbone, and only then did Tom realize how hot it was in the shower, and combined with the heat of Gavin's body, it was almost too much. Tom was uncomfortable with it, but the pleasure was so good, the way Gavin held him and kissed him, sucked on his throat…

God, he was strong. Tom was always impressed by the strength of the dragons, but to be held up clear off his feet like this, knees in the air while Gavin fucked into him, working his body as though he'd known it for his entire life, it was almost too much to bear.

"You're so good," Gavin moaned. "You fit me perfect. Like a glove around my cock."

No one had ever spoken like that to him. Not before, during, or after sex. It seemed kind of cliché, like the words he expected to hear from out of a romance novel, but he loved them nonetheless.

He wanted more of them, which was why he clenched his asshole around Gavin's shaft, trying to thrust back against him, to participate more than he was.

Gavin clenched his teeth, hissing, and their eyes met.

The best part was the lack of fear. Tom wasn't scared to be looked at like that when he was naked and vulnerable. If anything, that look promised him so much, and he couldn't wait to collect.

"You want this?" Gavin punched his hips forward, the tip of his cock finding his prostate every time, but not lingering there long enough to do what Tom really wanted him to do.

Tom nodded. "Fuck me. Harder."

He meant it, and seeing the light go off in Gavin's eyes was the best thing he could have hoped to see.

Gavin gave it to him. Tom thought he saw a flash of something in the man's eyes. Not just his lust, but maybe the animal within. The dragon.

And he moaned as he was fucked against the wall of the shower. He felt as though he were being taken by both the dragon and the man, and as helpless as that made him feel, it was with a sudden rush of lust that he realized how into it he was.

Let him be taken by this man. Let him be helpless around him. Tom loved it. He welcomed it. He wanted so much more he could hardly stand it.

Tom reached between his own and Gavin's bellies. He took his cock in hand, stroking himself, trying to keep the motion of his fist in time with each of Gavin's thrust. It was easier for him to visualize than for him to do.

His movements were sloppy at best, but he still got the job done as he moaned Gavin's name, unable to stop himself as he came one more time before Gavin did.

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