[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Not wanting to be forcefully mated to a man he doesn’t love, Omega tabby shifter Julian purposely overdoes on sleeping pills. Death is a better alternative to being a slave to an abusive bastard.
Paramedic and ex-con werewolf Vince is on the job when he’s called to an emergency. He’s had past issues with the Orange Tails shifters, but the scent of his mate overrides every other emotion.
When Julian begs Vince not to send him back to his family, Vince doesn’t hesitate to take Julian home. Vince doesn’t consider himself to be a good man. He’s been to prison and is just getting his life back together. The last thing Vince wants to do is court trouble, but Julian is his fated mate, his better half.
When Julian’s clan insists on taking Julian back, Vince will do everything in his power to keep his mate safe.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Purring for Him (MM)
17 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Julian wove in and out of consciousness. Struggling to remain awake this time around, Julian fought against the wave of nausea. He felt like shit, like someone pulled out his insides. Julian wanted to turn on his side instead of lying on his back, stunned when he felt a tug on his wrists. He flared his eyes open, heart racing. Julian was enclosed in some kind of tiny space. Beneath him, movement, and his shifter hearing caught the sound of squealing tires.

That wasn’t the worst part. He tugged at his hands only to feel some kind of smooth leather. Tied. Someone had restrained him. He didn’t understand why or what happened. He tried to bring up his last memory, but his head hurt too much. Trembles ran up and down his arms. He began to panic, except a large and callused hand touched his.

A concerned, ragged, and handsome face looked down at him. Blue eyes flecked with gold took his breath away. Some part of his brain remembered only feral predators had amber eyes, but somehow, his inner tabby stilled, not paralyzed with fear, though. With a shock, Julian realized his usually scaredy-cat animal grew interested in the male sitting next to him.

“Shh, it’s going to be alright now,” the stranger said in soothing tones. Instantly, his inner tabby cat felt at peace. Odd. Julian never took to strangers easily. Was this man his guardian angel? Julian swore when the man rubbed at the pulse point on his wrist, he let out a little sigh.

“….pumped your stomach successfully…had a hell of a time fighting your clan…” the man was saying, but he didn’t quite get the words.

Julian did catch the last words.

“You’re going to be fine. We’re taking you to the hospital and will inform your family—”

That last bit made him reach for the man’s fingers, which hovered near his wrist. The handsome stranger frowned down at him.

Julian tried to speak, but his throat felt so dry. The man seemed to understand, because a moment later, he pressed a bottle of water to Julian’s lips. He gulped down too fast, choked, but the man held the bottle back.

“Slow and steady does it, little cat,” the stranger chided.

Little cat.

Oh, his tabby liked that nickname. This dream only got better by the second, because Julian believed this man had been a creation of his overactive imagination. How else to explain this strange situation? Julian lived in a cage his entire life, kept away from the rest of the world because he’d been born an Orange Tails Omega breeder. Only one duty had been expected from him—to give some nasty, dominant tabby cat shifter children.

“Better?” the man asked.

He nodded. “Don’t,” he whispered, or rather rasped. His throat hurt a little, even after satiating his thirst.

“Don’t what?” the man asked, still not pushing away his fingers. Instead, he gave a little squeeze. A jolt of electricity went up his arm. What was that?

“Don’t give me back to my family or clan,” Julian uttered. It still felt uncomfortable to speak, but he wanted to let all the words out, to make this beautiful stranger understand he refused to go back to the compound, his prison. “Don’t make me marry and mate that asshole Milton.”

The man’s face darkened, and Julian swore his pupils took on a dangerous golden glint now. He sucked in a breath, finally seeing the lethal predator that lurked underneath this man. A wolf. Wolves, bears, and big cats—those were the large monsters that would love to take advantage of weak and lost little Omega cats. That was what his clan repeatedly told them, except he had the distinctive feeling all that anger hadn’t been directed at him, but for him.

“Is that how it is?” the dominant werewolf asked in a dangerous voice, which made him shiver. The werewolf saw the reaction and smiled, showing off sharp teeth. “You don’t have to be afraid of me, Julian. The last thing I’ll do is hurt you.”

The man locked that golden gaze with his. Trapped, and yet Julian couldn’t look away. It felt like this stranger was capable of moving past his barriers and defenses to see the real him. After all, an Omega growing up in the Orange Tails compound had to learn to hide his emotions at an early age. Those who didn’t were easily taken advantage of. Trust no one, not even family. That had been one of the first things he learned, except for some reason, that rule didn’t and couldn’t apply to this stranger.

“How do you know my name?” he whispered, suddenly feeling woozy. “I don’t even know yours.”

Shit. Julian didn’t want to fall asleep and lose this dream, because he’d never see this dangerous gorgeous werewolf again. His rescuer. Julian didn’t know why he used that label, but he just knew.

“Don’t fight the meds. Rest, Julian. My name is Vince.”

Vince. Julian would ingrain that name in his head.

“You’ll disappear,” Julian accused, not caring how needy he sounded. This was all in his head anyway. “Don’t go.”

“I’ll be right here, now and when you wake up. I’m never leaving your side.”

His head felt heavy. “Promise me?”

“I promise.”




God, but Vince would etch this memory in his brain forever, that of Julian dressed in nothing but that G-string that hid nothing from the imagination. How such a tiny bit of cloth could do wonders, he didn’t know. Vince also didn’t miss the excitement dancing in the Omega’s green eyes.

Julian bit on his bottom lip, looking hesitant, and Vince remembered the Omega’s request. He began to undo the buttons of his shirt. Dratted thing, but it had been worth seeing the expression on Julian’s face when he dressed up.

“Let me,” Julian murmured, stepping forward, fingers on the buttons.

He waited, liking how the Omega let out a sigh as he undid all the buttons and placed a trembling hand on his left pectoral. Only with his mate would Vince allow the proprietary touches, because ever since Julian entered his life, he didn’t bother looking at any other guys.

“Like what you see?” Vince asked.

“Who wouldn’t? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?” Julian mumbled.

He caught the Omega’s wrist, kissed it. Vince knew Julian still lacked self-confidence when it came to his body. It was time to show Julian what he saw.

“I still have my pants on,” he told Julian, releasing the Omega’s hand.

Julian helped him undo his jeans and he kicked them away. The Omega stared at his prick, lips slightly parted.

“You’re so big,” Julian whispered. “Can you really fit inside me?”

“I can and I will.” He spun Julian by the shoulder, pressed his dick between Julian’s ass cheeks against the puny black string which barely covered Julian’s puckered entrance. As if Julian knew what he wanted, he parted his legs slightly, groaned when Vince rubbed his prick up and down, but he wouldn’t push in, despite wanting to.

No, he didn’t want to rut Julian like an animal. Although waiting nearly killed him, Vince wanted their first time done right. He cupped Julian’s prick again, stroking the Omega through the fabric, liking every moan that fell from Julian’s lips.

“God,” Julian whispered as he rubbed his prick against Julian’s ass, teasing him. At the same time, Vince fondled, pinched, and tugged at Julian’s cock. “I’ll come from this.”

“Not yet,” he ordered, brushing his lips over the pulse point on Julian’s neck, sucking on it. He eyed the spot where he’d leave his mate mark.

Ours, his wolf whispered.

Yes, soon, he told his inner animal, who lacked the same patience as his human half. Still, his wolf consented, knowing there was no interrupting Julian and his mating. He paused from the hand job only to tug at the black strings. The tiny piece of underwear easily fluttered to the ground.

“I think I like seeing you in naughty underwear,” he whispered in Julian’s ear.

“Mick and Steve helped.”

He chuckled, liking the feel of Julian’s bare dick in his fingers. Vince resumed what he started.

“Vince, I can’t hold back.”

“Then don’t. I want to hear you come for me, little cat.” Vince pinched Julian’s prick and that did the trick. With a cry, Julian sprayed strings of cum into his waiting hand. His dick felt like steel between his legs. He craved release, but not yet. Julian slumped in his arms, and Vince easily caught his mate.

“Wow,” Julian whispered, turning, looking up at him. Then, with a mischievous smile Vince had never seen before on his Omega, Julian dropped to his knees. A soft growl slipped from his lips as Julian tentatively leaned forward, tongue darting out to catch the pre-cum on his tip.

Vince speared his fingers through Julian’s hair, tugging the Omega close.

“I’ve never done anything like this. I mean, I know the basics, we’ve been taught that by our trainers,” Julian murmured.

Was it sick of Vince that he liked knowing he would be Julian’s first and last? Last because Vince was going to be the only man for Julian.

“Go ahead, little cat. Explore.”

Julian flashed him a shy smile before getting to work. Julian gave his shaft tentative strokes before becoming braver. The Omega licked him from tip to root, giving his balls some attention. He groaned when Julian did it again, the sensation of the Omega’s wet, warm tongue against his cock amazing.

“Open your mouth and take me in,” he commanded.

Julian did as he asked, nearly gagging on the first try.

“Slowly,” Vince said.

Determination flashed across Julian’s face as the Omega took a few inches of him in his mouth, sucking softly, breathing deeply through his nose, before taking more of him in. He moaned as Julian bobbed his head up and down. Fuck, he thought, tightening his grip on Julian’s hair.

His dick grew from half to full mast. Knowing he wanted to finish inside Julian, he gently pushed Julian away. The Omega settled on his knees, licking at his lips, looking very much like a self-satisfied cat.

“Vince, before we go further, you should know,” Julian faltered, looking sober and serious. For a moment, he thought Julian harbored second thoughts.

“Out with it, little cat. We promised each other there wouldn’t be any lies between us.”

Julian turned red from his cheeks to his neck and dropped his gaze. “I’m a virgin.”

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