Forbidden Attraction (MFM)

The Callens 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,282
14 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]

Sexy overachiever Jenny Callen believes in marrying a man who’s her equal. When she meets hunky bar owner Jackson Slade and his super hot monster truck–designer roommate, Taylor Moore, her attraction challenges her belief of what an ambitious, professional man should be.

When she learns Jackson designs lighting and sound for a nationally known band, and she finds out that Taylor is extremely knowledgeable about the stars and speaks three languages, her opinion of them changes. Slowly her belief crumbles that unless a man has a college degree, he isn’t worth her time. She knows they are the right men for her after they sexually fulfill her beyond her wildest dreams.

She then learns that they aren’t who they claim to be, and her world turns upside down. What can the men do to convince her that all three belong in a loving ménage relationship?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Forbidden Attraction (MFM)
14 Ratings (4.2)

Forbidden Attraction (MFM)

The Callens 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,282
14 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book!!!
I love this series! It just gets better and better. I love her strong characters and what they go through to find true love. Only thing I would like to see more of, is interaction with past characters. It would be nice to catch up with the rest of the family!! :)

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Jenny finished placing the stacks of glasses on the saloon counter then sat on a barstool to rest. Jackson was about to open the doors, but she needed a break before the rush began. He moved behind the bar and pretended to polish the already shiny counter. Two of the other waiters and waitresses were in the back getting ready.

“How did the find a man party go?”

She always confided in Jackson despite wanting him for herself. “It sucked. I’ve never met a more self-centered group of men before.” She told him about the accountant, Mr. Red Tie, and then about the lawyer who was a total nerd. “The best was the plastic surgeon who wanted to give me a nose job.”

At least he had the courtesy to appear affronted. “Seriously?”

“Yes. To make it worse, he did it in front of my girlfriends.”

Jackson laughed and put up his fists. “Where is he? I’ll beat him up for you.”

She rolled her eyes. “He’d sue you if you ever messed up his surgically perfect face.”

He tossed the rag over his shoulder and leaned his elbows on the counter. “Seriously, you couldn’t find one rich, college-educated man in the bunch?”


Too bad Jackson never looked at her as a potential lover. It was probably because she was a Callen. History proved that the Callens married only the rich and well educated. If she could trust all the University of Wyoming gear he sported, Jackson had gone there, and from the way the bar was thriving, she bet he was doing quite well for himself, too. Why he only acted like only a good friend, she didn’t know. Maybe he had a rule about dating his employees. If that were the case, she’d happily quit and get a part-time job someplace else.

“So now that your mom’s attempts failed, what are you going to do?”

“Jeesh. You sound like her. I’m not desperate to get married. I have years of med school to go through first. It would be hard to raise a family while I’m busy studying.”

“You don’t think it will get harder to find a man the longer you wait? The moment you get your MD, the potential dating pool will shrink.”

She leaned back in her seat. “Has my mom been talking to you?”

He smiled. “No, but my sister claimed that was the reason why she never married. She’s a lawyer in Salt Lake City and said men were intimidated by her lofty position and obscenely high salary.”

“That does stink, but I have no intention of giving up my dream of becoming a doctor in order to get a man.”

“And you shouldn’t. If a man isn’t self-confident in who he is, you won’t be able to relate to him.”

“You got that right.” She placed a hand on her chest. “Besides, I’m not intimidating.”

He cocked a brow. “Are you kidding? Half the men who come in here ask for your number. Once I tell them your last name, they back off.”

That didn’t make her intimidating. It made her family name intimidating. “Damn.” She had worried that being the daughter of one of the richest men in the state would be a turn off. On the other hand, her dad’s wealth might attract some guys. “My parents are rich, but I’m not. Do these men think I’m spoiled?” She didn’t wait for a response. “If I’m such a rich girl, would I be working my ass off here?”

“Your ass, as you so politely put it, is still in great shape.” She could tell he tried to swallow his smile.

Was he implying she didn’t work hard? What did it matter? She placed her head on her folded arms. “It’s hopeless.”

“What’s hopeless, darlin’?”

At the change in his tone, she looked up. “Why can’t I find someone exciting?” Like you. “I’d date him.”

“Maybe you need to broaden your scope or change your criteria.”

“What do you mean?”

He tossed the towel back on the counter. “Speaking as a guy, I want a woman with passion and a sense of adventure. It wouldn’t matter to me how well educated she was or how much she was worth. I just want someone who’s not close-minded and who loves me for me.”

He got it! “Me, too!”

“That so? If some tall, dark, and handsome man walked through those doors right now, who loves what he’s doing and has a great sense of adventure, would you go out with him?”

“Assuming he has the drive to succeed and treats me well, then yes.”

“Then I have the perfect man for you.”

Jackson had the perfect man for her? “Who is it?”

“My roommate.”

Something seemed fishy. “Why haven’t I met Mr. Perfect before?”

“He’s a busy man doing what he loves. He’s good looking, can be fun loving if you can get him away from tinkering with trucks, and he’s respectful most of the time.”

She was getting the run around. This man sounded like someone Jackson wanted for himself. “I need more details.”

“His name is Taylor Moore. He designs custom parts for high-performance cars. He’s so talented that GM keeps asking him to come work for them.”


“If you want to meet him, he’ll be working the monster truck rally this Saturday at the arena. He says every time he gets to see the trucks in action, he figures out how to make them bounce higher, go faster, and have better control. I bet he could get us passes to check out the monsters. What do you say?”

If Jackson would be with her, she’d absolutely go. “That sounds wonderful.”

“Then it’s a date.”




“Do you want to see more?” She almost laughed. To them, she probably sounded ridiculous.

“I’ll give you some incentive.” Taylor unzipped his pants and pulled them off.

When he stepped out of his boxers, his cock tented his shirt. “You are so much better at this than I am.”

“No, darlin’. Ignore Taylor. Keep going.”

Encouraged by Jackson’s remark, she lowered her straps until the cups inverted. A breath of fresh air kissed the tips, making them harden. Jackson wiggled his fingers for her bra. She tossed it to him, and he brought it up to his nose and inhaled.

Never had she had anyone act like she was this special before. She wet her fingers and twirled her nipples. Their eyes widened. Wanting to drive them mad, she slipped a hand slowly down her belly and into her panties.

Jackson’s breath hitched.

“I need a volunteer to help me.”

Jackson and Taylor were on their feet in seconds. Both reached her at the same time. Instead of tearing off her panties, they lifted her up and carried her over to the blanket.

“Let me kiss Jenny first while you undress.” Jackson shooed Taylor away.

While she desperately needed Jackson on top of her, she liked the idea of taking Taylor’s clothes off piece by piece. “Can I help?”

Jackson unbuttoned his shirt and had it off in a second. “You already have us so hot, we won’t be able to lick your honey for as long as we want. We are only mortal.” He stepped out of his pants in a flash.

“I can’t wait either.”

Damn. She wanted to undress both of her men, but Taylor was naked before she could come up with a second request.

They dropped down beside her. The blanket barely fit between the hedges, but she loved the coziness. Even though they were outdoors with the sky as their ceiling, they were cocooned in this wonderful maze. Taylor rolled her onto her back and climbed on top, careful not to put too much weight on her. His kiss started out gentle, but the moment she arched and pressed her breasts into his chest, he increased the pressure.

He lifted his head and buried his face in her hair. “We’ve missed you so much.”

“Me, too.” More than they could imagine.

She wanted to devour him and pulled his face forward. She nipped his lip then placed kisses on his eyelids and finally on his mouth. He opened up and dashed in. Their kiss lasted so long her lungs demanded more oxygen.

Jackson slid a hand between her and Taylor at breast-level. Taylor must have gotten the clue, for he rolled to the side.


“How about if you continue with what you were doing while I sample her sweetness?”

She loved how he could turn a phrase. Taylor lowered his head and took her breast in his mouth while Jackson settled between her thighs. He spread her legs, and her anticipation soared. As soon as Taylor sucked on her nipple, her attention changed focus. She ran her fingers through his hair, loving the texture. Pinpricks of delight shot from tip to tip as Taylor kept nipping and licking the hardened crests.

Jackson must have been waiting for her to calm down from Taylor’s attack before he went to work on her pussy. He stabbed his tongue in her opening, and every memory of what happened between them cascaded on top of her. She’d missed them so much. His mouth suctioned harder, and a riot of pleasure made her walls spasm.

“This is overwhelming,” she huffed out. Yes, she’d been with both of them before, but the intensity had been nothing like this.

Their passion increased, heightening her pleasure. Maybe being outside added to the forbidden nature. Using his teeth, Jackson nipped at her clit. Adding to the excitement was the way Taylor was constantly raising the bar on the pain-to-pleasure continuum. Each suck made her float higher.

Jackson slipped two fingers into her pussy, and she nearly bucked off the blanket. “I want you now.”

Maybe it was some birds or perhaps some squirrels rustling the leaves, but that sounded a lot like a laugh coming from Jackson. These men must want to punish her for shutting them out of their lives for a few days. She couldn’t blame them. She’d been immature and stupid.

“We need to flip her,” Taylor said.

“Do I finally get to have some cock?” Wouldn’t her parents be upset to hear her talk like that?

“More than you can imagine, honey.”

Jackson slid up beside her and pulled her on top of him. His boulderlike pecs pressed hard into her sore tits, but she loved having him against her. She threaded her fingers through his hair and kissed him. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re here now. That’s all that’s important.”

Passion overtook her soul, and she kissed him like never before. The sweet smell should have prepared her for the lube, but she was too focused on Jackson to notice.

“It’s cold.”

“Just for a moment, honey. I’ll warm you up in a hurry.”

True to his word, Taylor rubbed her ass in broad circles, heating her rear. He leaned over and kissed each check before circling her hole with his fingers. Jackson distracted her while Taylor slipped a finger passed her tight ring. This time, her body seemed to take him far easier. Maybe the plug had done its job.

When his finger wiggled inside her, he must have hit a nerve because her pussy sat up and took notice. Taylor reached around her with his other hand and rubbed her clit. The combination of his finger in her ass and near her pussy sent her reeling.

“Get on your hands and knees over me, darlin’.”


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