[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, bondage, HEA]

Celia Ray left her friend with her three new lovers in Forever, Texas, but she can’t get a mysterious cowboy out of her mind. Returning to Forever, she’ll either win him or forget him. To her delight, he’s a hunk of a cowboy and his two friends are just as hot.

Aiden Carr, Trent Tarrow, and Steve Wilton need to claim a mate. But Aiden can’t get his mind off a woman he’s seen only from a distance. When she shows up, all three men know they’ve found the woman they will love forever.

After seeing the men in their werewolf forms, Celia’s ready to join the pack. But a rogue vampire wants to claim her as his own. Can her mates find her before the vampire takes the first bite? Or will they lose her before they can claim her?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wild Heart (MFMM)
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4.5 STARS: "Celia Ray, first came to Forever, Texas with her friends, Sandy Hamilton and Daniella Monson. She met Sandy's men and left when Daniella turned nasty and tried to harm Sandy only because she did not think Daniella should not be driving back to Dallas on her own. During her brief stay she had seen Aiden Carr and been mesmerized. She returned to Forever to finally meet him face to face. Imagine her delight as she finds his two friends Trent Tarrow and Steve Wilton are just as scrumptious and seem to feel the same way about her. When Aiden finally meets the woman he has fantasized about, since catching a glimpse of her from afar, he knows he and his two friends have found their mate. But what happens when a vampire decides he wants her for himself? Can the three men save her and will she stay with them if they do? Wild Heart is the third installment of Jane Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas series and it is just as lively and humorous as the books that came before. Ms. Jamison has given us a town that is small enough that everyone knows each other and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Strangers may be noted, but are made welcome. Like most small towns it has its secrets. Although I must admit Forever has a bigger secret than most. I still cannot wait to return there often and reacquaint myself with both the town and the residents. This can be read as standalone, but I recommend reading book 2, Wild for Wolves at least to learn more of the background of Celia's first visit. You may even choose to go as far as to read book one, Wild Love. I would choose to read them all so that I could enjoy every moment possible in a town so rich and diversified in unusual backgrounds. Keep in mind that there are more books to read in this series, but if you are like me and rush to devour a series, you can enjoy so many other of Ms. Jamison's other books each just as delightful as these. Jane Jamison entertains her readers with humor and banter while remaining true to the main theme of whatever series you are reading." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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“This isn’t getting us anywhere. We have to tell her soon, if not today.”

The men grew quiet after Aiden’s statement. She could hear the sounds of ice clinking in a glass and someone crossing the room.

“How the hell could we have known about the rogue vampire? Shatland’s usually very good about keeping others out. You and Trent helped broker the deal a long time ago.”

A vampire? Did I hear them right? Or am I still asleep and having a nightmare?

Celia didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. The cold man’s black eyes came to her and, once again, she felt the chill emanating from his body. If anyone ever looked like a vampire, he had.

“Let’s just be happy it wasn’t worse than it was. I hate to think what could’ve happened if we hadn’t found her when we did.”

“Aiden’s right. Let them take care of their own vampire problem. We need to focus on Celia. What are we going to say if she wants to know what went down?”

A vampire. Holy hell, that’s really what they said.

Celia took the last few steps to the bottom floor and followed the sound of their voices down the hallway to the doorway into a large study. Bookcases covered every wall except for the window. She glanced at the window, took in the land spreading away from the house, and then stepped farther into the room.


Trent was out of the leather armchair and dashing toward her. Aiden remained where he was, leaning against a bookcase, while Steve rose from behind the oversized desk and moved toward her.

“Stop.” She gripped the doorframe.

“How are you feeling? We brought you to our home to take care of you. Sorry about having to scrap the picnic, but under the circumstances…well, we wanted to give you time to rest.” Aiden let his gaze run the length of her then back to her face.

Trent held out his hand. “Please, Celia, have a seat. You look like you’re about to pass out.”

She shook her head then let Trent take her hand anyway. The shock of the current that always came when she touched them surged through her and, in her weakened state, almost brought her to her knees. With Trent’s help, she made it to the love seat and dropped on the end cushion.

Steve covered her hand as she gripped the end of the love seat. “Do you need anything? Water? Maybe something stronger?”

She met his gaze dead on. “I want to know what the hell happened to me.”

The men checked each others’ reactions, and Aiden moved in to close their ranks. “Maybe that should wait for another time.”

“No, Aiden, I need to know now. I don’t understand. How did I end up in that alley with that strange man?” She lifted her arm. “How did I get hurt?”

The men gathered around with Trent on one side and Steve on the other side. Aiden sat in the leather easy chair and set his glass on top of a marble table.

“What do you remember?” Aiden’s narrowed his eyes and waited for her to speak.

“I–I’m not sure.” Did she even want to remember? Or was it better to leave the memory hidden in the gray mists of her mind?

“Do you remember getting out of the pickup?” Trent took her hand and squeezed it.

She could see herself slipping off the seat and heading toward a bakery. “I wanted to get some cupcakes for the picnic. As a thank-you for going to all the trouble.”

“Then what?” Again Trent squeezed her hand.

She dropped her gaze to the floor and forced the memory to the front of her mind. “The bakery was closed, so I started to go back to the truck. But this man…” She couldn’t stop herself from shaking.

Steve turned her toward him. “Celia, I want you to listen with an open mind. What we’re about to tell you will seem crazy, but it’s true. That man who took you into the alley? He’s not like other men. He’s a—”

“A vampire.” The shocked expressions on their faces almost made her laugh.

“You knew?” Aiden offered her the whiskey glass he’d held but hadn’t taken a drink from since she’d walked into the room.

She shook her head, both refusing the drink and denying that she’d known. “I didn’t until just now, when I heard you talking about him.”

Trent glanced at his friends. “And what do you think? Do you believe us?”

She wanted to say no, wanted to laugh at the preposterous idea, but she couldn’t. Even if she hadn’t heard them talking, she could tell from their faces that they were serious. If she hadn’t experienced what had happened in the alley, she wouldn’t have believed them. But she had. Even now she could feel the man’s cold touch.

“Yes. I believe you. He had control over me. Like he’d dived into my head and taken over.”

“He used mind control on you to lure you off the street and into the alley.”

As outlandish as it sounded, she knew Steve spoke the truth.

“Is it over? Can he still control me?” She shivered at the idea. The vampire had stolen not only her wonderful day with her men, but her sense of security as well.

“No. It’s over.” Aiden glanced at the others as though wanting their agreement.

Standing, she pushed away their attempts to help her to her feet and crossed over to the window. She clutched the windowsill to keep her balance. Taking a deep breath to steel her resolve, she confronted them. “Spit it out. What else are you keeping from me?”




“Take her skirt off.”

At least Steve could talk. Trent doubted he could find his voice again with the image of her pussy filling his mind. Instead, he nodded, again checking if she was all right with the idea. He couldn’t stand the thought of not having her, but he’d never force himself on her. No matter how much his cock throbbed with need. He reached for the zipper on the side of her skirt and undid it as she lifted her hips to help him get it off. Her skirt followed her blouse to the floor.


Again all Trent could do was nod. The black thong she wore barely covered her mons, and he was dying to see what was under the silky material. Clenching his teeth to keep from shifting, he dove down to the thin strip running from her pussy to her hip and tore it apart with his teeth. He tugged the remaining bit of her thong off then shook his head and threw it to the floor.

He couldn’t wait a second longer. He had to taste her. His cock pushed against his zipper, and he hurriedly undid his belt buckle and jeans to let them puddle at his ankles. Yanking a chair under him, he sat and pulled her closer.

“Oh, God.” Her words slurred into sexy sounds of desire.

She lifted her head the moment he pushed his face against her already-wet pussy. Her scent struck him, driving his need into overdrive. Pulling her folds apart, he found her clit and brought his mouth to it. She threw back her head in a silent cry and lay back as Steve, wearing only his open shirt, took her breasts in his hands then bent to lash his tongue over her tit. She moaned and tugged on Steve’s hair to keep him at her breast.

Trent spread her wide and took a good long look at her wet, pink pussy. He nibbled at her sensitive clit then swiped his tongue over the smooth skin to thrust into her pussy. Her cream tasted sweeter than he’d imagined, and he sucked, drinking in her flavor.

Here was the woman he’d fantasized about. She was his whole world, and he’d spend the rest of his life learning everything about her, every inch of her body. Pushing a hand under her buttocks, he found the tight muscles of her anus and sank a finger in as far as he could. She jerked, but he held her to him, putting her legs over his shoulders.

The hot aroma from her pussy had him breathing in deeply. Pushing a finger into her pussy, he attacked her clit again, tugging, pulling, making her squirm. He added another finger and her answer came in soft sounds of pleasure. Harder and harder he thrust his fingers, front and back, into her. More and more he drank her cream. His cock throbbed, and he vowed to make her come as many times as he could before he sank his cock inside her. If he didn’t get her off first, he might not last long enough to get her done. He wanted her satisfied and wanting to go again for Steve and, hopefully, Aiden. Making love to her on his own would be wonderful, but he liked sharing with his friends. Only then would the connection be cemented for life.

When he paused for air, he glanced up and saw Steve stretched over the table as he gave Celia his cock to suck. She took Steve’s cock into her mouth, and Trent’s own cock jerked in response.

“I’m going to make you scream when you come, Celia.” He moved her legs farther apart and pressed his face to her pussy again. Sucking, nibbling, he whirled his tongue over her clit, then along the sides of the nub where the sensitive wings of her spread out under her skin. He growled then drove his tongue into her pussy. The sounds she made sucking Steve’s cock echoed the sounds of him lapping up her juices. He pushed his finger in her ass one last time and heard her muffled complaint as he pulled his finger out.

At last, he couldn’t wait a moment longer. He had to take her.

Pushing the chair away from him, Trent kept her legs on his shoulders and pulled apart her folds. “You’ve got the sweetest pink pussy I’ve ever seen.”

He skimmed his hand over her clit then pinched it and loved the way she jumped. “Good. I love the way you respond to my touch.” Easing his cock to brush against her pussy, he dragged in a deep breath and forced himself to wait one more minute. “Fuck me, Celia. Fuck me as you suck on Steve’s cock.”


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