The 3xtasy Lake Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MFMM)

ita 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 188,293
1 Ratings (5.0)

In Caress of Fur, Mai isn’t impressed when she discovers her friend has set her up on a surprise blind date, but a bad date is the least of her worries. She is about to discover that humans aren’t the only predators walking the streets of Toronto.

In Embraced by Fur, the Henderson brothers have found the woman of their dreams and are perfectly happy with the idea of sharing her. Carol McKade never expected to attract the attention of three gorgeous men. Will their secrets scare her back to the city or will she embrace them and their love?

In Wrapped in Fur, Brand and Colwyn’s friendship was almost destroyed by a woman who refused to share a bed with both of them. Now, they are both interested in the same woman. But can they forgive each other’s mistakes? Holly’s past comes wrapped in a plethora of secrets, but she wants them both.

In Obsessed with Fur, Marcario Bennett has been dreaming of Jessica Tam's skin wrapped in his ropes, and his brother, Jelani, wants to capture the image on film. In their eyes Jessica is a living embodiment of perfection. Can they keep her safe and happy without becoming overprotective and scaring her off?


A Siren Erotic Romance

The 3xtasy Lake Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MFMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The 3xtasy Lake Collection, Volume 1 (MFM, MFMM)

ita 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 188,293
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Gaspar leaned down and kissed her. Slipping his tongue between her lips to play with hers, allowing her to taste herself on him. She tugged at her trapped hands, but neither man would allow her to go. Something about being helpless to do anything but what they wanted created a feeling of peace inside her. No matter what they did, she knew she could trust them. Gaspar rubbed her clit with the pad of his fingers, grazing the sensitive skin so softly she could hardly feel it. Vencel angled his hips, and she could feel the broad tip of him press against her opening.

“Are you too sore?” She could feel herself stretching to accommodate his girth, a slight ache, but the sensation of him moving in short little slides overpowered any pain. “I’m fine.” She felt a tremor run along her limbs.

Vencel must have felt it to because he nipped her on the shoulder. “You’re squeezing me like a vice Nyuszikam.”

“You should see her from this angle, brother. Next time we switch places. Her skin is flushed, and her pretty pussy is swollen and so wet. Her nipples are like pencil erasers.” He bent down and flicked his tongue over her nipples. Mai jerked in Vencel’s arms. Gaspar’s tongue felt rough against her sensitive skin.

“Mai, we want you to stay here.” Vencel splayed his hand across her lower stomach, a hot brand against her skin. She felt him roll his hips before plunging deeper within her. “Stay here with us.”

Gaspar kissed a path between her breasts while he spoke. “We want to take care of you and have you in our lives.” The idea sounded like heaven to her. Maybe too good?

“For a while?” Concentrating on what they were saying seemed almost impossible. The way they made her feel stole all her concentration. She pushed at Gaspar’s waist until he got the hint and moved up higher until his cock was in line with her lips.

Gaspar shuddered when she brushed a finger over the tip of his cock. Vencel slipped in and out her in a steady rhythm. She licked the plum head and caught a few drops that gathered in the small slit. “Oh yeah, slip my cock between your lips.”

She smiled up at him and sucked the head of his cock past her lips. She shuttled up and down the length of him, playing with the heavy sac hanging between his legs.

“You are doing incredible, Mai.” Vencel’s deep voice encouraged her on. Taking him deeper into her throat, Vencel adjusted his strokes to match the rhythm she moved. She started to feel the tightening of Gaspar’s balls under her fingers when he suddenly pulled away from her lips with an audible pop.  

The men rolled with her until Vencel lay on his back, and she straddled his hips. His hands gripped her waist, and he pulled her down against him, grinding up against her. Gaspar cupped her face in his hands and kissed her soundly, pressing his thick cock against her lower belly.

Vencel slipped from her body, and she felt a cooling sensation on the rosette of her bottom. “A little lube…” Feeling him circle the sensitive area lit every one of Mai’s nerves on fire. He played with her back hole, pressing the lube inside her, the sensations driving her insane. The tight ring of muscles protested, but she concentrated on relaxing.

“That’s perfect, Nyuszikam, let me into that tight ass of yours.” He gripped her tightly around the waist, slowing her descent on his length. Mai gripped Vencel’s forearms to steady herself. She felt too stretched but at the same time wanted more.

“You’ll get more, Angyalom, we promise.” Gaspar kissed her until she sat completely on Vencel’s cock. “Now it’s my turn.” Vencel sat up and encouraged Mai to lean slightly back against him. Gaspar moved between her legs and pierced her core with his length. With her legs trapped on either side of Vencel’s, she had no choice but to take them.

It frightened her and aroused her at the same time. They controlled her movements, allowing her bursts of heat and then held onto her hips and made her remain still.

“I can’t…” Mai panted, lost in a sea of sensations. “Please, move”

It almost felt as if she could feel each of them deep inside her soul. She mentally reached for something she didn’t understand.

“Forever, Angyalom, we want forever. Never leave us.”

“Nyuszikam, be our mate. Stay with us.”

They bit her on either side of her neck sending a white-hot wave of heat blasting through her. No pain but exquisite acceptance, her body felt as if a swath of fur rushed over it. Each layer from the firm bristles to the soft undercoat caressed her skin. Her body strained for more but couldn’t quite reach…

“Yes, forever.”





Lying in the darkness, Carol listened to the symphony of cricket noises and loons that filled the night. She could hear the clock out in the hall but didn’t really care to get up and check the time. It must be near morning because when she turned out the light last night, she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. Now she could make out the shapes of the furniture in the room around her. She was surprised that she could see as well as she could, considering how dark it still was. Outside the large sliding door, the stars lit up the sky like a million Christmas lights. She had never seen stars like this in the city. It looked like a sparkling blanket over the night sky. Hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights of varied strength.

Now she understood the draw in regards to sleeping under the stars, and part of her wondered if she could. Sure, there were animals around here, but they wouldn’t bother her, would they? She smiled and stretched. She must be dreaming because there was no way she would ever consider going anywhere out there on her own. Closing her eyes, she listened to the night sounds and waited to see where her dreams would lead her. A rustling sound outside caught her attention, and she opened her eyes again. That must be what woke her up in the first place. If she wasn’t going to get back to sleep, then maybe she would lie here and watch the sun come up. She rolled over and looked out the sliding doors. Blinking, she tried to understand what she was looking at.

A large creature sat at the glass door looking in at her. She lay as still as possible, her heartbeat pounding hard against her chest. She wanted to scream, but the sound froze in her throat. As she watched, the creature opened his mouth wide and yawned. Yawned? The movement highlighted large, sharp teeth, but the action didn’t come across as aggressive. Willing herself to calm down before she had a heart attack, Carol tried to make herself wake up. She didn’t want to have a nightmare. Why couldn’t she wish a hot guy to appear in her dreams? Sloan made a carnal appearance in her dream last night, and she kind of hoped his brother would join him tonight, in fact.

The large animal at the door stood on his hind legs and pressed against the glass with his paws. Her heart jumped in fear. That was a massive wolf out there. The large animal sat back down and looked straight at her. He, and he was most certainly male, cocked his head to one side and stared through the door at her. Carol pushed herself up in bed and stared back at the animal. He didn’t startle or sidestep away from her movement. Instead he calmly sat by the door, waiting. There was no way River would feed a wild wolf. She knew the dangers of such an action, which only left one logical explanation. Although, logical might not be the best word to use at the moment.

Slipping out from under the sheet, she padded to the window and knelt down until she sat on the other side of the glass from the creature. A thick glass door would provide enough protection for her to get away if she needed to. Up here, the glass and doors had to withstand the harsh winter conditions that Mother Nature sent. They wouldn’t break under the strength of one wolf. Forcing herself to remain calm, she watched the large animal as well, assessing the creature from her side of the glass. The humidity of the night made the back of her neck feel sweaty, and she knew that her tank top was sticking to her damp skin.

She tapped lightly on the glass, bringing the animal’s gaze up to her face. If she hadn’t realized what she might be dealing with before, she would know now. No wolf she ever studied or read about stared at a woman’s chest. “I don’t think you’re Sloan. Your coloring is wrong. I imagine him to be something redder. So are you Jaxon or Kaden?”

The creature leapt to its feet, obviously surprised that she knew his secret. She watched the animal pace back and forth in front of the glass. He glanced at her a few times and bared his teeth at her. So he didn’t like the fact that she knew? Too bad. She understood animals to know that what looked like an aggressive move didn’t always mean that. He paused at the handle and pawed at it then sat back and stared at her.

She swallowed nervously. Despite being certain that this was no normal wolf, there was still a kernel of doubt in her head. She wasn’t about to open the door without knowing for certain. “Occam’s razor states that the simplest explanation is the right one. This means, there is only one explanation for your being here. So, I’m not letting you in until you tell me who you are.”

They sat at an impasse, each on one side of the glass staring at each other. Carol wanted this creature to trust her enough to show her the truth. It didn’t take a psychologist to analyze her need for trust, but right now, she didn’t care. He came to her. So he could play by her rules for now. She crossed her arms and got up from the floor. “Fine. Go away then.”

The large wolf jumped to his feet and then lunged at the door. His paws hit the glass, nails tapping against the surface. On his hind legs, he stood almost as tall as she did.

She pointed a finger at the creature and kept her tone even. She knew about their sensitive hearing. “You want in? Then ask in English.”




She followed Sloan's gaze and saw Jaxon sat on the other side, grinning. She blinked as she tried to clear her confused thoughts. Was she still dreaming? She rubbed her eyes and reached out, spearing her fingers through Jaxon’s short hair. He sucked on one of her nipples, giving her sharp little bites that didn't hurt but did increase her sensitivity. Sloan cupped a hand over her other breast while he lay propped up on the other one.

Her pussy throbbed, and she glanced down, meeting Kaden's eyes over her mons. She tried to shift out from under him, but he growled and wrapped his arms around her hips.

“Don't think of going anywhere, sweetheart.” Jaxon kissed her neck under her ear. “I don’t think he has any plans to let you go.”

“Are you certain I'm not dreaming? Because, I didn't expect this to ever happen outside of a dream. I mean…” Sloan cut off her words by mating her mouth, stealing her breath and her thoughts. “We don’t want you to think right now, baby. We want you to lie there and feel. Feel what it's like to be the center of our universe.”

 In short, it felt incredible. Kaden swirled his tongue over her clit and then down, flicking at the entrance to her. Her body throbbed and she arched up again under their ministrations. She still felt a touch sore from her time with Kaden earlier, but it had no chance overtaking the concentrated force of the three of them touching her.

Breaking the kiss with Sloan, she turned her head toward Jaxon, tugging his hair. He moved in and claimed her mouth, his tongue sweeping in and caressing hers in a move that tasted like possession. A low growl vibrated along her clit and sent her spiraling over the edge and into an abyss of pleasure. Her breathing didn’t have a chance to calm down when she felt them shift positions, and a thick, blunt cock pressed against the entrance to her cunt.

“You feel so good, baby.” Sloan’s large hands cupped her hips, tilting her pelvis up. She wrapped her legs around Sloan’s hips and dug her heels into his ass as he pounded into her. Jaxon and Kaden lay stretched out on either side of her, stroking her skin and playing with her breasts and pussy as Sloan fucked her.

Kaden leaned down and kissed the corner of her mouth, flicking his tongue out to taste her lips. She curled a hand up around his neck and tugged at him. Opening her mouth, she welcomed his gentle assault. She could taste her own tangy flavour on his lips, and she liked that she had branded him, even temporarily, as hers. Kaden released her lips, and Jaxon boldly took possession again. He nibbled and licked her lips. He must be able to taste her flavour as well because he kissed her as if she was water to a thirsty man. Kaden moved down and played with her, tugging and sucking on her sensitive nipples. After her time with Sloan and now this, she was convinced that there was a bundle of nerves that directly connected her breasts with her pussy. The pressure built up again in her, and she arched up into their combined touch.

She gasped for air when Jaxon finally broke their kiss. Panting, she tried to get a hold of herself but couldn’t manage it. Someone’s fingers rubbed small circles over her clit, and she didn’t have a clue which one of them it might be.

“Don’t fight it, sweetheart.” Jaxon’s voice sounded deeper than usual as he whispered the soft words into her ear. A sure sign he was struggling for control. “Sloan is fucking you good and hard, and I want you to come all over him. Can you feel Kaden’s greedy fingers on your clit? I want you to come all over them. Because once they are done, it’s my turn, and I’m going to flip you over and have my way with you.”

She could feel the trembling in Sloan’s hips echoed in her own limbs. The tension inside her stretched taught and hung there waiting…until Kaden stopped circling her clit and pinched it between two fingers. Her orgasm roared over her, leaving her in a crumbled heap. She didn’t think that she had an ounce of energy left in her body.

True to his word, Jaxon encouraged her to get up onto her hands and knees, backing her up to the edge of the bed. He stood and slipped his cock inside her. From this angle, he felt so much deeper, and her body came alive again. A tension built around her but spun out wildly. She didn’t understand what this feeling was but wanted more of it.

Sloan flopped out along the bed, completely spent by the looks of it. A large cock, with a deeply flushed head, blocked her vision of Sloan. Looking up, she met Kaden’s gaze. There was still an uncertainty there she didn’t understand, but she wanted him to know she cared about him, too. Flicking out her tongue, she trailed it along his length and smiled when his head dropped back in pleasure and his hand came down on her shoulder.

“Oh fuck yeah. Suck me please, my sweet.”

His name for her reminded her of their time in the back of his truck and his own fetishes. She gripped the base of his cock to stop him from driving his cock in too deep right away. Kaden wasn’t as thick as his brothers were, but he was the longest. She sucked hard enough to hollow out her cheeks and took him to the back of her throat. A garbled moan echoed above her, and she felt his fingers gently stroke her jaw. Hands gripped her ass as Jaxon jabbed her with shallow strokes. “Fuck, Carol. You’re killing me. Take him all because I want to fuck you hard.”





Feeling energized by his words, she quickly moved into place. Colwyn’s cock tapped the entrance to her greedy pussy before slipping into place. His cock wasn’t as long as Brand’s, but it was thicker, and she felt her oversensitized tissue stretching further to accommodate him. With every surge, her body bathed him with more moisture, inch by inch, until she sat on him completely. This felt incredible, and she ground down on him, wriggling her hips in a circle.

“Oh, fuck.” Colwyn wrapped his hand around her hips and held her down against him, preventing her from moving too much. “Not yet, princess, you feel so good like this.”

“But, we’re going to make it better,” Brand whispered from behind her. His fingers skimmed down her back, raising a path of goose bumps along her skin. She shivered and Colwyn closed his eyes and groaned. 

“Are you all right?”

He looked up at her. His eyes looked almost black, but she could sense the passion behind them. “I’ll be a lot better in a few minutes.”

Brand kissed a path down her spine much as he did before. She arched her back at his touch, and he stroked the globes of her ass. “That’s right, Holly. You know exactly what I want.”

She did, thanks to the night she spent watching all sorts of videos she found on the computer. Knowing that Brand was about to shove his cock in her ass made her nervous, but her body felt as if she stood on the edge of a precipice. She wanted to have both of them inside her and complete their union.

She felt his tongue trace a path downward, pausing to flicker at her back entrance. It felt forbidden, carnal, and she wanted more. Colwyn pulled her closer to him. She pressed her breasts against his muscular chest. He captured her lips and stroked her tongue with his own. She felt a cooling sensation on her skin and then felt something press against the muscular ring of her bottom. She instinctively clenched and jerked against the invasion.

“Easy, sweetheart, we’re going to take this nice and slow for now.” She felt more cool moisture, and this time he pressed past her muscle.

“Oh, oh.” there was a slight pinch and a burn that morphed into something dark and incredible.

“You okay, princess?”

“Oh, yes.” She took a deep breath.

“You’ll love it.” Colwyn’s whispered words brushed against her ear. “Relax and press out when Brand presses in.” His fingers caught up her hair and lifted it out of the way so that he could nip at the sensitive column of her neck. “When his cock is all the way inside you, we’ll be able to feel each other fucking you,”

“You keep talking like that, Colwyn, and I’ll never make it.”

Holly couldn’t help the giggle that escaped. Concentrating on her breathing, she felt more pressure as Brand manipulated her muscles. The burning sensation returned every time he increased the pressure, but as she pushed out against him, it eased.

“I can feel his fingers inside you.” Colwyn pumped his hips and rekindled the fire that smoldered within her. “He’s giving you a good stretch. You’re going to be so tight. Even with lots of lube, he’s going to have to work his cock into you nice and slow.”

“Colwyn, you’re not helping.” Tension radiated in Brand’s voice. He pressed another finger into her bottom and wriggled it around before pulling away. She didn’t realize how used to the delicious pressure she was until he took it away. She felt him shift behind her before a large, blunt force pressed against her. This was much larger than his fingers, and stole her breath.

“Breathe, princess, remember to push back against him.” She gasped for a breath and Colwyn cupped her face and kissed her, stealing her thoughts.

Brand retreated and more slippery lube coated her entrance. He pushed forward and it felt like he shoved a white-hot poker up her ass. She cried out and he stilled, gripping her hips so tightly she wondered if he would leave marks. “Push back against me, Holly. I’m almost there, sweetheart.”

She remembered to follow their instructions and the burning eased again. The pressure was incredible, and she felt so full she didn’t think she could move.

“Oh, there we are.” Brand curled over her back and rocked gently against her. “That’s my good girl.”

Colwyn eased slowly out of her as Brand shifted forward, and then they switched. Her entire world narrowed down to this perfect moment. Each of her men surged within her, moving in tandem. One plunged into her as the other withdrew. She felt as though she spiraled out of control until Colwyn grabbed one of her hands and Brand grasped the other one. That gave her an anchor in this fervor of sensations, a home. She writhed in the middle of this sexual storm, the center in which Brand and Colwyn circled around. She couldn’t tell where one started and the other stopped.





“Hey, Jelani! Wake the fuck up.” Marcario’s voice echoed in the small house as he stomped his boots after coming in.

Jelani got up and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. “I’m up. What do you want?”

He opened his bedroom door and his brother handed him a warm travel mug. “Here, have a coffee.”

He automatically reached for the mug and then paused, pulling his hand back. “Did Mai make it?”

“Would I do that to you?” Marcario smirked at him as if daring him to take a sip. The desire for caffeine overrode his distaste for his sister’s coffee-making skills. “Yes.” Jelani opened the top and inhaled. It smelled fine, and the first sip was delicious. His body relaxed at that initial shot of caffeine. Definitely not the sludge his sister made. “That’s perfect. Thanks. What are you waking me up for?”

“You were already awake. I could almost hear you thinking the moment I pulled in. Regardless of how bad of a night you put in, you can’t sleep past ten.”

“Speaking of bad nights, how’s your shoulder? I heard you groaning in your sleep when you moved.” Marcario’s wound was healing well but he was concerned his brother was overdoing it.

“It’s stiff, but I haven’t taken anything for it today. I’d rather suffer a bit of pain than the foggy feeling I get when I take the pills the doctor gave me. But that isn’t why I woke you. Mai and the guys want to talk to us before we go help with the spring festival. I told them we would. I didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Nah, I’m good. All this laying around is driving me insane.”

“That’s what I figured.”

“Okay, let me jump into the shower, and then we can get going.”

Jelani didn’t take long to get ready, and then both he and Marcario were in the Jeep heading up to their sister’s place. They crested the hill and it curved around into the small road that led to the Solfavi home.

“What is that? Holy shit!” Marcario gunned the gas and the Jeep jerked forward.

Jelani looked in the direction his brother was pointing. Mai was running toward the house with two large wolves following her.

“Oh, my god.” Terror struck him. His baby sister was about to be attacked by a couple of wild, possibly rabid animals. “Is there some sort of weapon in here?” Jelani looked around, and the only thing that was of any possible use was the long snow brush.

The Jeep fishtailed on the slippery road and Marcario quickly twisted the wheel to counteract the Jeep’s motion. Jelani watched his sister, terrified they might not make it. But as they got closer, things didn’t seem right. The wolves raced past her and leapt up onto the back porch. Mai changed her direction and headed toward the front of the house. Was she still trying to escape?

“Something’s not right.” Jelani pointed to Mai, who was now leaning casually against the porch railing.

Marcario gripped the steering wheel with both hands, his knuckles white with the strain. “Why isn’t she running in the house?”

“Do you think she knows those animals? Maybe they aren’t wild wolves. They could be someone’s dogs.”

“They are big fucking dogs. Where did they go?” Marcario jumped on the brakes and the Jeep slid up to a stop. Jelani jumped out of the vehicle as soon as he could, still gripping the snow brush.

“Where the hell did you learn to drive?” Mai yelled at them as soon as Marcario opened the door. “I thought you were going to spin out or crash into a snowbank. This isn’t Africa. You have to be more careful with how you drive here.”

“We thought you were being chased by wolves.” Jelani carried the snow brush like a weapon, as if the ice scraper on the end was a sword tip.

“They were just playing. Geez, you two are a bit paranoid.”

Marcario narrowed his eyes at his sister. Mai was talking to them like they were overreacting. “Being chased by wild wolves is a big deal, Mai.” He started to suspect their little sister was playing a prank on them. “Let me guess, they are someone’s pets, right?”

“No, dummy. They’re my husbands.”




Marcario ravaged her senses, kissing her deeply as Jelani swirled his tongue around her clit, blowing all her thoughts away. She wanted to feel them both, wanted that complete connection that her friends spoke about after a few glasses of wine.

She heard the flick of a cap and jumped slightly, driving Jelani’s thumb deeper into her bottom. A part of her brain screamed in concern at the intimate touch but she loved the way it felt. A liquid dribbled down between her cheeks, and Jelani pulled his thumb out and swirled it around her back entrance before pressing in again. This time he slipped past the rings of muscle and stroked deep. Jessica panted and pressed back against his invasion.

“Oh yeah, Jessica.” He twisted the digit and pulled slightly out before pressing in again. “You like being bad, don’t you?”

“God, that feels so…” She didn’t have the words to describe it.

“That’s right, Jessica. You can take more, can’t you?” She felt him push a finger in, and her muscles burned when he added a second finger. He continued to dribble lube and press it into her. She could feel herself reaching for an orgasm already. She couldn’t help but whimper when Jelani withdrew his fingers. “A little more patience, Jessica.”

Marcario lifted her up so that she straddled his hips. His considerable size was covered with a condom already and she was grateful for his consideration. “Come on, beautiful. My cock is aching I want inside you so badly.”

“Let me see if I can fix that.” She grinned and rubbed her clit against his erection. Her pussy was so wet she easily slipped along his length, covering him with her juices. Dragging her clit along him sent shivers along her body. Marcario groaned and gripped her hips with his large hands. “Fuck, you feel so good, Jess.”

His hot cock jumped and when she pushed back she angled her hips so she caught the head at her entrance. She clenched her pussy muscles, tightly holding on to the tip as she rose up over him and slipped down an inch and then lifted off. Fucking the tip of his cock teased her as much as him.

Jelani stroked a hand down her spine and over her ass. He slapped one cheek. “You little tease.” The sharp smack sent pleasure arrowing directly between her legs. She cried out and dropped down completely on Marcario’s cock, making them both cry out.

Marcario pulled her down on top of his chest and captured her mouth in a kiss as he lifted his hips and pounded rapidly into her cunt. He sucked on her tongue and she raced toward the pinnacle only to have him stop completely.

“No, don’t stop!”

Marcario grinned up at her. “You’re not the only one that can tease, Jess.”

She tried to frown down at him but Jelani took that moment to dribble lube along her ass again. Her bottom clenched up right away but he massaged her opening, dipping his fingers in and then out. Taking it slowly.

Marcario held on to her hips, preventing her from moving. Her body demanded friction of some sort but neither man seemed willing to give it to her yet. Marcario kissed her madly and she met his passionate demands with some of her own. Her ass burned, and her clit felt as though it was on fire. She needed more.

“Oh, Jessica, almost there, sweetheart.” Jelani continued to press his fingers into her bottom. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“But it feels so good.” She rubbed her nipples against the crisp hair on Marcario’s chest.

“It’s going to feel so much better in a moment.” Jelani removed his fingers but before she could cry out she felt a much larger pressure against the tight ring.

Her ass burned as Jelani pressed the tip of his cock into her, and Marcario’s cock felt twice the size. She had never felt so full in her life. The sensation was so strong it stole her breath and she gasped with every stroke. Marcario grabbed her hands and laced their fingers together, anchoring her hands over her head. She felt like a sacrifice to an ancient god, or ravaged by one.

“That’s it, you can do it.” Jelani rocked against her, slowly gaining inch by inch until his balls brushed against her butt. He groaned and pulled out slightly before pushing back in. It didn’t burn as hot this time. Instead a dark pleasure streaked along her spine.

“Do it again.” She panted against Marcario’s chest.

“That’s our cue. You hold still, Jess, and enjoy the ride.”

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