County Sheriffs 3: Conquering Evil (MFM)

County Sheriffs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,721
19 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
FBI agent and profiler Jasmine Urban has come to Cody, Wyoming, for the specific purpose of capturing a serial killer. What she didn’t expect was her attraction to two deputy sheriffs, Cooper Ellis and Tanner Collins.
Cooper and Tanner are drawn to the feisty profiler from day one, but her sharp tongue and “keep off” signs keep them at arm’s length. However, when Jasmine devises a plan to dye her hair to make herself look more like the one and only woman who managed to escape the psychopath’s clutches, Tanner and Cooper can’t remain in the background any longer.
There are shadows in Jasmine’s eyes. Both men know they won’t be able to move forward in a relationship with Jasmine until they uncover whatever is haunting her. The killer finally makes his move, and Jasmine is ready for him. She’s a trained agent and a black belt in karate. She’s in the fight for her life and has the upper hand, but then things turn back on her. Will she survive?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.


County Sheriffs 3: Conquering Evil (MFM)
19 Ratings (4.4)

County Sheriffs 3: Conquering Evil (MFM)

County Sheriffs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,721
19 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I really enjoyed this little series by Becca. Was sad to see this end but thrilled they finally caught the killer!!
I enjoyed this story and the characters in it. I am hoping that there is more to this series.
Karlyn Plett




Tanner glanced up when Clay and Spence came out of their office. Both men had two cups of coffee in hand, and he took the one Spence handed him. “Thanks.”

“I see Jasmine’s already left.” Clay stated the obvious as he handed Coop a mug of coffee.

“Where’d she go?” Coop asked.

“Probably to pack up her things.” Spence sipped from his mug.

“Why? Is she leaving? We need her here until we catch the sick psycho,” Tanner said in a hard voice.

“She’s not leaving,” Clay said in a matter-of-fact tone.

When Tanner saw Clay glance at Spence and then back to him and Coop, he knew there was something going on and it had to do with Jasmine.

“Tell me, us, what the hell is going on.”

Cooper rose from his seat before stalking over to stand beside him. Tanner knew his friend was picking up on his tension.

“Jasmine is going to be taking Misha’s place,” Spence said.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Coop snarled.

“Just what you think it means.” Clay pointed a finger at Cooper before turning that finger toward Tanner. “I don’t want any shit from you two. She is a trained agent and has a job to do.”

Tanner’s heart flipped and then slammed against his ribs. He curled his hands into tight fists and ground his teeth down so hard his jaw hurt. Red hazed over his eyes for a second but receded when he drew in a deep, ragged breath. “She’s going to use herself as bait?” His voice was nearly as hoarse as Coop’s was. It was hard talking around the constriction in his throat, but he’d forced the words out somehow.

“Yes,” Spence answered.

“Fuck that!” Coop growled before spinning away and pacing around the room.

Tanner wanted to pace, too, but he was so fucking mad he was sure he’d walk right into a piece of furniture.

“Calm the hell down,” Clay said in a loud voice. 

“Did you ask her?” Tanner glared at Clay, ready to punch his boss and friend in the face if his answer was yes.

“No.” Clay set his mug of coffee down on the edge of Tanner’s desk before scrubbing a hand down his face. “Misha and Bella suggested we ask her a few weeks back, but neither Spence nor I was comfortable doing that. Jasmine came into our office this morning and volunteered to use herself to lure this sick fuck out. Spence and I didn’t hesitate to accept.”

“You should have told her no,” Coop rasped out. “She’s too fucking small to take on this psycho.”

Tanner felt the hair on his nape stand on end and had a bad feeling that he and Coop had just made it that much harder for themselves to woo Jasmine into a relationship. When he saw Clay and Spence glance between him and Cooper toward the door, he knew they were in deep shit. He closed his eyes and sighed with resignation.

He heard light footsteps coming toward him and Coop, and just as he opened his eyes again, Jasmine shoved her way between them but didn’t stop until she was standing in front of them facing them. Tanner held his breath as he waited for a tongue-lashing. She stood there dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a nice shirt with her hands on her hips as she scowled at them. He did a double take when he saw that all the glorious dark red hair was no more. The length of her tresses hadn’t changed, but her hair was now a shiny black. If he hadn’t seen her beforehand or known Misha, he would have mistaken her for his bosses woman.

“What the hell did you do to your hair?” Coop asked.

“What do you care?” Jasmine spat out before turning her back on him and Tanner.

Tanner felt guilty for not wanting Jasmine to put herself in danger, but he felt guiltier over her having heard what he and Cooper had been saying about her. There had been anger in her eyes, which was to be expected, but he’d also seen the underlying hurt in those gorgeous blue orbs. Tanner had never felt as low as he did now. He wanted to apologize for questioning Jasmine’s abilities, but he knew she would probably just shun him and Cooper even more. He knew she was a highly trained FBI agent, but she was a profiler and didn’t work in the field of chasing criminals like the other agents did. He also knew she would be able to handle the gun holstered under her arm, but she was so fucking small. Tanner wasn’t sure she’d be able to take down a man a head taller than her, let alone one that was at least a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier.

“I’m ready when you are,” Jasmine said.

Clay nodded at her. “We need half an hour before we’ve finished.”

Jasmine sighed but then nodded as she patted her laptop bag. “I have a few things I can work on while I wait.”

Tanner swallowed when she turned and hoped that she met his gaze so he could tell her how sorry he was that she’d heard what he and Coop had said, but he was even sorrier for doubting her. If they were going to catch this sick bastard, he and the others needed to have faith in the team, even if one of their team members was new and a diminutive woman.

She skirted around him and Coop, keeping her head lowered as she walked over to the desk she’d been using to work. She sat down, removed her laptop from the bag, and opened it up. Her tense shoulders told Tanner she was aware of his scrutiny, but she was determined to ignore him. He glanced over to find Coop watching her with a guilty expression on his face and his jaw clenched tight and knew his friend felt just as bad as he did.

“Coop, Tanner, I need a word in my office,” Clay ordered before turning on his heel and stalking toward his office.




When he blew out a breath over her hot, aching, wet pussy, Jasmine groaned. The first lick of his tongue had goose bumps racing over her skin, and she trembled. The second lick over her engorged nub had her insides clenching and cream dripping from her cunt.

She moaned as she bowed her hips up, begging for more of the exquisite sensations.

Coop didn’t disappoint. He opened his mouth over her cunt and began to lick and suck on her folds and clit with earnestness. The pleasure he was giving her was indescribable and had her going from a slow burn to a raging hot fire.

She cried out when he rimmed her cunt with a finger and then slowly penetrated her dripping-wet sheath. Jasmine shook and shivered as the heat increased until she thought she was about to self-combust. Coop withdrew his finger slightly and then stroked back in, going a little deeper. 

Tanner cupped her cheek, turning her head toward him, and then his mouth was covering hers. She gasped and groaned as he kissed her rapaciously, his tongue sliding along before twirling around hers, only to come back and glide along hers again. She moaned into his mouth when he cupped a breast before kneading and massaging the globe. Jasmine cried out when he strummed his thumb over the throbbing nipple, and she bucked her hips as Coop sucked her clit into his mouth. The tip of his tongue flicked back and forth over the sensitive nub in rapid succession, and all the while he pumped a finger in and out of her cunt.

The warmth in her lower belly, womb, and pussy was so intense she felt as if she was melting from the inside out. She was so hot and restless she couldn’t stay still and writhed beneath their pleasurable ministrations.

Tanner broke the kiss and then began to lick and nibble down her neck, over her collarbone and down toward her breasts. He kissed and licked the skin between her breasts and then the underside of each feminine globe. She shuddered and shivered as the fire heated up another notch, and then she froze when the sensitive tissues of her pussy stung as Coop inserted another finger into her cunt. She sobbed with pleasure as those two fingers stroked into her pussy, causing a pleasurable friction to send shards of lightning deep into her womb. 

“Fuck she’s tight,” Coop said after he lifted his head from her pussy. His gray eyes were hooded and blazing hot when he met her gaze. “I wanted to give you an orgasm first, baby, but I can’t wait much longer. I ache to be buried inside of you.”

“Oh!” Jasmine moaned, her legs shaking when the pad of his fingers brushed over a really sensitive spot deep inside of her pussy.

Tanner released her nipple with a pop before glancing down at Cooper. “I think you found something, Coop.”

“I know I did,” he replied in a hoarse, breathless voice.

“Then let’s give our woman the pleasure she deserves,” Tanner said right before he took her nipple back into his mouth.

Jasmine moaned and then gasped when Tanner scraped the edge of his teeth over her nipple. Her hips began to rock in time to Cooper’s stroking fingers, and juices wept from her cunt, dripping down onto her inner thighs and anus. She’d never been so wet in her life, and it was all because of Cooper and Tanner. 

She threaded her fingers into Tanner’s hair and clutched a handful of his brown tresses as the tension inside of her began to build.

Each time Cooper pumped his fingers into her pussy he increased the pace and depth. She cried out when he added a third finger, gently stretching her as he eased them in and out of her cunt. The fire was beginning to rage out of control. The tension in her muscles was so strong she hoped she didn’t end up getting a cramp, but that was the least of her worries right now. Jasmine gasped and groaned, her free hand, the one not holding onto Tanner’s hair, caressing up and down his stomach. When the back of her hand felt the heated head of his hard cock and the moisture coating the tip, her mouth watered.

She wrapped her hand around his hard dick and moaned when it pulsed and throbbed beneath her touch. When she began to move her hand up and down his hard length, he moaned around her nipple.

The coil in her lower belly grew tighter and tighter. The walls of her cunt began to grow closer and closer together as she climbed the steep slope toward the pinnacle.

Her heart skipped a beat and the breath stuttered in her lungs when she hung right on the edge of the precipice.

Cooper was now shuttling his fingers in and out of her cunt, his tongue lashing over her clit, and Tanner was pinching and plucking at one nipple while suckling strongly on the other.

That was all it took to send her hurtling up into the stratosphere.

She screamed as euphoria washed over her. Her cunt clamped down hard around the fingers still moving in and out of her pussy before releasing, only to clench down again.

Stars burst in a parody of fireworks behind her closed eyes, and the streaks of white light flashed before her gaze.

Jasmine’s whole body quaked and quivered, her pussy contracting with ecstasy as she shook and shivered.

Cream gushed from her cunt, and she mindlessly rocked her hips as nirvana swept her up to the top of the wave before she plummeted back down. The occasional aftershock wracked her body, causing her to shudder and shiver as the contractions in her body finally began to wane. The only sound in the now quiet room was their heavy breathing.

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