Lost Bird (MFM)

Coffeeshop Coven 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,003
22 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]
Sachi Wolowitz overcame horrific tragedy as a teen and has rebuilt her life, alone. She’s happy working at Many Blessings and teaching her first love, skeet shooting. She’s not looking for love. Especially not with the handsome plumber or the nameless cutie she bumps into at the grocery store, who both have unusual auras that speak to her soul.
John Evans and Oscar Weinstein have been friends since childhood. Each survived having their heart shredded and they are now roommates simply existing. John feels an attraction to Sachi when he replaces her water heater. Oscar recognizes her from the news, but is too nervous to make the first move.
When John’s elderly aunt thinks she’s seeing ghosts, Sachi and her team must investigate to discover if there’s really paranormal activity, or if his beloved aunt is going senile. Will Sachi find the proof she seeks, or get more than she bargained for and take a risk on love with the two hunks?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Lost Bird (MFM)
22 Ratings (4.6)

Lost Bird (MFM)

Coffeeshop Coven 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 68,003
22 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Love Sachi and her dad... the guys were adorable and it was a great read... The magic, the friendships, the coven... all hail dildous... all the characters were fun and the story flowed perfectly. Awesome Job Tymber!
***contains what some may consider spoilers***

Once again Tymber gives us an engaging story of the small town residents who belong to this awesome little "coven". Sachi had been through hell, both before moving to Florida and even recently in the shooting, I was so glad she finally found her happiness. I love that the characters are flawed humans who don't expect perfection from themselves or others. The friends and families in this story wove wonderfully into the telling of it, Mandaline and her men, Sachi's dad and Aunt Tammy, such delicious pieces of this tasty treat.

John and Oscar are real men, not buff, super alpha dudes. Like all of us they carry scars from their past and self doubt seeps in to their daily life.

When the three come together it's magic, blessed by the Goddess and a smile from Julie. The investigation, and aunt Tammy were so much fun and created the perfect pot to put them all in and stir them together to cook up some hot and really sweet romance. Looking forward to the next chapter in this group's saga.




Sachi knew it’d be even harder to focus on the investigation now that she’d slept with Oscar and John. But she also knew how important it was to try to get to the bottom of things. To come up with a definitive answer that would either put John’s mind at ease that his aunt wasn’t senile, or answer the questions once and for all.

She wished she’d had equipment in the bathroom with her that night when she’d seen the aura and heard the voice, but oh well.

No use whining about that now.

Maybe they’d get lucky again. Just in case, she would have Brad hook up an IR camera in the bathroom, as well as a digital voice recorder. They’d use the bathroom down the hall that the men were now sharing.

They once again assembled a team at Tammy’s house an hour before sunset Sunday evening. This time, with Ellis and Mandaline there to lend assistance, as well as Brad, Anna, and Mina. The entire time, Sachi tried to quell her nerves.

And her libido.

It would be too tempting to drag one or both of her men off somewhere in the darkened house and get it on with them.

Down, girl. Detective work now, dirty time later.

It wasn’t dark yet. While Brad handled the equipment wrangling, Sachi grabbed Oscar and John. “Come with.”

“Oooh.” John grinned.

“Not that. Work.”

“Damn,” Oscar muttered.

She led them across the backyard and through the fence. Well, she crossed through the fence, and Oscar and John stood there, staring at her through it.

“What?” she asked when she realized they weren’t right behind her.

“You want us to go in there?” John asked.

“Um, yeah,” Sachi said. “You’re a plumber. Aren’t you used to going under houses and shit?”

Oscar snorted and John backhanded his shoulder. “Hey,” Oscar protested, “she said ‘and shit’ and it was funny. Because it’s true. Because, you know, you’re a plumber and stuff.”

John glared at him.

Sachi wanted to laugh but, more importantly, she wanted to walk a little ways into the woods, and not alone. She snapped her fingers and pointed to the ground in front of her. “Move. Your. Asses. Right now.”

The men glanced at each other and scrambled to comply.

She turned before they could spot her pleased smirk.

With the deepening shadows, she switched on the small LED flashlight she’d brought with her and played it through the trees and brush. Palmettos, pine trees, oak trees, vines and weeds—it was a smorgasbord of vegetation.


She picked her way over to a section of pine needles covering the ground that almost looked like a path. As she studied it, the more she was convinced that’s just what it was.

“What?” John asked.

“Follow me.” She ducked under a branch and tried to stay with the path. If they looked back, they couldn’t see the house or yard any longer.

A shriek split the air. She whirled around to see Oscar doing wild ninja karate moves in midair. As he gathered himself, he scrubbed his hands over his face.

“Sorry. Spider web.”

John laughed, long and hard. He looked like he was about to say something to pick on Oscar when Sachi decided to nip that shit right in the bud. She tapped him on his shoulder and pointed down at his jeans. “Looks like a tick on you.”

“Oh my god, where?” He started doing a jig in place, swatting at his legs as Sachi shook her head and turned back to the suspected trail.

“Oh, sorry,” she drawled. “My bad.”

Oscar laughed.

They will keep me on my toes.

And she didn’t mind a bit.

“Very funny,” John muttered from behind her.

The trail didn’t end as much as it petered out. The thick layer of pine needles and leaves covering what exposed ground there was concealed any tracks there might have been. When she looked back, she could see places where they’d scuffed the pine needles.

Especially the two places where Oscar and John had done their impromptu insect interpretive dances.

“Can we please head back before we become the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary on missing persons who vanish without a trace a few feet short of civilization?” John asked.

A shiver ran up her spine. Julie had died in a house in the middle of a state park. Minutes from armed rangers and the freaking Interstate, for chrissake.

She switched off the light, allowing the shadows to sink in around them.

She felt like they were being watched.

“Okay,” she said. “Beat feet, buddies. Back to the house.”

“You first,” Oscar said, looking around nervously. “I want you in front of me in case there’s something behind us.”

“Ditto,” John said, dropping his voice. “You feel it? Creepy. I don’t want you bringing up the rear.”




Sachi got out of bed and dashed into the kitchen to grab a plastic cup. She did a quick rinse and spit in the bathroom, and brought the full cup of water back into the bedroom with her, where she set it on the bedside table. Then she perched between them on the bed, sitting on her knees.

“I’m not fragile china, guys. Feel free to step up your game.”

John grinned as he sat up and grabbed her, pulling her down and on top of him. This time, he fisted a goodly handful of her hair and held on tight as he kissed her.

She let out a pleased whine as she melted against him.


Oh, sooo this.

She was aware of Oscar sitting up next to them. Then his hand caressed her ass, his fingers slipping down between her legs until his fingers found her clit again. Still swollen and sensitive from the first go-round, she rocked her hips in time with his movements.

His voice whispered in her ear. “Oh, you want us to step it up, hmm?”

She couldn’t think about responding because John was fucking her mouth with his tongue. Although, to be fair, she was giving back as good as she was getting.

Oscar slid one finger into her pussy and began finger-fucking her with it, his other fingers hitting her clit at the bottom of every stroke.

She moaned, falling still, her back arched to give him the best angle.

“You like that?”

She whined.

John had one arm tightly wrapped around her waist, the other still firmly holding her head in place and kissing her.

Oscar’s hand sped up. “Show us you like it, baby. Come for me like this.”

John spread his legs, forcing hers apart, and that was all it took. She fell headfirst down the pleasure slide again.

“That’s it,” Oscar said, more force in his voice. “Make all the noise you want. Show us how good it feels, and we’ll keep doing it. We’ll give you all you want as long as you keep showing us you like it.”

She cried out, the muscles of her cunt grabbing at his finger as he continued fucking her with it and her orgasm rocked through her. Even with her eyes closed, she felt the blue energy of their auras swirling through her, adding to the pleasure in a way she never thought possible.

Okay, no offense to him, this was definitely better than with Tom.

Way better.

Oscar’s hand slowed, giving her a moment of respite. Only a moment, because he carefully worked a second finger into her, apparently trying to gauge her reaction before slowly picking up speed, until he was soon driving her back up the ramp again toward another climax.

She’d had multiple orgasms before, a few times with Tom.

But this…never anything like this before.

Mandaline’s a lucky witch was the last coherent thought she had as her climax tipped her over again and she gave in to the pleasure.

Oscar’s hand disappeared. John flipped her over onto her back, grinning down at her. She heard Oscar ripping the box open and the sound of plastic tearing and realized John was rolling a condom onto his hard shaft.

He braced himself with his left arm while lining up the the head of his cock with his right, swiping it up and down her wet slit until he nudged himself between her thighs and got himself aligned with her cunt.

Sachi arched her back, thrusting up, but he wouldn’t be rushed. “You said we had all night,” he teased, his right hand lacing his fingers with hers and raising it above her head.

She started to shoot a sexy, snarky comeback at him when a flashback hit her. “Yellow,” she gasped.

He froze. “What’s wrong?”

“I…Please don’t hold my hands down right now.”

He immediately let go, instead cupping it with his and bringing it up to his lips, where he kissed her palm. “Are you all right?” Gone was the seductive, sexy tone. His voice sounded full of concern.

She also felt him starting to lose his erection again. “Dandy.” She grabbed his head and yanked him down on top of her, kissing him while she arched her hips against him and hoped she’d salvaged it for him.

For her part, she was okay, had gone through this and worse before and knew how to work her way out of it again as long as the men just followed her lead.

And without even knowing it, John had just cemented her undying trust in him.

Atta boy. His cock swelled again, much to her relief, and he slowly pressed forward until he was fully buried inside her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and hoped he’d take the hint.

A quick study, he did. Slowly at first, still worried about her, it didn’t take him long to get into the rhythm, a sweet, seductive grind that even managed to rub against her clit in a way she hoped they could refine in the future.

For now, she wanted him to come. She nipped at his tongue, drawing another low moan from him. He planted his hands on the bed on either side of her head and goaded by her heels nudging his ass, started fucking her harder, faster.

She wanted this for him. The way his aura grew brighter, stronger, clearer. Maybe the answer was these two men needed her for their healing as much as she needed them for hers.

As good a reason as any.

Ending their kiss, she whispered in his ear, “Come for me, baby. Come hard for me.”

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