The Guardian (MF)

Going the Distance 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,846
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
With the sun not only setting on summer, but also on the fourth year of Brett and Austin Tanner's relationship, the couple couldn’t be happier. With a young son and a daughter, they're enjoying life together in the affluent suburb of Old Greenwich, Connecticut while Brett continues working at Goldman Sachs in Manhattan. When Austin takes on a new writing project during her pregnancy with their third baby, she readies herself for a challenging few months.
Woken in the middle of the night, the startling news of a fatal car accident sends Brett’s world spinning out of control. Overwhelmed with heartache and sorrow, Brett is unable to cope with his grief. Baby Gederick joins the Tanner circle when Brett and Austin are appointed as the Guardian to the little boy who is a physical reminder of the dear friends they’ve lost. Struggling to cope, Brett’s behaviors leave Austin with a house full of children to care for as she works to help the love of her life deal with both his obligations and his pain.
Loyalty and unconditional love persevere as this sexy and successful couple weather the challenges of life, love, loss, and marriage.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Guardian (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Guardian (MF)

Going the Distance 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 29,846
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This final book of Brett and Austin had you laughter and tears.What happens when you lose your best friend who's always been there. Brett has that road to travel can he remember that Austin is there waiting to hold him?




After dinner while the kids played outside in the yard, Austin once again broached the subject. “I know you don’t want to talk about this, but there are bills that need to be paid.”

Brett looked at Austin with a sour expression. “They can wait,” he said. “It’s not like holding off will damage Dale’s credit rating.”

Austin took a step toward Brett and looked up at his eyes with a severe expression. “Brett, don’t you dare disrespect your friend that way. Dale and Kathryn’s final matters need to be handled and we need to handle them with dignity.” She softened her tone ever so slightly. “Dale would never have treated your personal matters so cavalierly.”

Brett could feel the blood drain from his face. “You’re right,” he finally admitted with a shaky voice. “Dale deserves better. I just don’t know how.”

Austin grabbed the list of tasks and pressed it against his chest. “The check from the insurance company came today to cover the car accident. If you’re in agreement, I’ll get it into the account tomorrow and then we can start paying bills.”

Brett reluctantly nodded. “Okay, kitten.”

Austin took a deep breath. “I’ll put all of the utilities and credit cards together for you to take to work tomorrow. Hopefully, your assistant can start calling each provider to discontinue service. As the executor, you’ll have to give the final okay in most cases. Will you be able to do that?” she asked.

Again, Brett nodded. “I’m in the office tomorrow.”

Austin continued cautiously. “You may need the death certificates. I’ve scanned them. I’ll email you an electronic copy so that your assistant has them.” Austin thought Brett might shatter into a thousand pieces at the thought.

Brett set down the papers and backed away from the conversation that overwhelmed him. “I need a drink,” he stammered. He didn’t notice his wife close her eyes and stifle a sob as she held her hand to cover her lips.


* * * *


Austin spent the rest of the evening out in the yard, playing with the kids as she watered the gardens, wondering to herself how she could help Brett see that turning to alcohol wasn’t going to bring Dale back.

With the kids finally in bed, Austin called Laura and invited her over for a visit.

“How is Gederick settling in?” Laura asked as they sat on the patio.

“Surprisingly well,” Austin admitted. “He seems to enjoy the nonstop action of the older kids. He’s eating well and I think I’ve got him sleeping through the night.”

Laura was impressed. “How did you accomplish that?”

Austin glanced at her friend. “I’m afraid Kathryn wouldn’t approve of my tactics.”

Laura chuckled. “You let him cry it out, didn’t you?”

Austin nodded and laughed. “Brett and I wore ear plugs for three nights. By the fourth, I went without and I didn’t hear a peep.”

“My god, I miss her,” Laura said before taking a drink of her iced tea.

Austin ran her fingers through her hair. “I’ve hardly had time to think about Kathryn. I’ve been so focused on getting Ged settled and getting Brett to deal with the estate.”

“He’s struggling?”

“Yes,” Austin admitted. “He’s in the basement with a fresh bottle of booze.”

Laura cringed. “David isn’t coping well, either, but he isn’t drinking away his pain. I’m a little surprised. Brett gave an amazing eulogy. Everyone thought it summed up Dale’s life perfectly.”

“He did. But he’s all over the place emotionally. Sometimes he seems like the Brett I’ve always known. Other times, he’s a mess. I honestly don’t know what to do,” Austin admitted. “Brett is all over the place. He’s hardly noticed that we’re all dealing with loss.” Austin sighed. “I’ve missed two appointments with my obstetrician because I’ve been so busy. This pregnancy is flying by and I’ve hardly had time to enjoy it.”

“How far along are you now?”

“Half way.”

Laura set down her glass in the table at her side. “It’s really been that long since we were all at the cottage?”

Austin nodded. “The accident was more than a month ago.” She quickly looked at her friend. “I meant to ask, how is Kimberly doing?”

“Oh, she’s fine,” Laura reassured her. “It took a while, but she finally booked her first babysitting gig since the accident. She was pretty scared.” Laura smiled at her friend. “I’m so glad you thought of her. I can’t imagine how anxious she would have been if no one had noticed she was still there until morning.”

Austin took a deep breath before asking her next question. “I hate to impose, but could you go over to the house with me next week and help me collect up the personal items we should keep for Gederick?”

“Of course,” Laura replied. “Please don’t ever hesitate to ask for help, Austin.”

“Thank you,” Austin said softly. “I’ve been making a list of high value and sentimental items to keep.” She sighed heavily. “We’re going to have to figure out what to do with everything else so we can put the house on the market.”

Hot tears filled Laura’s eyes before one lone drop trickled down her cheek. She wiped away the water bead before looking up at her friend that was dealing with her own pain. “It must be so difficult to deal with all of these details.”

“Sometimes it is. Then I look at Ged and realize that the decisions we make are on his behalf. Just like we have for our kids, Dale and Kathryn worked hard to give him a good life. We can’t drop the ball for that little guy.”




“I didn’t think you wanted to tell everyone we’re pregnant, kitten.” Brett murmured as he pulled her in under the covers to nuzzle and kiss his wife’s neck.

Austin sighed as she inhaled the scent of his cologne. It mixed with the smell of the warm sun on his skin, and it made her own temperature rise. “I didn’t plan to,” she admitted. “But Laura confronted me.” She found Brett’s lips to slowly kiss him. “You were drinking scotch.”

“I was,” he acknowledged. “Is it bothering your stomach?”

She pressed her lips firmly against his, letting her tongue brush against his as she tasted the lingering flavor of the aged liquor. “No, I quite like it,” she purred as she continued to kiss him earnestly.

“You know this house isn’t very soundproof,” he warned as she slid her hand up his thigh and under the edge of his boxer shorts.

“I’ll be quiet,” she promised as she dipped under the covers to remove his shorts with a combination of her mouth and a quick tug of her hand.

Brett could still hear people milling about on the lower level and he knew that if he could hear them, they would be able to hear his wife who, historically, had little success in remaining quiet in bed. He let out a long groan of his own as her warm wet mouth found his hard cock. After more than four years together, he knew that Austin had many talents in the bedroom, but his favorite was the focused and adoring attention she gave to his dick. She knew how to tease and suck her way around his package, murmuring in delight at the enjoyment she got from pleasuring him.

He pushed back the sheets to watch, whisking back the strands of blonde hair that fell over her face, clutching them securely in his hand. “Kitten,” he moaned. “That feels incredible.”

She could read the want in his eyes. She knew he wanted to be inside her, giving her the same pleasure that she was giving him. She gave his cock a long suck, pulling fluid up his long hard shaft and across her tongue before leaving her position to kiss her way up his tanned chest.

“Holy fuck, kitten. I never ever get tired of your lips on my cock.”

“Then why didn’t you let me finish?” she playfully asked as he pulled her knee over his body to straddle his stomach.

“Because, I needed to taste this,” he said as he effortlessly slid his body down the sheets to bury his face between her legs.

Austin let out a squeal before remembering where she was. She bit her lip to refrain from crying out as Brett brushed his lips against her damp flesh. Delicately, he moved his mouth from side to side before making her gasp as he pulled her clit into his mouth. She had never had to give him instruction on how to please her. He had always known exactly how to touch her in a way that was tormenting and tantalizing all at the same time. She fought back the cries that escaped as whimpering moans as her body began to quiver. The aching tension between her legs suddenly snapped, releasing wave after wave of relief surging through her body. Her muscles twitched until Brett finally released her throbbing clit from his mouth to slide out from under her.

“I absolutely love the taste of your pussy when you’re pregnant,” he murmured in her ear as he knelt behind her.

“Is that why you keep knocking me up?” she whimpered as he wrapped his long arms around her slight frame and pressed his cock between her legs.

“Fringe benefit,” he whispered before pressing the tip of his cock against her pussy. He lightly covered her mouth to muffle the cry she let out as his cock pressed deep. “I knew you couldn’t be quiet.”

Even though they had fucked hundreds of times, his long, thick cock still took her breath away as it stretched and filled her.

“Does that feel good?” he asked as he listened to her suck air in through her nose with each deep press he made.

She nodded unevenly, afraid that if she opened her mouth to speak, she’d let out a moan that would be heard throughout the beach house.

“Tell me what you want,” he invited with his lips pressed up against her ear. “Tell me what will make you come for me, kitten.”

She let out a soft whimper as she pushed away his arms. She slowly bent at the hip, pressing her bottom back against him as he lunged.

“Good girl,” he moaned as she pressed her face into the pillow to let out a much-needed shriek as he grabbed onto her hips. He desperately wanted to give her perfectly round ass a smack, but he knew the sound would echo through the house. Instead, he lunged until he heard her muffled sounds grow in volume and intensity. He reached around and brushed his fingers firmly against her clit, causing her body to flinch violently as another current of icy-hot sensation undulated through her body. For Brett, it was incredibly satisfying to make her come so aggressively. The sight and sound of her body’s response was matched by the sensation of her pussy pounding against his cock. Being with Austin was a pleasure for all his senses.

He leaned over to kiss her neck, causing his cock to press deep inside her.

She turned her head “Don’t stop,” she begged as she gripped his forearm tightly. “Fuck me just like this until you come.”

Brett groaned at the intensity of having his body pressed up against hers. With their bodies moving together, he rocked back and forth until he felt the inevitable tightness in his balls. With pressure welling up, pleasure rushed through his body like electrical currents. His cock began to throb as one shot of cum after another rhythmically surged up his shaft and inside the woman he loved so completely.

As Brett fell to her side and pulled her in close, he felt the subtle ache that reminded him of the incredible experience he’d just had. “Ecstasy,” he murmured. “You are pure ecstasy, kitten.”

Completely at peace, he knew she couldn’t disagree with his sentiment. He held her tight, feeling her exhausted body as she lay her head on the pillow and fell to sleep in his warm embrace.

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