The Dom Collars His Sub (MFM)

Unchained Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,602
28 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, spanking, flogging, whipping, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Jubilee Thompson loves Carey Williams with every cell of her body. Her only aim in life is to serve him. Her only wish is that he would give her a collar and make her truly his.

Larry Jones, the business manager at Carnal Connections, is a switch, but his day-to-day work requires him always to act the Dom, so he decides to have some playtime as a sub.

Larry joins Carey and Jubilee in the dungeon, purely as a break to worrying about a pack of rogue panthers that want to steal the unmated women shape-shifters, and Leticia’s father, Sam, who seems to have gone crazy with worry that Leticia will be kidnapped.

As they improve the security of the property and meet in the dungeon, they get to know each other better.

Carey says it’s time for Larry to decide what he wants. Is there hope for a genuine relationship between the three of them?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Dom Collars His Sub (MFM)
28 Ratings (4.6)

The Dom Collars His Sub (MFM)

Unchained Love 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,602
28 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley



Jubilee stared at Ramona’s collar. It was so very pretty. It was made of three narrow strands of white leather braided together, meeting at a gold, heart-shaped lock. Quite a few of the submissives here at Carnal Connections had collars. Some were just a plain chain with a padlock that they could wear anywhere without anyone outside the lifestyle knowing what they meant. On the other hand, Lucy’s was a huge, heavily jeweled collar. Jubilee didn’t care what kind of collar she had if only Carey would give her one. All she wanted was to be bound to him forever. She’d be perfectly happy chained to their bed or even chained in the dungeon all day every day if only she had the deep, abiding peace of knowing he wanted her as his slave forever.

Jubilee loved Carey Williams with every cell of her body. Her only aim in life was to serve him. That didn’t mean she didn’t try to beat him in their long-running trivia battle. But if he collared her and told her never to answer a trivia question again she’d be content. If only she could love and serve him formally.

For almost a year now she’d been his sub. The scenes they enacted in the dungeon, or before the entire community in the barn, were the happiest moments in her week. On the rare occasions when he whipped her so perfectly she transcended into subspace, the euphoria lasted for hours and hours. Only in subspace was she truly free. But once the aftereffects died down again here she was, just a sub, not collared, not bound to the man she loved.

Jubilee had tried so hard to be the ideal sub. Pleasing Carey made her happy. When he fucked her or let her suck him she knew exactly what he liked the best and always endeavored to obey him in every detail. Maybe she should be naughty, disobedient? Would he love her more, would he want to collar her, if she was a challenge to his authority? Jubilee shook her head. No, she couldn’t do that. Only in their trivia games would she ever attempt to do anything other than obey his commands.

Blinking away the tears from her eyes, trying hard to be happy for Ramona, Jubilee looked around the barn where she, Ramona, and Gaynor were standing talking to each other. Well, barn wasn’t really quite the right word for the building. It appeared to be an ordinary barn on the outside, but inside it was just a big room with pale cream walls, heavy gold drapes covering long windows, some huge, floor-length mirrors on one wall, and a smallish stage in the center of the room. It was Carnal Connections’s meeting place and community center.

Jubilee’s gaze drifted to Ramona’s collar again. “You collar is so pretty,” she said softly.

Ramona gave her a hug. “I hope you get what you want real soon,” Ramona whispered.

Jubilee blinked tears from her eyes again.Am I so obvious? Does everyone know how I feel? Or is it just that Ramona is so very perceptive?


* * * *


Jubilee was very surprised when she saw Larry Jones waiting in the small dungeon Carey always chose when he didn’t want to enact a scene in the main dungeon. Carey’d sent her a text message to come, but hadn’t told her anything more than that. He never did. Jubilee never minded displaying her body in public in a BDSM scene. It was actually quite weird. She’d never go topless on the beach, even though dozens of women did, yet being topless in a public BDSM scene, with Carey as her Dom, never made her feel embarrassed or self-conscious. In a BDSM scene all she did was obey her Master, doing her very best to demonstrate what a wonderful Master he was. Her body was just an extension of him. In fact, if he ordered her to walk along the beach topless, she would do so. But without him in control, she’d be much too self-conscious to remove her clothing. Strange, but that was how she saw things.

But why was Larry here? He was the business manager for Carnal Connections, and she’d always assumed he was a Dom, although he wasn’t in a relationship with anyone here as far as she knew.

“Undress and kneel, slave.”

Jubilee glanced at Carey quickly. She’d been so busy thinking about Larry that she’d scarcely noticed her Dom standing in the middle of the room. That sentence was one of Carey’s standard ways of beginning a scene. Jubilee forgot all about Larry being in the dungeon with them and hastily pulled off her jeans and sweater. She’d deliberately not worn underwear, knowing Carey wanted her tonight. All she’d been able to think about all day was pleasing him, making him proud to be her Master.

She kept her gaze lowered to the large stone blocks that covered the floor here and kneeled, hands clasped behind her back.

Carey’s hands grabbed her dark-blonde hair and pulled her head back so she was looking into his face. “Understand that what happens in the dungeon tonight will never be spoken of outside this room.”

“Yes, Master.”

Jubilee was confused. Whatever could happen here? They’d used this dungeon dozens of times before. Oh. Did he mean Larry being here? Was Larry going to Dominate her, too?




Carey had purposely chosen to wear steel-capped boots tonight, which made a loud noise as he paced around the stone floor. He wanted them both to hear him. To wonder if, when he stopped, he would touch them or the other one. He intended his footsteps to raise their anticipation to the boiling point. Consequently, he paced loudly this way and that, stopping and turning when he was behind them, knowing neither of them would dare to turn their head and look at him.

Then he stomped over to where he’d left the bag containing his toys for this session. Deliberately, he blocked their line of sight with his body until he’d taken a whip from the bag. Then he cracked it loudly before they could see it, wishing he could have watched their reactions.

He smiled. Larry’s cock was enormous, and the insides of Jubilee’s thighs glistened with her honey. Oh yes, they were aroused.

He cracked the whip again before walking around the room, ensuring the metal in his boots rang on the stone floor, turning often in unexpected directions but not coming within arm’s reach of his subs.

Then he changed up the action, standing right in front of them, his boots mere inches from their faces, only to turn away and walk behind them, cracking his whip in the air.

“You may not come until I say so,” he ordered, laying a stinging stripe hard across Larry’s shoulders and an only marginally lighter one on Jubilee. He knew how much she liked being whipped, how she loved being sent to subspace, although he was too cautious to send her there often.

Again he marched around the room, this time striking their asses several times as he passed them. He repeated his actions, whipping their shoulders then their asses. Larry’s cock was a deep red, and Jubilee was shaking. He knew it was with the effort of not coming. He’d been successful, then. They were highly aroused. It was time to move on to the main part of the program.


Jubilee rose gracefully to her feet. She was lithe and beautiful, all her movements a pleasure to watch. Larry wasn’t clumsy—he was a wolf after all—but he was still a man and less graceful than Jubilee.

“Jubilee, stand in front of Larry, face the side wall, not him, legs shoulder-width apart.”

Watching her would make the man even more desperate to climax.

Carey took his new toy out of the bag, carefully holding it behind his body so neither of the subs could see what it was.

He moved behind Jubilee and smoothed his hand over the silky skin of her ass. There was a row of red lines where he’d whipped her, and her butt was pink, but the skin wasn’t broken. His strokes had been perfect.

He moved to stand in front of her and unwrapped the toy. He cinched the metal band around her waist and unfolded the flap. It covered her mound completely. He pushed the vaginal plug into her then snapped the lock. The chastity belt was in place. There was no way she, or anyone else, could give her an orgasm until he decided to unlock it.

Carey wondered whether Larry would figure out what he’d do next. Carey collected the other toy from his bag. Once again he kept it hidden, although most of the secrecy was likely wasted.

“Jubilee, you may watch.”

Carefully, he locked the metal belt around Larry’s waist after feeding the sub’s cock into the metal tube. While both subs were watching him, he threaded the two keys onto a chain and hung it around his own neck.

“Tomorrow night, we’ll meet here again and I’ll unlock your chastity belts. I’m sure you’ll both have interesting days tomorrow. You may dress and leave.” Carey stood and watched them obey him in silence. They wouldn’t realize it just yet, but tomorrow would be as stressful for himself as for them as he wondered how they were coping with their new undergarments.

At least half the power of BDSM was in the sub’s thoughts and emotions. Wearing a chastity belt for twenty-four hours should be an intense experience, and he’d very deliberately chosen solid-metal ones so they’d never be able to forget what they were wearing, what was restricting them.


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