[The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Cowboy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]
Gabe Summerville has been thrown for a loop. His father has just announced that his bank has been used for laundering money and he needs to send Gabe away to keep his son safe. Gabe refuses to leave, insisting that he can help. But once Miller Legend is called in to protect Gabe, all bets are off. The attraction is instant and Gabe soon finds that he is fighting a losing battle, especially when Legend is a temptation he can't resist. 
Miller Legend belongs to Executive Bodyguards, a personal protection service that has settled in Bear County. When Legend takes the assignment to be Gabe's bodyguard, he has no idea that Gabe is about to change the rules. Legend doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, but soon finds his resistance to Gabe is futile. He must not only keep Gabe safe, but coax the human into pleasures the man could only dream of.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cowboy Legend (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
I loved it!
Ok we have another winner! This is the 5th book in the Bear County series and I am telling you this book was just as great as the first 4! From the first meeting Legend and Gabe are..well let's just put it out there...HOT for each other. It builds and soon..well you will have to read it to find out. The secondary characters are a hoot..to say the least. So Come on..read this book. You KNOW you want to. Especially if you read the first 4. You need to find out what happens in this one. I am so looking forward to when the next one comes out.




Legend extended his hand and Gabe nearly fainted when their skin made contact. Legend’s skin was rough, but his touch gentle. He gave Gabe’s hand just the right amount of pressure as he shook it. Gabe didn’t want to break the connection. But after two pumps, Legend pulled away.

Gabe wasn’t sure what in the hell had gotten into him. He’d never swooned over a man. His name was not Scarlet O’Hara and they were not in the movie Gone with the Wind. This wasn’t the Deep South and Gabe had all the confidence in the world when it came to flirting with men. Okay, almost all the confidence in the world. There were just some men, like Legend, who flustered him.

Gabe mentally smacked himself on the back of the head, trying to dislodge something intelligent to say. Finally, he muttered, “Nice to meet you.”

The start of a smile twitched at the side of Legend’s mouth and then it was gone. “A pleasure.”

Those ambiguous amber eyes seemed to deepen in color as Legend gazed at him. Gabe felt as if the man could see right through him, read his thoughts. Legend was staring too intently and Gabe began to shift uncomfortably.

Gabe’s bodyguard was not supposed to be this good looking. The man should have been as unappealing as roadkill on a hot summer’s day. If that had been the case, Gabe wouldn’t be standing here right now trying not to drool all over the guy.

Maxwell cleared his throat. Gabe had to tear his gaze away from Legend to look at his father. There was a knowing gleam in the man’s eyes.

His father knew that Gabe was bisexual and hadn’t batted an eye when Gabe had confessed to being attracted to both sexes. The man had even tried to set Gabe up on a few dates. Totally weird and utterly embarrassing. His father was a damn good-looking man and had good taste, but no child wanted their parent hooking them up.

After a few loud no thank yous and a couple more stay out of my love lifes, his father had backed off. And now the man was smirking as if he had done Gabe a favor.

Gabe rolled his eyes and ignored his father. Although Maxwell was a very powerful man and a heavy game piece in his industry, the guy was sometimes too damn juvenile.

“I filled Legend in on the situation,” his father stated. Gabe had to concentrate to understand what was being said. His mind was fully on Legend, assessing the man, trying to figure out why he’d had such a volatile reaction to the stranger. “He has assured me that you will be safe.”

Lights on, fog cleared. Gabe spun around to glare at Maxwell. “What the hell? I should have a say in this considering it’s my life we’re talking about.”

“You’re being unreasonable,” his father bit out. “You have no background training for this.”

“And you do?” Gabe asked. “What do you know about dealing with money-laundering thugs? You didn’t even know what they were up to until it was almost too late.”

Maxwell narrowed his eyes at the reminder.

Gabe hadn’t meant to embarrass his father in front of his friend, but it scared the hell out of him to leave the man here while he ran. That didn’t sit well with him at all.

“Go get your bags,” his father ground out. “Now.”

Gabe started to argue further, but could see that it was pointless. He stormed from the office, furious that his father was sending him away. After gathering his luggage from his room, he was met by Legend at the front door.

“You’re being unreasonable,” the bodyguard said before walking out.

Gabe knew he was. But Maxwell was all he had and Gabe was terrified of losing the man. He was allowed to be upset. Screw Legend and his unwelcome opinion.

He stepped out into the bright California sunshine and spotted Legend standing by a luxury sedan, trunk open. The man was leaning against the car, his arms crossed over his chest. Gabe crossed the cobblestone driveway and stored his luggage.

“Pack enough unnecessary shit?” Legend asked as he gazed disapprovingly at Gabe.

Gabe flipped the man off, though he’d noticed a solitary duffel bag that had been stuffed in the trunk before he packed it full. “I can’t help it if you only own one pair of underwear.”

After slamming the trunk shut, Gabe walked around to the passenger side. He was reaching for the door handle when he heard something that sounded like a ping. His eyes went wide and he screeched as Legend dove toward him, knocking Gabe to the ground and making him hit his head.

“What the fuck?” Gabe shouted at the man as he tried to shove Legend off of him. “What are you going to do, kick my ass for getting smart with you?”

His bodyguard pinned Gabe to the ground as he growled into his face, “Someone is shooting at you, moron.”

Oh. Well, that changed everything.

Legend reached up and yanked the passenger door open before he grabbed Gabe’s arm and shoved him onto the floor of the car. Gabe stayed down as he watched Legend pull a gun from a holster that had been hidden under his jacket.

This was getting too real. Gabe wanted to run back inside and make sure his father was okay. Legend crawled to the front passenger side and then slid over into the driver’s seat. Gabe had to reach up and slam the door closed as his bodyguard peeled from the driveway, exiting the estate at a hair-raising speed.




Arousal lit Gabe’s eyes in a blaze of lust so intense it nearly seared Legend. He worked his fingers into Gabe’s ass, clenching his teeth at just how tight the man was. “Have you ever bottomed, sweetness?”

When Gabe swallowed and remained silent, Legend had his answer. This tough little package had more than likely ruled over those he took to his bed. Gabe liked control. But he was going to give that hard-fought control over to Legend. He had to show the man that there was nothing wrong with allowing someone else to lead.

Legend took his time, working his fingers gently. He wanted Gabe with a force that frightened him, but he didn’t want to hurt the man.

“How does this feel, my fingers inside of you?”

Gabe’s skin flushed as his head thrashed from side to side. When the man still wouldn’t speak, Legend removed his fingers. Gabe whimpered.

“I asked you a question, sweetness.”

Gabe’s arms shook as he yanked against the cuffs. His defiance was amusing because Legend knew he would get the man to talk.

“I can easily get off of this bed and leave you here, hard, aching. Is that what you want, Gabe?”

“No,” Gabe ground out between clenched teeth.

Legend slipped two fingers back inside Gabe’s lubed ass. The muscle clamped around his fingers, making it almost impossible to move them. “Then tell me. How does this feel?”

He scissored his fingers and twisted his wrist until he found the small walnut-sized gland. He brushed over it and Gabe’s entire body went rigid, straining as the man gasped.

“Tell me.”

“Oh, god,” he cried out. “Good, Legend.” His voice was strained as his legs shook. The hairs on the backs of his thighs moved over Legend’s, caressing him. “Fucking good.”

Legend didn’t want a silent lover. He wanted to know how he made Gabe feel. He wanted to swallow every sound Gabe made and he craved to hear just how much the man enjoyed this.

He pumped his fingers in and out of Gabe’s ass as if they were his cock. The muscles began to loosen, to stretch. Soon Gabe would be ready for him. The man’s cock spun a string of pre-cum that glistened on his belly, pooling at his navel. Legend swiped his fingers through the sticky mess and then licked the clear liquid into his mouth. He moaned at the taste.

Gabe’s eyes were wide, watching him. Legend winked at the man. Gabe’s cock was straining, the veins standing out, the head a deep purple.

Legend swiped his fingers over Gabe’s belly again, wanting another taste. Gabe’s breathing was audible in the quiet room.

Once he licked his fingers clean, Legend ran them from Gabe’s ankle to the back of his knee. He watched as goose bumps surfaced and Gabe groaned.

The pleasure on Gabe’s face fascinated Legend. He wrapped his fist around Gabe’s cock and gave it a few good strokes as Gabe arched his back and whimpered.

Legend teased the man, watching as Gabe raced toward the edge before Legend eased back, denying the man his orgasm.

Gabe was shaking and shivering, licking his lips as he observed Legend intently. Those pale-blue eyes shimmered with lust, with need.

Legend removed his fingers from Gabe’s ass and grabbed the man’s hips, pulling Gabe closer until the head of his cock touched Gabe’s asshole.

Gabe flexed and tightened his legs.

Legend kept their gazes locked, staring into the pale orbs as he slowly pushed until the head of his cock popped inside. He shuddered and stilled, waiting for Gabe to relax. It was like a hot, tight fist gripped his shaft, squeezing the flesh until Legend almost gave in and pounded into the man.

Gabe let out a long breath, winced, and wiggled a bit. “Burns.” The word came out as a grunt as Gabe’s hands curled into fists. His face was flushed and Legend could see the pinch of pain in the man’s expression.

He slipped forward a little more, easing gently inside. His gut clenched and his legs shook as he went as slow as humanly possible. If he went any slower, he wouldn’t be moving at all. But he wanted Gabe comfortable. Or as comfortable as he could be while Legend’s dick was spreading the man open for the first time.

His fingers gripped Gabe’s side with a crushing intensity as he pulled Gabe even closer, sliding the man down his shaft, feeding Gabe his cock a little at a time.

And when he bottomed out, they both took a ragged, steadying breath.

Legend grabbed the fabric that held Gabe’s legs in the air and yanked on it as he pulled out and then pressed his thick shaft back inside Gabe’s unbelievably tight ass. He did it again, only faster this time.

Gabe squirmed and grunted and then sighed.

As his fingers gripped the fabric tighter, Legend moved with sure, deep strokes, watching where they connected, feeling how hot and tight the man was around him.

Gabe sucked in a quick breath, let it out, and then tried to match Legend’s thrusts. But the man was immobile and all he could do was raise his ass higher.

Legend released the fabric on the right side and pulled his hand back, smacking Gabe on the ass.

Gabe yelped.

Legend did it again, watching as a red imprint of his hand appeared. “Are you going to run from me again, Gabe?’

Gabe didn’t answer. The only sounds that left his lips were moans, whimpers, and pleading for Legend not to stop. Legend’s hand landed on Gabe’s soft, pliable ass two more times. Gabe’s eyes glazed over and Legend’s cock pulsed inside Gabe at the noises the man was making.

He pumped his cock into Gabe harder and then slowed. “Do you want to come, Gabe?”


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