When Bambi Does the Hunting (MMF)

Loving in Silver 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,608
17 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, spanking, bondage, HEA]

Bambi Taylor knows the men she wants as her husbands. She’s been thinking about Slade Jessop for years, since she was in pigtails and braces. Older than Bambi is, Slade had rightfully given her no notice. But as the years passed, the time finally arrived when she knew she would have to make him sit up and take notice of her as a woman and a potential wife. When he does, he will be hers.

Wanting a ménage relationship, Bambi has chosen womanizer Eli James as their third. She trusts he’ll get over that behavior once he’s committed to her. But he has a real problem with her serving drinks to customers in a sex club while wearing nothing more than a thong. It’s something he’ll need to accept if they’re going to be together.

Though Bambi sets the bait, luring both men in, the real problem she will have trouble solving, before forming a relationship with them, is that Slade and Eli hate each other quite passionately.

A Siren Erotic Romance

When Bambi Does the Hunting (MMF)
17 Ratings (4.5)

When Bambi Does the Hunting (MMF)

Loving in Silver 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,608
17 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
A very good book
Loved this book as it shows that if ya stick with it, ya can get the good guy...a Must Read...



Of course Slade had never looked at her. He had been too much older and Bambi had definitely been jailbait all those years ago when she was looking at him with goo-goo eyes. Every chance she got she had ridden over to his family’s ranch so she could watch the guys moving the cattle, breaking horses, or training for the rodeo. While his younger brothers had competed in the bull-riding, he had competed in team steer-roping with his older brother. They’d been real good at it, too, winning one championship after another. Four of the eight Jessop brothers had spent years on the rodeo circuit, until they had finally come home to settle down.

Seven of the brothers had done so. Only Slade, the second oldest, had remained unmarried all these years.

Bambi put all thoughts of Slade and Eli out of her mind as she parked her truck. A minute later it was surrounded by kids. She smiled at them as she got out, ruffling hair and patting a bottom or two as she walked around to get the bags full of food. She loved kids and she wanted some of her own. Four sounded like a good number.

After supper was demolished by fourteen people, there was a group cleanup. Bambi was exempt from having to clean since she had brought home the food. She made her escape while she could. They were talking games and she didn’t really know if she was in the mood for “game night” with five kids under the age of ten. She loved them, but her long night was catching up with her fast.

The idea of a long soak in the bath was sounding more appealing with each passing second. Bambi undressed, pulled on a robe, and then carried a towel to one of three shared bathrooms. That was another good reason to find somewhere she could call her own. The length of her soak could be compromised by bored kids.

Considering how badly she wanted her own children, she thought it was rather ironic that she wanted to move out to get away from them. But it wasn’t just that. She lived with thirteen people and was craving her own space. Was that why Slade had moved out to live on his own?

It was a possibility.

Bambi sank into the hot water, moaning as the muscles in her legs and back thanked her. Though her boss, Colt Redford, assured her that she still had the body of a twenty-something, she didn’t know how long she would be able to keep working in the club. The money was great. Colt believed in paying good money to keep his employees happy. She also got to keep all of her tips. Yeah, the money was real good. She might have two or three years left as a server if she didn’t get the assistant’s position. Five years, if only Colt would let her wear her fuzzy slippers during her shift.

Chuckling at the thought, Bambi closed her eyes and soaked until her four-year-old niece pounded on the door, demanding to use her very favorite bathroom.

Yep, she thought as she climbed out of the tub, it was time to find her own place.

The following afternoon Bambi did what she always did when she wanted some alone time on the ranch. After checking the weather report, she went for a ride. She saddled her big palomino gelding then set off toward the neighboring ranch. Well, not the ranch proper, but to the cabin where Slade now lived on his own. Smart man. As with her family, his was filling up their house fast. Some of the brothers had built houses close by, but there were still brothers living in the house and it was getting crowded with wives, and kids.

As she rode along the trail, she had to smile. Silver was like any other small town. The gossips kept everyone abreast of every titillating, and not so titillating, piece of news to be had. She probably knew as much about Slade’s and Eli’s families as she did her own.

While Eli was a real social butterfly, Slade was becoming something of a recluse. Thinking of how sociable he had been in years past, she had to wonder what had changed in his life to make him the way he was now.

“Don’t you think you’re a little off the beaten path?” a deep voice asked from her right.

Startled, Bambi turned in the saddle to see Slade on his horse, a muscular chestnut stallion named Boss. She looked him over from head to toe. He was as handsome as ever and not a spare ounce of fat on his hard, muscular body, if the peek she got through his gaping coat was anything to go by. Not for the first time, she wondered what he looked like naked. Just the thought of ever seeing him undressed was enough to make her panties wet.

“Not if I’m coming over to say hello,” Bambi returned, smiling as she gave her horse a nudge with her heel. He picked his way through the snow, bringing her closer to the object of her desire. The man was as heart-stoppingly gorgeous as ever. Older was better in his case. Her pussy twitched in agreement, creamy juices flowing forth. “How have you been, Slade?”

Pewter-gray eyes moved over her as she got closer. She noticed they dropped to her chest as if weighted by lead. Such attention might have offended some women but she was so used to the attention that it barely fazed her. Personally, she was glad he was showing interest. If she was going to catch the man, she knew she would have to use the right bait. Her nipples perked right up with glee. She could feel herself warming between her thighs. She wiggled imperceptibly against the saddle.

When his eyes returned to her face, she couldn’t read anything in them. He was completely walled up, closed off to her. She would have to do something about that. Broad shoulders shrugged.




Bambi raised her mouth to his as he wrapped his arms around her naked body. The feel of his firm mouth capturing hers was like a dream come true. It was the kind of kiss every woman wanted from her man. She had waited years for it.

With her hands sliding up over his broad shoulders Bambi let Slade tempt her mouth open. She moaned as his tongue slid in, touching, teasing, and stroking hers until she was breathless and dizzy.

When he released her Slade went to the huge shower and turned on the jets from a keypad outside the stall. She jumped when they blasted from every direction, hitting the glass where she was standing.

“It’s like a carwash.” Bambi laughed, delighted. “If we save up, can we get a shower like this someday?”

“Sweetheart, we can get anything you want.” He dropped a quick kiss on her mouth then left her to go to the cupboard again to find small bottles of shampoos and bars of soap. He sniffed each until he found what he wanted. “Something with berries in it,” he told her, holding up the shampoo. “You like the fruity scents.”


She was very pleased he had noticed. When he stripped off the sleep pants her eyes about bugged out of her head as she saw the size of his cock. The man was, to put it mildly, well-endowed. Trying not to stare, she got in the shower with him and found herself enveloped in steam. The hot water hitting her body felt wonderful. It hit her shoulders, back, and thighs. If she’d been stressed, it would have worked it right out of her. As it was, it began making her skin hypersensitive. The image of his large, blood-engorged cock thrusting boldly from his groin, like a tree limb would from an oak, was laser-etched into her brain for eternity. It sure hadn’t felt so large against her stomach the night before. Maybe the sleep pants had some kind of cloaking device in them, she thought with a giggle.

“What are you laughing about this time?” Slade sounded amused. She blinked and looked up at him. “I’ve never seen a woman smile or laugh so much. It’s nice.”

“I was just thinking.”

“Your brain must be a very amusing place.”

Bambi giggled again, enjoying his teasing. “I was just thinking that those sleep pants were good at hiding that.” She glanced down briefly then back up, hoping he attributed the color in her face to the heat in the shower. “So, now what are we going to do?”

Slade laughed and reached for one of the small bottles he had brought in. “I’m going to wash your hair.”

The door opened, startling her. Eli stepped in. He looked grouchy. He was also naked. She ignored his grumpy mood as she admired him from head to toe. Her internal temperature rose dramatically. Like Slade, Eli was beautifully made, as if special attention had been given to every detail of his body.

“If you get to wash her hair, what do I get to wash?”

Slade handed him a bar of soap then turned her so she was facing him fully. “You can wash those,” he said, referring to her full breasts. “Happy?”

Eli grinned, obviously happier with his lot in life. “Yeah. I have never seen such perfect breasts.”

He rubbed the soap between his palms, creating a lot of rich, white lather. As Slade began washing her hair, she watched as the man in front of her coated her breasts with all the joy of a kid on Christmas morning.

As Bambi enjoyed Slade’s strong fingers working the lather gently through her hair, making her moan as he massaged her scalp, she wondered when she should tell them her secret. She began chewing her lip over that, and then nearly bit it off as Eli slid his hands along the sides of her breasts, his thumbs rubbing over her hard nipples. Moaning, her head tipped back as the most incredible pleasure swept through her body.

“Feel good, baby?” Eli growled, leaning down so he could rub his nose against hers. It was a gesture which sealed his fate in her heart.

Bambi nodded, incapable of speech at that moment. Lather slid over her body in long rivulets, swirling with ribbons of water. When Slade finished washing her hair she felt him pull her back against his body. Her head rested on his chest as his hands joined Eli’s in rubbing soap over every dip, hollow, and curve of her body. She moaned again, trembling, so close to coming she could feel her toes curl against the floor of the shower.

They moved as one beneath the shower head and in front of the jets. Water blasted the soap from her hair and body, but it couldn’t distract her from the pleasure which was ebbing and flowing through her, reaching out to the very ends of her limbs, pulling back until she felt the heat growing in the pit of her belly.

Rock-hard bodies pressed her between them. Steel-hard cocks pressed insistently into her slick flesh until she was reaching blindly for something to hold onto. Bambi didn’t know how much more she could take. Then it happened, an orgasm which shattered her control. Her body arched between them, a raw cry leaving her lips.

Weak, gasping, Bambi realized Slade was holding her up. She laughed a little and pushed her wet hair out of her face. Then she was reaching for the hard flesh still throbbing against her stomach.



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