Daddy's Little Prize (MF)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,800
2 Ratings (3.0)

Alexa’s life has been one disaster after another. She takes it day by day, but it seems to worsen no matter how hard she works. She thought she'd finally hit rock bottom when she's put up on a stage to be auctioned off to a room full of men. She has no clue that it's a night that will change her life forever.

Gavin takes one look at the young woman on stage and knows he wants her. When a sadist starts to bid for her, he knows he’ll do whatever it takes to claim her as his. He never realized how deeply he could feel for someone until her. Now, he just needs to keep her away from danger.

Be Warned: DDLG, anal sex

Daddy's Little Prize (MF)
2 Ratings (3.0)

Daddy's Little Prize (MF)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,800
2 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

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“Let’s go.” Jerry took ahold of her arm and pushed her out onto the stage.

She turned back to him and put her hands on her hips. “You don’t have to push me.”

He flapped his hands at her. “Go. Stanley is waiting for you.”

She turned to look for Stanley when whistles started. Looking around, she put her hand up to shade her eyes against the glare of the lights.

“Alexa, girl. Come on,” Stanley said and waved her over. Stanley had worked for Jerry for as long as she could remember, and she adored him. He’d always been nice to her.

She took a few steps and wobbled but threw her arms out and caught her balance. She’d never worn three-inch heels in her life, and she was terrified she was going to trip and humiliate herself even more. Knowing she wasn’t pretty like the other girls who did the auction, so that night she’d spent more time curling her hair and putting lip gloss and mascara on, but she still thought she didn’t fall under the title of pretty.

Stanley grabbed her arms and lifted her onto a padded stool they had on stage for her.

She smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, dear. Now, don’t be scared. It’s only dinner.”

“But some of the girls … you know … have sex, don’t they?” she asked.

“Yes, but that’s not you. Let’s get started before you shake to death.”

She giggled and nodded. The breath left her lungs when the lights in the room brightened, and she looked out into the audience and saw at least thirty men staring at her.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered. She suddenly felt faint.

“Don’t look at them,” Stanley said and quickly diverted her attention. “Look over at Thomas behind the bar.”

She nodded, inhaled, and turned her head. Then she smiled and waved when the bartender waved at her. For some reason, it helped settle her.

Stanley put the microphone to his mouth. “Good evening, gentlemen. This here is Alexa. This is her first time, and as you can imagine, she’s very nervous.”

Several men murmured words, but she didn’t understand them over the pounding of her heart. She was pretty sure the organ was going to jump out of her chest at any moment.

“She’s twenty-three and as sweet as can be.”

She smiled up at him. “Thank you.”

Stanley held a hand over the microphone. “It’s the truth.” He turned back to the audience. “She loves animals with a passion and likes to volunteer at the local animal shelters. She also likes long walks, movies in theatres, and baking. Her brownies are to die for.”

The audience laughed.

She yanked on his shirt sleeve. “Hey, I thought we were only going for dinner,” she whispered.

“You are. Settle down. They just like knowing a little about you before they bid. It also gives me a chance to tell them about the women who will … put out. If you know what I mean.”

“I don’t.”

He rolled his eyes. “I know.”

Someone from the audience yelled, “One hundred dollars.”

“Who said that?” She squinted and shielded her eyes to see who it was but couldn’t.

Stanley grunted. “Holy cow, I haven’t even finished with my spiel, and they’re bidding. This has never happened before.”

“One hundred and ten,” another voice yelled.

Stanley patted her back. “Oh wow, this is amazing, girl. There’s already a bidding fight going on.”

“For what,” she asked.

“For you.”

Her eyes widened. “Me?”

Stanley grinned and nodded before he turned back to the audience and started dealing with the bidders. The bid was up to six hundred within a minute, and she couldn’t believe it. Men really wanted her that much? She looked off to the side to see her uncle rubbing his hands together with a huge smile on his face.

“One thousand dollars,” a deep voice rang out, making the room suddenly silent.

She felt Stanley stiffen.

“Do I have one thousand and twenty-five?” Stanley yelled out.

The room stayed silent.

“Going once, going twice…”

A new voice bellowed. “One thousand five hundred.”

Several people gasped.

Stanly relaxed. “Going once, going twice, sold to number fifty-four. We’ll send Alexa out to you. Please go to the bar to pay.”

She grabbed his arm. “Wait, I have to go right now?”

Stanley snorted. “Yes, you know how it works.”

He helped her down from the stool and held her until she had her balance before letting go. She wobbled over to the side and behind the curtain.

Her uncle was actually giggling he was so pleased. “Oh, wow, I never expected this. You had six or seven different men bidding on you, girl. Do you know how much money we could make if you did this every time?”

She put her hands on her hips, scowled, and then yelled. “This will never happen again. Do you hear me?”

“Now, Alexa…”

“I’d like to have my woman, please,” a voice said behind them.

She spun around so fast she fell and would have ended up on her ass if the man hadn’t caught her.

“Easy, honey.”

“Who are you?” she asked as she stared up at one of the most compelling men she’d ever seen.

“I’m Gavin. I’m the one who bought you.”

She felt a fiery blush overtake her face. “I’m not a…”

He grinned and nodded. “A hooker?”

She nodded.

“I know that, honey.”

“So, we’re just going to dinner?”

“Probably, but let’s see how the night goes? How’s that?”

She narrowed her eyes but nodded.

Gavin looked down at her feet. “The first thing I want is those shoes off you.”

“We can do that.” Jerry grabbed her arm to take her to the back.

“Hold up.” Gavin tightened his grip on her. “I’ll take care of her.”

“Fine, Mr. Barcina. I know she’ll be in good hands.”

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