[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
After losing an arm in the war, dominant lion shifter Abram is suffering from PTSD and having trouble adapting to civilian life. His sessions with his therapist, Kane, are the only things he looks forward to.
Sparks ignite after one accidental kiss. When Kane decides it’s unprofessional to keep seeing Abram, all the cards come down and Abram’s lion goes on a prowl. Abram might be one broken vet, but his lion knows Kane is his mate and letting go is not an option.
Omega cat shifter Kane has a huge problem. He’s had a massive crush on Abram since the wounded vet entered his life. When keeping things professional between them no longer works, Kane bolts, terrified of the intense attraction between them.
Kane gives Abram quite a chase, but he soon realizes that lions are persistent hunters—and when it comes to the matters of the heart, only a fool would refuse the mating bond.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Abram (MM)
14 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Abram, talk to me. Where did you go?”

“To a place no one can reach me.” His voice came out ragged. 

Kane was dangerous. He’d known that from the start. The moment those baby blue eyes connected with his, he was gone. Without realizing it, he’d made their weekly sessions the highlight of his life. Abram had nothing else, after all. 

All the members of his old unit might live somewhere in the same town, but they had their own wounds to lick at. Abram had no family either. He’d been a child raised in the foster system and the moment he turned eighteen, he’d signed up as a soldier. Back then, the naive him believed the military could be his new family. In the end, Abram returned a broken lion, with nothing else to lose. Except this.

“Abram,” Kane trailed off and did something unorthodox. 

Kane rose from his seat, leaving that annoying notepad and pen to approach him. A snarl worked its way out of his throat. Kane paused, looking less certain, but kept walking. The wrong move, because his inner lion wanted to play with this interesting little tabby. 

“Don’t come any close, kitty, unless you want to dance with this broken lion,” he gritted the words out, gripping the armrests of the chair. 

Any closer and Kane was within reach of him. Kane closed the distance between them and Abram reached out for Kane’s arm with his good hand. Kane’s pulse leapt at his touch, his skin fever hot. 

From this angle, Kane’s lips looked so tempting, and it didn’t help they half-parted in surprise from his touch. Abram could feel his dick straining against the zipper of his jeans. He flared his nostrils, smelling Kane’s arousal in the air. He could no longer ignore the minuscule details. 

It had been awhile since Abram had seen any action, but he still remembered what to do.

“Your lion might be a little broken, but your case isn’t hopeless,” Kane said, a little breathy as Abram thumbed the pulse point on Kane’s neck, making circles. 

“What do you think about me touching you, little cat?”

“Shifters value touch. It doesn’t have to be intimate.”

“Your hard-on tells me otherwise.”

Kane’s face turned scarlet. “You’re a pretty attractive guy, also a little intimidating”

Not the words Abram used on his himself. Kane was flattering him, probably trying to use flirting as a means to get him to open up. Why would an attractive, smart little cat like Kane, who probably had it all growing up, want with someone like him? 

The moment Abram lost the arm, he was no longer mate-worthy material—a weak dominant couldn’t protect his submissive mate. Mate? Where the hell did that word come from? Abram should back off now, apologize, leave, and never return. He was pretty certain this wasn’t orthodox and was unacceptable, but his lion didn’t care.

“If you’re okay with me touching you, what if I took those lips?” he asked.

Kane blinked. “Kiss me?”

The words came out like half-question and half-demand, so he couldn’t really tell. His lion saw it as consent nonetheless. He tugged Kane to his lap easily. The little cat let out a squeak of surprise, but instead of slapping him or running away, Kane gripped his shoulders, looking up at him with those devastatingly pretty eyes.

Kane was light on his lap and so warm. He’d spent so many nights over the past few months sleeping in his cold den, alone with his inner demons for company. He’d been barely getting by, existing, and Kane might be his first taste of life after everything went to hell a year ago. Abram gripped the back of Kane’s neck and tugged Kane close so his massive body crushed Kane’s slender one. Clothes were in the way, but the lion was a patient predator. 

He waited for another second, for resistance, for Kane to say he changed his mind. Kane said nothing, merely shut his eyes, leaned in close, already anticipating what he was about to do. How could he refuse?

Abram slammed his lips over Kane, all roughness and heat, as if he’d forgotten how to kiss tenderly. Kane didn’t seem to care. The little cat ran his hands down his shoulders, his chest, his sides. When he pushed his tongue between Kane’s lips, the little cat opened up, and to his surprise, sucked hard on it. 

Fire kindled in his insides and went straight to his dick, pushing him to do more. The eager little cat certainly wouldn’t say no.

Maybe the little cat knew how to relax, to play too. Abram could taste Kane’s need and Kane could the same. Nothing wrong with a little stress relief, but an uneasy feeling took hold in his chest—that tangling with Kane was similar to danger.

He pulled away. Kane panted, so did he. Kane pressed a hand over his left pectoral, looking dazed. Abram knew it would happen any second. Desire faded in Kane’s eyes and turned to shock. The little cat leapt off him with astounding agility. Abram smiled grimly, seeing the horror in those baby blues. Maybe Kane had finally realized he’d been kissing a monster.




He bent down and kissed Kane on the top of his head. He rubbed Kane’s head and the little cat seemed to like that, because Kane mewled. “You like being petted, little cat?”

Kane buried his face into Abram’s thigh and nuzzled him, just like a, well…pet cat. Oh, he was beginning to like how affectionate Kane was. His dick thickened and Kane finally licked at the pre-cum gathered on his tip before tonguing his slit. What Kane lacked in experience, he made up for in eagerness. Kane explored the length of him, taking his sweet time. 

“Suck my balls, too,” he said. Kane obeyed, and the sensation of Kane’s quick, warm tongue made him groan. 

Kane paused, grinned, then continued for some time before Abram gave Kane’s hair a tug.

“Take me in your mouth now, little cat.” Abram didn’t admit he was going to blow soon. It had been so long and Kane’s mouth felt so good. Kane opened his mouth, gagged at the size of him, but didn’t give up. His dick disappeared down Kane’s throat and soon enough, once Kane got the hang of things, he began to bob his head up and down.

The sight of the little cat on his knees was a sight he could wake up to. 

“Let me take over,” he ordered.

After Kane relaxed his mouth, Abram began to move with steady strokes, careful not to hurt Kane. With a groan, he was about to pull away, but Kane closed his mouth over his prick and applied suction. With a growl, Abram came, shooting his load into Kane’s mouth. Kane tried to swallow his jizz. Some spilled but Abram thumbed it away from the corner of Kane’s mouth and gave his fingers a lick. Kane stared up at him as Abram pulled his prick away. 

“Thank you,” he said.

“I hope we’re not done,” Kane said.

Abram smirked. “I want you on my bed, little cat.”

Kane didn’t need further instructions. Kane clambered onto his bed. 

“Scoot a little lower, near the edge,” he said.

Once Kane was in place, he approached the bed, frowning at the realization Kane still had his jogging pants on. With one jerk, the fabric gave way, exposing Kane’s long cock. He gave it a squeeze and Kane moaned for him. He decided he liked that sexy sound a lot. Abram rolled on top of Kane, using his arm to balance himself.

“Damn, that’s impressive,” Kane murmured. “Those pull-ups certainly paid off.”

“You like watching me work out, little cat?”

“Oh yeah. You’re like a wet dream in motion.”

“Better than porn?”

“Tons better,” Kane replied without hesitation.

Chuckling, he lowered himself to kiss Kane on the lips. The spirited little cat responded with equal heat. Kane seemed to have a problem keeping his hands still, because Kane started touching him again. Abram didn’t mind. He was glad Kane still found him attractive. Abram’s dick twitched and he knew by the time he was done with foreplay, he would be ready to bury his cock inside Kane’s ass.

He planted kisses down the side of Kane’s neck. The urge to bite Kane rose again, but he dragged his mouth elsewhere. Taking Kane’s right nipple into his mouth, he sucked until Kane cried out underneath him. He positioned the edge of his teeth against the sensitive skin and bit down hard enough to leave a mark. Kane clawed at his shoulders, but he didn’t mind the pain. 

When Abram looked into Kane’s eyes, he saw Kane’s eyes had changed to his kitty-cat eyes—blue with vertical slits. Sexy. He left little nips and bites down the line of Kane’s slender body, finally pressing his mouth against Kane’s dick.

“Oh God,” Kane whispered. 

Feeling playful, Abram gave Kane’s prick a couple of licks, but he didn’t want Kane to come yet. He pulled away at the last second, amused by Kane’s frustrated hiss. Abram got off Kane.

“W-wait, where are you going? You can’t leave me hanging here.”

“The lube.” That silenced Kane effectively. Once Abram grabbed the lube from the bathroom, he returned to stand in front of Kane. He lifted Kane’s legs over his shoulders. A blush crept to Kane’s face at the vulnerable position. 

“I thought dominant shifters like to fuck their submissive lovers on fours,” Kane finally said.

“I want our first time like this, so I can see the expression on your face when you orgasm.”

Kane blushed even deeper and the little cat dared to ask, “And the second time?”

Abram smirked. He didn’t expect another time, but like hell he wasn’t interested. Kane and he had amazing chemistry and he intended to ride this out until Kane got bored of him. Besides, for some reason, his lion remained calm while he’d expected it to be harder to deal with.

“I’ll fuck you on fours.”

“Oh, don’t tease me.”

“I’m not. I’ll fuck you in a hundred different positions. I have ideas.” He uncapped the lube, applied some on his fingers, and worked plenty inside Kane’s asshole. “Little cat, prepare yourself. I’m going to fuck you until you purr for me.”

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