My Two Daddies (MFM)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,600
1 Ratings (4.0)

Kaylin was trying to adapt to life on the streets. The things she struggled with the most were her safety and food. She’d never been so tired or hungry before, and she didn’t know much longer she could hold on.

Mack and Jace had always planned to share a woman for the rest of their lives but finding one that fit them was next to impossible. They never thought they’d find one in a dumpster.

After dragging her home, the men did everything in their power to make Kaylin happy and theirs, but now they have to keep her safe from the monsters on the street again.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex

My Two Daddies (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

My Two Daddies (MFM)

Daddy Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,600
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

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Kaylin felt like she was burning from the inside out. She thought it should feel bad, but all she felt was pleasure and an intense need for more. Jace was pushing something into her that stretched her. It was uncomfortable at times, but she didn’t care because her cravings rose.

“How is she?” Mack asked Jace.

“Fucking delicious.”

Mack chuckled. “No, I mean, is she about ready?”

“Fuck, yeah.”

“Do you want her cunt or ass first?”

“I’ll take her ass when she’s ready,” Jace said. “You get her cunt for the first time.”

“Fine by me. You’re more of an ass man than me.”

“Fuck, yeah. There’s nothing like a hot tight ass. It makes you feel like you’re going to burn the skin off your cock, but I still crave it.”

“Let me get a condom on.”

Kaylin tried to understand what they were saying, but their voices sounded distorted in her head because her rapid heartbeat drowned out a lot of it.

Mack separated her legs a bit more to make room for his hips. He came down on her but was careful to keep most of his weight off her.

The feeling of something pushing into her startled her.

“Relax. Remember, just trust us,” Jace said.

“Oh, God, he’s stretching me. I don’t think I’m going to like this.”

Jace chuckled. “Oh, yeah, you will. It’s just the first time it’s a little uncomfortable. What’s he doing?”

Her nails sank into Mack’s arms. “It never stops, and it seems to get bigger.”

“You’ll be able to take me, baby,” Mack said.

She felt him bump against something inside of her. She caught the look between the men, and Jace started sucking on her tit. The dual sensations splintered any thoughts she had at the moment. The tearing pain took her by surprise. She screamed and tried to buck Mack off of her.


Jace got her attention. “Give it a minute. That’s the only pain you’ll ever feel with us, and it’s over. Relax.”

She could tell by Mack’s expression that it was hard for him to stay still, but he did it for her and gave her time to get used to the invasion.

“There you go, baby,” Mack said when she relaxed. “Now, we’re going to make you feel so good.”

Kaylin nodded. She was glad the pain had faded, but now a whole new sensation was starting to build. It felt like a band started to tighten in her abdomen, and her clit started to throb.


She had no idea what she was begging for. She just knew Mack would make it better.

Jace pressed his hand to her stomach to hold her in place. “How’s she doing?”

Mack grunted. “She’s tighter than fuck. I’m not going to last.”

“Then don’t.”

Mack’s thrusts became a bit faster and with more force. She lifted her legs to adjust her hips and then cried out when he went deeper.

“Oh, God.”

“That’s it,” Mack said.

She was glad Jace pressed kisses to her face and caressed her breasts. It made her feel surrounded by her men, and there was no better feeling in the world.

“Come for me,” Mack growled.

He touched something inside of her at the same time he hit her clit over and over. The ball of tension burst. She screamed as she felt herself soar. She thought she would have flown away if the guys hadn’t held her down.

“That’s it,” Mack said.

He pounded into her a few more times before he groaned and threw his head back.

Kaylin had collapsed on the mattress and listened to Jace as he soothed her. It helped to calm down and lower her heartbeat and breathing.

Mack bent and kissed her sweetly. “Thank you. I’ll always cherish this.”

She ran her fingertips over his cheek. “Thank you. This is a day I’ll never forget.”

“And it’s not over if you think you can take Jace.” Mack pulled out of her.

Kaylin looked at Jace and nodded. “Yes, please.”

“Fuck, Mack, don’t we have the sweetest girl in the world?”

Mack stood. “Hell, yeah. I’m going to clean up.”


Jace rolled on a condom he’d had and moved onto her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded. “Yes. I need to feel close to you, too.”

“All right. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort, tell me.”

She nodded again. Being penetrated this time was easier but no less startling in how it made her body feel and her emotions deepened.

Jace was riding her hard. There was very little build-up, and she was okay with it. She could feel the way her body was tightening again.

“All right, baby, I need you to come for me.”

Her nails dug into his back as the tension inside of her rose. She needed the release he promised but fought it this time because she knew how overwhelming it was and how it took over her soul.

“She’s fighting it,” Jace said.

Mack chuckled as he lay down beside her. “I’ll help.”

She felt something push against her anus. It didn’t stop but penetrated her until it couldn’t go any farther. It threw her over. This time seemed to be more intense, and there was no way she could fight off the inevitable. Her scream collided with Jace’s groan and filled the room.

She must have passed out because they were on either side of her the next thing she knew, and the lights were off.

“We’ll feed you in a bit, baby,” Jace said. “We just want to hold you.”

“I want that, too.”

Mack kissed the top of her head. “Get some rest.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

She grinned when both men groaned. Her daddies were easy to please.

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