Desires of a Mage (MM)

Mages of the Nether 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,673
4 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA]

Marcus, bored with his new role as Daniel and Aiden’s bodyguard, agrees to go on a mission into the Nether. Seeing this as his chance to do something exciting, he tries his best to put up a good front for his assigned partner, Edmond Elena of the house of the rabbit, of which he shares a passionate yet sad past.

Edmond holds deep scars from his past with Marcus, scars he doesn’t want reopened. Still, the pieces of Marcus that he sees beneath his armor of strength and aloofness weakens his heart to him even as he realizes Marcus hasn’t changed in all these years.

Fighting off their growing desires and feelings for each other, the two must find the stolen tomes of the previous Mediums. Their search for the books brings them into contact with the mysterious group known as the Blood of Aeon, the group responsible for the death of the Dalrymple family forty years ago, and possible secrets that could destroy their world.

A Siren Erotic Romance 
Desires of a Mage (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Desires of a Mage (MM)

Mages of the Nether 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,673
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Flowers. Flowers everywhere. Marcus never thought he’d hate the sight of flowers so much. And why did everything have to be so fucking white? What did Camelia have against color at her wedding?

Why was he even here, attending the wedding of a woman who had rejected him? It wasn’t like Camelia was suddenly going to decide to run away from Bill during the reception and leave with him. Honestly, after seeing everything that went into making this event a reality Marcus was kind of glad that nothing came of his pursuit of the other Mage. She was nuts!

Looking to his left Marcus checked on Daniel and Aiden at the family table. They were laughing with Camelia and Bill about something he couldn’t hear, not that he wanted to.

Those two were the very reason he was here in the first place and not at a bar enjoying a hookup—something he desperately needed right now. He hadn’t been laid in a month. No, instead of going out and finding a hot girl to sleep with—or a hot guy to fuck him—Marcus had been stuck babysitting his cousin and his boyfriend. This whole bodyguard gig really sucked sometimes.

Of course, he wouldn’t even have this position if it weren’t for his aunt’s ridiculous vision about the Nether being in danger and him being one of the three shields meant to protect the future Mage King and this cycle’s Medium—who happen to be Daniel and Aiden, respectively.

That vision hadn’t even been that big of a deal. There was no large battle. No incredible war to halt. All it took was taking Aiden to the Nether and letting him meet a dragon so he could form a contract with him. Yes, Alderon was a pretty neat guy, but come on, there had to be more serious matters he could be busy with right now!

“Do you plan to sit here and sulk all night?” Glaring at Zachary, his cousin and best friend, Marcus didn’t want to answer that question. “You do realize you never had a chance with her right?”

Yep, why wouldn’t he be sulking about Camelia? It’s not like he doesn’t have a life beyond chasing females. “I’m fine. Just bored.”

“I guess being security can be drawl at times.” Zachary grinned. “But hey, there’re plenty of available people to hook up with.”

The mischievous wink his cousin sent him sent Marcus to laughing. Leave it to Zachary to make him forget his boredom.

“Just don’t let Natalie catch you.”

Marcus shivered at the thought of angering Aiden and Camelia’s mother. That woman was danger wrapped in power—not a good combination.

“I have no intention of incurring the wrath of Na—”


Daniel’s outcry of panic cut Marcus off and had both he and Zachary rushing to their cousin’s side.

“Aiden, wake up!”

The Medium was unconscious in Daniel’s arms, his face even whiter than normal.

“What happened?” Marcus demanded as he started looking for any possible signs of a threat. With a mental nudge, he sent his familiar, Ceres, from the trees to circle the reception area. The owl’s vision was several times better than his own. Maybe she’d see something.

“He suddenly fainted,” Camelia said, worry in her voice.

Her cat had jumped from the table and was prowling around them, agitated. Mundanes, regular people who didn’t use magic, were present, so none of them could invoke a protection barrier to keep Aiden safe in the event of an attack.

“Aiden,” Natalie and Mathew shouted as they came rushing over.

“Was he struck?” Mathew, Aiden’s father, whispered low.

“I didn’t feel any magic,” Daniel answered. “Perhaps it has something to do with Alderon?”

“We need to get him out of here,” Marcus snapped. “Let’s take him inside, away from the crowd. It’s probably just heat stroke,” he said the last part as an excuse to get them moving and to take suspicion away the reason behind the Medium’s sudden fainting spell.

“I’ll take him upstairs,” Daniel offered, lifting Aiden up and going toward the back door, which led to the combined store and apartment. Camelia and Bill’s reception was being held in the backyard of the store. It was a small, intimate affair so everyone fit.

Marcus and Zachary followed. Their entire purpose for being here was to keep Daniel and Aiden safe. There was no reason to remain with the others if they weren’t present.

The second they were behind closed doors Camelia began to chant, “Spirits, grant me protection so I might guard those I treasure. Surround us with your favor and seal us from the outside.”

A seal appeared on the ground, and a shimmer of power stirred through the air as they ran up the stairs. It was a simple protection spell but one that would hold up if anyone tried to get in.

“Place him on the couch,” Natalie instructed. “Mathew, I need herbs and warm water.”

“On it,” Mathew nodded before vanishing into the kitchen.

Marcus stood guard by the stairs leading up from the store while Zachary took up position by two of the windows in the living room. He half watched what was going on with Aiden, but Marcus’s focus was on making sure Camelia’s spell held and that no one came through it.

“Be my eyes far and near. Let me see what you see,” Marcus whispered.

One of his eyes glowed for a second, and then he could see outside through his connection with Ceres. His owl was still circling the reception, but she didn’t see anything or anyone out of place. Cutting his eyes over to Zachary for a second, he noticed his cousin didn’t seem to have any answers either. He did look a bit green, though.

“He’s coming to,” Mathew announced.

“Aiden.” Daniel sounded near tears as he reached for his boyfriend and held him steady as he rose from his sudden sleep. “What happened?”




Edmond didn’t want to think too deeply about what was going on right now. In this moment, all that mattered was the fact Marcus wasn’t pushing him off. The smaller man pulled him closer, his legs wrapping around Edmond’s back and holding him in place. Not that Marcus needed to hold Edmond down, he wasn’t going anywhere. He’d waited four years to have Marcus. There was no way in any realm that Edmond was letting this opportunity pass him by.

Nipping at Marcus’s bottom lip, Edmond kissed his way down to his neck and further to his collarbone. Marcus moaned and arched as Edmond nibbled on the odd erogenous zone. When Marcus’s fingers tangled in Edmond’s hair, he gripped his hands and pinned them above his head.

“Edmond.” Marcus pulled on his hands, but not with nearly enough strength to free himself. The prince loved to be held down and teased, especially orally.

Going back up to Marcus’s mouth, Edmond dipped his tongue in slowly, mimicking what he wanted to do with the lower half of their bodies. Instantly the smaller Mage melted beneath him.

“Marcus,” Edmond whispered against his lips, “what do you want me to do?”

Although asking the question meant he was giving Marcus power to stop this, he needed to be sure this was what he wanted. Yes, Edmond desired to be with Marcus again, but he would not force him. Marcus looked up at Edmond with his beautiful blue eyes, dazed with passion and want.


The one word was the same he’d used countless times whenever he was too desperate to come up with a legible answer. It also meant that Marcus was too far gone already to put up a fight and that he just wanted to be fucked.

“Of course.”

Edmond smiled, reclaiming Marcus’s lips. Shifting so he was holding Marcus down with just one hand, Edmond used his now free one to undo the buckle on Marcus’s pants. He unsnapped the button, pulled down the zipper, delved inside, and grasped Marcus’s weeping cock. The prince moaned into the kiss, hitching his hips and thrusting into Edmond’s grasp.

Gods, the man was turned on. He knew Marcus had a high sexual appetite when they were together, so he couldn’t imagine the guy being celibate. Then again, judging by how Marcus was moaning and whining beneath him, Edmond would have guessed that he had been holding himself back.

“How about you come for me once?” Edmond suggested as he stroked Marcus firmly.

The prince cried out beneath him, his member pulsing as he came almost on command. Stunned, Edmond almost stopped as he looked down at Marcus. That had never happened before. Marcus always had a lot of stamina.

Remembering that he was in the middle of something, Edmond pushed the thought from his mind and collected Marcus’s spent cum on his fingers. Realizing he needed to push Marcus’s pants down, he cursed under his breath before whispering, “Bind he who wishes to be bound. Hold him fast so I may bring him release.”

He wasn’t sure who thought up that spell, but they were into some interesting hobbies.

Marcus’s wrists glowed before ropes wrapped around them and anchored themselves into the ground. The nice thing about this spell was the second Marcus didn’t want to be tied it would disappear.

Now, with both hands free Edmond pulled Marcus’s pants off and lifted his legs, revealing his ass. Running his fingers along Marcus’s seam, Edmond waited for any sign of rejection from his prince. When none came, he pushed a finger in slowly. Almost immediately Marcus moaned and pushed his hips down to take Edmond’s finger in deeper. He twisted his hands against the bindings, but they never wavered.

Edmond thrust the lone digit in and out of Marcus’s hot channel, leaned down, and bit at the prince’s collarbone again. He knew it would drive him crazy, and it did.

A second finger was added alongside the first when he felt Marcus was ready. With each stroke, the prince loosened more and more, his voice getting louder and louder. Edmond loved the sounds leaving Marcus’s lips. Each cry was a request for more, a request Edmond was glad to fulfill.

When he added the third finger Marcus had tears in his eyes. “Edmond, that’s enough.”

“You sure?” Edmond asked, kissing Marcus’s cheek.

Marcus nodded. “Want you.”

Groaning, Edmond dropped his head to Marcus’s chest for a second. He undid the button on his pants, unzipped the zipper, freed his own fully erect cock, and pushed the head against Marcus’s moist ass. The prince groaned and pushed his hips down on his cockhead, popping it passed the first ring of muscles.

Thrusting forward Edmond drove his shaft the rest of the way in, pegging Marcus’s prostate instantly. It was like that four-year gap didn’t exist. He moved on instinct, driving his cock into Marcus again and again at just the right angle to drive him crazy. 

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