Wrapped in a Bow (MM)

Brac Village 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,873
43 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
All David wants is to escape his family, but he's stuck with no way out. With the holidays quickly approaching, David is desperate for a night of partying his heart out. What he found was Mordechai—a panther shifter who is determined to save David from his own miserable life.
Between David's drunken uncle, his angst-ridden brother, and his flip-floppy aunt, Mordechai has his work cut out for him. Mordechai sees how happy his youngest brother is and wants that same connection Malachi shares with his mates. What he got instead were a load of problems. Not only is David's home life a dysfunctional mess, but Mordechai's isn't any better.
When Mordechai notices he's being followed, it's up to him to keep his mate safe, though he doesn’t have a clue why someone is after him until he's attacked and the truth about his family finally comes to light—a truth he refuses to believe.  
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Wrapped in a Bow (MM)
43 Ratings (4.7)

Wrapped in a Bow (MM)

Brac Village 22

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,873
43 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Loved it!!!!
This wasn’t one of the better Brac Village installments. Some parts were difficult to follow and left me with too many questions.

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They were standing at the crowded bar one second, the next Mr. Sexy had David’s arm and was leading him from the club. As soon as they stepped outside, the cold air slapped David across the face, sobering him up slightly. They crossed the lot and Mr. Sexy stopped at a shiny black pickup.

When he opened the passenger door, David climbed in, admiring the brand-new interior, but not as much as he admired the driver. The guy got in and David crawled onto his lap, sucking at his neck, and nipping at his Adam’s apple.

He’d been hoping to get lucky, but he hadn’t expected to hit the jackpot. Mr. Sexy was all hands, touching David everywhere as he pulled off David’s coat and tossed it aside. He yanked David’s shirt off, and David shivered under the guy’s touch.

Mr. Sexy turned the truck on. “It’ll be hot in here soon.”

With a hunk like this, the windows would be steamed in no time. He slid his hands under the man’s shirt and groaned when he felt the muscled chest. David loved muscles, especially on such a gorgeous guy.

“You from around here?”

“Don’t wanna talk.” David bit at the guy’s neck. “Wanna fuck.”

Mr. Sexy ground his hard cock against David’s ass, and David moaned. He said something else, trying to sound sexy, but his words came out in a slur. The guy nipped his lips, lapped at them, his hands sliding over David’s ass.

Mr. Sexy nibbled a long path over a bare shoulder, his breath hot on David’s skin. David wanted the guy’s dick in his ass five seconds ago, but all Mr. Sexy did was tease the waistline of David’s jeans with his fingers, making his hole pulse with need.

“Tell me your name.”

David usually gave a fake one when it came to one-night stands. He didn’t need anyone trying to look him up the next morning. It was less of a hassle that way. He’d had one too many guys beg him for his number, tell him they wanted to be his boyfriend, or try to follow him home. But he always played it safe.

Something told him playing it safe with Mr. Sexy would be a challenge. He just had that air about him. David would have to be careful with this one.

“David.” He wanted to smack himself for giving his real name. He’d never made that mistake before. He was either too drunk or seriously into this guy, because his self-preservation had just flown out the truck window.

“I’m Mordechai.” The guy’s hands squeezed David’s ass again. He gave a full-on body shudder as he squirmed on Mordechai’s lap, pressing his hard dick against the guy’s flat stomach.

David was done talking. He fished his hand between Mordechai’s waistband and body, pushing it deep until he could wrap his fingers around the guy’s hard cock. Mordechai hissed, then grabbed David’s wrist, stopping him from pumping his hand.

“What’s the deal?” Mordechai had seemed into him, and David was definitely into this hunk.

“I don’t fuck drunk men.”

“Then why the hell did you bring me out here?” David pushed from Mordechai’s lap, reaching for the handle of the passenger door. If he wasn’t gonna get lucky with this guy, he needed to get back into the club and find someone who wanted him.

The bartender had been eyeing him like he was a side of beef, and David was pretty sure the bartender would be up for some fun.

Mordechai grabbed David’s waistband, pulling him away from the door. “Why don’t you come back to my place and sober up? Then we can fuck until you can’t walk straight.”

David shuddered at the words as he looked over his shoulder. “I don’t think I can wait that long. I need a hard cock now, not in an hour or two.”

He was killing David’s buzz, and that was pissing him off. He hadn’t wanted to think tonight, or get to know anyone. All David had been after was a good, hard lay—a lay that would help him forget the holidays. Not that a single night of sex could do that, but he’d been willing to give it a shot.

Mordechai yanked David back to him. David sucked in a breath as Mordechai ran his knuckles over his jaw. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

He just bet the guy would. Mordechai looked as though he could fuck like a wet dream. “I don’t go home with strangers.”

“So you just have backseat fucks?” He pushed his hand down the back of David’s pants, teasing his hole with the tip of his finger.

Coherent thoughts fled, and all David could do was feel. He pushed against the finger, determined to have something in his ass tonight. But Mordechai wouldn’t play along. He just circled David’s hole without penetrating it.

David was seconds away from slapping Mordechai for being a cock-tease. “I have meaningless sex,” David said. “If that’s what you’re asking.”

His resistance was fading fast as Mordechai sucked along David’s neck. “Let me take you home.”

Oh hell. Who was he kidding? David wanted Mordechai so badly he’d agree to anything. “Fine, but we better have amazing sex.”

Mordechai moved David aside and pulled from the lot. As he drove, David played with his denim-clad cock, sticking his head into Mordechai’s lap as he nibbled at the material, leaving wet patches behind.

“You’re fucking with my concentration.” Mordechai gripped David’s hair, but didn’t push his head away. His fingers stayed curled in a tight hold as he kept an eye on the road.

David pushed Mordechai’s shirt above his waistband, biting at the trail of hair leading below his jeans, leaving red marks behind, but Mordechai didn’t complain. In fact, he hissed and moaned as an occasional headlight lit up the interior of his truck.

David had no idea which direction they were heading. All he wanted was to get fucked, so he pushed the thought of their destination from his mind. David was revved up, ready to go, and so damn horny he was half out of his mind with lust.

Fingers still gripping David’s hair, Mordechai maneuvered David’s head to rest in his lap. Okay. David would slow down, but just for a second. He was a bit dizzy, and the moving vehicle only made that worse.

But he would have Mordechai’s dick in his ass before the night was over. David would make sure of that. 




“You got the hair of the dog?” David started looking through cupboards. “You look like a guy who drinks. Where do you keep your drinky-drinky?”

Mordechai leaned a hip against the counter, holding his mug, his gaze sweeping over David’s naked, pale body. “How about a cup of coffee instead?”

David crinkled his nose. “Come on, Dad. Give me the booze. I promise not to tell Mom.”

Mordechai chuckled. “I’m not your dad.”

“Thank God.” David turned his hazel eyes on Mordechai. “It would totally freak me out if I was this hard for a relative.”

Mordechai nearly choked on his coffee. “Wow, you don’t hold back, do you?”

David grinned. “I like to have fun. Tell me you’re one of those guys who has a stick up his ass all the time.”

“Never had anything up my ass.”

“You too macho to bottom?” David smacked his own bare ass. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Mordechai had to force his canines not to descend. There were many things he wanted to do with David’s ass, and spanking it was on the top of his list—railing it would be second.

“Power top,” Mordechai said, “and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.” He set his cup in the sink.

Ooh, a power top.” David sashayed to him. He ran his hand over Mordechai’s chest, tweaking one of his nipples. “I’m still looking to get fucked tonight. You gonna help a horny guy out or what?”

Mordechai swung David around, trapping him against the edge of the counter. A faint, whimpering noise escaped his mate. Mordechai let a small purr rumbled in his chest. “Now that you’re sober, I’m gonna fuck you until you can’t walk straight.”

“Nothing straight about me.” David jutted his ass out, grinding it against Mordechai’s hard prick. “Just promise me a night I won’t forget.”

If the guy only knew. He wasn’t letting David go, not ever. The human was his mate, and Mordechai was it for him. There wouldn’t be any more hookups in the guy’s future.

Wrapping an arm around David’s waist, Mordechai picked him up and headed to his bedroom, David laughing the entire way. He deposited his mate onto his bed before grabbing the lube from his nightstand.

David got on all fours, presenting his ass. He wiggled it, looking over his shoulder. “Don’t leave me hanging.”

Mordechai dropped the towel from around his waist. David’s eyes widened. Mordechai grinned. “Like what you see?”

“I just hope you know what to do with all that.”

The guy knew how to talk shit. Mordechai set the bottle aside as he climbed into bed. He flipped David to his back, lapping hungrily at his lips. His mate tasted better than Mordechai could’ve imaged. His breath was minty from the toothpaste, but his lips were warm, plump, and Mordechai couldn’t stop thinking about them around his cock.

He pulled back, got to his knees, and gripped the base of his erection. “Suck me off.”

With a dirty smile, David crawled toward him. Mordechai nearly lost his shit at the erotic sight. He had to squeeze his cock harder to stop himself from busting a nut right then.

David slid his tongue over his bottom lip, moaning at the same time. “I definitely got lucky tonight.”

Mordechai ran the head of his cock over David’s lips. “Prove it.”

His breath was hot on Mordechai’s prick. David blew over the head before he took it into his mouth. Mordechai’s eyes damn near crossed as he ground his molars, his hand strangling his cock. David flicked his tongue over the slit, and Mordechai gripped David’s head, giving his mate a full-on face pounding.

“Goddamn, you’re fucking good at this.” Mordechai watched his cock thrust into David’s mouth; saw the saliva slick on his prick. He gripped David’s hair in a stranglehold as he came down his mate’s throat.

David let Mordechai’s cock slip from his mouth. He licked his lips, grinning up at him. “I hope you’re not done.”

Mordechai pointed to his hard cock. “Does it look like I’m done?”

But he took a second to enjoy the small aftershocks still tingling through his body. While he knelt there, David grabbed the lube and started to work his hole.

This guy was out to kill him. David had dropped to his back, and had two fingers inside his ass, moaning as if Mordechai was already fucking him.

Mordechai’s panther yowled at the sight. “Jesus,” Mordechai groaned. “You’re a fucking hellcat.”

“Then start petting me,” David whined.

Mordechai’s cock was agonizingly hard. He pushed one of David’s legs back and smacked his ass. David laughed, arching his back, and wiggling his bottom. “That wasn’t the kind of petting I had in mind.”

“Don’t worry, I’m about to drill this ass.” Mordechai knocked David’s fingers away, then grabbed the lube to slick his cock. David gripped a hand behind each knee, pulled his legs back, and smiled up at Mordechai.

“It’s all yours.”

“You got that fucking right.” Mordechai sank into David’s tight heat, hissing as he was turned inside out, the moment even more intense by the fact that David was his mate.

Mordechai dropped to his hands, slanting his mouth over David’s neck, sucking up a bruise on his pale skin. David slid his legs around Mordechai’s waist and arched, moaning as he clawed at Mordechai’s back.

It felt so good being buried deep in his ass as David made begging noises. Mordechai brushed his fingers over David’s mouth, and when he sucked those fingers in, Mordechai thrust harder, getting deep, purring like crazy.

David turned his head, looking up at Mordechai. “You’re purring.”

“You’re fucking hot,” Mordechai said. “I can’t help it.”

He gripped David’s hair with one hand, yanking it back so he could lick his way up his neck, planting kisses along his jaw, before he bit his mate’s earlobe.

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