Logan's Second Chance (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,151
14 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Logan Bowen is an Omega who got more than he bargained for. After his mate died, Logan’s heart and soul is shattered, but he doesn’t have time to grieve. He needs to lead his decimated pack to sanctuary and find strong allies to take vengeance on the humans who killed his mate and other pack members. The answer lies in Darkfall Mountain, but will the most powerful pack in the country help a few stray runts?
The one thing Logan doesn’t see coming is Raul. Fierce and protective, Raul is an enforcer of the Darkfall Mountain Pack. Logan doesn’t he think he deserves a second chance. However, the more time Raul and Logan spend with each other, the brighter the heat between them burns. When pack politics and an old enemy resurface, they need to work together and fight for their love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Logan's Second Chance (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)

Logan's Second Chance (MM)

Darkfall Mountain Pack 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,151
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




One moment, the largest wolf he’d ever seen, with a jet-black pelt, had been sniffing him. The next, a man took its place. In wolf form, Raul was even larger than Ray.

How was that possible? There were bigger and more dangerous men than Ray?

In human form though, it was hard to take his eyes off Raul. All six feet and half inch of Raul had been padded in muscles, each one gleaming with sweat on his golden skin. Daring to look, Logan swallowed, taking in the powerful calves and thighs, the monster of a cock hanging between Raul’s legs.

Jesus, so big, could Logan have anything that huge inside his ass?

Wait. Why did he care about Raul’s dick?

The other dominant wolf must be thinking he was some kind of pervert. Logan dragged his gaze a little higher, past the line of hair leading up Raul’s six-pack, his well-formed pectorals and massive arms. Scars and the occasional ink lined Raul’s body, marks earned in battle. There was no denying what he was—a real leader.

Logan couldn’t deny the fear that rammed down his spine when powerful and large shapes came pouring out of the trees, led by one massive, black wolf. Raul was a pack enforcer, not an Alpha, yet his wolves followed him without question. They made short work of the humans who dogged Logan’s heels for days without much effort.

“Look at me, little wolf,” commanded Raul, his voice deep.

Logan met his dark, intense eyes, swallowing at what he saw there. Hunger, as deep as his own, mixed in with confusion. Logan shouldn’t even be attracted to another man, not after Ray, so why did he have the urge to roll over his bell and present his throat to this man, this stranger?

Biting down on his lower lip, Logan looked into a handsome face, a square jaw nicked with a small scar to the left side, a broken nose and cruel but generous lips Logan imagined were capable of kisses able to steal his breath.

“Who are you?” Logan whispered.

“You asked for my help, remember?” Raul asked, amused.

To Logan’s shock, he could feel his cock twitching, thickening under the press of Raul’s body. Shit.

“I can smell your need, little Omega. Do you want me that bad?”

“No. I can’t. I shouldn’t.” Logan’s words seemed to put some sense into Raul, because the other man paused from touching him.

Don’t stop, Logan silently willed. It was evil of him to want Raul to make the first move, because that would somehow alleviate his shame. By wanting Raul, was he betraying Ray? But Ray was gone though, six feet under and never rising again.

If Ray were alive, would he approve of Logan’s living for reasons other than revenge?

Wait. What the fuck was Logan doing letting his emotions get the better of him? He came to Darkfall Mountain for a reason, to bring his pack to safety. His lust could wait. Besides, he heard the anger in Davis when his old friend came to his defense.

Did Davis and the others think Raul was taking advantage of Logan, when it had been the exact opposite?

God, to think Logan nearly yielded to this man, this stranger who was both domineering and thoughtful without caring about the consequences. That scared Logan. It seemed, with Raul, control flew out the window the moment they touched. What else could happen if it went beyond a touch?

“Raul, we need to clean this mess up soon,” said another man’s voice, similarly packing muscle like Raul, giving Logan an unfriendly look.

“Yeah, I know. This is Northfield territory, and who knows which of the animal groups here is watching us,” Raul replied.

Raul got off Logan, much to his disappointment, and rose to his feet. Logan paused when Raul held out a hand toward him.

“It’s okay,” Raul told him, looking Logan in the eye. “You’re safe now, pup, nothing and no one can harm you again.”

Logan wasn’t sure about that. If he didn’t guard his heart, at the very least put a fence around it, this man could steal it and make it his own. It wasn’t time to show weakness now though. The other wolves, even those from Darkfall, watched them. Logan gripped Raul’s fingers, amazed by the contrast of his slender ones compared to Raul’s huge and callused ones. Without much effort, Raul hauled him to his feet.

“Safe,” Logan whispered the words, hardly believing them.

He glanced at the bodies on the ground. Without needing commands, two of Raul’s men started cleaning up, dragging the bodies from sight. It seemed like they did something before, were used to something like this.

They were in good hands, right?

It felt strange trusting a stranger he just met, but Logan didn’t have any doubts about Raul’s sincerity or intentions. Why his heart beat painfully against his chest or his breath hitched for his man, he’d explore another time.

“Follow us, keep close. We’re heading back home,” Raul said.




Just hearing those words made Raul grab the back of Logan’s neck and pull him once more for an earth-shattering kiss. He still couldn’t get enough of the way Logan yielded to him, his mouth eager, hungry for more. Raul had his share of lovers over the years, but none submitted so fully the way Logan did. Logan clutched at his shoulders, sinking nails into his bare skin, making him snarl.

Raul’s cock twitched under his sweats. How glorious it would be to sink his prick right into Logan’s sweet, tight ass. Their mouths parted. Logan looked to him, waiting where Raul would take him next. Knowing Dino and Michella left the apartment to them and wouldn’t come back until much later, Raul decided to take his time with his Omega.

His Omega. Raul could say those words with confidence now because he spied no regret in Logan’s eyes. His hands moved to the hem of Logan’s shirt. With Logan’s nod, Raul pulled the shirt, his, over Logan’s head to expose the slender and firm lines of Logan’s body. Raul licked his lips. He couldn’t wait to explore and lick every inch of Logan. Logan’s bottoms came next. Once bared for his gaze, Logan blushed a little.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, pet. You’re fucking perfect,” Raul said.

Logan froze. “No one ever said I was perfect.”

Raul held his tongue back from asking if Ray ever said those words, because a ghost had no place in what was about to happen in the present. Logan stepped forward, placing a tentative hand on his chest, fingers curiously tracing the shape of his left pectoral, his ribs and abs, as if committing them to memory. The Omega didn’t miss out on touching his ink or scars either.

Gripping Logan’s fingers before the Omega reached the waistband of his sweats, Raul grinned when Logan drew a shaky breath.

“I want you to do something for me first, pup.”

Raul’s hand moved to Logan’s prick. It hung between Logan’s legs, half-erect and long. He swiped away the pre-cum on Logan’s tip with his thumb, fingering the tiny slit. Logan moaned, but Raul wasn’t done. He wanted to hear Logan splinter apart, to come on his command. He dragged one fingernail down Logan’s length, from head to base, savoring every cry and reaction.

“I…” Logan began, faltering, as if he didn’t know what to say next.

“What do you want, pet?” Raul asked, curling his fingers around his shaft. He began working Logan’s prick, sliding his hand around Logan’s thickening member up and down, alternating between fast and slow.

“God,” Logan whispered. “Raul, the things you make me feel.”

Logan couldn’t have given a better compliment. Raul kicked up the speed a notch, until Logan groaned under his hand movements.

“Go ahead, pet. Shoot for me. Do it now,” Raul commanded.

Letting out a shuddering cry, Logan came undone, spilling strings of his cum all over Raul’s fingers and some on his torso. Raul held out his dripping fingers to Logan’s face. Knowing what to do, the Omega leaned forward, pink tongue darting out to catch his seed.

The sight of Logan licking his own seed off Raul’s fingers was nothing but erotic. Raul’s own dick hardened, his hard-on poking through the fabric of his sweats. Wanting a taste of his pup, Raul licked the rest of his fingers dry. Logan’s eyes bulged in his sockets at the sight.

“The taste of you and me combined is amazing, pet,” Raul remarked. Color rushed to Logan’s cheeks and neck.

“Do you always say dirty things like that when you’re about to fuck someone?” Logan demanded.

“Dirty? Pet, you’re turned on, admit it.” For good measure, Raul gave his softening prick a squeeze. He knew it wouldn’t stay limp for long though.

“Only because you can pull it off,” Logan grumbled. There was a mischievous glint in Logan’s eyes now, something Raul had never seen before, and he decided he liked it. Logan gave his member a squeeze, and Raul’s prick felt the heat of his hand despite the fabric.

“Oh, want my dick, pet? You can’t imagine how many times I wondered what it would be like, to slide my cock between those tempting lips of yours.”

Logan bit back a curse and, to Raul’s pleasure, knelt in front of him. Determination burned in Logan’s gaze. The Omega fisted the fabric of his sweats. “May I?”

Raul liked Logan asked for his permission. “Go ahead.”

Logan tugged his bottoms down and Raul helped him along, kicking the fabric aside. He wore nothing underneath. Logan stared at his thick, curving cock, and Raul knew he wasn’t exactly small.

“Scared you already, pup?” Raul couldn’t help but tease.

“No way in hell,” Logan mumbled.

Raul wrapped his fingers through Logan’s hair and tugged him close. He slapped his fat cock on Logan’s cheeks, leaving a trail of pre-cum on Logan’s skin, teasing the Omega, before finally pressing his prick between Logan’s lips. Logan’s tongue lashed out, wiping away the pre-cum on his prick. Raul groaned when the Omega swirled his tongue around his head, tonguing his slit, playing with the ridge. 

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