Lustful Intentions (MFM)

Climax, Montana 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,645
26 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, HEA]
When Sam Elliott wakes the waif huddled in the Roadhouse doorway he's rocked onto his ass by a punch to the jaw. After living hand-to-mouth for six months, Katie Winterbourne will protect herself against any threat, including an arousing rancher twice her size. 
Desperate for work, she accepts a job on the Rocking E ranch before discovering ultra-responsible Sam and his wild and sexy brother Trey, will be sleeping down the hall. An erotic ménage romance book gives her a few ideas and sleepless nights. Realizing this is her last chance for a wild fling before settling into corporate dormancy, Katie seduces Sam and Trey. They in turn up the ante by giving her a personal introduction to the joys of bondage and submission.
Katie loves the ranch and enjoys the people of Climax but has a contract to return to the stifling family corporation. Then a change of management destroys her plans…
A Siren Erotic Romance
Reece Butler is a Siren-exclusive author.
Lustful Intentions (MFM)
26 Ratings (4.7)

Lustful Intentions (MFM)

Climax, Montana 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,645
26 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another outstanding book Reece.

Katie, strong willed, able to look out for herself. Making her way home when circumstances find her in Climax! Sam Elliot finds Katie and protecting herself she gives Sam what for, loving these strong women.

Sam and brother Trey, as all the men in the valley, are gentlemen. Katie takes the job of cleaning house during the haying. But so much more is included! Finding so much difference from her family, can she settle or will the corporate buzz call her!!!

Well recommended, love, laughter, smoking scenes. Great story line, looking forward to hearing more about Gran and Mark.
A brilliant book can't wait for the next one




Trey pulled nose first into a spot near the entrance of the Roadhouse and jammed on the anchors. The truck stopped inches from the boardwalk. He hopped out, slammed the door, and strode into the restaurant. A short redhead with a magnificent rack grabbed his attention. His day suddenly got far better. He grinned, hoping she thought he admired her freckled face rather than what was under the stretched pink T-shirt. From the way she glared back, she was pissed. It was not the type of reaction he was used to. Instead of turning him off, it revved him up. He hadn’t had a female challenge him in too long. He winked at the furious pixie as he walked forward, sweeping his eyes over her again.

“Now ain’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

She smiled sweetly up at him, though her expression suggested he was something she wanted to scrape off the bottom of her boot. “Keep those eyes to yourself or I’ll poke my fingers in them.”

She spoke quietly, continuing to smile though there was no welcome in those perfect white teeth. Her full lips were ready for kisses. His ability to charm women into his bed was legendary. He never coerced, finding seduction worked far better. It had been a few years since he’d used his skills. Maybe he was rusty. He suddenly noticed his mother sitting in the booth. His eager reaction wilted. He cleared his throat.

“How are you feeling, Mom? You want to go home now?”

“I’ve had better days,” she replied dryly. “I’ll be staying with Louise Jefferson. We’ve been planning to get together, anyway.”

Tom’s face was serious, though Trey could see the sparkle in his eyes. “Trey,” said Tom, “this is Miss Katie Winterbourne. She was taking the bus home and had her pack stolen. She managed to make it to Climax early this morning. Katie, this is Trey Elliott.”

She was not impressed. He dropped his eyes. Thumb-sized nipples poked out of her T-shirt. She growled something and crossed her arms to cover them. He snickered to himself. He’d trust body language over words any day.

“Where’s my big brother?” asked Trey. “I thought he was in town.”

“He’s picking up a prescription for me,” replied his mother. “He’s hired Katie to clean the kitchen to get ready for the haying. You don’t mind having her around?”

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” he said. Katie looked toward the door, which had opened behind him. Her eyes widened and a scowl appeared.

“What are you doing back?” she demanded.

Trey turned to find his brother eying Katie as if she was a rattler. She ’wasn’t impressed with his brother, either.

“Seems we’re stuck with each other for a few days,” said Sam coldly. “You stay in the house and we’ll get along fine.”

Katie gasped. She looked at Tom, Dorothy, and then Trey’s mom. She pointed at Sam. “He’s your other son?”

“Yes, that’s my middle boy, Sam.” His mom nodded oh so innocently.

Trey rubbed at his lip to hide a smile. Mom was up to something, all the way from her size-six toes to her baby blues. If it pissed Sam off, he was all for it.

“I’m Stella Elliott, dear. My sons are Ben, Sam, and Trey.”

It was easy to see that Sam was pissed off at Katie, and the feeling was completely mutual. What made it better was that Trey was known as a grade-A shit disturber. He’d support anyone giving Sam a crank. He also wanted to see more of this woman, both her personality and her curvaceous body. Was she a real redhead?

“You two know each other?” he asked, pretending innocence.

“We met this morning,” said Katie politely, though her eyes homed in on Sam like a heat-seeking missile.

“When she ran her fist into my nose,” said Sam.

“Well, well, Miss Katie! Did you knock my big brother on his ass?”

She lifted her chin. It came to his middle shirt button.

“Yes, I did. He startled me.”

Trey burst into a laugh. “I knew I’d like you. You gotta tell me about it.”

Katie’s face turned pink. “Shouldn’t we be taking care of your mother?”

“I’ll take care of Mom,” insisted Trey. “Sam’ll take you home.”

“Marci will be over later with some clothes,” said Dorothy to Katie.

The woman had a body made for sex, but something had her knickers twisted so tight he’d need his eight-inch crash scissors to cut her loose. While she and Sam glared at each other, invisible sparks shot between them. This was going to be fun!

There was more to his eagerness than the possibility of sex. If Katie pissed off Sam enough to make him get this mad, she might be the one to crack the wall holding in his grief. The counselor said Sam wouldn’t have much chance of a happy future unless he could let go of the past. Sam had bottled his grief deep inside, stoically trying to take the place of both fathers. Trey had a reputation of playing the fool and pushing limits, but at least he enjoyed his life. Sam wouldn’t even swing off the frayed rope and fall into the swimming hole any more. He was sure he’d break something and the Rocking E would fall to rack and ruin.

He bet Katie would be swinging on that rope if she was here long enough. Trey would do everything possible to help her stay, and to turn his brother around.

If he could sample some of her charms along the way, so much the better.




She panted, her tight fists gripping the sheet when he gasped, held himself still for a second, and then furiously pounded into her, roaring. She tried to catch up. She was so close to release when he pulled out.

She smashed her right fist on the mattress in frustration. She tried to jerk up but a hand in the middle of her back held her down. Someone leaned close.

“You weren’t going to complain were you?” It was Sam who murmured. “The other night was about you. Tonight is about us. We’re going to do what we like, unless you say otherwise.”

He spread her back cheeks. Something wet and cold touched. She clenched tight.

“Nuh-uh. Relax and let me in.”

Trey rubbed his finger around her rim. Frustrated and furious she might be, but she wanted this. They both groaned when his finger breached her. He slid in and out as she gradually relaxed. Those fingers were the center of everything. Not just one, but soon two, and then three, with more cold gel each time. By then another hand caressed her pussy, stroking the inside. Now and then it touched her clit.

“You’re ready as you’ll ever be.”

His fingers pulled out. She missed them until the head of a cock breached her opening. It was huge!

“Relax and push me out,” he ordered.

She panted, but did as ordered. When she pushed, he slipped in. He waited for her to relax then, slowly and steadily, he continued. It was an invasion, something totally alien. He pulled back, the friction of his cock a reward. She felt far more sensation here than when a cock entered her pussy, though when they hit one of her special spots, it was as good. Back and forth, taking his time, Trey filled her, his cock deep and hard. He leaned over and kissed her neck.

“Good girl,” he murmured. “You like that, don’t you?”

She remembered just in time to nod rather than speak. He nipped her earlobe.

“Very good, Katie. You learn well.”

He pulled out, added more lube, and reentered even slower. She groaned at the sensuous glide.

“I think Katie’s ready for both of us,” said Trey, his voice tight. “Too bad you already finished.”

“I’m ready for more,” replied Sam. “If you’re up for it?” His hands sifted through her hair, caressing, then tugging. The short, sharp pain sent a dagger of need through her.

“What do you say, Katie? Both of us at once?”

Her mind raced. Marci said it would work, and she was no bigger. Katie’d never felt so wild and crazy, so needy. Who knew if she’d ever have a chance again? Her analytical mind clicked in. How could she ask how it would work if she couldn’t speak?

“Lift your head.”

She obeyed Sam’s order, then blinked when he removed her blindfold. He settled on the bed beside her.

“You’ll sit on me and ride for a while,” he said with utter seriousness. “When you’re ready, Trey will kneel behind you. You’re on top, so you control everything. Got it?”

She opened her mouth to reply, then shut it with a snap. Instead, she nodded. Trey tossed Sam a condom, and he covered himself. Trey helped her to stand over Sam, feet at either side of his hips. A slow smile reached his eyes. He shook his head, sighing.

“Damn, Katie. Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

She pointed at his fully erect cock. He laughed, far more at least than she’d heard him before.

“Yeah, I guess that does give a clue. Come here, sweetie.”

He cupped his hands, gesturing for her to sit. She waited, thinking. She couldn’t talk, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t communicate. She leaned forward and shimmied her shoulders. Her suspended breasts jiggled.

“Oh man, one of these days I’ll put my face right there.”

It was Trey, from behind her, who spoke. Sam didn’t seem to be able to get his tongue working. She considered stepping closer to his shoulders and then sitting, demanding that he lick her. He must’ve realized she had something in mind because he set his hands on her calves and tugged. She wavered, arms flailing. Trey’s arm held her from toppling. Sam tugged again. Trey, the traitor, helped her to land in the right spot. As in his cock sticking up between her back cheeks.

“You ever ride a man?” asked Sam. She shook her head. “I think you’ll like it.”

She liked the idea of being on top, in control. Or as much control or she could have with two strong men guiding her. She reached behind and took Sam’s cock. She rose up and, shuffling backward, positioned him. He crossed his hands behind his head as if he was on the beach. His expression said she was to go for it. She sat down, moaning as her tissues stretched around his cock.

She rocked back and forth, trying different angles until shefound one that was just right. She leaned forward, placed her palms on Sam’s chest, and gripped his cock with her inside muscles. She ground her clit into his groin. She could feel the coiling, the tension of release tantalizingly close. She leaned forward until Sam’s cock was almost out. A pair of hands grabbed her hips and stopped her from moving.

“My turn.”

She turned her head to watch. Trey applied more lube before slowly entering her ass again. She closed her eyes, dropped her head, and just felt. Sam’s cock was barely an inch inside her pussy. All three of them groaned. She’d thought she was full before. That was nothing to now.

With their help and guidance, she moved back and forth. They moved in and out like pistons. Tension piled even higher. She panted, eyes screwed shut. Nothing existed but their touch. Trey released her hips.

“Go for it, baby.”

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