Their Border Lands Gift (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,977
17 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

After the year of catastrophes, women are treated like slaves and bought and sold like cattle. When Kate’s brother, Mike, can’t keep her safe anymore, he decides to move to the Border Lands to find her a couple of men to take care of her. Kate doesn’t want a husband, much less two. When she is nearly stolen again by black market traders and her brother is seriously hurt, he gives her to Bruce and Marcus to keep her safe. Can she learn to trust them? And what about love? Bruce and Marcus are already half in love with her when they meet her. They think she’s Mike’s wife, though, and feel guilty about their lustful thoughts, but then Mike is injured and gives them Kate to be their woman. When a wolf attacks her, she realizes Bruce and Marcus truly love her and she has to admit her love for them.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Border Lands Gift (MFM)
17 Ratings (4.2)

Their Border Lands Gift (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,977
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Enough intrique to have you coming back for more. I love it!!
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4 STARS: "THEIR BORDER LANDS GIFT is book 5 in the Men of the Border Lands series and I can tell you this is one wickedly hot series. The world is surviving with the few remaining people on earth after many catastrophes which has seriously reduced the population. Women are scarce and because of this, they have to be protected by two or more men, otherwise they risk being kidnapped and sold on the black market or used. Kate's brother Mike can no longer protect her. He moves them to the Border Lands in the hope of finding her two or more men who will look after her and keep her safe. Once at the border lands, they meet Bruce and Marcus. Kate doesn't want to marry anyone and holds herself back. When she is attacked and Mike is almost killed, she knows she cannot be stubborn any longer and ends up being Bruce and Marcus's wife. THEIR BORDER LANDS GIFT is based in the future and is such an enjoyable story. Kate has a strong will about her and doesn't want to belong to anyone. She resents the fact her brother (who is younger than her) is trying to find men to take care of her. The fight she puts up with Bruce and Marcus is humorous. I enjoyed how the men had to prove to her that she could trust them. The chemistry builds throughout the book, which was refreshing. Kate, Bruce and Marcus were all attracted to each other but it only took moments in extreme circumstances for them to act on it. A thoroughly enjoyable read and well worth the time." -- Sam Crescent, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


“Don’t do this to me. Please, Mike. You can take care of me just fine.”

“Kate, it’s for your safety. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’ll be safe and happy.” Mike closed the suitcase and zipped it.

“I won’t be happy if you pawn me off on some stranger. How could you do that?” she demanded.

“I’m not going to pawn you off to a stranger. I’m going to check them out and be sure they’re good men first.”

“Men! Are you serious? More than one man? Not no, but hell no! I’m not living with two men. Get that out of your head right now.” Kate had been pacing back and forth, but stopped to plant her hands on her hips.

“Kate, I can’t take care of you alone. You need two men. That way someone will always be close to you when the other is working. You’ve nearly been stolen four times now. I’d never forgive myself if you ended up with some wife beater, or worse, in a brothel. Mom would roll over in her grave if I let that happen to you.”

Kate hung her head and let the silent tears slip out. She refused to show fear. She would be angry and worried, but never show fear. But fear of the unknown threatened to overwhelm her. How could he do this to her, his own sister?

Ever since the year of catastrophes when tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and then disease had all but destroyed mankind, women had been scarce so that men fought over them. They stole them, sold them, and used them like slaves. So far, Kate had managed to stay safe with her brother looking after her. He didn’t think their luck would hold out and had decided to take her to the Border Lands where there were fewer people.

He hoped to find not one but two men he trusted to take her. Well, she was having none of it. She would figure something out before she let them use her.

Kate had been nineteen when everything went to hell. Now six years later, at twenty-five, she resented that her younger brother by two years had so much control over her. Sighing, she acknowledged that he had taken good care of her and kept her safe all this time. Still, she thought he was wrong in believing that finding two good men to take care of her was the right thing to do. She felt like he was just looking for someone to take her off his hands.

“Kate, you know I love you. I just want you to be happy, and right now, we’re both running scared.” Mike hugged her.

“I’m not scared. Maybe you are, but I’m not. I can take care of myself if you don’t want to be burdened with me anymore. I expect you want to find your own woman. I can understand that, but looking for two men? Really, Mike. That’s over the top.”

“Damn it, Kate. I’m telling you it’s for the best.”

Kate noticed he didn’t deny wanting a woman of his own. She sighed and tried to reason with him.

“Best for them, maybe, but certainly not for me. I don’t want two men bossing me around, telling me what to do.”

“I won’t let you go to just anyone, Kate. I’ll make sure they are good men who will treasure you and take care of you first. Do you think so little of me?” He frowned, looking hurt.

“Mike. I know you think you are doing the right thing, but you’re not thinking it through. Once one man has control over a woman in today’s world, he takes advantage of her. You’ve seen it. What do you really think it would be like with two men?”

“I promise. I won’t let anyone hurt you. I’m going to make sure they are caring men,” Mike said.

“And just how do you expect to do that? Anyone can pretend for as long as it takes to convince you.”

Mike closed his eyes and let out a long breath. He just shook his head and turned away to carry the suitcase to the truck and travel trailer.

Kate followed him and watched him add her suitcase to the stack of provisions. She prayed they wouldn’t end up in a wasteland somewhere without food or water. He claimed to have a map to the Border Lands and Barter Town. Where he had gotten it, she had no idea. He had been talking to someone about all of this for a long time evidently, because he had it all planned out.

“Hand me that box next to your foot, Kate.” He reached down as she handed it up to him.

“I can’t believe I’m helping you take me to my nightmare,” she fumed under her breath.

“What was that?” Mike asked as he settled the box between two other boxes.


He frowned at her with eyebrows that almost touched. He acted exasperated with her. Well, she was totally aggravated with him. She had to think of something before they reached the Border Lands. If not, she was lost.

Two hours later, Mike pronounced them packed and ready to leave at first light in the morning.

“We’ll get up at four and be on the road by five, or a little after. I want to make the most of the light.”

“Does that map tell you how long we’ll be on the road?” she asked sarcastically.

“I figure it will take us a good four, maybe five days to reach Barter Town. You have to stick close to me there. That’s a prime place for being kidnapped.”

“Then why take me there at all?” She didn’t understand his thinking on the subject.

“Because by then we’ll need supplies, gas, and directions to the communities around there. Believe me. I wouldn’t take you to that place for anything if I had a choice.”

Kate pressed her lips together to keep from saying something she would ultimately regret.


Adult Excerpt


Marcus rubbed her pussy through her pajama bottoms. He could tell as soon as she began to get wet. He grinned and slipped his hand inside her bottoms to reach her now-drenched pussy. He swirled his fingers in her juices, then searched for her slit between her pussy lips. When he entered her cunt with his fingers, she moaned and tilted her pelvis toward him.

He searched out her hidden G-spot and stroked it several times when he located it. She grabbed his shoulders and pumped her hips as if she couldn’t help it, and perhaps she couldn’t. He located her clit and began to thumb it as he stroked her hot spot. She groaned and then bit her fist as she came unglued around him.

“Don’t bite yourself, baby. If you need to bite anyone, bite me.” Bruce climbed into the bed. “Marcus, she needs some loving.” Bruce leaned down and kissed her.

Marcus wanted her something fierce, but wasn’t sure she was ready for them. He slipped deeper under the covers and pulled her pajama bottoms down her legs and off her feet. Then he squeezed between her legs and nosed his way between her pussy lips. She shivered around him.

He licked and sucked on her pussy lips until she was moving against him once again. Then he entered her hot, wet cunt with two fingers and pumped them in and out as he licked around her clit. She moaned above him. He could just imagine Bruce sucking and licking her tits. Marcus wanted to taste the round berries for himself.

He stroked his tongue deeper into her cunt alongside his fingers in an effort to gather more of her sweet nectar. She tasted like hot candy, sweet and sticky on his tongue. Bruce would go crazy when he tasted her.

“Marcus. She’s thrashing around up here. I think you need to fuck her before she goes crazy.”

“God, Bruce. She tastes amazing. I don’t want to stop.”

“Let me taste.”

Bruce pushed back the covers and slipped his fingers into her tight cunt. When he withdrew them, they were coated in her honey. He sucked them into his mouth and closed his eyes. His hum of approval seemed to ramp Kate’s pleasure higher. She groaned and beat at the bed with her fists.

“Please. Do something. I’m so close. God, I’m burning alive.” Her voice came out as a whimper.

“Fuck her, Marcus. I want to see her face when she comes.” Bruce bent over her and took her mouth in a kiss.

Marcus positioned his cock at her slit and lifted her hips beneath his hands so he could guide his dick into her deep cunt. When he began to push his way inside, she hissed out a breath. He stilled, then pushed again as she slowly opened her body to him.

“Fuck! She’s so damn tight. I’m never going to last.” He pressed forward again.

“Please, Marcus. I need you.” Kate’s strained voice stirred something inside of him.

He pulled out and thrust forward with more power this time. Her hot cunt parted just enough that he was able to make it halfway inside of her. He pulled back and tunneled inside of her again. This time he reached the back of her womb, bumping her cervix.

“Yes!” she hissed out.

Bruce looked down at Marcus and grinned. “I think she likes it a little harder than usual, Marcus.”

Marcus knew Bruce was thrilled to find that out. He enjoyed being able to let go and pummel a woman’s pussy with his cock. Bruce wasn’t known for being an easy lover. It was why Marcus was going first with Kate. Introducing her to love between two men would be a lesson in patience for both of them, but especially for Bruce.

Kate reached for him when he pulled back. She tried to wrap her legs around him, but with his hands holding her ass, she couldn’t get them around him. She pleaded with him using her eyes.

Marcus shoved forward over and over again. Soon he was plunging his dick deeper and deeper into her cunt with every shove. She was screaming out her needs as he pummeled her pussy with his cock. When she began tightening her cunt around his dick, he groaned.

“Fuck yeah, Kate. Just like that.” He concentrated on holding off his orgasm even as she squeezed him over and over.

“Damn, ah, fuck, Kate. Do that again. Yeah, just like that.” He wasn’t going to make it. His balls were boiling with his cum. Sparks flew down his spine as his cock bumped against her cervix.

She arched her back and screamed, going wild around him. Bruce was hanging onto her breasts with his mouth and fingers as she bucked and called out Marcus’s name.

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