Their Border Lands Freedom (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,841
15 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Lyssa Truesdale has been a prisoner for seven years before one stranger sets her free and another offers the safety of a family as their women. With a world gone crazy and women only a commodity, she believes they are her best chance at survival, but can she trust them?
Wade Cresswell and Stanton York don’t really know each other very well, but agree to share Lyssa to ensure her freedom and to keep her by their side. Stanton’s lived in the city with few skills relevant to a harsher way of life. Wade was a rancher, working with his hands all his life. Together they provide the safety and security Lyssa needs as they look for a home. Finding a community that will accept them seems impossible with so much ground to cover, but their lives and their hard won freedom depends on it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Their Border Lands Freedom (MFM)
15 Ratings (4.2)

Their Border Lands Freedom (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,841
15 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
The best book in this series so far. A very good read.
Love this series !!! Can't wait for the next one!

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When they reached the cell she stayed in, Arnold released his hold and shoved her inside hard enough she lost her balance and fell to the floor, striking her cheek on the cot. Pain exploded through her head, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. She’d have a bruise, but she didn’t think the bone was broken. It took a lot for her to keep from crying. Her tears always got him excited, and she didn’t want him any more interested in her than he already was.

He sneered at her then watched as the other two men rolled the stretcher into the next cage. Less than a second later the two men walked back out, closing the door and locking it as well. They had obviously left him on the stretcher since they hadn’t been inside the cell long enough to have moved him or bothered to roll the stretcher out either. Without another look, the three men left, discussing dinner and pussy as if it were an everyday conversation.

She wished she could see in the other cell. Lyssa had a sudden thought that the poor man could wake up enough to move around and not realize he was on a stretcher off the ground. He could roll off and hurt himself again. There was nothing she could do about it though. Other than listen for him to make any noise, she was helpless to be of any further service to the man.

As she sat on her cot, thoughts of who he might be and why he’d helped Stanton whirled through her head. She wove a story around him, believing him to be a good man since he’d stood up for Stanton in the first place. Why would a good man be there in Barter Town in one of the countless bars? That had to be where both men had met up since it sounded as if Stanton had been gambling with Arnold and his buddies.

The more she thought about them, the more she wished she could get to know the real men. Stanton was a little standoffish, but then he was different anyway. It was obvious he’d come from an affluent family and hadn’t lived in the same circles she had. With how things were in the world now, it was a wonder he was even surviving at all. It meant he had a good head on his shoulders and determination.

Her patient was an even bigger mystery. She didn’t know his name or anything about him outside of what she could glean from his clothes, body, and cleanliness. He struck her as a survivor, like her, who worked hard to live by the amazing shape he was in. His short brown hair needed a trim, but it was essentially clean outside of the blood now stuck in it. He had a shadow of a beard but it was his full kissable lips that she kept focusing on when she should have been tending to his injuries. Somehow, she couldn’t make herself feel guilty about that.

She was fairly certain his eyes were a hazel color, but it was difficult to judge the exact shades when she had to pry them open to get a good look of his pupil reactions. There were crow’s-feet at the corners indicating he squinted a lot. Did he need glasses, or had he lost the ones he’d had? Maybe he just worked outdoors so much that squinting did that to him. She recognized that he’d had a broken nose at some point since it was slightly crooked. That could indicate that he tended to get into fights easily or that he’d just been in one. It certainly didn’t detract from his good looks, and with the dimple in his chin, her patient was very easy on the eyes.

Though she hadn’t undressed him completely, she had noticed the abundance of tiny scars all over his hands and lower arms. She had wanted to find out what they were from, but unless he woke up before the others returned, she wouldn’t be able to satisfy her curiosity. She would have to content herself with remembering how broad his shoulders were and how wide his chest seemed with the light sprinkling of brown hair across it that led down to the waistband of his jeans. She had removed his belt and felt along his abdomen. Though it was sculptured and muscular, it had been soft enough to rule out internal injuries. As much as she had wanted to explore further, she hadn’t wanted to do it with an audience.

Stanton’s shaggy black hair reached his shoulders, but he seemed to keep his face shaved smooth. He had rich blue eyes that normally would have captivated her if she hadn’t been so worried about her patient. She could tell he felt out of place standing there watching her, but he didn’t let the others intimidate him, which was the only reason he’d survived as long as he had, she was sure.

Lyssa wished for the thousandth time that she could escape her captor and find a nice quiet cabin somewhere to hide from people like Arnold. Maybe she could travel to whatever settlement Stanton was headed to and set up a practice there to take care of the residents of the new town. She’d barter for her services, taking food and staple items in exchange for health care.

Why am I even thinking about it? Getting my hopes up is only going to hurt when it doesn’t happen. I’d think I would have stopped wishing by now.

But she hadn’t. If anything, her wishes and prayers had become more desperate and often.




She looked up at Stanton but couldn’t really tell how he felt. His face was carefully blank. Wade’s eyes held passion. Unlike the other man, he didn’t mask his feelings. The fact that she lay there, completely naked between the two men, suddenly hit her. With the two men on top of the covers, she had no way to cover herself. She didn’t have time to say anything because Wade slowly descended on her, giving her plenty of time to stop him, but when she didn’t, he covered her body with his own while he claimed her mouth with a kiss.

The way he took control, consuming her with the heat of his kiss thrilled her. Despite her uncertainty, Lyssa found herself responding with enthusiasm and pleasure. His tongue slipped between her parted lips and teased hers until she was sliding it along his. She couldn’t get enough of his taste or the way he explored every part of her mouth.

When he pulled away she almost protested, but then he kissed the corner of it and nipped and kissed his way along her jaw before moving down her neck. One hand cupped her cheek in a gentle gesture while the other found her breast to squeeze it gently before tugging on her nipple with two fingers. The sensation spread all over her body as Wade slowly tightened his fingers and tugged on the stiff nipple until she groaned once again.

“Wade. Oh, God that feels so good.” Was that her voice all husky and deep?

Warm wet lips closed over her other nipple, pulling a startled gasp from her since Wade was still sucking and kissing along her neck and shoulder.

“Stanton,” she breathed out.

He answered with a hum that stimulated the nipple in his mouth. She couldn’t be still with them playing with her as they were. The feel of two hot, wet mouths against her skin was almost more than she could handle. Combine that with one hand tugging at a nipple while yet another hand rested on her belly, drawing lazy circles there, and Lyssa was as close as she’d ever gotten to a climax without direct stimulation to her clit.

“You are so beautiful, Lyssa. You taste like apple cider. I can’t wait to lick your pussy and find out what it tastes like.” Wade’s deep, raspy voice hummed along her neck near her ear.

Hot breath fanned her there, sending goose bumps all along her skin. She wanted to touch them, but they both still had their clothes on and had her trapped beneath their big strong bodies.

“I want to feel you. Please undress for me,” she pleaded as she writhed beneath the two men.

Wade pulled away from her after placing one last kiss on her lips. She ran a hand through Stanton’s shaggy black hair, fisting it then releasing it over and over. The more she massaged his scalp, the more he sucked and tugged on her nipple. The hand on her belly moved lower, cupping her mound in his hot hand.

She saw movement from the corner of her eye and knew that Wade was undressing, but with the lamp extinguished, Lyssa couldn’t really see much of him to know what he looked like without clothes. The bed dipped as he climbed back on and anticipation tightened the fist of the hand not playing in Stanton’s hair. She wanted to touch Wade but held back. Fear of the unknown stilled her for a few seconds before she felt him settle next to her, the heat from his body caressing her. He was so close.

Stanton slowly released her nipple and cool air puckered the wet tip. He climbed off the bed to undress now that Wade had returned to the bed. Wade took her hand and lifted it to his lips. He placed a kiss on her palm then on the tips of each finger. When he held her hand against his warm chest, she sighed. Though they’d all three slept in the same bed since running from Barter Town, she’d always wore a T-shirt and the men wore their underwear. As Wade slowly dragged her hand down his chest to his belly, Lyssa’s pulse sped up to a near gallop. If he continued to drag her hand downward, she had no doubt where her hand would end up.

Her fingers dragged down hot skin to brush across the thin trail of hair leading to his groin. His soft moan when she reached the obvious goal of his cock made her smile. She wrapped her hand around the base of the shaft and squeezed.

“Fuck, that’s perfect, honey,” he groaned.

Lyssa lightly ran her hand up and down the thick stalk a few times before once again squeezing it. The feel of velvety soft skin over rigid steel amazed her. She wanted to rub her cheek against his dick and feel the way something that hard could still feel so soft at the same time. Without thinking, she moved down the bed and held Wade’s cock with one hand while she gripped his hip with the other and slowly ran her tongue up and down the length of him.

“Holy hell! Lyssa,” he hissed out, threading the fingers of one hand through her hair as she licked around the crown of his penis.

She hummed against the head before stretching her mouth around the thick appendage and slowly lowering her head to take in as much of his cock as she could. With her mouth as wide as it would go, Lyssa slowly moved up and down Wade’s dick, her tongue moving around it as much as possible. Each time she lifted up along the stalk, a trail of her saliva coated the generous expanse of his hard flesh. Her mouth lowered until reaching the section her hand remained wrapped around to keep her from choking on the sheer size of his massive erection.

Lyssa allowed the hand she’d had holding on to his hip to move lower and capture his heavy balls. It didn’t take her long to discover that gently tugging on the skin just behind his scrotal tissue was huge turn-on for him. He jerked in her mouth and groaned loud when she did that.

The dip of the bed behind her told Lyssa that Stanton had returned and she didn’t have much time before he would take over the control of her body once more. When either of them touched her, she lost all control and common sense.

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