[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, HEA]
Bynn Caraway ran a bear down in the road. And yet, when she searched for it, she found a naked man instead. Now she’s come back to Shatland with her sister Lizzy, to find that man-bear, cage him, and make him shift, proving she hasn’t lost her mind.
Werebear brothers, Liam and Connor McGarrett, sense that Brynn’s their mate. Their brother, Finn, was the bear she ran over three months earlier. They’re torn between telling her what they are, or playing along until they’re sure she can accept their bear counterparts.
After his brothers take their turns inside the cage, Liam gets trapped when Lizzy’s scumbag fiancé decides to expose him and show the world what he really is.
Brynn started the trouble, wanting to prove shifters existed. But now that she’s fallen in love with the sexy cowboy werebears, can she bear to let them go?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Caging Her Bear Lovers (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
unique at times funny, good plot and continuous on the series
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!




Her gaze drifted to the door. The breath she’d dragged in came back out, hard and fast.

Whoa. He’s amazing. They’re amazing.

Hell, they could be brothers of the man I saw.

Two sets of green eyes locked onto her like heat-seeking missiles. Heat that was burning her from the outside in, searing all the way to her pussy.

“Brynn, what is it?”

She swallowed, hard, and tried to break the hold those eyes had on her. They were like the man she’d seen, all blond, gorgeous hunkiness rolled into two hard-packed bodies. They had the same green eyes, bodies that wouldn’t quit, arms and legs that took her breath away. The ordinary faded jeans and work shirts they wore seemed more like clothes fit for kings. Each of them sported the same short-cut hair, although one man’s hair was a darker blond instead of the sun-kissed blond that only beach bums were supposed to possess. Yet it was their presence, a magnetism that had little to do with their physical forms, that reminded her of the man she’d met three months earlier.

Take me.

Soft, knowing smiles tweaked the corners of their mouths. Could they read her mind? But then again, they probably knew what she was thinking just by looking at her.

Pulease. Take me.

It wasn’t until Lizzy twisted around in her chair to see what she was staring at that she could break their mesmerizing spell.

“Damn. Who are those two?”

Earline arrived to place their food in front of them. “Those two? That’s Connor and Liam McGarrett. They’re something, aren’t they?”

She couldn’t even nod. “Something” wasn’t the way she would’ve described them.

Fantastic. Sensual. Sexy. Hot. Animalistic. Primal.


“Hey, boys, come on over here and meet a couple of nice ladies.” Earline was back with their food.

As much as she wanted to meet them, Brynn couldn’t help but wish she could slide straight through the floor. Warmth that had nothing to do with their sex appeal flowed up her neck and into her cheeks.

“No, Earline, it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to bother them.”

They strode over to their table, moving as smoothly as fine wine sliding down her throat.

“It’s too late for that.” The taller of the two took the chair next to hers, spun it around, and straddled it. His intense emerald gaze took her in, one languid inch at a time. “You bother the hell out of me.”

“I do?” Her blush intensified. “But how? We just met.”

Mirth twinkled in his mesmerizing eyes. “I don’t mean that in a bad way.”


The other man slid into the chair next to Lizzy, then gave her sister a smile before fixing his focus squarely on her instead.

When had that ever happened? When had two men ever paid more attention to her than to her sister? It was wrong of her, egotistical of her, but she couldn’t help but enjoy the hell out of it.

“Hi.” Her sister leaned over the table, making sure both men got a good look down her low-cut blouse. Her sister liked to flirt, but she’d never cheat on Bobby. “I’m Lizzy Caraway.” She stuck out her hand, putting it directly below the man’s face.

Lizzy was anything but subtle.

The second man leaned back but didn’t take her hand. “I’m Connor McGarrett and that’s my brother, Liam.” Once again, he shifted his body more toward her than toward Lizzy. “And who are you?”

Liam edged even the closer. “I’ll tell you who you are.”

She felt sandwiched between the two hunks, but what was a girl to do but enjoy it? “Okay, I’ll bite. Who am I?”

The green eyes sparked, alight with bits of amber. “Never say ‘I’ll bite’ around here.”

“Huh?” She cringed. She wouldn’t win any prizes for being a witty conversationalist.

“Never mind. You’re the woman we’ve been waiting for.”


“What?” Brynn was only vaguely aware of her sister’s irritated harrumph. “Is that the pickup line you always use?”

“I promise you. I’ve never used it before.”

She was getting hot all over. Hot enough to spontaneously combust. She lifted her drink and took a dainty sip, then grimaced at the awful taste.

The one called Liam chuckled. “We should’ve warned you. Earline and her man, Ben, are the best cooks around, but her coffee sucks.”

She set the cup down, happy to never touch the stuff again.

“And your name is…?”

She startled at the low, husky tone of Connor’s voice next to her ear.

“I’m Brynn Caraway. Lizzy’s my sister.”

The men’s gazes darted to Lizzy, who had slumped into her chair and was munching on a fry. She smiled, the gesture lasting only a moment before it was gone.

“Why are you here, Brynn Caraway?”

It was silly, but she loved the way Liam said her name. Like the words were filled with seduction, promising sex between dark, silk sheets.

They were alike physically, but Connor looked at her with a soulful, emotion-packed glint in his eyes while Liam seemed more reserved, his cool eyes studying her, ready to size her up. If she’d had to guess which man was the leader of the two, she’d have chosen Liam.

“We’re here to find a man who can change into a bear,” blurted Lizzy.




She wanted them so much. They were like the drug that would cure her, the sustenance that would nourish her body more than mere food ever could. She’d only just met them, and yet, somehow in that short time, they’d come to mean so much.

The sensation that she always experienced whenever they were near spiraled her upward into a consciousness where only they existed. If they stopped touching her she would fall, plummeting to earth.

Liam turned her around, putting her back to the counter. Her chest rose and fell with the rapid heartbeats pushing at her chest. Gripping the edge of the tiled surface, she laid her head back and gave them her unspoken consent.

Their eyes glistened as though the sun had fallen into their eyes to sprinkle bits of gold through the green. The way their eyes changed color didn’t make sense, but that was a question for another time. All that mattered was the feel of their lips on her body as they pulled her clothes aside.

When Liam took one nipple into his mouth and Connor took the other, her legs weakened. They held her, keeping her on her feet as their hands swept over her.

I want them so much. Please. Take me.

Air drifted over her skin as her clothes soon fell to the floor. They treasured her breasts, treating them as though they were the water they needed to survive. She felt the same way, as though they were the only things that could keep her alive.

“You’re ours, Brynn Caraway. I know that doesn’t make sense right now, but it will.”

But Liam was wrong. It made complete sense. She was theirs and they were hers. Did they know that part of it?

Connor went to his knees beside her and showed her what it was like to have both his tongue and fingers delight her. She arched, urging Liam to take care of her breasts, and he did.

They ate at her, drank of her, and she offered herself to them to do with as they wished. Her body shook, both at the shock of what she was allowing them to do and at how much pleasure it gave her.

Connor bit, sucked, licked, sending her tender bundle of nerves pulsing. The pulsing spread outward, flying through her body to meet with the tremors Liam’s hands gave her. No longer afraid she would fall to the floor, she clutched Liam’s hair to keep him at her nipple, then reached down to tunnel her fingers through Connor’s, pushing his face harder against her.

They never turned her loose, and yet managed to rid themselves of their shirts. Only their boots and jeans remained.

“I need—” The swipe of Liam’s tongue over her nipple made her forget what had seemed so urgent to say.

“What do you need, baby?”

She tightened her hold on Liam, but he still lifted his head. There were his amazing eyes again, making thinking even harder. “I want—”

“Yeah?” He fondled the breasts, his thumbs torturing her nipples like Connor’s mouth and teeth tortured her clit.

“You.” Once she’d found the words, they came tumbling out. “Both of you. Now.”

A low growl came from Connor as he slipped his arms around her legs and picked her up. “Then have us, sweet one.”

Being called sweet one was even better than being called baby.

She was back at the table, only now she was on top of it. Connor sat her down, butt first, then pushed her shoulder, putting her on her back. He shoved her legs apart then undid his jeans enough for his large cock to burst out.

He was huge. Long, thick, and curved at the end.

Liam brushed the hair back from her forehead as he freed his cock. “Suck on me, baby.”

Physically, they were everything she’d ever wanted. But as much as she wanted their bodies, she wanted their hearts, minds, and souls. Had she found not one, but two men to love? Was there a third man she’d love as much?

Her answer came just as Connor plunged his cock deep inside her pussy.

Yes. She had.

When Liam offered her his cock, she took him in, deep throating him until her mouth pushed at the curly dark hair at the base. He moaned then helped her keep her head up as he played with her breasts.

Connor was a machine, his rhythm regular and strong as he thrust into her. But it was his gaze set on her face that took her burgeoning climax and sent it spinning fast. He wrapped her legs around his waist, just below the rock-like surface of his chest. She watched as his muscles rippled with each move and vowed that next time she’d run her tongue over the valleys and hills of his abs.

Life had taken a major twist in the past few hours. She’d come looking for an animal and had found two men who were just as wild and primal.

For the briefest of moments, the thought came, flashing then exiting her mind.

Could they be shifters?

The emotions rushing into her, scaling her heart and claiming it as their own, wouldn’t let her grasp the enormity of the question before it was lost in the turmoil of her feelings. Thinking wasn’t possible or necessary. Instead, instinct took over, telling her everything she needed to know.

I’m for them and they’re for me.

Connor’s pounding increased his movements. He pierced her time and again, faster, more and more intent on reaching as far as he could. He closed his eyes as though every bit of his concentration had to be focused on bringing both of them to the finish.

She sucked on Liam’s cock, loving the texture of him as the soft skin moved over her tongue. He tasted musky, wild, and manly. She cupped his balls, felt them draw up, and listened to his groan of pleasure.

Together they moved, like missing pieces of a puzzle that had finally been found and made complete.

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