Help Me Fly Again (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,080
27 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Sandi Tyler is a twenty-five-year-old Elite Pilot working for the International Deep Space Exploration (IDSE) company. She has worked hard since college, studying hard and learning how to fly. Her job is to protect Earth from off-worlders, as well as testing prototype spacecraft.

A test flight goes horribly wrong, leaving Sandi stranded on an unknown, uncharted planet. She meets two very large, handsome men who invite her to their home. The two men reveal large wings which had been concealed in cavities hidden in their backs, and she freaks out. Eventually Sandi calms down, and since she has nowhere else to go, she lets them take her to their home.

Dreab and Erup Reyrd know the little human female is their mate. Now all they have to do is to convince her to stay with them. Piece of cake. Or is it?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Help Me Fly Again (MFM)
27 Ratings (4.3)

Help Me Fly Again (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,080
27 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Story Excerpt


Sandi turned back to face the two men. They were so handsome they took her breath away. They looked so much like human males on Earth, only much taller. They had shoulder-length blond hair, their eyes were an unusual aquamarine color, and they had to stand nearly seven feet tall. They had broad, muscular shoulders, arms, and pectoral muscles, which rippled beneath their skin. Their bodies tapered down over ripped abs to slim hips and large, muscular thighs, encased in some sort of hide pants. Their feet were covered with hide-type moccasins laced halfway up their shins. Her eyes ran back up their bodies until they snagged at the large bulges of their crotches. They were definitely packing huge weapons.

Sandi blushed when she realized where she was staring and quickly lifted her gaze to theirs. She watched as smirks tilted the corners of their mouths, and she felt her cheeks redden even more at being caught. She was about to open her mouth and apologize but stopped as she saw the heat in their eyes. They were as attracted to her as she was to them. She was going to have to be careful around these two studs, or she would end up in bed with one of the aliens. The last thing she wanted was to be intimate with another species.

“Our home is halfway up the mountain in the distance over yonder. If you will allow us, we will take you there at once,” Erup finally replied.

“Okay. Do you think we will make it before nightfall? That’s quite a distance to cover,” Sandi said.

“It will take no more than half a sun round,” Dreab replied.

Sandi watched as great white wings slid out and unfurled to stretch to their fullest capacity. Sandi gasped and began backing away from them.

“Oh my God. What the hell? What are you?” Sandi asked in awe, her voice wobbling.

“We have already told you, we are Eagronians. Why would you ask again?” Erup asked

“Y–You have wings,” Sandi said with a squeak as she backed farther away from them.

“Yes. Do you not? I suppose that is why you cover the upper half of your body. We would never be able to wear coverings over our chests and backs. It would be most illogical, as we would have to remove the coverings all the time, and no doubt very uncomfortable,” Erup replied as he took a step toward Sandi.

“Whoa, wait a minute. This changes everything. There is no way I can fly to your home. I don’t have wings, and besides that, there is no way in hell I’m ever going to fly without having metal surrounding me. If you crash or drop me, I would die instantly on impact,” Sandi replied as she kept backing away.

“We are strong enough to take your slight weight, Sandi. You have no need to fear we would ever drop you,” Dreab stated.

“Well, how do I know that? I don’t even know you. We’ve only just met. Forget it, I’ll walk. No, I’ve changed my mind. I think I’ll stay right here, safe on the ground.” Sandi plopped her ass on the ground.

“That is not a wise decision, Sandi. You are close to the Redloh Clan territory. There are rumors about the leader of their clan being strange of mind. He is a very cruel leader, not to mention the wild animals that roam at sundown. You would not survive the night,” Erup warned.

Adult Excerpt


Dreab moved to the edge of the bathing pool and slid into the warm water. He moved over to Sandi and placed his hands on the warm, soft, silky skin of her waist and drew her to him. He reveled at the first touch of her skin against his own, groaning deep in his throat at the pleasure. He moved one of his large palms down to her buttocks and cupped her flesh, supporting her slight weight in the water. He stared into her green eyes and saw his desire reflected back at him. She was just as turned on as he was.

Dreab lowered his head slowly, giving Sandi time to turn away. When she continued to look at him and her eyes lowered to his mouth, he moved closer until their lips barely touched. He flicked his tongue out and ran it over her full lower lip. The first taste of her had his cock leaping up, filling with more blood. He wanted to grab her around the waist and impale her on his hard rod.

Dreab slanted his mouth over hers, opening her lips with his own, and thrust his tongue into her sweet cavern. Her taste exploded on his senses, and he couldn’t get enough. The kiss they shared was so hot and carnal it was a wonder the bathing water wasn’t boiling. He growled low in his throat as Sandi wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing her pussy into contact with his hard dick. He nearly lost his control when she began to rock her pelvis into his, sliding her wet sex against his hard cock.

Dreab slowly walked them both to the edge of the bathing pool steps, carried Sandi up and out of the water, then placed her ass on the large, wide rock at the edge of the steps. His hands roamed the length of her body, tracing all her dips and curves until he was familiar with her small form. He withdrew his mouth from hers then bent his head down and, with the flat of his tongue, flicked one of her hard nipples.

Dreab was aware when Erup entered the bathing chamber, but he didn’t stop pleasuring Sandi. He sucked her hard peak into his mouth and suckled firmly, but not hard enough to cause his mate any pain. He released her nipple with a pop and licked his way down over her flat, soft belly until he came to the juncture of her thighs.

He watched as Erup moved onto the large, flat rock, lay down beside Sandi, and took her mouth with his own. Dreab smiled when he heard Sandi whimper as Erup devoured her with openmouthed carnality.

Dreab slid the palms of his hands up the inside of Sandi’s smooth, toned thighs and spread her legs to give him access to her hairless mound. He lowered his head and licked from her small, wet hole up to the small nub at the top of her cunt. The flavor of her pussy was an aphrodisiac. He slid his tongue back down between her soft, wet folds until he came to her creamy hole and thrust his tongue into her body. He had to move his hands to her hips and hold her down, as she bucked up into his mouth. He opened his eyes to see Erup moving down over Sandi’s chest, paying attention to her nipples. Erup sucked one of the hard peaks into his mouth and pinched the other between his thumb and finger.

Dreab kept thrusting his tongue in and out of Sandi’s cunt and savored his reward for pleasuring his mate. Her cream was coating his tongue, and he swallowed it down, not wanting to waste a drop. He moved back up her wet folds, flicked his tongue over the sensitive bundle of nerves at the top of her pussy, and began to thrust one of his large fingers into her wet hole.

Dreab eased a digit in and stopped when Sandi’s muscles tightened around his finger, making him groan as he imagined what it would feel like having her cunt clamp onto his hard cock. He slowly pushed into her body, giving her time to adjust to the penetration, wanting nothing more than to thrust himself into her pussy. He pushed his finger in steadily until it was in Sandi’s body to the hilt. He drew it back and then plunged back in, all the while laving and sucking on her swollen clit. He moaned with approval as she released more cream to coat his finger, the smell of her natural lubrication wafting to his nostrils. He breathed deeply, taking in her sweet scent. He felt the first flutter of Sandi’s impending climax and eased his finger out of her tight, wet hole.

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