Hooked on a Feelin' (MFM)

Clandestine Affairs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,798
9 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, paddling, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Overweight and short on confidence, Sorrel Lang’s family and her grasping ex are all over her when she comes into a large inheritance. She makes a living as a successful slogan writer in advertising, but someone is stealing her ideas, so she calls on her dad’s old friends at the Clandestine Agency for help.
Vasco Blaine and Tyler Dafoe suspect a member of her family is behind the thefts. They persuade Sorrel to hang out with them at their gym, where they introduce her to hot, sexy loving. Sorrel adores the things they do together but is suspicious of their motives. Why would two such hunks take an interest in someone as out of shape as she is?
When she discovers the gym is losing money and overhears the guys talking about approaching her for a loan, their motivation becomes clear. Or does it…
A Siren Erotic Romance
Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hooked on a Feelin' (MFM)
9 Ratings (4.1)

Hooked on a Feelin' (MFM)

Clandestine Affairs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,798
9 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great book I loved it
Another wonderful book by Zara Chase.




Vasco waved Ty’s comment aside, still taking inventory of the woman and liking what he saw. She wore faded jeans and a long, loose top, obviously designed to hide the fact that she carried a little extra weight around her middle. It couldn’t hide her large tits, or equally large backside, but Vasco wasn’t complaining. Just because he toned bodies for a living, didn’t mean he couldn’t appreciate nature at her finest. This creature carried her extra weight well, mainly because her posture was good, and because she wasn’t trying to flaunt her assets by wearing tight clothing.

She had a waterfall of natural brunette hair, held back with a clip, and an averagely pretty face with slightly jutting cheekbones, rendered interesting by the most remarkable greenish-silver eyes. She wore no makeup as far as Vasco could detect, and didn’t need to. He approved of her creamy, fresh-faced, natural look almost as much as he approved of her full, sensual mouth and delicate, symmetrical features.

“I like,” Tyler said, giving her a third look.

She still didn’t appear to have found whomever she expected to meet, so Vasco took a chance.

“Sorrel?” he asked, standing up and beckoning.

She looked at him like he’d spoken in a foreign language. Her eyes widened with considerable caution, like they had ax murderers tattooed on their chests, and didn’t move for a prolonged moment. The hostess approached her with a smile, which snapped her out of her indecision and she politely focused her attention of the restaurant employee.

“Is it okay to bring the dog into the bar area?” she asked. “He’s well behaved…well, most of the time.”

“That’s fine, honey,” the hostess replied. “But you can’t take him in the restaurant. Are you meeting someone?”

“These guys, I think,” she said, gesturing towards Vasco and Tyler.

The hostess looked astounded. “You mean you don’t actually know?”

“No, but I’m about to find out. Wish me luck.”

Sorrel walked across to them. Vasco and Tyler stood as she approached and shared a look, impressed by the natural grace and coordination of her movements. Vasco noticed a few men in the restaurant area look up as she passed, probably thinking the same thing.

“She has possibilities,” Tyler muttered. “Think she’s one of us?”

“If she is, she doesn’t know it yet.”

“Well, I can teach her all she needs to know.”

“This is work. Down boy.”

“Too late for that. She’s gotten to me already,” Tyler replied, unabashed.

Vasco shook his head, then extended his hand as Sorrel reached them “Hey, Sorrel. I’m Vasco Blaine. We spoke earlier.”

“Hi.” Her small hand disappeared into his much larger one and Vasco held it there, in no hurry to release it. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“I’m Tyler Dafoe.”

Vasco let her hand go so Tyler could literally get to grips with it. “Nice to meet you too,” she said, in a low, husky voice. “I only hope I haven’t dragged you here under false pretenses.”

“No worries. We were in town anyway,” Vasco said. “Who’s this guy?”

“Oh, that’s Marley. He’s a stray who adopted me a while back. Now we’re joined at the hip.”

Both men bent to pet the friendly little dog, who lapped up the attention as enthusiastically as he lapped at their hands. Sorrel slipped onto a bar stool between the two of them and the bartender immediately appeared with a bowl of water for the dog.

“Thank you,” Sorrel said, smiling. “That’s very thoughtful of you.”

“We take good care of all our customers,” the bartender replied, winking at her.

“What would you like to drink, Sorrel?” Vasco asked.

Before she could reply, the hostess walked up to them. “Excuse me, but if you want to eat in the bar, there’s a table free. It means you can keep the dog with you.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Vasco smiled at the hostess, who blushed. “Thanks, honey. Lead the way.”

Once they were seated, with Sorrel between them and the dog beneath the table, the hostess left them menus and the bartender came over again and took Sorrel’s drink order. She asked for a diet soda.

“I’m trying to lose a few pounds,” she explained self-consciously.

“Actually, you don’t need to lose much,” Tyler said, smiling as he gave her a probing look that made her blush.

“Excuse me?”

“We run a gym,” Vasco explained, “which makes us think we’re experts on the subject.”

“Oh, in Seattle?”

“Port Angeles. It’s called Body Language.”

“Oh, I’ve heard good things about it. I know someone who’s a member, but I’ve never set foot in a gym. I’m allergic to exercise.” She laughed self-consciously and indicated her body with her hands. “As you can see. Well, I do walk. I have no choice now that I have this little guy, but I did before I got him, too. It’s my thinking time, if I get stuck with a slogan. Still, I don’t suppose walking really counts as exercise.”

“Actually, regular fast walking is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise,” Vasco told her.

“Oh, is it?” She looked pleased. “Well, I have dropped a few pounds since getting Marley, so perhaps you’re right. Mind you, I could do with losing more yet, as my mother and sister never tire of reminding me.”

“Ty’s right about you, even if he is outspoken to the point of rudeness. You just need to tone up a bit and you’ll be dynamic.”

Her blush deepened. “Thank you. I think.”

Vasco chuckled. “No problem.”

“Sorrel’s an unusual name,” Ty said. “Something to do with herbs, isn’t it?”




“That’s it, babe,” Ty said. “Don’t move a muscle and let me do my work.”

Slowly, carefully, he wielded the razor with long, practiced sweeps, ridding Sorrel of the offending pubes. He moved her labia to the right, getting into the area between her pussy and the tops of her thigh. He grunted with satisfaction before repeating the procedure on the left.

“That should do it.”

He carefully wiped her clean of foam, and then dried her with a towel, revealing a sweet, naked pussy with enticing pink lips. Vasco glanced at her face, which was flushed. Her eyes no longer showed anxiety, but burned with sexual awareness. Her legs still trembled, but he was now certain it was only anticipation that made her unsteady.

Ty stood back with Vasco and together they admired his handiwork.

“Now ain’t that the prettiest sight you ever did see,” Ty said. “You ask me, our little sub is pretty damned anxious for some of this.” Ty grabbed his rigid cock in both hands. “What do you think, bud?”

“I think she needs to be chastised first.”

“Good point.” Ty, still with his gaze focused on Sorrel’s cunt, gave her a curt order. “Remove your bra, but leave the stockings and shoes,” he said.

Once again she hesitated.

“Each time you’re slow to do something we ask of you,” Vasco warned, “it will earn you an extra punishment.”

Sorrel bit her lip, then reached for the clasp at the back of her bra and unfastened it. Again she hesitated for a beat, then let the straps slip down her arms and threw the garment aside. She blushed crimson but gamely held her position, eyes downcast, legs still spread because they hadn’t told her to close them again. At last her glorious tits fell free from their lacy prison, and she didn’t attempt to cover them with her hands.

Both men inhaled sharply. The reality exceeded Vasco’s expectations. He was a breast man through and through and right then it felt as though all his Christmases had come together. Just as the three of them would soon get to come. But not too soon. He would enjoy tantalizing Sorrel. He was willing to bet she had no willpower whatsoever, or wouldn’t have once he and Ty showed her what she was capable of feeling. If her only previous sexual experience had been with the chef jerk, then he figured she didn’t have any idea about the strength of the fires burning deep inside of her.

“Come here, Sorrel,” Vasco said, holding out a hand.

She walked across to him slowly and slipped her hand into his. Ty fell in on her opposite side and took her other hand.

“Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable,” Vasco said. “Then it will be time for your first chastisement.”

Her breath hitched—a nervous or excited little gurgle at the back of her throat, Vasco was unsure which—but she didn’t speak. Vasco opened the door to his bedroom and the three of them walked through it. It was dominated by a huge bed, easily big enough for the three of them, and there were mirrors on every wall.

“Go and stand in the corner with your face to the wall while we decide what to do with you, Sorrel,” Vasco said.

He pointed to the corner where he wanted her and she went without argument. Vasco stripped off his jeans and then rummaged in the drawer where he kept his sex toys. What to start Sorrel off with? He held up a flogger, but Ty shook his head. He was probably right. It would be too much for a novice. Ty mouthed the word handto him and Vasco nodded his agreement. He and Ty turned to look at Sorrel, standing obediently in the corner, head bowed, her lovely, virginal backside on open display. Oh, what a treat! Vasco pulled a padded stool into the center of the room.

“Come here, Sorrel,” he said.

She turned, face flushed, and walked slowly toward them. “Yes, Sirs. What would you like me to do for you?” she asked.

“One of the best ways to enjoy the things we do is to have one or more of your senses taken away,” Vasco told her. “I don’t want to gag you because that will stop you safewording us if things get too much. And I also think it’s too soon to remove your sight. So, that leaves your hands. You will be able to feel, darlin’, but you won’t be able to touch. Well, not with your hands, anyway, but I’m betting you can do a truckload of damage with those sweet lips of yours.”

“I’m counting on it,” Ty said, grinning.

“I will do whatever pleases you, Masters.” Her voice wobbled, but her resolve clearly did not.

“Damned straight, you will.” Vasco picked up the fluffy restraints he’d taken from his drawer and made sure she got a good view of them. “Hands behind your back, sweetheart.”

As soon as she complied, Vasco snapped the cuffs into place. “Comfortable?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir. Well, I think so.”

“Okay, now it’s time for your first punishment. Just remember to relax, and breathe evenly. Don’t tense up or you won’t get the full benefit. I’m going to spank your butt with the flat of my hand because it will give me pleasure, and you want to please me, don’t you, sugar?”

“Yes, Sir, more than anything. But I’m scared.”

“Don’t be.” He ran his hand across her backside with tenderness. It was the first time he had touched her since she’d undressed and he savored the moment. “It’s my job to ensure I don’t take you too far. It will give you pain to start with, but if you remember to keep your breathing even and are patient, endorphins will run riot in your body and the tingling will transmute to pleasure. Trust me on this.”

She swallowed. “I do trust you. I trust you both, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this.”

“Kneel down in front of the stool, Sorrel. Lean your torso over it so your tits dangle free on the other side.”

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