[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, M/M/M, HEA]
Ryder Black, an elite soldier, and Cracker, an ex-con and biker, are an unlikely match for Douglas, a man blinded by a vicious acid attack, courtesy of an old enemy. His new mates are a surprise, especially after the violent death of his first mate, Ellis, at the hands of a murderous wolverine shifter. Douglas is beset by self-doubt, depression, and PTSD, and with the trials for the Two Spirit Tournament about to start, he’s convinced that he’s of no use to anyone. What can he possibly offer his two gorgeous mates?
Cracker and Ryder must persuade Douglas of their love and affection and overcome years of abuse—as well as deal with some new threats to the town of Sage.
Will their love be enough to give Douglas something to live for? Or will the echoes of his abusive mother’s toxic hatred finish him off for good?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trials, Track, and Tribulations (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Douglas woke abruptly, his naked body covered in sweat, shuddering as he recalled the recurring nightmare that had abused his sleep yet again. He tried to shrug off the shroud of terror and lifted his face to the heavens, sniffing at the air. His nostrils quivered, and he drooled as he scented fresh coffee, bacon, and the unique aroma of his mates, whose scent permeated the apartment and the large bed they shared. He listened carefully and knew he was alone in the room. He heard Cracker’s voice coming from the kitchen, but didn’t hear Ryder, his other mate. He’d known Ryder for several months, Cracker for a much shorter time. They had only recently found out that they were a trio, and consummated a couple of weeks ago after his lovers carried him out of Café Anglais and had their wickedly erotic way with him.  He was still in shock at finding that the two sexy studs were all his, and they were negotiating their way through the whole mating thing. After losing his first love just over six months ago, he’d never considered a second bite of the cherry, but found he was already falling in love with his men.

He felt the familiar twinge of pain in his heart as he thought about Ellis Hawkwing. The man had been his first lover, first mate…first everything. He’d shown Douglas what love was all about between two men, and Douglas would never forget the precious gift he’d been given. Ellis had been a hero in more ways than one. He’d stepped in front of a psychopath for Douglas’s family and had paid the ultimate price. A human, Ellis had been too badly injured to be saved, despite receiving life-giving shifter blood. His death had left a big hole in Douglas’s heart. The scar remained, would probably remain forever.

“Breakfast?” Cracker asked suddenly, sitting beside Douglas and startling him out of his reverie. A lap tray was placed across his thighs, on top of the covers. “Coffee’s at two o’clock, bacon sandwich dead center, and I got you a couple of your favorite cookies, as well, with the nuts and white chocolate chips.”

Douglas smiled gratefully and lifted his hand, using his sensitive nose to pinpoint exactly where his food was. He touched the rim of his plate, then reached for the sandwich. Taking a huge bite, he groaned as the delicious flavors exploded on his tongue. Cracker had even added Douglas’s favorite new condiment, called Daddy’s Sauce, a British import courtesy of John, Douglas’s former boss at the local café and bakery.

“Thanks,” Douglas mumbled around the big mouthful, chewing happily.

“I figured you could use the nourishment,” the big shifter said, almost scolding. “You’ve been tossing and turning since before dawn.”

“I couldn’t sleep properly,” Douglas admitted, shrugging. Despite having two highly sexed and enthusiastic mates, Douglas’s mind sometimes struggled to switch off, even surrounded by the warmth and security of his lovers. He didn’t admit to the flashbacks he still suffered from. That would almost be a sign of weakness, in his opinion, and he didn’t want his lovers to think he was a nutcase. Theirs was a new relationship, and having a ménage à trois could be complicated enough without his issues stirred into the mix.

“You don’t talk much about the past,” Cracker said quietly. “It must hurt, still, to lose someone you loved, in that way. You don’t have to bottle everything up. We’re your mates. We understand if you need to unload about stuff.”

Douglas shrugged diffidently, not responding to the invitation. He was uncomfortable that his lover was so intuitive. He was relieved that Cracker hadn’t pushed him before now, since Douglas often had trouble staying asleep, troubled by nightmares nearly every night. He heard the crunch as his mate bit into his own sandwich. Bacon, cheese, and a dab of ketchup if Douglas’s nose was working correctly. Without his sight, he relied a great deal on his sense of smell. He often surprised himself how accurate he was when he used his other senses to compensate for being blind. The acid bath, thanks to the angry minion of a wolverine psychopath, had taken his sight forever. Even a shifter didn’t heal from everything thrown their way.

Douglas chewed, then took a sip of coffee, sighing with pleasure as his taste buds danced with joy. He was stalling and he knew it, but talking about a former lover to his latest one was a little uncomfortable. It just didn’t seem quite right.

“I’m not the best at talking, but I think you probably need to speak to somebody. PTSD can be a bitch to deal with,” Cracker observed. Douglas heard a slurping sound, then the trickle of fluid as Cracker’s drink flowed down his gullet. The low moan that followed made Douglas smile in agreement. That first taste of coffee, in the early morning hours just after daybreak, was the best. 




Douglas gave a loud cry as his cock was engulfed, feeling Ryder’s throat muscles working at the bulbous head, massaging him erotically. “Don’t stop,” he whispered, clutching at Ryder’s short black hair. Cracker, meanwhile, began using his fingers inside Douglas’s chute, scissoring two digits to stretch Douglas.

“I think it’s time for a double whammy,” Cracker said, lapping at Douglas’s ball sac lazily.

“Double whammy?” the young jaguar shifter asked, whimpering at the erotic attention to his extremities.

“We’ve both been taking bets about double-fucking your sexy ass,” Ryder said around Douglas’s cock. “Cracker here doesn’t think you’ll be able to handle both of us…I disagree.” He began suckling hard, blowing Douglas’s mind, right before he blew his load right down Ryder’s throat. Shuddering as he released about a gallon of cum, Douglas belatedly realized what his lovers intended.

“I’ve never been double-fucked before,” he admitted, shuddering again as a third finger invaded his ass. He groaned loudly. “I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to handle you both, though,” he added, lifting up and down on Cracker’s thick fingers. “It’s not like you’re outsized or anything.”

He bit back a laugh as both his mates let out derisive snorts at this sortie, since both bigger shifters were exceedingly well endowed. He’d be lucky if they didn’t split him in two. What a way to go, though.

“Let him ride me,” Ryder husked, popping Douglas’s cock from his mouth. “Then you stuff him from the rear.”

Douglas squealed a little as he was lifted as though he was a doll, then positioned on top of Ryder’s thick, well-lubed dick and lowered in one smooth plunge. He arched his back, loving the slight sting as all nine inches speared him. Ryder was a handful and a half. What would it be like with both big cocks inside him? Douglas felt pressure on his back and was pushed gently forward, until he was almost prone. His butt was used to his large mates fucking it daily, and he didn’t take long to adjust to the large prick. He felt Ryder’s lips on his and sank into the deeply passionate kisses hungrily, moaning greedily as his mate devoured him.

Douglas felt light-headed, blown away by the intense pleasure, trying to breathe but struggling for oxygen. Cracker’s hands gripped his hips, and then a thick, blunt dick began to push at his entrance, jostling carefully alongside Ryder’s prick. Douglas groaned gutturally, feeling as though his ass may just split in half. His cock wilted as pain seared his butt, his muscles stretching impossibly wide as Cracker inched inside. Panting, he heard twin moans of approval, felt Ryder’s heavy breathing.

“Damn,” Ryder moaned, his chest heaving. “That’s…”

“Mighty fine,” Cracker drawled breathlessly. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Douglas giggled at the comment, despite himself. “Perhaps because I needed a little time to get used to two monster dicks?” he said, groaning again as his big stud muffin pushed again. It was kind of like giving birth, the wrong way. Oh, god, what an image.

“You’re taking us like a boss,” Cracker chuckled hoarsely. “I don’t think I’ll last long. This is…amazing.”

“I think my ass may fall off,” Douglas quipped, and they all laughed.

“We’ll just have to glue it back on, if that happens,” Ryder said, kissing Douglas hungrily. “We love your ass so much.”

“Yeah, it would be a shame to lose it,” Cracker chuckled. Douglas felt the man’s balls lightly slap his ass and was startled that his mate was now fully inserted.

“Glue it back on?” Douglas panted. “Maybe you’d like to have a try at this?”

“Baby, with you two, I’ll try anything you like,” Cracker said, moving with shallow thrusts. Douglas imagined the looks on his lovers’ faces, as pleasure began to filter through the searing pain. He thought how they must look, contorted with lust as their dicks slid together, caressing one another in the most intimate way, deep inside his body.

“That feels…better,” Douglas said, then gasped aloud as the pain receded altogether, and the only thing left was an erotic bliss that had his dick swelling excitedly in response.

“Better?” Cracker said, nipping Douglas’s shoulder teasingly. “Better than what, for instance?”

Douglas chuckled, gulping back a moan. “Better than a punch in the face.”

There was a pause, and then a raucous bellow of laughter. “I must not be doing this right,” came the dry response, before the tempo increased. “Let me know when I get the hang of it.”

Ryder took Douglas’s mouth again, his hands massaging along the younger shifter’s back languidly, soothing him as Cracker got going, slow, strong strokes that had Douglas going crazy, wanting him to go faster.

“I won’t break, lover,” he said dryly. “This ass is guaranteed to take a hard pounding.” He paused a moment. “Unless, at your age, you can’t manage the extra effort.”

Cracker bellowed out another laugh and blanketed Douglas’s back with his big body. “You want a hard fuck, lover?”

“Can you perform one?”

“Oh, baby, you asked for it,” Cracker drawled, nipping at Douglas’s neck as Ryder laughed at the pair of them. “I’m gonna fuck you right through the floor,”

Now he’s getting the idea,” Douglas gasped, feeling Cracker move more strongly, his hips snapping forcefully, driving his cock deep and fast.

“So. Fucking. Tight.” Ryder grunted out the words in a snarl, his breathing quickening as Cracker plowed in and out.

Douglas lost the power to speak, his mind focused on the small, narrow chute that was being pummeled into the next dimension. Cracker had taken his words to heart, obviously, and was proving just how much of a cocksmith he was. Douglas smiled blissfully, needing the hard fuck.

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