[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Menage, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires, MMM, HEA]

Milo Evans has had a tricky past with a previous mate. He first meets his two mates, an Alpha and his Beta, at work. Milo wants to give in to both, but he doesn’t know how. He has to fulfill his duties as the Beta of his pack and protect it.

Demyan Volkov has found Milo, his mate. Milo’s initial rejection takes a toll on him. When vampires try to take over werewolf territory, and someone unexpected is in the middle of all this, he must take the lead in this matter.

To Landon Davis, Milo is the perfect mate. He wants to please Milo in every way he can. When the war takes off, he tries his best to ease Milo’s worries. With his Alpha and the help of other wolves and vampires, he tries to prevent the war from escalating. But someone with intent to kill shows up.

Will this finally tie the loose ends?

In the End (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


They walked into the restaurant and gathered at the table. Milo looked around. Arthur and Oscar hadn’t arrived yet, but he hadn’t expected Alpha Rowan and his mate, Cecil, to join them. Rowan always looked out only for his own. “Not that it bothers me, but is there any reason why Alpha Rowan is here?” Milo asked.

“He had the vampires in his backyard,” Garth answered.

“I want to guilt-trip them,” Rowan said firmly. “They came to my house and planned to enter werewolf territory right under our noses. The least they could’ve done was talk to us first, instead of trying to kill Ian’s father by someone else’s hand.”

Milo cleared his throat, drawing their attention. “So, I’ve been thinking. Demyan mentioned earlier today that we should know who started this. I suggest we only talk about this when they get here. We don’t have enough information yet.” Vampires were stubborn. It would be useless to speculate on what happened or the possibilities, only to then be told otherwise by the vampires.

“I was thinking the same. They must be arriving at any moment, so let’s wait,” Garth said. “I’m curious. Milo, how have things been going with your mates?”

That hadn’t been something he wanted to talk about. Milo sighed. “Things are going well, I guess, but I’m not sure it’s a topic anyone here feels like talking about. There are more pressing issues right now.”

Demyan chuckled. “I don’t mind talking about it. To start off, we’re spending individual time with Milo, but it won’t remain that way tomorrow,” he said. “He was very hesitant in the beginning, but he revealed that he has a moment of shyness every now and then. It makes me want to…do more.”

“Stop talking,” Milo said, punching Demyan’s thigh under the table. He jolted when Landon held his other hand on the table. Why had he sat between them? Milo composed himself when he noticed Arthur and Oscar approaching their table. They were like two felines, walking graciously, as if they floated.

“You’re early,” Arthur said and sat at the table, next to Garth. Just like when they last met, his long, straight black hair was slicked back and tied into a long ponytail. His suit looked more expensive than it needed to be for a dinner meeting. “Looks like we have three Alphas at the table, and two Betas. One seems to stand out the most, even if he’s not an Alpha.” His penetrating eyes focused on Landon.

Milo glanced at Landon, whose demeanor had changed into a serious one. He’d never seen Landon making such a face. He always seemed relaxed. “Let’s get some food and then we’ll discuss this,” Milo said and called the waiter.

After they ordered, Oscar spoke first. “My boss and I were seeing a property we bought in the outskirts of the city,” he said, and Arthur nodded. “That was when an Alpha and her Beta saw us and came to talk to us. They were aggressive from the beginning, which I’m not surprised because we’re vampires in wolf territory. We avoided the confrontation and left. By now, she must’ve told every wolf about us.”

Demyan raised a brow. “Why would you come here in secret? Did you think we wouldn’t notice?” he asked. “You’re vampires. Anyone knows as soon as they see you. Even humans can see the difference because your presence is so obvious.”

Milo nodded in agreement. The way vampires walked, their posture of superiority, the way they spoke or dressed. A human child would notice something was off about them. Instead of getting into the conversation, he let Demyan lead the way. Demyan had the most power at this table, after all.

“We thought it would be worse to announce our arrival,” Arthur said. “You must be wondering why we’re moving into your territory. It’s simpler than it seems, at least to our knowledge. We were kicked out.”

Everyone, except for Oscar, stared at Arthur. “You’re vampires. Who would kick you out of your own homes?” Ian asked.

“A werewolf,” Arthur answered. This time, they were all confused. “It’s the first werewolf humans created to protect themselves against vampires who abused their power. As you already know, you were created from compact DNA from various animals in the wild, the wolf being the main one. The thing is, humans couldn’t recreate the same intensity for anyone else but that wolf.”

Milo leaned back when two waiters took the leftover appetizers and brought their entrees. He stared at his food in thought. Werewolves had been created over three centuries ago. Before that, vampires had been the masters of the world, no one knowing their origin. Perhaps the first werewolf had information about that.

“As I was saying,” Arthur said when the waiters left, “we were kicked out, but we don’t know the wolf’s purpose. It could be because we, as vampires, enjoy the luxuries in life, so he wanted to take over what’s ours with his pack.”

“His pack?” Garth asked.

Oscar nodded. “As you might imagine, his pack is made up of Alphas, not normal werewolves. Even with that, he’s stronger than all of them. No other werewolf can match his power,” he said and took a bite from his food.




Landon leaned closer, until the tips of their noses nearly touched. “Milo, I can’t decide for you. One thing I can say is that you should do what you desire. Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ if you want to.” He brushed his fingers over the wet tip of Milo’s prick, causing Milo to jerk.

Milo gazed into Landon’s piercing chocolate-brown eyes. “Yes,” he said quietly. He desired his mate. His past shouldn’t have a say on who he fell for in the present.

With a nod, Landon slid his finger past the rim, and Milo arched his back. “We won’t go too far this time. I want you to have a clear mind,” Landon said.

Demyan laid Milo’s upper half on the couch, and knelt on the floor, next to Milo. As he looked at Milo, he unzipped his fly and moved his hard cock into view. “You can either watch me or you can do it yourself,” Demyan said.

Milo glanced at Demyan’s engorged cock right next to his face. He threw doubt aside and wrapped his hand around Demyan’s shaft. He noticed how Demyan bit his bottom lip. Did Demyan desire him that much? Milo scooted closer and gave the head a few licks, Demyan holding his breath each time. Milo took Demyan’s cock into his mouth and bobbed his head. His body heated up, half from the sudden shyness, half from what he imagined Demyan would do to him with his cock

Landon thrust a second finger into Milo’s hole. Milo stopped sucking on Demyan’s shaft briefly. Landon teased Milo’s nipples with his lips, tongue, and teeth. An unexpected chuckle escaped Landon when Milo couldn’t concentrate on what he’d been doing.

Milo glanced over at Landon when a wave of heat covered him. Landon was on top of him and pulled out his fingers. “It’s getting too hot,” Milo said, panting. Two mates had never been in his plans. That made things completely different.

“I know I said we wouldn’t go far, but I changed my mind. What do you say?” Landon asked. He reached into the pocket of his pants and took out a condom. “It was just in case.”

That was something he expected from Demyan. These two wolves always took him by surprise. Milo watched as Landon unbuttoned his pants and unzipped. While Milo remained quiet, Landon pulled his cock into view and opened the condom, putting it on. “Uh…maybe,” Milo said. He swallowed hard when Landon raised a brow at him seductively. “Okay, do what you want.”

Landon held the base of his cock and guided the tip against Milo’s hole. He pushed in slowly, his eyes closed for a moment. “My mate,” Landon said, his voice deeper than usual. He kissed Milo, holding Milo’s jaw with his other hand.

Milo parted his lips, and Landon slid his tongue in. As their tongues clashed, Landon thrust his hips. Milo moaned against Landon’s lips. He moved his face away so he could breathe and noticed Demyan looking at him from above. How could he handle two mates at the same time? He didn’t know who to give attention to and when.

Landon quickened his pace, skin bumping into skin. Milo rocked on the couch and filled the otherwise quiet room with his lustful groans. “Give Demyan your attention. I’ll handle things on my end,” Landon said.

“I don’t know if I can,” Milo managed to say. Each thrust from Landon’s cock sent his mind for a ride, their mating finally locking into place. He wanted to come right then and there. Without warning, Demyan slid his hand through Milo’s blond hair, and guided his shaft back into Milo’s mouth, moving his hips back and forth.

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